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Ooh, exciting! :black_heart: (Those cards and photos are lovely, by the way.)

I hope the clarity comes easily to you when it’s time. :pray: :black_heart:


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@MeganB Beautiful, happy days finding who it is. Love a mystery. :kissing_heart::sparkling_heart:


Weekly Witchy Challenge for Amethyst.

While I drift towards the Greek pantheon a lot, years of watching Xena will do that to you, I find myself praying and worshipping the Horned Lord and Triple Goddess every day. Not sure why, really. I did have a dream where the Mother showed up to help me but kept giving me things I didn’t like. I woke up with her saying in my ear “How do I know what you need if you won’t talk to me?”

That was when I’d been living alone for a year and I realized I’d be able to start a practice without being disturbed. So I started studying again, which was nice.

So yeah, that dream has stuck with me. The problem was the only image of Her I had was of a Goddess in mom jeans and a pink fuzzy sweater. Not much to go by for identification purposes. So I’ve always considered it a visit from the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess.

So, I figured to be balanced, I should worship the Horned Lord too. Never had a dream about him though, not that I can remember.

Here’s a little morning prayer I wrote to honor this challenge. Hope you like it.

Morning Prayer to the Lord and Lady.

Lord and Lady thank you for blessing me with another day,
Grant me your wisdom, let not my path stray.
Thank you for the prosperity that you have granted me,
And the protection you provide me at my plea.

Thank you for the Moon, Great Lady, as it shines down upon me at night,
Thank you for being there for me and keeping away things that fright.
Thank you for the Sun, Great Lord, as it climbs up in the sky,
Thank you for bringing warmth to the world, even the heat of July.

Thank you Lord and Lady for all that you do,
and thank you for another day that is brand new.

Blessed Be.


@Amethyst This is so lovely, I loved Xena Warrior Princess too. :grin:

This is gorgeous, unique to you. It kinda says to me you’re close. :hugs:


Oh, you might like this Goddess and Horned God meditation I found in a book on Slavic Witches Bry told me about.

I love it. :black_heart: The imagery is beautiful and on reading it, it’s easy to feel your love warmly shine through it.


challenge entry part 1
Wanting to connect more to my colour in tarot deck i finished a little while ago i was looking at spreads and just getting the hang of the deck and imagergy and it has some words on cards. Ive had some goid reads using meanings on cards or imagery on cards n some eless clear that had to look up stuff to get further claification. The deck only reads upright so sometimes it seems like completely confusing till i realised it was that was what wanted me to work on etc not that thats what they wanted in our relationship for example.
I did find for this challenge a simple four card deity spread which initially is a intro spread but as been working eith deities for a while i did it as a reconnect spread. I do my daily blessed be prayer each day to stay connected with clan but its been hard lately to function yet alone connevt to practice so im trying to reconnect and the little session i did where did this spread for each member of clan actually was encouraging, little confusing but also helped me feel not only connevted to nrw deck i coloured in ( while didnt create the deck itself or drawings the colouring in of deck i feel helped me pour some of my energy into it so i really do enjoy using this deck so far esp since has meanings on the cards).
This is the spread i found on pinterest and later ill try put up the spreads themselves just its nearly 6am and ive been awake since 1am ( sleep sucks lol) n i prob should try get a little sleep or rest at least before have to get up.

In order to get all 10 clan members done in my session ( and ill need to write down spread n notes interpretation etc later, but got a general sense as i went. I screenshotted this between each photo i took the screenshotted so i could remember which deity each spread was for and as have images on altar i just did the deities in order of the card images so it helped me know which was which.

I even had thought to get a book for each deity and when ever do work specifiv to that deity can add into that book for example like these spreads. See how i go.


Thanks! It just makes giving her a name difficult.

Oh, thank you! I must have missed this.

Thanks so much! I do most of my devotions in the morning so I wanted a new morning prayer. I’m glad you liked it!


I have worked with and worshipped the Horned God in all of his aspects since i was a teen (over 20 years now), and have a very deep and personal relationship with Him.

