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Spell Jars and Witches Bottles -
I created my first spell jar ☆ - Happiness :blush:
Ive loved learning about this topic! Its so interesting and diverse and creative.


I love how you incoperated the crystals! It turned out perfect :100:
I should try this one too! I just want to be Happy!
So mote it be!


@carrie13 That sounds so nice right now. I need to take some time soon for another cleansing bath a.s.a.p. The glow of the candles looks so relaxing. Cleansed, free, and weightless.

@Jeannie1 I am so sorry for your loss. I’m sure he’s smiling down. Sending you so much love honey! That’s a great thing, you should be proud. Lots of healing light and hope sent your way. That’s a very nice set-up to honor your father. Isis was one of my possible interests. But I have a few so far.

@nicola6 Congratulations :tada: on your first spell jar. I have the jars and am very interested in making jars myself. But the jar I saw to make had all this stuff I don’t have like cypress oil rosemary oil and white bark. Lol.


You can always make substitutions! You don’t have to follow a spell exactly. Make it your own! Look up correspondences for cypress and find another herb that has the same correspondences. You can make your own oils. I’m sure you could find how to make them online and it’s easy! Be confident in yourself :hugs::star2::heart:


Thanks for reminding me @Sivonnah . Ill think that I can substitute but then when I look at the spells with things i dont have I’m unsure. I was thinking earlier, that until I can get to a library to print the PDFs out. I should write down all the herbs in one place and study them.


For me I finally got meditation down but the extra step and writing things has been a great pain! I know how beneficial it is to write :writing_hand: and believe I can it’s just staying focused on me and I know in my heart I will grow and Renew into the light I desire in my life! The darkness is always been a friend of mine but it’s time to be balanced allowing the light to reside in me is what I need.
Happy Renewal

I’m thinking about drawing I picture like I did for Hecate and learning some epithets would be nice :blush:
I like the mythology tied around isis and to be honest I grew up in a catholic home :house: but I am reprogramming my conditioning and remain a pagan.
I like that we can try other Gods and Goddesses! We have them on our side that’s absolutely amazing! I’ve always been the black sheep and I believe I am learning to share my wisdom with other people that have similar traumas and help others recover and be reborn again!
Love and light
Passion, Kindness and integrity is most important!


I understand being the black sheep. It is really cool that we can choose many at different times and not be exclusive to one. It’s nice. I always felt like my calling is helping others also.


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