🎶 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Enchanting Chants

Wow that’s really good like a star!


A lovely chant to Gaia- bravo, @Amethyst! :green_heart:

Thanks again for your wisdom about Artemis, @Susurrus- it was a pleasure to learn about Her! :blush:

Good luck and enjoy, @steph! :clap: Feel free to write your own chant, or relax and listen along with one of your favorites- and on that note, if you have any favorite chants, please feel free to share them here! :star_struck:

Beautiful combination of chants and casting circles, @Katy_Mysticsens! How exciting to add runes as well- really great job! :sparkles:


Wow I am very intrigued by this little information right here :thinking: @Katy_Mysticsens don’t know much about runes but it is nice to know that different runes can be chanted together to weave a spell which begins to take effect during a spell. I am thankful for this information :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am inlove working with chants, words, rhythm and rhyme and I must say I love your chant for your casted circle. It will be nice for you to enter this challenge too, you would l💗 ve it.

Blessed Be💫


This challenge was easier than expected. I’m usually terrible at rhyming, but, surprisingly, I was able to! I’m sure I have the dragons to thank for that!:grin:

It’s a bit short, but I think it’s to the point and not too bad for my first attempt at writing a chant. :sweat_smile:

Feel free to use it in any of your rituals or meditations!

Have a blessed Friday! :sparkles:

Singold’s Devotional Prayer For Gratitude

Hail Singold, the twelfth dragon of the Earth-Walk clan,

you who have the spirit of an old war horse—experienced, strong, and loyal.

You wander the third dimension, guiding the the souls of woman and man,

your brilliant scales shining brighter than the crowned jewels of any royal.

Heal my soul, O Great Dragon,

releasing all fears, doubts, and regrets that are holding me back, so that I may thrive.

May I always remember to give thanks for all that the Universe has given me,

and may I always revel in the pure joy of being alive.

So it is now, so mote it be.


What a lovely chant! And it says so much!

Thank you, dearest!

Thank you, my dear!

Whether or not it was the dragons or you, it rhymed beautifully! Great job!


A job well @Kasandra you did very well for your first time.


Thank you so much! @NickWick
@BryWisteria Thanks also, I am glad you like it!
And I am glad you also liked my chant, @Amethyst
Galdr is a fascinating topic, as well as most runic magick. I love the Norse traditions. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Next I want to learn about Seidr.



:last_quarter_moon_with_face:I gaze into the White Moon

And boom I attune, with the Lord and Lady

Into the mystery of the universe.

Soon a single phase of divinity immersed :pentagram:

Behold threefold I am a Witch with infinite roots :infinite_roots: (x3 Say)

With love among the stars :star_and_crescent:

And Strength, Beauty, Power, Compassion,

Honor and Humility, and Mirth!

Blessed Be! :star2:

So I think I started off okay for a chant then it starts to sound like a poem, so thats just what I got!! Ill get better the more I try right! Thats it I am done for the night be bright you night owl"s


That’s a nice chant @Jeannie1! Really pretty!


My new statue of Hekate is inspiring me.

I may use one of the existing chants, or write my own if I feel brave…


I’ve had a go at writing my own chant, possibly still a work in progress…


Here’s my main entry for the week. I hope y’all like it!

Chant to Gaia

Gaia, Great Mother, Bless me I pray!
Grant me the wisdom of the Earth this day!
Mother of Titans, help me stand strong,
Mother of Olympians, help me belong!
Mother of Monsters, help me to accept,
Myself and others, no matter how inept.
Gaia, Great Mother, Bless me I pray!
Grant me the wisdom of the Earth this day!

So mote it be!


This chant to Gaia was really nice @Amethyst really feeling the words.


Great job @Amethyst, I love reading your writing works. Thank you :blush:


Aw guys I have had a busy week, I had an impromptu trip up north to see some family just incase we go into another lockdown (it’s not set in stone or anything but there are rumblings because of new variants) I was working longer hours to make up or it when I got back. But I promise I will find time tomorrow to read everyone’s entries :heart: I do always love everyone’s creativity :grin: mines is a short entry for this week’s challenge and it was inspired by this week’s Rune post. I have a small chant that I use sometimes, I’m sure it was mentioned in one of the courses but I might be wrong on that. Anyway it stuck with me and I use it when I’m scared or feeling anxious it goes as such “I turn my fear into power” so I thought I would write it in Runic Script and use it to add to any spells for anxiety :heart:


I have somewhat entered this challenge feeling very happy indeed :hugs:. Chants, Poetry, Rythm and Rhyme plays a very important part in my craft. While putting something together for my deity I have managed to come across some finding that I could share with you.

Photo from:Pinterest

I was always drown to Apollo with not even realizing in the beginning that many of his attributes and skills are related to my talent. I have decided to make this simple chant as I honor my deity.

Apollo’s Chant

Great Apollo so strong and bold
Guard me with your arrows of gold.

Great archer of music, poetry and rhymes
Master healer of ancient times.

Great Deity filled with talent and skills
I invoke you today with all my will

Great God of light whom I hold so dear
I chant these words for you to hear

At this present time and hour
Fill me with your strength and power

I received a new altar cloth and intend to use this not only as a altar prayer but to use also when I am in need of his presence when I meditate or even dealing with challenging situations. Happy for this challenge :hugs:

N :candle:ckW :candle:ck

L :dizzy:ve, L​:heart: ve and L :candle:ght the way.


I so love this :slight_smile: It just sunk in somewhere and fit. I know I will be saying this all this week. Great timing as my only child is graduating this week :seedling: :rose: :apple:


A beautiful devotional chant for Singold- congrats on your first chant, @Kasandra! :partying_face: :heart: The length of the chant isn’t important- what truly matters is the power in the words and the intention in your heart, both things that you have captured wonderfully in this prayer! :pray: Thanks for sharing :blush:

A lovely chant for the Lord and Lady, @Jeannie1- and bonus points for including some colorful emojis there are well! :laughing: :+1: You did a great job- thanks for sharing!

Beautiful work once again on your chant to Hekate, @IrisW! :heart:

Such happiness, such life! :green_heart: :earth_americas: :blush: You really portrayed the wonders of Gaia beautifully, @Amethyst. Great job with your Chant to Gaia! :tada:

A powerful chant that packs a punch- I love this, @Liisa! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And you wrote it in runic script too- absolutely gorgeous. This looks like it would make a wonderful banner or picture to hang over an altar, or as a powerful remember as a tattoo! :star_struck:

A lovely chant to Apollo, @NickWick- it carries the feelings of strength and power! :sun_with_face: Gorgeous as always, your chants are a delight to behold :relaxed: Thanks so much for sharing!


It’s friendly reminder time!

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: June 15th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Blessed be! :notes::heart:


Nick Wick,

I loved your chant and thank you for helping me learn more about Apollo’s! Theres just some really talented people here!! Amethyst did awesome too!! I had to give a shot out to my girl Amethyst too!