Weekly Witchy Challenge – Energy Work - challenge entry

Weekly Witchy Challenge – Energy Work - challenge entry

@amethyst, you wicked witch…wink, wink! What a great subject.
What is magical energy?
In My Opinion… It is that upon which I can draw to project that which is needed to heal grief, sorrow, pain, malaise, etc.
I’m still working on stabilizing my power base and controlling the “where, why, what, and how of it.”

Is it possible to steal or drain energy from others- alive, dead, spirit, or otherwise?
Absolutely, although I consider it a magical insult and dark magic.
A good “return to sender.” Should set that right.

Is magical energy the same thing as life energy?
Opinion… Well. Yes and no. Every one is borne with power but it’s almost impossible to control. I also believe that absolute power, like energy cannot die. When your body moves on, passes through the veil into the mists of time, so does the energy.
Can energy be good or bad, or is it always neutral?
Opinion… I think I’ve said before that people can be good, kind, radiating love, you see it in them. Good energy is sent for good purposes, to heal, strengthen, etc.
People can be bad and it’s recognizable, think Stalin, Charlie Manson, or Hitler(worst case scenario). Bad energy is sent to harm, curse or somehow do damage or hurt
The neutral ones you must be most careful of. They the ones who ride the fence of good/bad, they can be deceptive and you don’t know which side they will fall on. Think of someone you really like, but turns out to be a complete !

It is a force like “chi” that flows throughout the body? Or is it something fixed in place? (Thanks Amethyst, I’ve never tried to explain it before so let me try.)
As I remember, Chi is a Chinese philosophy whereby it is the essentially the energy for life in everything. It is like an electromagnetic phenomenon, not unlike form a of light energy, think, metaphysical electricity.
Having said that, my answer is, yes. But ‘chi’ but uses my chakra. To me it feels like a tingle → feet, ankles, calves, thighs, and so on until I reach my 3rd eye there it sits until I send it on a, for lack of a better term, metaphysical ‘link’. From my Crown Chakra I can send it out into the cosmos for anyone who needs it, which I try to do in my daily devotional. Or Direct it to an individual with a prayer.
So, my question is, Is it the power? Or the prayer? Doesn’t matter, as long as it works.

Is it something that only living things have, or is it everywhere?
It’s everywhere. Like love, I think that magical, mystical power is everywhere. Think of the maple tree, lovely to look at in all seasons and gifts us with its life bloods that can be made into sugar or syrup. Win, win. It may sound silly but look at the rose in all her glory. She is so powerful sitting there smelling nice and looking beautiful radiating love energy. The elements, water isn’t alive but it sure is powerful. Fire seems to take on a life of its own, etc. Even stones have a certain vibrational energy

Where does energy come from? Can it be destroyed?
It is a gift we are all born with, but as with any talent, it can diminish until it’s little more than a memory in your subconscious. A renewed attention is all it needs. A little honest attention to grow again. In my opinion, energy is almost inextinguishable. [Which I will explain shortly.]
Mankind may have split the atom BUT, think of the energy it took to think it up, create it, make it into a weapon of war, transport it to its point of take off. This task took the energy of many for all of these things, but only one to release it. Simple push of a button?
This leads me to the original subject, can energy be destroyed?
It(the atomic bomb)killed between 90,000 and 146,000 people in Hiroshima alone. It is estimated that around 74,000 people died in Nagasaki. I certainly will say, that’s a lot of energy disruption. But to be honest, when one is vaporized, I don’t know where their energy goes or if it even survives. Tens of thousands of others died in the aftermath, of radiation poisoning and their injuries. A 1998 study found that around an additional 62,000 people in Hiroshima had died as a result of the bomb, bringing the total number of victims to more than 200,000. I will not discuss the morality of the war and its brutality on both side, that’s not my mission today.

Please remember that these are my opinions, no offence is offered. I apologize if it bothered anyone.
Http:Newsweek.com/how-many-people-died-heroshima-nagasake-japan-second-world-war01522276 Thank you for the numbers.

There are many ways to manifest power. You can use the elements,
dragons, or deity. They will either help, or they won’t, it is
their will, not our desires that matter.
Approach them with dignity and give them respect and honor, then start your chosen ritual. At the appropriate time, chant or your spell. When finished always thank and release them.

Spell for power from the elements and Goddess

I call for power and strength to harness it in this healing
Come forward elements of the Pentagram
For each of you need attention and care.
I speak to the Earth and Mother Goddess,
Man is destroying the world with its greed and neglect.
I plea for a to healing to renew the great Earth
For its wounds and scars, from mining and development
Crisscross the land and it screams out in pain.

