👰 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Deities of the Moon

I’m glad that the moon have you some incentive!
I really like how the picture shows the altar but also the moon in the background!!! Amazing!!


I can’t really tell with the lighting but they look like Pecos crystals. From Pecos mine. They’re small and pretty quartz crystals. But if you take another picture in better light, I could definitely help you out better!!


I love your Botswana Agate!!! And the rest!!! Great ritual!!! Thanks for sharing!!


Beautiful :heart_eyes: I love making full moon oils!!!


Yes, for my main course I’ll have what she’s having…the plate of crystals lol they’re all gorgeous :heart_eyes_cat:


Finally completed my write up on this challenge this morning:


I had some trouble starting my ritual. I had cut the wick too much on my black candle and every time I lit it, the flame would die within seconds! :sob:
But I was stubborn and after getting a lot of wax shavings all over my shirt and pants from my cutting the candle, it managed to stay lit! :grin:

I sprayed my area with dragon’s blood and did a black candle meditation while holding some black tourmaline before saying Hecate’s Prayer Chant.

I poured some moon water into my cauldron, sprinkled some ground sage around the edge and dipped my key necklace in the water.

I then said:

O Hecate,
Protectress of Witches,
Mistress of the Night,
and Keeper of Keys,
I ask you to bless this necklace.
Let it serve as a reminder to lock all doors on the painful memories of the past that no longer serve me.
So it is now,
So mote it be.

I let the necklace dry and then wore it for the rest of the night.


I have just entered my challenge for this week, for viewing a link is listed below :blush:
My Weekly Challenge Deities of the Moon


I am happy to know that everything turned out ok @Kasandra you had me nervous there for a while when you mention your wick of your candle was cut to short :sweat_smile:. Glad it still pulled through. Loving your Hacate Prayer Chant :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think I’ll invest in some keys :key:
Thank you
Blessed be!


This was really great I felt I was with you!


I absolutely love that altar @praecog29


Thank you. I normally have more out but I’m in between living spaces. When I find a place to settle in, I’ll set up a new altar. Simple is perfect for me, though. :slightly_smiling_face:


@praecog29 I know you’re anxious to have a bigger space though. That’s how I feel having to downsize mine for the time being. That altar cloth is beautiful. I always start out expecting my altar to be simple but it always winds up kinda busy looking :woman_shrugging:t3:


I like how you blessed your key!
So mote it be !:heart::black_heart::heart:
Blessed be!


This week was strangely difficult for me, I’ve been having problems with sleeping too much and wasn’t awake for most of the full moon. Normally I’m more awake. Oh well, that happens.

So today I did Artemis’ Gratitude Devotional and it was good. I love Joy’s voice. But that was rather short so I also listened to Diana’s Worship Song, which was beautiful. Really nice and got me choked up. No matter what, the Moon is there watching over me. That’s something nice to think about.


@Amethyst I had problems sleeping too much as well. Still kinda having trouble with it. Usually full moons bring out the insomniac in me but not this one. Even my husband thought it strange. Hopefully it’ll level back out soon :woman_shrugging:t3:


Beautiful Buck Moon spellwork, @Christina4- it sounds like you had a magickal time watching the moon rise! :full_moon:

I hope you had a lovely ritual with your friend, @praecog29! Thanks for the warm wishes- wishing the same back to you! Hope you had a blessed time :sparkling_heart:

It sounds like you had a lovely time @Abs53! Hope you enjoyed a very blessed full moon :two_hearts:

Congrats on the positive energy, @wade- it sounds like you slept under the moon with Selene’s blessing and care. May both She and Hecate continue to watch over you! :full_moon: :new_moon:

You are very welcome @mary25- thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and lovely spellwork! The candle came out stunning- you have a talent for candle decoration :candle: :heart:

You have a truly blessed bond with the moon, @steph- thanks for sharing your experience. As for the lovely crystals you found, I’m no expert- maybe try putting close-up pictures of them into the Crystal Identifier? :gem: May the moon’s light and Scathach’s wisdom continue to watch over you :pray:

Lovely tarot and crystal work, @phoenix_dawn! You took some very nice pictures too- may Selene watch over you :full_moon:

That’s a beautiful reflection @Garnet- thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and wisdom :pray:

Bravo on the moon oil, @Wasantha- great job! :sparkles:

It sounds like you had a peaceful Buck Moon ritual @Jeannie1- glad you enjoyed it and were able to spend quality time with your Oracle Deck :flower_playing_cards: Such beautiful pictures too- thanks for sharing!

Thanks again for your lovely challenge entry @IrisW- your work with Hekate was beautiful to read :old_key:

Sorry about the wick troubles, but it sounds like your determination paid off- great job with the Prayer Chant, @Kasandra! May your necklace carry Hekate’s blessing :pray:

Thanks again for sharing your challenge entry, @NickWick- nicely done! :heart:

I hope your sleeping pattern falls back to normal soon, @Amethyst- oversleeping or undersleeping can really mess with your inner clock. Rest well and know that the moon is indeed watching over you :full_moon: :heart:


It’s friendly reminder time!

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: July 27th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a magickal full moon. Blessed be! :bride_with_veil: :full_moon:


The moon is glistering over you with light!
I did the same thing today! I just made an offering to Hecate with a recipe that turned out well. I just listened to a chant for Hecate and that was wonderful in its self!
I have lots of fun just listening to music and cooking!
You should try this Recipe!
Diana’s chant! :+1::grin:
Way to go!

The recipe was Garlic :garlic: Chicken Alfredo
Melt Garlic butter seasoned with Parmesan and basil!
Diced mushrooms little Pieces
Bacon cut into little pieces
1 bunch of Spinach in little pieces
Chicken breast in little pieces 2lbs
2jars of Alfredo sauce
Bag of Penne RigateIn Riched macaroni product
I thought this would be a great opportunity to cook with garlic since it’s the main ingredient!
Garlic purifies, protects, and activates, and is healing.
Later on, I decided to commit to my course.
I lit my candle to activate my intention for this course which is to stay focused and committed and disciplined. Written by Cyndi Brannen
“May my intellect work to realize this intention” “May my emotions work to realize this intention” “I release this intention into your hands mighty Hecate made you guide my thoughts feelings and actions so I manifest my desired outcome” bye, Cyndi Brannen
I added
Amethyst- Third Eye
Cedar- Good for invocations
Mugwort -Health, power, protection
Black coal to burn mugwort
Black candle lite
I extinguished and released my intention to Hecate!

Overall the cedar took flame and all the smoke was so intense. I felt the spirit of Hecate there with me in the moonlight!

Blessed be✨