📛 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Magickal Names

I don’t have a magickal name, I don’t feel like I need one at the moment if I am honest :woman_shrugging:t2:
But just for the fun of it I did some of the tests posted here and here are my results <3

And then I got Cursed Enchantress and Shady Celeste


This is my challenge entry.

My witch name is Isobel Tuliptree. I chose Isobel as it is a variant on my middle given name, Elizabeth, which was also my paternal grandmother’s name. And I chose Tuliptree as tulip trees are abundant in my back yard. They grow quickly, straight and strong, and they bloom with beautiful yellow tulip-shaped flowers - but only when they are ready, and the blossoms are hard to find among the leaves. They are a canopy tree which strives to be the tallest in the forest.

I kind of felt that it reflected on my personality and on my magick.



That’s so adorable! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :snake:


@isobel.tuliptree I spend a lot of time at our family’s home in North East, Ohio and I LOVE the tulip trees!! I remember the first spring that they bloomed and I found the bright orange blossoms - I had no idea tulip trees flowered like that! And then in the fall, when the leaves drop, the dried flowers remain, it’s absolutely beautiful! It’s one of my favorite trees as well!


I’ve always thought your name was pretty. Now that I know the connection, it’s even better! :tulip: Also, I didn’t know tulips grew on trees :laughing:

She’s so cute! I’ll get some pictures some day :laughing: the only pictures I have are from a while ago and she’s much bigger now.


Challenge Entry: Magickal Names

Have you ever been so excited about a challenge, a project, or an idea that you just can’t seem to actually finish it, because it was so much fun and you don’t want it to be over? I guess that’s how this challenge was for me if that makes any sense.

Maybe I got a bit carried away by this challenge. My first task was to pick my witch name. I really hadn’t done it before because I didn’t want to choose something arbitrarily or pick something that didn’t fit me. But I sat with the idea long enough that the choices and task began to seem overwhelming. Then it hit me out of the blue.

I have been an ardent fan of greek mythology since childhood and Artemis was always my favorite.

So much so that fast forward to my early 20s, when I started raising and breeding lovebirds and parrotlets to sell as pets, and my aviary name was…

Over the 20 years of breeding, I wrote articles, sold babies as companions, and my logo evolved.

Around the same time, I created my eBay account to sell books and handmade parrot toys and my username was…
Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 13-45-40 artemisia on eBay

When I commissioned my first BoS in 1998, I had a custom cover made with Artemis.

It is one of those things that when I look back I had already made the choice, I just didn’t know it or maybe didn’t acknowledge it. My witchname is and has always been Artemisia.

Add to that history, my current herbalism journey, and my choice become glaringly obvious. :laughing:
As a matter of fact, I just put in an order of herb and plant seeds and two that I had to have were Artemisia absinthium (wormwood) and Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort).

([source](By David Monniaux - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, File:Artemisia absinthium P1210748.jpg - Wikimedia Commons))

I felt like I was on a roll and rode the joy of finding (accepting?) my witchname, I decided to take the challenge of giving names to my athame (that I purchased over 25 years ago)

and my boline (which I acquired last year)

Somehow having my witchname figured out, made naming these two much easier. May I present Moonblade, my athame, and Hunter’s Moon, my boline.

This challenge has personally been very moving and fulfilling. It’s also focused me and my practice. Renewed my excitement and devotion. I spent literally hours writing spells and creating recipes for incense and spell jars. I am planning on rededicating myself to Artemis.:bow_and_arrow: :deer: :herb:

And since I was digging around through my old computer files looking for the Aviary info, I thought I’d share this photo of a baby lovebird that I raised in flight.

Blessed be,


WWC Entry- Magickal Names

My name is Sara. It is plain. I never really liked it growing up and thought I would change it when I was old enough. I never did because I couldn’t decide what to change it to. It is fitting however and it matches my universe number.
When I joined Spells8 I became Sara11. I looked up the name Saral and the meaning and it was fitting (The meaning of Saral is : Very easy, Honest, Simple, Simple, straightforward) but I added a second ‘L’ because I liked how the number 11 looked at the end. Anyway, it doesn’t match my universe number and its more of a boy name. I have been wanting to change my magickal name but I haven’t been able to decide on one.
So I worked on that this week! :wink:
I finally came up with :tada: Sarafeena_Sage :tada: I messed around with the spelling of course to match my universe number. It contains My name, I love white sage, I’m an eclectic green witch so it works.
Sarafina means A bright star and Sage means "wise one " I can use this!
:dizzy:A Wise Bright Star :dizzy:

Way better than being named “cursed fortune”!!! or Elphaba from Wicked for that matter. My results from a couple of the above charts :wink:
Its not as plain and simple as I am but I wanted to be a little more showy and fancy.
So this is my official request to have my name changed to

:dizzy:Sarafeena_Sage :dizzy:

Thank you. This was a fun challenge. I enjoyed reading everyone’s entries and stories. So awesome and touching.


I love this for you! :heart: Sometimes things are so obvious that we can’t even see them :sweat_smile: you have a lot of history behind your name, and a lot of interest in Artemis over the years to back that up. Congratulations on finding your witch name!

I think it fits you very well! :heart: Your name has officially been changed - congratulations on finding your witch name!


