My Weekly Witchy Challenge - Deities of the Moon 🌕

For this challenge I wanted to work further with Hekate.

Whilst she’s traditionally associated with the Dark Moon (New Moon), I nevertheless have felt a strong connection with her that I wanted to explore further and deepen.

We’ve had beautiful weather here all week in England with clear skies are perfect views of the Waxing Gibbous Moon. But of course it comes to the Full Moon and surrounding nights, when I’d hoped to carry out a Buck Moon Ritual and Ritual to Hekate outside, and we’re predicted thunderstorms, with the accompanying cloudy skies and rain.

Here the Moon became full at just gone 3am on Saturday morning. Friday night was a no go, the skies were cloudy all evening, and the Moon was very low in the sky so I spent the time reading up on the Buck Moon and Hekate, and coloured this picture:

Full-Buck-Moon-Coloring-Page.pdf (282.1 KB)

I also purchased this book to give me some ideas on Spells and Rituals in honour of Hekate (I bought my copy from Amazon but for some reason the link wasn’t showing up properly so I’ve used the Waterstones link instead):

Most of it is very specific to the Hekataen Coven in question and gives some details about how they came about and the rituals they practice as a Coven. Fascinating read and certainly some elements that I can incorporate into my work with Hekate.

There was one that Ritual in particular that interested me that’s designed for the Full Moon which I’ve copied and prepped for my Book of Shadows for future use (whilst rainwater was abundant, the Moon itself was not so I may try this next month instead).

Hekate: Full Moon Working

You will need:

  • A small mirror
  • A moonstone
  • Rainwater
  • A bowl to fit them all
  • A clearing incense (optional)

You will need to be outside, gathering the energy of the moon’s light. It does not need to be completely visible, but you will need to be in a place that the moon’s light will touch. Prepare you space with incense if need. Place your mirror at the bottom of the bowl, and pour the rainwater on top of it, this will be to amplify the energy using the reflective qualities of both water and mirror. Look into the bowl with the two in it, gather the reflection of the moon and gaze into it, allowing the moon’s light to be reflected onto your face. Scry into it and give thanks to your ancestors, ask a question if you seek an answer. Place the moonstone on top of the mirror in the bowl and allow for the energy of the moon to be reflected onto the moonstone. Say out loud and into the working:

Moon and water,
Mirror and Moonstone
Open my mind’s eye to see;
As above and so below
The power is within me.

Take out the stone and carry it with you to inspire your own natural intuition, save the water to use as a splash, or put it in a spray bottle for later use. You can add a few drops of essential oil that you find pleasing. Take the mirror and place it on your altar to gaze upon in the morning for your daily practice (a daily blessing you give yourself every day).

Hekate full moon working.pdf (110.0 KB)

In the absence of a clear view of the Moon for most of last night, I worked on creating a more dedicated altar space to Hekate on the lower half of my altar.


Just to reassure @Francisco, the candle is one of those flameless LED candles :slightly_smiling_face:

I continued my research into Hekate and her correspondences and found some interesting information on this site:-

I’m was of course already aware of Keys as being one of her symbols and as I’d had some delivered as part of my first order from World of Misthara with a view to incorporating them into a ritual or offering to her.

I’ve rediscovered my love of Pinterest recently and found this idea on there for a Keys of Life spell which seemed ripe for adaptation, particularly as the number 7 is associated with Hekate, her often being depicted with a seven-rayed crown.


I’ve created PDF version of the original just in case anyone wants this:
Keys of Life Spell.pdf (138.4 KB)

I got crafty again and had a go at making my own version.

Hekate Keys of Life Spell

Hekate, Goddess of the Crossroads and Queen of the Night,
with these keys I honour you.

The first key is life, the greatest gift, start of the journey,
and I ask humbly ask for your assistance in opening closed doors.

The second is dreams that they come true, in anticipation that we make it through,
may your torches light my path and lead me out of the darkness and into the light.

The third is health, so that I may live my dreams,
please allow me good health in opening new doors to the unseen.

The fourth is wealth, and I pray to you to bestow upon me the blessing
of granting me the glory of success in my endeavours.

The fifth is our gift that we give to all, doing our best to balance all,
I thank you for balancing light and dark as you guide me through life.

The sixth is our spirit that drives our soul,
may you protect me on my journey towards reaching my goals.

The seventh is the largest key, the most powerful of all, they key to life is to live it all,
may you and your dogs guard me and provide me companionship along the way,
in this life and the next.

Hekate, please accept this offering as a sign of my devotion
and humble thanks for your guidance and protection.

Hekate Keys of Life Spell.pdf (141.0 KB)


The cord is wax cord that I bought to make necklaces and quite easy to work with for that purpose and the keys. Ideally I’d have chosen a Moonstone for the crystal but I don’t have one so went with Selenite instead. That was somewhat more tricky to attach and there may have been some bad language involved! I’m pretty happy with the result though and I get the sense that Hekate is too.

I did eventually get some decent moonlight after midnight last night as I was heading to bed. Not wanting to risk the weather, I put my box of crystals on a window sill with clear view of the Moon, which was stunning even thought it was still a little cloudy.


This was a great challenge entry for you!! I loved the drawing you did, that’s beautiful :heart_eyes:!!! Everything just fit together nicely!! And thanks for the pdf’s!!! :wink::pray:


This challenge was well but together @IrisW loving the set up and all. You did a great job on this challenge.


Iris- You did such an amazing job, I am super envious because I dont have any keys yet and I definitely will invest in the keys and the wheel for my alter.

Although I will tell you that I am a member already of Covina Institute and am a student there! I just missed a really important meeting, We actually were using the mirror that you used in the spell. And it was very similar to what you did. So are you also a member there?

I ordered the book that you recommended Temple of the Bones and the other book to as well! I am super grateful for you being in this coven! Thanks that you recommended this book cause I was not sure what I was going to do for future spells and this will definitely help.
Love this so much!! :pentagram: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I copied the spell that you gave us! Thank you that was very helpful!
OW before I forget you did a great job with the picture of the Buck Moon! I wanted to draw mines to and I think that I have tonight too!
Thank you for sharing your so awesome you did an amazing job sharing and the spell that you did was so powerful!!


Thanks Jeannie1.

No I’m not a member of Covina Institute but I may look into it :slight_smile:


Wow, you really did a great job with this challenge! Way to go!


I was thinking it might be to much for me!
I am not sure I can keep up!
I wish someone could help me, that would be helpful!
I might use your spell It’s really good!


Defiantly Hecate, have my candle going for her now, thanks for this challenge.


@IrisW I don’t have any actual keys like that but I have exactly 7 of these key charms that I use when making jewelry.

Wonder if these would work the same? This spell is stuck in my head heavy and I’m thinking about possibly using it. I’d like to do it tonight but I’m not sure if the timing is still good :woman_shrugging:t3: may hold on to my keys and this spell and cast it during the new moon. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on it. Also I sent you a message. I have a piece of moonstone that I would be happy to gift you if you are interested

Your spell and ritual look beautiful. Great job!


:rofl: :laughing: LOL thanks for that detail!! Safety first!!!

To your Full Moon ritual I say: WOW!! That is an amazing display of creative energy put in motion :sparkles: Your adaptation and repurposing skills are on point. Your Hekate Keys of Life spell is Amazing!! :old_key:

Thanks for sharing! Your expressiveness is a blessing in the Coven! :infinite_roots: :smiley:


Absolutely gorgeous spellwork, @IrisW- and a huge thank you for sharing the downloadable pdf links too! You are very kind to share :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It sounds like Temple of the Bones has been a fascinating read for you- I don’t work with Hekate much myself, but it sounds like the book has plenty of great spellwork and ritual ideas for magick :sparkles:

You caught some stunning pictures of the Full Moon too- thanks so much for sharing! :hearts:


They actually look very similar to the ones I used. I’ve described them as keys but they’re more like charms for jewellery making, just as you described. I got a pack of 10 or 11 for a couple of pounds :slight_smile:


Wow, just WOW. I’m new here (this is actually the first forum post I’ve read), and I am SO impressed! I work with Hekate and I just love every bit of this. I’ve wanted to get that book for a while; I’ve got Hekate: Liminal Rights and Circle for Hekate, as well as Keeping Her Keys. I’m going to need to pick that up! Thank you SO much for the pdfs; I’m so looking forward to doing this work! You’re a rockstar.


Thank you. I’m relatively new to Witchcraft so that means a lot.


Welcome @kaleyjane :heart: It sounds like you have fostered quite a strong bond with Hekate in your practice- may She continue to watch over you! :pray::old_key:

Make yourself at home here in the forum, it’s a pleasure to meet you! :blush:


I just saw on the PDF that you have to place the moonstone in water…bad idea! Unless you don’t mind it possibly being broken down. It depends how long it’s in the water as well. But I have to do this and will do this spell!!! Thanks again for this info and the beautiful pictures!!! :pray:


I’ll bow to your greater knowledge with crystals. I’m sure it can be adapted so you don’t place the moonstone in water :blush:


Absolutely! You could maybe just set it next to it. But seriously, I doubt that the duration of a spell will ruin a moonstone. I watched @Francisco video about selenite dissolving in water.

It’s quite interesting and worth a watch :smiling_face:


Absolutely Inspiring! Beautiful from beginning to end, thank you for sharing :slight_smile:
Blessings :first_quarter_moon_with_face::full_moon::last_quarter_moon_with_face:


I especially like working with Hekate. I really appreciate you putting the spells in BOS form. Thank you for sharing them! I am adding them to my BOS now :slight_smile: