👰 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Deities of the Moon

That’s a beautiful Full Moon Prayer, @Princess_Tara- thanks so much for sharing it! :full_moon:

Wishing you a very blessed Full Moon Ritual with your daughter, @Bee12- may your magick help her to have happy dreams :star2: Enjoy your Buck Moon tarot reading as well- have a blessed full moon! :sparkles:

That sounds like a moon blessing indeed, @WhiteFox- She is watching over you with Her gentle light :heart: Enjoy the positive feelings and your strong bond with the moon- have a blessed time! :dove:

Such a lovely full moon plan, @moonshadow! Thanks for the moon chant as well :blush: Beautiful spellwork- wishing you a very blessed full moon! :full_moon_with_face:


For this challenge, I did the full Buck Moon spell.
I wrote with my golden pen all of the things about summer that I enjoy. The end meditation where I was the stag with a 10 pointer watching the moon arise, was beautiful! Of course, I added some gold crystals for this spell.


Tonight a friend of mine and I will be setting intentions, lighting :candle: candles, and looking up to (I think my other goddess, The :waxing_crescent_moon: :full_moon: :waning_crescent_moon: Lady, will be okay with this.) Selene :full_moon: and casting a private :sparkles: spell we’ve already discussed. It’s the blessing of :desktop_computer: technology that allows two remote friends to be together for a :bowing_man:t4: :bowing_woman:t4: ritual.

I’ve only done magic with a different person once before and it was an unbelievable :grin: :star_struck: experience. I am expecting far more :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::exploding_head: from tonight.

Circumstances preclude the lighting of a candle on my end tonight. I talked to my friend about :fire: lighting mine this morning and I set my intentions beforehand. While gold seems to be preferred for the Buck Moon, I only ever use Silver for Goddesses. (I’m keeping all of my triple moon artifacts and idols. Personal pantheon, here I come. :blush:) Wherever you live, I wish you peace and answers to your magic tonight, :infinite_roots: Spells8 family!


Thanks @Bee12

My pleasure @TheTravelWitch



Tonight I’m going to set an intention, light a candle to Selene and cast a spell :sparkles: I’m then planning on meditating and doing the Leo Tarot Spread @christina4 shared.

Blessed Buck Moon to all :kissing_heart::full_moon:


Enjoy it! Have a blessed full Buck Moon!!!


Just been out to check on the Moon and seen the ISS flying directly overhead. Taking that as a good luck sign :blush:


Update on my working with Selene last night: It went really well, and I’ve felt SO much better today than I was feeling yesterday! I was fully expecting to wake up this morning still feeling really poopy, but I slept really well and woke up feeling surprisingly positive! Selene definitely gave me the boost in courage I needed to get stuff done today – I’ve been more productive today than I’ve been in weeks :slight_smile: (I’m still looking forward to my appointment with my doctor tomorrow though! lol)

I’ll definitely be working with Selene more in the future, and I’ll continue focusing more on Hekate during the New Moons :white_heart::black_heart:


Once again, thanks to you, Travel Witch, for these inspiring challenges! Tonight, I did a devotional to Selene. To prepare, I read about her on Spells8 and I watched some videos on YouTube. I used the Devotion to Selene as my base spell and I tweaked it a bit.

I created an altar devoted to Selene with a white candle (that I decorated with my best attempt at a rendition of her with oil paint markers…I am really liking decorating these glass candles :slight_smile:

To the altar, I added three white roses, a glass of spring water, a bowl of white rice, some moonstones, a mirror and some of my usual altar tools. I usually build the circle with candles and salt, or crystals. This time, I took the tip from YouTube and built it with white rose petals. So pretty and they smelled nice, too!

I took a ritual bath. On one of the videos, I learned about a Hellenic tradition where you light a twig of herb or dried flower (or branch or incense), then you douse it in the water to purify it. There was already salt in the water but I loved the idea of purifying it with fire. You say something like, the water is purified when you do this (in Greek or English).

I cast my circle as I usually do, on the patio, since it was such a beautiful night (I am discreet). I had a lot to be grateful for this week. I did the Esbat Ritual for the Full Moon from Spells 8. Then I chanted the Devotion to Selene but with my edits to make it meaningful to my situation.

“Hail, Wondrous Selene. Wise Moon Goddess. Loving Mother of the ages. Powerful mover of the tides. Beautiful Queen of the stars. Magical mirror of the Sun. Silver crown of the evening! Exalted this full moon night, as you journey through the sky. Be with me as I perform my works tonight. I consecrate my altar to you. Grant me the honor of accepting my offering. You see me here before, reverent and full of hope and love. In need of aid and encouragement, I ask for your blessing for myself and for my beloved child. Illuminate the truth so that all may see it. Lend me your courage and wisdom. Imbue me with lunar energy. Amplify the power of my efforts. See that no one harms us, while causing harm to none. Help me to achieve the greatest good and restore my child to my side. I will bask in the splendor of your light until the end of my days. Ever thankful will I be to you, Selene, dear Goddess of the Moon.”

It went well, I think. I’m always tired around the full moon and I was a little clumsy and knocked a candle over. :confounded:I got hot wax all over my bare feet and leg LOL but it didn’t hurt. Just a silly moment. Bright full moon blessings, all! :full_moon_with_face:


ohhhhhh I love these awesome spells! I think it is so cool that you added dog’s hair clippings. And I also love the moon power hour water spell!


My last name is Duncan , so I have a connection to the Celtic deities. Although I know my connection is there , I connect emotionally with the moon. She tells me who and what I need in the moment. She tells me who to call and why. On this Full moon I called to strength, and courage to help strengthen the communication between me and my Boyfriend. I believe Scathach came to me with wisdom and patience. I need to pick my battles wisely while being respectful and respected in turn. I believe we all know who we need and what we need in return, always listen to your inner voice.


Would anybody happen to know what type of Crystals these are. Me and my boyfriend went hiking and we found these , I had to break it Apart and we got so many Of these beautiful pieces in all colors maybe , quartz ?

So I just had to wash them in the Moonlight and charge them up! :cupid:


For this week’s weekly challenge I did the

Buck Moon Ritual Tarot Spread and Cleaning Ritual

I also went outside with my jar for moon water and my new crystals that I had just gotten in the mail yesterday and decided to lay with them on a blanket under the moon while I meditated and pondered upon the fact that my husband and I may be an hour away from each other but last night we were laying in our own separate parts of the earth but we were connected under the same moon.

Then I prayed to Selene and asked for her guidance and assistance on helping me get home to my husband. I’m a Cancer so I’m ruled by the moon. Thought possibly the connection might help


Ooo LaLa ! What Crystals are you using ? I think I see quartz …. I used quartz and lapis ! I love experimenting with Moon Water!


@steph I used clear quartz, smoky quartz and Chevron amethyst In my moon water. The other crystals pictured are the ones I charged and meditated with last night either because they were new and freshly cleansed or because they are my favorites for meditation. The top crystal is cherry tangerine (brand new addition to my family) and the next picture is my opalite egg and botswanian agate (2 of my meditation favorites) and a few super 7 chips that also just joined the family in addition to 3 rose quartz not pictured and 3 green aventurine not pictured. I know my opalite can’t go in water and my agate palm stone doesn’t fit inside the jar but I wasn’t real sure about putting the super 7 in water so I didn’t try them in the moon water.vbut I have clear quartz for purification smokey quartz for grounding and Chevron amethyst for strength and aura cleansing.


The Goddess and Me
I believe in the omnipotence of the Goddess, no name in particular, just, my Goddess. I am not a Priestess, but through my thoughts and deeds, a Guardian.
Each night, when there is a Moon of any phase, I greet Her and the Moon.
I light a candle and either dragons blood incense or musk. I can’t say that I have a special spell or prayer, but I just speak to her giving gratitude tell her about any issues I’m having.
I ask for help & sometimes she gives it, others she doesn’t.
I try to think of this is Her way of saying,
“No, Pull up your big girl panties and do it your-self, You know what to do.”
And I do know, it just takes courage, time and meditation.
Every day when I do my morning devotionals, I greet Goddess and light a white candle praying for those in need. And for the healing of the planet. I thank Her for all that she’s given me and pray for peace.

It’s not fancy, poetic, or special, but honest and said with deepest devotion.
Blessed Be.


For this weeks challenge I made full moon oil.

I added some other herbs like cloves and cinnamon to attract good luck and money.

And also I made some moon water :full_moon: for my plants :herb:


For this Challenge, I did the Buck Moon Ritual.
:full_moon_with_face: I made some moon :sweat_drops:
I charged my crystals &
I also used my The Goddess Oracle Deck for this challenge! Since I already used the tarot I thought this deck would be fitting! I used a triangle spread.
The first card is a nursing home nurse and your wise woman which indicates that (Cerridwen)
Death and Rebirth should nourish me.
The second card’s upper right point as a triangle represents how to nourish wholeness in my emotional body how to express my feelings rather than repress them in regards to (Lakshmi). Abundance
3rd card represents (Durga). Boundaries! Lion :lion: Energy
A fierce fighting woman that needs to learn boundaries to find rebirth!

I give you life
I give you death
It’s all one
You travel to a spiral path
The internal path
That is existence
Over becoming
Nothing does that is not reborn
Nothing is born that does not die
When you come to me
I welcome you home
Then I take you into my womb
My cauldron of transformation
Where are you are stirred and sifted
Blended and boiled
Melted and mashed
Reconstructed then recycled
You always come back to you go forth renewed
Death and rebirth are but points of transition
Along the internal path
She is also a triple Goddess-Maid- Mother and Crone, the totem is great white sow! She is associated with the moon inspiration poetry prophecy shape-shifting in life and death. Cerridwen had two boys one was beautiful and one was ugly because she wanted the ugly one to have something of his own she made him a magical Brew. The Brew took a year and a day to come to completion and would make him inspired and brilliant. She said go on her assistant to watch the brew and made him not to drink it. Accidentally he drops the Bruce plastic into his hand and he put his hand in his mouth. Instantly He knew everything including the fact that Cerridwen Would seek his death. He ran away and she ran after him. After mini Shapeshifting he was swallowed by Cerridwen Who gave birth to him nine months later.
My experience with the cards are the following.
I visit Cerridwen in my mindfulness
And had to let go of so many things! Recently my son had gone bad and is sick. I had to let go of control and be a shapeshifter from a worker, to mom, to wife, to friend ect! I feel I have the wisdom of the past, present, and future! My son may be facing a death :skull: of a cycle and will be reborn.
My son may need a new identity and it is brewing up! Cerridwen
Thank you for your sovereign blessings!

Blessed be!


That’s neat!!! I watch that online but through the ISS perspective at the earth. I love it!!!


That’s great news!!! I’m glad that Selene have you a boost in your courage and confidence!!! Hope all goes well with your appointment!