I haven’t picked a name yet nor has one picked me. I am excited to see what it will be when it happens and I will be sure to share with everyone when it does.


Here’s a witch name generator for you as promised :wink:
Let’s see if Mercury lets us have this :laughing:


Wow you created that quickly @CelestiaMoon ! I did try it out, I added commas between each word I chose (am I supposed to do that?), the generator seems to give me random combinations of the words but they don’t match my life path number. I do like how it gives me ideas for the combinations though!


Thank you for giving it a try @Melora_Fae! :blush:

I was trying to think of every way you could write the words but somehow I didn’t think of commas! :grin: It should understand them now, and hopefully give you names that match your life path number.


Ooo… I tried this & I think my favorites are Empath Renewal, Celtic Flowers, Italian Rose, & Celtic Rebirth… I’m assuming they align with my life path number that was generated which matches my life path report… so that’s exciting too! That one was fun, thank you @CelestiaMoon. I’m pretty sure that it took me longer to think of the words to add :joy:


Sweet! :blush:
Seems like coming up with the words is a helpful exercise by itself, seeing what resonates, and increasing our alignment by directing our focus there :sparkles: I do hope the life path number is matching correctly now. Those are lovely names and very you :sparkling_heart:


Thank you for providing the link! While I have already chosen my name or maybe it chose me, I did run Artemisia through to see if the program thought the name was compatible with my life path / magickal number, so Yay!!! Just another confirmation that it is the right name for me. :bow_and_arrow: :herb: :waning_crescent_moon:


Challenge Entry

Ok, so I’m sneaking in right before the deadline here! I must admit that I’ve struggled with this one. I’ve decided not to go with the name of Veneficus de Machinis :rofl: as suggested by the one quiz in the links, altho I did enjoy the explanation, “You don’t deal with nature spirits, or demons, or happy little elves who make clothes. Your magic is built around the stuff that matters: machines.” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: the article continues “You are a technomancer, a witch who creates a system of magic through a blending of the dark arts and STEM that makes the lights turn green when you want, prevents mobile providers from throttling you, and ensures that slot machines always come up cherries for you. You only deal with practical magic. The rect is for suckers.” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Maybe I need to dabble in technomancy - I’ve honestly never even considered it, but this website has made a pretty strong case!

So I’m struggling because the name that pops into my head every time I think about this is Grace. The literal meaning of this word means so much to me in the context of granting oneself and the people I love grace. Whenever a friend or a love one comes to me looking for advice, my advice is almost always to give grace - either give yourself grace or give the person who wronged you grace. And I don’t leave myself out! I think it’s important for me to remember that we are all humans, including myself. Human nature is to screw up, make mistakes, and hurt people, even when we have the best of intentions. When I find myself dwelling on a mistake I’ve made in the past, or stewing over something someone did, I always eventually make my way back to grace. We can’t grow and learn without mistakes, and we can’t process the mistakes to learn the lessons we need to learn without grace.

Grace :purple_heart:

But here is my struggle, and I’d love some feedback from my coven. :purple_heart: 1. It doesn’t line up with my numerology. I’m a 3 based on my birth date Grace is 7. Oddly enough, tho, when I read about the traits of a 3 vs. a 7, 7 seems like a better fit for me. I’ve tried changing letters, using nicknames like Gracie, or adding a surname like Grace of the Woods or Grace of Hearts and I never get 3. :woman_shrugging: I am not hugely in to numerology, so I’m inclined to not care, but if someone in my coven has some additional insights here, I’d love your feedback. Also related is the fact that my introduction to witchcraft started with Buckland’s Blue book - which I actually hated and never finished. :rofl: His whole tone bothered me and it seemed to paradoxical - he’d flop between talking about how witchcraft and wicca is very individual and every path is sacred, and then in the very next sentence (or sometimes even within the same sentence), he’d imply something like “your witch name must match your numerology and you’ll have to change or tweak your name until it does, or it basically won’t work.” :roll_eyes: 2. It just seems so… not special? I mean, I know people named Grace, and my reasons for choosing this as my witch name really isn’t with related. It’s witch related to me because the majority of my practice deals with protection for myself and my family and banishing anything toxic or negative, which means I find myself thinking about grace frequently during my spellwork and meditations. Plus, I had a really traumatic experience growing in a conservative Christian church, so my choice of name is just as much about reclaiming the word for witches and all humans. :purple_heart:

So I guess I’m still working on this one. I may continue as just Grace, or I may look for a surname that resonates with me in the future.


That is so awesome! :heart:


If it fits for you… go with it! I think Raymond Buckland’s suggestion to have a new name is like a rebirth, he said things very matter of fact but always said that it was really up to you. And aligning it with your birth number… sure, but like you said, your birth number doesn’t resonate as much. You don’t have to match that or have a fancy name… be you! :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Edit: I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m using my new name here and wrote it in my journal, but I still resonate with ‘Melissa’ mostly, which is my birth name. So go with what feels right for you!)


Absolutely beautiful name. I love how you came to this name. :heart:


When I looked up my chosen name with my birth number it didn’t match but I decided I didn’t want to change it. So, I am glad to read that others don’t always match their names to their birth number.