Give me power to heal

Earth, you shake in your pain, tremors that turn into quakes.
Trying to shout out its need for surcease.
Let it be so, Mother., Earth heal your wounds.
Remind man the Earth is only on loan
And that we must take care or out children.
Will inherit nothing but a dead planet.
I ask for renewal and that it harm none.
As I have spoken, let it be done.

Grant me power to help others

I speak to the Water and Mother Goddess,
Our animals die for our waters have fouled
From careless neglect and horrid pollution.
Our babes are born wrong and mothers weep.
The fish and herds decline every week.
The crops are failing and people starve.
Renew the water, I know it will be hard.,
Filter your precious water and make a stand
Calm your rage and give man a chance.
I can’t promise perfection, but the will to try.
Because if we do nothing, everything will die

Power is asked empower others.

If it harms no one, let this be so
As I have asked, please don’t say no
As above, so below

I speak to the Air and Mother Goddess,
Element of Air you are enraged and I understand why,
They have poison you with smoke and exhaust fumes.
The ozone has thinned, the air warms & the ice melts.
Although it is the circle of life, it is still felt.
Let you zephyrs blow away strife.
Calm your storms and let there be peace
So with the Mothers help our covenant we’ll keep.
And it harm none and no tears to weep
As I have spoken, so let it be.

Let there be power and the to strength to control it.

I speak to Fire and Mother Goddess,
Incendio you destroy forest and fields
But you allow renewal as the land heals.
And with each fire, you cleanse and purify.
Great flame of the World I ask you
To help heal the land that you do guard.
Calm your volcanoes and the internal fires.
With you, the circle of life will continue.

Help me to empower those in need

And it harm none, so mote it be!


This is a wonderful spell Garnet, you’ve done it again! And I liked your explanation about energy.


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Great work with the journalling prompts, @Garnet- I really enjoyed hearing your thoughtful answers to each of the questions as you explored your definition of magickal energy :sparkles::blush: Thank you so much for sharing both your exploration as well as the gorgeous spells for channeling the magickal energy- these are all a real blessing! :pray::heart:


Garnet, I love that you took the questions posed in the challenge and just answered them! I think that’s a great way to get the wheels of the mind turning! :wheel:


Maybe Garnet can get extra credit :wink: :1st_place_medal:

I wasn’t trying to challenge a challenge, I just wanted to know her opinion because I value it and her very much :heart:



Sarall Crystal Collector
you are too dear


Bonus points to Garnet! :partying_face: :laughing: :+1:

Ah, I see! I had assumed it was a post geared toward the challenge overall, as sometimes when discussion titles are similar things end up in different places. Looks like I was mistaken- apologies, Sarall! :bowing_woman: There is a link above to where the post was moved to, but I’d be happy to move it back here if you’d prefer? :pray::grinning:


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Hi @Danni1- this is a great exploration of how you use energy in your practice! :sparkles: Just checking, but would you like to enter this as your entry to the challenge? If so- I’d be happy to rehome it into the main challenge discussion here. Just let me know! :blush:


Oh yeah sorry i didnt specify that was the goal of writing it. Lol my brain was still trying to get started at the time. Yeah this is my energy work or one one of my ways to do the energy work for tgis challenge this werk. Its only a start but ive got ink now so i can print out the crystal grids n start looking at what crysrals need n how ro plave tbem so can amply their energy further. But yes sorry this was my weekly challenge entry to work with rhe energy through crystals n crystal grids. Sorry for not specifying that better before.


Sorry i did it again didn’t i. . I put it in t he wrong spot again. Sorry bout that. I keep seeing entry with same title but forget to check when i add mine that im adding to main post not to ebd of someobe elses. My apologies for that


TheTravelWitch_BryCarpe diem
Hey sweetie’
I did the questions in this challenge because kept me focused and a means of the long winded spell.
Blessed be, love you.


No worries at all, Danni! I’ve gone ahead and rehomed your lovely entry out of the comments here and into the main challenge thread so it is easier to find. No harm done! Thanks again for sharing it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m really glad the questions helped you hone your focus as part of the long spell- and I really enjoyed reading your responses! You have a great way of writing that goes deep yet always keeps a fun sense of humor- it’s a delight :blush::heart:

Lots of love to you too, Garnet- thanks again for your great entry! :star2: