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I have a very bad habit of missing things when they are positioned right in front of me. It is a lack of observational spirit. I’ve been told by my mom that this is a bad habit and needed to be corrected.
Over years of hard-work to compensate this issue I’ve developed another habit, a positive one - I have a great intuition and I can read people by their appearance. I might still be clueless regarding missing objects in front of me, because that is apparently not a trainable trait, but working hard on it I found out my Magic :sparkles:.

Besides having a pretty good memorization skill, I feel events, people, and can react ahead of time. Manu might say this is anxiety speaking, but I tested it and most of the time I had a very clear mind and vision of the situation.

I use this power to read Tarot Cards, and any other divination like hyeomancy and oracle readings.

I get my energy mostly from moonlight and Moon water. During the day food and air is my energy source. (Sounds too simple, but very true, air is my main element in every ritual) :white_heart:


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Thank you so much to everyone who stepped into the spotlight and shared about their magickal skills- it’s been a delight reading the entries!

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Wow! Amazing! I do a lot of painting too. I make it a ritual too. Never thought of using solar water! That’s a great idea!


Wow! I’m so sorry you had to go through all that! :people_hugging: You are a very strong person to survive that! I’m grateful you are here!:heart: I’m happy you are in a more stable place in your life and are working through it! Much love and hugs to you :hugs: :heart: :people_hugging:


It’s funny how you discover things like this! I had been doing a shower ritual for ages. I just made some adjustments! It’s nice too how we discover these talents! :heart::black_heart:


Thank you so much for you reply back. I see you do know that level of hate that is very unhealthy. I am blessed to have you and my family here at Spells 8. What it comes down to is, everyone here basically saved my life, without sounding dramatic.

I hope WE do not ever go through anything like that again, ever.

Mote It Be


Thank you so much Sivonnah. I am also very grateful to be here, because if it wasn’t for here, I honestly do not know where I would be.

Blessed Be,


For sure babe we know that’s unhealthy. Fortunately for us we are learning more in this lifetime than they can imagine. They vibrate at a low frequency. Means they have a lot more work to do on themselves.

[quote=“Medea, post:112, topic:44815”]
, without sounding dramatic
[/quote] your not sounding dramatic. I can definitely understand this place being a savior. As it is for me as well. To have somewhere to share your inner most thoughts and be greeted with respect, love, and friendship. We are not alone. We are all over. Far n wide. Love you my lovely :rose: :heart:


Thank you. I need to check the moon. I am an emotional wreck tonight. The people in this house are on my last nerve. Been looking for a one bedroom and here in Upstate, NY it is like $1,000 for a studio…what!!

Anyway, Bless Be and sending lots of love :sparkling_heart: :tree_of_life:


I hear you. I’ve heard newyork is insanely expensive. Ill keep you in my thoughts and well wishes and hope u find a affordable spot soon. What about renting a room elsewhere? Like a more private setting. Xoxoxo blessed be my love


Per week?! :scream:

That’s similar to Sydney. An apartment in the city ranges from $800-$4,000 per week. It’s much too much.


LOL no not a week I better start living like The Jetsons if that were the case a thousand a month for a room to me that’s just absolutely disgusting before colvin a studio in Rochester New York was approximately 350 400 at the most.
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