🕊 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Earth-Friendly Witchcraft!

Thank you to everyone for sharing such gorgeous pictures!!! :national_park::two_hearts: Seeing the beautiful landscapes and wildlife is so uplifting :blush::green_heart:

Your tattoo sounds lovely, @christina4! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My father built a swing for me as a child- I love sitting on it out in the woods and listening to the birds! :bird: I think swinging from the moon sounds like a beautiful dream to have! :full_moon_with_face:

You are blessed to have such a wonderful beach close by, @Katherine13! :beach_umbrella: What a peaceful spot to meditate- you must go early in the morning (or at dusk maybe?). It looks like you have the whole place to yourself for a relaxing time and soothing meditation! :blush: :two_hearts:

To Cuba, wow! How exciting, @Katt! :heart: Do you plan to go again sometime in the future? :airplane:

It sounds like nature is not only a huge part of your practice, but also that you have made the earth and its creatures a big part of your life, @christine4! :hearts: Say hello to your horses for me- they are lovely! :heart_eyes: :racehorse: What are their names? :horse::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Your gardens are beautiful, @daniel4! :sunflower: So neat and organized, and full of such lovely plants! :herb: I think it’s wonderful that you are supporting the bees by planting wildflowers too :honeybee:. Do you have hives in your gardens by any chance? :honey_pot: If not, I’m sure the local bees appreciate your love and care for them! :hibiscus:

You have a beautiful course to run on, @ana6! :running_woman::two_hearts: I hope you have a wonderful camping trip this week and enjoy some peaceful meditation in nature! :camping::dove:


I do plan to go back to Cuba at some point , but with my babies its not easy. I miss my horse that I had as a teen, he was a x-mass present one year from my mom.

Yesterday I harvested some veggies from my garden and replanted the chives in hope to get more b4 the cold comes back fo another 8 months. YUCK


They’re called Lilly and Möhrchen :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ve had Möhrchen since he was a baby - we grew up together! - and bought Lilly about 8 years ago. They’re always together and love each other a lot, it’s super cute!

Tell me about it! It’s always so much organizational hassle whenever I want to go on a trip to make sure that my babies are taken care off. Your puppies look so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I live in a small city and don’t have transportation so I can’t get out into nature very well. But I do go out into my apartment building’s gazebo and sit and watch the birds. One of the men in my apartment building feeds the bird, sets out corn for the squirrels, and set out apples and bread.

There’s a small gray fox that I’ve seen twice that comes out for the bread. My neighbor tells me there are raccoons and even deer that come out for the treats but I’ve not seen them yet.

When the sun goes down there are so many fireflies. Its like the whole hill behind us is sparkling. I would love to meditate out there but it’s kind of dangerous so I just sit and enjoy nature for an hour or so. It’s lovely.


Your puppies are adorable, @Katt! :dog::two_hearts: What are their names? And it’s amazing you got them to get them to sit in a row like that- a great picture! :grin: :+1: And hahaha I know the feeling- when I was living in MA it seemed like Winter was the main season, and the other 3 just flashed by!

Hello to Lily and Möhrchen!! :wave: :blush: :two_hearts: They really are very cute- and it sounds like they are a loving part of your family! :racehorse: I haven’t had the chance to be around horses in years- I did some volunteer work on a horse farm in Tuscany years back. I miss horses so much! :horse::two_hearts:

It sounds beautiful- you live in a lovely place, @kasie! :two_hearts: The firefly hill sounds wonderful, but yes- stay safe! It sounds like you have a peaceful spot to sit and enjoy both the beautiful nature and your kind neighbors! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes, @TheTravelWitch, I do. I’m lucky. I’m planning on going out there again tonight. I’m hoping to see the deer sometime. We’ll see.

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I hope your meditation went well, @kasie! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Were you able to spot any deer, or perhaps some more fireflies? :sparkles::deer:


I got an aloe plant yesterday and I’m SO EXCITED


The deer were out during the day and so were the foxes so I missed them. I always seem to miss them. There were still fireflies though, so it was pretty, and then cardinals and chickadees and some crows. But no deer. ~pouts~


For earthy witchcraft I did several meditations throughout the week using my crystals/stones. These are my top 4 favorites for connecting with earth energy, grounding, and root chakra.

  • Top (L-R): Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline

  • Bottom (L-R): Dendritic Agate, Ammolite


Congrats on your new Aloe, @MeganB! :grin: A great plant to have in the summer, really helpful in case of any sunburns! :sunglasses::sun_with_face:

It still sounds absolutely lovely with the birds and fireflies! :two_hearts: Keep trying, @kasie- I hope you’ll be able to spot the deer and foxes soon! :deer::fox_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Gorgeous collection, @marissa! :two_hearts: Thank you for sharing- that Ammolite is so beautiful! :sparkles: The colors look so shiny and bright :star_struck:


For my own earthy efforts this week, I decided to split my basil! I’m trying to grow some new plants from clippings, like how I wrote about in my post on basil (and why it’s one of my most favorite herbs! :herb: :blush:)

Some roots are already beginning to grow on the clippings but I imagine it will take some time before they’re ready to be planted. If they are successful, I’ll have 3 new basil plants to add to my kitchen window without a trip to the plant shop! :grin: :+1:

I also delved into learning about a totally unfamiliar plant- Heather! It was fascinating to learn about this beautiful and very useful herb- it has so many great qualities for both medicine and magick! :sparkling_heart:. If anyone is interested in learning about Heather, here is the post:

A gentle reminder that this challenge closes on Sunday, August 2nd at Midnight!.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their earthy endeavors so far- if you would like to participate but haven’t yet done so, please do so before the deadline! :dove:

Shout-outs will be given and prizes handed out on Monday morning :gift_heart:

A very blessed and happy weekend to all! :heart:


Recently I came across this Green Egg issue from 1993 and I thought I’d share some pictures. The name of this issue is “Green Religion for a Green Earth”. This was the most influential magazine in the Pagan movement during the 1970s!

It’s about 60 pages filled with paganism. One of the articles, Becoming the Green Man, includes this invocation: :earth_asia:

“By seed and root, I invoke You.
By bud and stem, I invoke You.
By leaf and flower and fruit, I invoke You.
By life and love, I invoke You.
Green One, Healing One, Guardian, I invoke You.
I am You.
I am seed and root.
I am leaf and flower and fruit.
I am the Earth and I am Green.”


This challenge has given me an interesting challenge. I was not sure where to start. After spell work, whenever it is right I give back to the earth what I have borrowed, I recycle every week as much as possible hoping it does not go into a landfill. I’m still trying to reduce the amount of things I buy that would need to be recycled. I use only cardboard egg cartons and have a friend that uses any extra for the eggs her chickens give her. I am one of her lucky recipients! The egg shells have always been used in fertilizer for my plants and my indoor plants are my connection whenever I can not get outside!


Here’s some pictures from this week…

Featuring a baby blackbird coming out of his nest for the first time :bird: some relaxing evenings by the firepit :fire: lots of woodland walks and forest meditation, some tree hugging :heart: and practicing mindfulness by the lakes :droplet:


I enjoy meditating with crystals, as well!


I love your backyard setup! It looks really cozy! And that lake looks so relaxing! What a beautiful place to live!

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Wow, that’s very interesting piece of history you found! :heart_eyes: It sounds like a great read too :open_book: Thank you for sharing, @Francisco!

Although you weren’t sure were to start at first, it sounds like you have many great ways to practice and live in harmony with nature, @sue! :two_hearts: That is very lucky to get fresh eggs from your friend :chicken::egg: and I love that you find a use not only for the eggs, but also for the carton and the shells! Wonderful :blush:

It looks like you and Connie had a wonderful and relaxing time by the lake, @mrs! :heart_eyes: And ahhh such beautiful pictures too- of nature and animals and a very happy little tree-hugger! :blush: Thank you so much for sharing- it looks like you both had quite the fun adventure! :two_hearts:

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:exclamation: This challenge is now CLOSED! :exclamation:

Thank you to everyone who participated!!! :two_hearts: I loved reading about your practices and seeing all the beautiful nature pictures :national_park::dove:

Shout-outs and presents have been awarded to all who participated! Please see the follow-up post here:

Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart:


Thank you! We are very lucky :green_heart: