NickWick weekly witchy CHALLENGE- a magickal blessings

Blessings for me can be defined as words of gratitude or emotions of praise that may come in the form of many aspects in life such as a chant, praise, devotion of worship are examples of

During my passed challenges I had put together a chant to my diety as a little blessing /prayer. You can find a link to that here:🎶 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Enchanting Chants - #36 by NickWick

There are many ways to incorporate blessings into your magickal practice and for this challenge I have decided to go hunting for a magickal blessing in a for of a chant to aid me in drawing in blessings when casting my circle of protection. I normally would just use words that flow from my inner thoughts or even write my own, however I choose to find one with meaning to me and one which I can use in my Circle everytime I cast it.

I saw this image as I was browsing around and managed to come across these few words online which to me have a huge meaning to the words, I have shared a copy of this below;

When I said these words I felt blessings and motivation, alive and ready :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I do believe that every moment in our life is meant to be blessed even when it comes down to the very moment when we seek magicakl blessings.

L :dizzy: ve L :heart: ve and L :candle: ght the way :dizzy:
N :candle: ckW :candle: ck


That’s a beautiful saying @NickWick!


I really like the words for this blessing & I think it will definitely serve your Highest Good. Great find!


Beautiful, @NickWick! Thank you for sharing both your wisdom and this lovely blessing- you choose a really nice one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well said! :clap: Thanks so much for sharing this, NickWick! :heart:


@NickWick ~ Oh, wow, I felt an overflowing sense of love while reading this and saw pink and white light flow down! Beautiful!! Thank you!! :heart: :peace_symbol: :dove: :heart:


Ohhh, when you said the words pink and white light flood down, I felt a sense of calm and assurance. @BrightBear I really did felt a sense of love :heart: when I read the words as well. Thank you do much for this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.