When he called to me:
I have a lot of trauma from my childhood and onwards, so there’s a bit to this story (bare with me). For a long as i can remember I’ve been drawn to nature and animals. People always said I had a deep spiritual connection to the natural world. So as a small child I often found myself out in the open fields and mountains around my house. I played with the local nature spirits, or as the adults in my life called them “imaginary friends”. Around age 6 everything began to change, my happy childhood ended. Emotional and verbal abuse began at home, and the fields I used to play in had houses built in them. It was harder to find my spirit friends. My family was really pushing the mormon agenda. This continued well into my teens. During one of the harder times, when I felt worthless and useless, and thought of ending it all, I felt a little tug in my heart to go for a hike. It was the middle of the night, early autumn, and i figured this was it. I’d just disappear and no one would notice or care.
That’s when He appeared. At first, because I was so encased in the Christian/ Mormon doctrine, I though He was the Devil come to take me to hell. Obviously not the case. He listened to my problems, my pain and anguish. He offered comfort and love. He told me that there was so much to live for, so much good i could do in the world. He reminded me the natural world would always be there to ground me and give me strength, that He was and always would be there as well. Over the years, even when i tried to believe he wasn’t real, He kept that promise. When things in life got bad, He would stand beside me, giving me the strength and energy to keep going. He taught me many things
As a middle aged adult, I finally walked away from my childhood religion (much to my family’s dismay) and fully embraced the Horned God in all His glory. I am his.
I talk to him daily.


Challenge Entry

Sooo…I have just recently began walking this crooked path as far as magic is concerned. :sweat_smile: I have not had the experiences that most of you had. I have lived a blessed life in many ways and the main obstacles I’ve faced were mostly self inflicted. :flamingo: I have not embraced any “Dieties” but am open to it. I feel someone may be trying to contact me, but have not been able to pin it down yet.

I have always traveled an animist path, with the Great Mother being my focus for devotion. I have been confronted more than once over these beliefs, but feel strongly about this animist path. :pray: I believe in many spirits, demons, God/Goddesses, but seldom give or ask for names. They just are and I thank and respect them all. I recognize the elements and elementals as weather and seasons change and appreciate them and the beauty they bring. I try not to give them human features as they are not. They are their own energies, we give them human features to better relate.

I don’t relate or resonate with any of the pantheons. I of course was interested in many of them, having read Homer and read and watched many of the Norse myths. The Celts and Druids were always of interest as well as the Egyptians and Indian cultures and pantheons. I studied Dao and Buddhism and learned a great deal about myself on those paths. :silver_heart:

So with all this information and the 20 or so books I’ve read in the past 6 moths, I have become a confused pagan animist with many paths behind me and many paths ahead.
With the help of you fine witches may I find my way an perhaps a Goddess/Demon/God on my path

Love to you all and may Joy find you in every step you take. :goat:


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If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :triple_moon_goddess:



I have only just begun exploring the spirit world and connecting with guides and ancestors. In one of my meditations, I had a glimpse of a woman, sort of nondescript. She was dressed in white robes. Took me a bit to figure out that she reminded me of a priestess, which I then associated with the high priestess tarot card. In my research, this led me to Persephone, Isis and Artemis.
@starborn then did a tarot spread for me which led to adding Hekate and several others. I’m continuing my research and meditations to see who I feel connected to.
I’m also looking into my ancestral origins of Germany and UK. I’ve always been interested in the Celts and Scotts. I’m also drawn to Egyptian culture.
So, I have some exploring to do and I’m interested to see where this all takes me!
I also still consider myself to be a Christian, so I have some soul searching there to see if Christianity will or does fit into my current spiritual path.
I feel like I’m forgetting something, if I did I’ll add later!
:pray: :heart: :blush: :innocent: :smiling_imp:


@Phoenix_Fire That’s a great idea to get a book, you can look back at it in years to come and see all the different deities that reached out to you. Lovely entry :sparkling_heart:
@Tempest It sounds like you have a beautiful relationship with the Horned God and he cares very much for you :sparkling_heart:
@Shadeweaver The Crooked Path is great, never know what’s round the corner :grin: who knows what wonderful path you’ll be taken on, and all the many more books you’ll have to read on the way, maybe there’s a library deity out there, that’s reaching out to you?:thinking::grin::sparkling_heart:


@Sivonnah Happy exploring, it’s super fun, and a look at your ancestors too, well that opens up huge world’s to you. There’s many Christian witches here too, now @MeganB had a YouTube link to a chat she had with 2 Christian witches and it was really good. I’m sure when she sees this she’ll attach the link. :sparkling_heart::hugs:

:link: Christian Witchcraft || Christian Witch’s Perspective || Interviewing Asacia and Kat – 'Round the Cauldron on YouTube


challenge entry part 2
So this is my overview. I need to get books to start deity specific ones.

