🎶 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Enchanting Chants

This weekend I sought some guidance from my tarot cards (and got some brutal advice :sweat_smile: - looks like some upcoming plans will need to be redesigned).

As I was shuffling the deck in-between readings, I talked to the cards like I often do :speaking_head: :flower_playing_cards: I’ve found that explaining a bit about the situation and what kind of guidance I’m hoping to get helps me to both focus and connect with the cards.

Eventually, I tried to direct my somewhat abstract chatter into more organized words. While talking helps a bit, I found that chanting while shuffling tarot cards hugely increases focus and helps to channel magick energy into the cards better than with just casual words.

My tarot chants are very much improv for the time being and I have yet to work out a rhyming scheme, but here are a few that I played around with this weekend:

~~ 1. Tarot Focus Chant ~~

To the deck of truth,
Cards of past, present, and future revealed.
In my hands you fall,
Dancing with fate’s directions.

Slip through my fingers,
and pave the steps of the road ahead.
You can see what my eyes cannot,
Lighting the way through.

Hear my plea, hark my words.
I ask for the bright hand of guidance.
Assist me now. I ask…

[Clearly state purpose of reading]

~~ 2. Tarot Chant for a Question ~~

On my mind and in my heart,
A question burns away.
I need to make a move and act-
But how? I cannot say.

I ask you now, oh tarot wise,
that your forces guide my hand,
to light the path and show the truth,
so I may take a stand.

I ask you…

[Clearly state question]

Fun little chants that I’ll be using (in various versions) while shuffling cards in the future- they really do help to focus and tie in with the cards :blush:

Happy chanting to all! :notes:


Thank you! I’m glad you liked it @NickWick! I think I’m going to use it in my morning prayers from now on.

Thank you, hon! For wanting to read my stuff! You’re too nice!

That’s a great little chant! So easy to remember! And it looks good in runes, thank you for sharing!

May I copy this for my BOS? Because this is a great chant! Apollo will be proud of you for it!

Aww, thank you! And congratulations on your kid graduating! That’s great!

Thank you, my dear! I really love the fact that Gaia loved all Her kids, even the monsters. That speaks to me somehow. She’s a good Mom. LOL!

Hee! Thanks so much, love! I enjoy shout-outs!

Those are great @BryWisteria! I have a tarot prayer for everyday draws but nothing like this for questions. May I copy to my BOS and use them? They’re awesome!


This past week was a rough one for me. I was struggling with my mental health and I’m a very dark place for a couple of days. Thankfully I am feeling much better. I’ve found that taking time for meditation during my ritual baths does wonders for centering me!
That being said, I decided not to stress over writing a chant this week (for some reason the idea of trying to do this nearly sent me into a panic), and instead put on my listening ears.
I explored the music @BryWisteria shared and chose this one for Hecate.

At first I was like… okay, what the hell is this? But then I decided to close my eyes and really focus on connecting with the Goddess, and it’s very powerful. The choir chants her name over and over and OVER again. I really enjoyed it.

I have done several self love/healing meditation baths this week.
This one was just LOVELY (though my 2 year old got up from his nap toward the end and decided to come in so I had to scramble to move candles from his little explorer self)!

But anyway! During this bath I did a Root Chakra meditation which felt very healing. I found this beautiful chant/affirmation in Spells8’s Renewal Bath Spell, and after it really shifted my headspace, I am clinging to it!

I love myself deeply and fully.
From now on,
I accept myself
And cancel all negative thoughts.

Blessed be, dear ones.


Thank you @BryWisteria , I didn’t expect to be mentioned and have a collection of those poems in here as a reference for others interested too in the challenge

Blessed Be,


I was inspired by Iris’s statue and entry to investigate Hecate on Spells 8, where I found the Chant to Hecate. So much of what I read on Spells 8 about Hecate resonated with me. I didn’t have a statue so I drew a picture of her and I put offerings on the altar, along with my son (to inspire her). I printed the Chant from Spells 8 and wrote her epithets around he margins. After I created the altar and smudged it, I lit the candles and repeated Hecate’s epithets three times and the Chant three times. I very much enjoyed this challenge and I learned a lot!


Thank you so much for these words of encouragement @Jeannie1 :heart: :heart:


yes you can, It will be ok for you to put into you BOS :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That picture is fabulous!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Great work @sarah29! I love that song/chant for Hecate! It’s the one that got me pronouncing her name right. LOL!

Thank you!


For the whole week I didn’t know what to write about, I was so blocked… until at the last minute I wrote some affirmations that I needed to hear from my own lips, and all of a sudden it came to me… what if I wrote a few simple mantra-like affirmations for each chakra?

:heart: Root

I am safe
I am grounded
I am strong
I am enough

:orange_heart: Sacral

I am sensual
I am creative
I am curious
I am content

:yellow_heart: Solar plexus

I am confident
I am reliable
I am powerful
I am free

:green_heart: Heart

I am kind
I am patient
I am grateful
I am loved

:blue_heart: Throat

I am honest
I am expressive
I am bold
I am authentic

:purple_heart: Third eye

I am mindful
I am intuitive
I am connected
I am aware

:white_heart: Crown

I am beautiful
I am eternal
I am divine
I am.


Yaaaaas @CelestiaMoon these are wonderful!


I love knowing I’m apart and of this Earth,

I’m of the Universe
The Universe is apart of Me
& or
I’m of the Goddess
The Goddess is apart of me


Awww, thanks Amethyst! Yes, absolutely- I would be very honored if you added them to your BOS! :hugs::heart:

Sorry to hear you were feeling down, but I’m glad you took time for self-care and were able to bring back the positive energy to your life, Sarah! And such a gorgeous bath (even with the surprise of your candle-loving little adventurer :laughing: :candle:) Bath Spells, Hecate Chants, and the banishment of negative thoughts- well done! :clap::hearts:

You’ve been sharing so many lovely poems lately, and poetry is a wonderful way to explore chants! Thanks again for sharing your lovely talents, as they are inspirational! :two_hearts:

This is so beautiful, Mary- and such a lovely set-up on your altar! :heart: It sounds like you had a successful first time working with Hecate, may she continue to watch over you and bless you! :pray::blush:

Ohhhhh I’ve been digging more and more into the chakras recently and these are perfect! :clap::heart_eyes: I love how you explored the benefits of each of the 7 and crafted such uplifting and directive affirmations- I feel strong reading them! :muscle: Great job, Celestia Moon!

I think this beautiful chant not only acknowledges your part of the Earth, but gives back your heartfelt emotion and love, Steph! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Beautifully written- thanks for sharing! :sparkles:


:exclamation: This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

The forum rings with the magick of chants and the power of words- such a delight to hear about everyone experience with chant magick this week! :blush:

A Props and Presents post will soon appear with shout-outs and prize details. Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums.

Note : This post will remain open for continued discussion for a few more days, but no additional prizes will be given after today.

Blessed be! :notes::heart:


This is absolutely gorgeous! I love this!!! :crescent_moon:


Aw :blush: thank you! Katy_Mysticsens! Thank You :blush:


Lovely chakra chants! What a great idea!

Good going @steph! Short and sweet!

Thank you, my dear! They’ll come in handy!


:cupid:sometimes I don’t know what to write but I know I’m feeling the feels with this one :cupid::pray:t3:


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