And these are the card spreads










Ill admit this is far as ive got. I had a few aha moments as i drew each set of spreads based on what i knew about each member of my clan, but some i wasnt sure about what it meant but with my chart in lap and deck, deck of tarot cards and highlights and more paper if need im ready to explore it all some more lol especially as it seems im not going to sleep.
Lol i guess i got too hyperfocused last night to realuse time and by time bed and layed in bed for hours still no sleep then was hungry n it was lile 5-6 am anyways so goy up for food n now im like not feeling the sleep vibe so i just kept eprking on my reconnevting with clan spreads :joy:.
Its a good thing im on leave at the moment. Otherwise id be trying to get reasy for work with no sleep… oh well ive had so much fun with new deck…n i wanted to reconnect more with clan so this has been great way to do that. :grin:


Challenge Entry - Deities & Deity Worship

This week has gotten away from me, I admit and I never really settled on what I was going to do for this challenge. In some ways, I think I put so much pressure on myself to make this big, elaborate, and perfect that I kept putting it off until here we are, hours before the challenge is due and I have nothing.

I guess all I can do is write about my story a little bit although I know many have already read it.

I think the very first time I heard my diety call to me, I was 24 years old, standing out in the New Mexican desert among the rabbitbrush, creosote, and Indian paintbrush, sun on my skin, a typical spring wind blowing through the shrubs with a partial moon clear and beautiful in the sky. I remember stopping, looking up at the moon, and listening for a while. Then I said aloud “I hear you” and meant that with all my soul.


At the time, I didn’t know who it was except that it was female, I just assumed as I was new to magick and my path, that it was the Goddess. I’ve heard and felt her throughout my 25-plus years since, in the woods, while tending my gardens, running outside, and while working with countless animals, both domestic and exotic.

A few years ago in the fall, I was called back to Magick. Called back home after I’d wandered from the path so many years ago. I heard the voice clear again and was long past ready to come back.

I picked up tarot again, learned to create potions and spell jars, and wove magick into the things I loved to create, be it custom tarot deck bags, pressed flower luminaries, or a silver tiger claw replica pendant. I never questioned who called me and just assumed I knew without ever really thinking about it.

Until the weekly challenge - Magickal Names and then for whatever reason, I realized that it wasn’t just me being fascinated with her all the time, but that Artemis had been there guiding me all my life.

(My custom cover for my first BoS in 1998)

I suppose in some way I feel embarrassed that it took me so long to see her or to admit it was her calling me all my life. It seems pretty darn obvious in retrospect. I can’t explain why I didn’t realize or accept it sooner, but I finally feel that missing piece of the puzzle settled into place. :bow_and_arrow: :crescent_moon: :herb: :deer:


My Challenge Entry :sparkles:

I think I mentioned this somewhere before, but I will repeat… My love for the Moon :full_moon_with_face: and Moon Goddess started when I was 9-10 y.o. while watching Sailor Moon. It was a kid’s interest, that lit a small fire in me, and I studied…
Did you know that this anime mentions a lot of witchy things? Like, real Gods and entities names (Selene, Artemis , Chaos and more) and all the villain’s minions are named after crystals and precious stones. :gem:
Nowadays, my knowledge allows me to see this clearly.
Source - Wikipedia

My main Diety
The Moon :crescent_moon:
I prefer to not give it a name, though I do sometimes address It as Selene, Luna and even Tsukuyomi.
My Altar has mostly Moon symbolism, and lately I’ve been buying earrings and necklaces with moons and stars.

Another Deity in my life is Hekate :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:
I am not sure I received a blessing of any kind from Her yet, but I’ve been encountering some signs.
The keys that I bought in last challenge are on my Altar for her.

After I posted some pictures where I often see ladybugs🐞 , some of you suggested trying to contact Freya. That thought is still in my mind, but have not tried yet.


All your challenge entries are wonderful, the deities are celebrating :partying_face::heartpulse:


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

So many wonderful divine connections- thank you very much to everyone who jumped in to explore deities this week! It has been an honor hearing your stories and learning about the deity(ies) worshipped at your altar and at home in your heart :heart: :place_of_worship:

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Blessed be! :triple_moon_goddess:


The challenge deadline has passed- thank you to everyone who joined in!