:witch_pentacle: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Finding Your Witchy Talents

Thisis obviously only one of magic areas but if i trief to share all areas it would be an ecen longer post :joy:i was trying to keep it fairly short so ppl were having read an epic novel size post . :rofl:i talk alot when excited bout stuff


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It’s time for a friendly reminder:

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If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline:

Tuesday, Dec 12th at 7:00 AM EDT (Eastern US Time)

So many talented witches and practitioners here- each and every one! :clap: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Whether the words came easy to you or whether it was a challenge to sort things through and acknowledge your skills, I’m really proud of everyone who has shared their reflection so far. It can be hard to step up to the mirror, but I assure you there is a wonderful soul looking back at you! :mirror: :sparkles: :blush:

Thank you so much to everyone who has shared about magickal talents and skills- keep on pursuing your passions and honing those beautiful abilities of yours! :raised_hands:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :witch_pentacle: :sparkles:


This is so difficult… I’m going to use questions to guide me.

What drew you to magick?
I’m really not sure. I’ve always been drawn to the aesthetic. For example, I always play magickal classes in games, and I’ve often drawn myself as a witch or sorceress. When/If I finally get my old external HDD recovered, I will share my first digital self-portrait of myself in 2003/2004 dressed as a witch. I don’t know why I drew myself as a witch, but I did. But like I said in my introduction…

What a trip down memory lane it is, reading that post! Anyway, I don’t really understand how, why, or when. It’s just… Something I’m drawn to.

Tarot and oracle

I feel comfortable with tarot by now. I started at the start of the year. The first “deck” I used was the Rider-Waite I printed on paper and cut out. :joy:

Then, I saw a deck that resonated very strongly with me, and I got it. I haven’t tried any others since, but I’m on the lookout every so often for something that catches my eye.

I’m also thinking of making my own demon-themed oracle deck, but I need my life to settle down a bit first. :smile:

Spells, rituals, and spell jars

I got started with these even before tarot readings. I did simple things, mostly around gathering and strengthening my own abilities.

These are a really fun part of what I do. It’s just that I don’t usually feel like I have a need for them. So, if I do such things, they’re usually around protection, cleansing, or healing. But I have made the odd abundance and prosperity jar.

Deity devotionals

These are probably technically rituals but I’m putting them separately because I find it really fulfilling to have a little space dedicated to different deities and connecting with their energies every so often. :blush:

Green and kitchen magick

Probably the thing I’ve done the most. I was probably doing this before I even embraced my witchyness because there was always something different about my cooking. I’m not an amazing cook, but everyone who eats my cooking always feels very happy. Which makes me happy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Anyway, since embracing my witchyness, I’ve used herbs and other ingredients more intentionally. I’ve started making specialty teas for purposes beyond relaxation and I’ve started drying my own fresh herbs, grinding them myself, and making different mixes.

I’ve made a few attempts to grow my own herbs, but I will need to start from scratch again. Fourth time’s the charm at our new place? :grin:

Crystals and crystal jars

I started collecting stones when I was a little kid and I still have those initial stones today. I started collecting them again based on what they’re useful for in 2019 and I started using them to store energy from spells this year.

I also create little jars of crystals based around certain purposes and tie a little pendant around them. They’re like spell jars but just with crystal energy. :blush:

Meditation and visualisation

I feel like I’m good enough at visualisation but not as much at meditation itself. I got a lot of practice in a very mundane way through my life by watching or making movies in my head. I know some movies scene by scene, line by line, after only having seen them a few times. So I would “watch” them when bored. Same goes for music, but that’s easier since it’s just replaying the sound.

Meditation is something that I’m working on.


Candles have been a joy to incorporate in what I do. Sometimes, I’m just looking for an excuse to use some candles.

I also bought a kit to start making my own candles and I’m really looking forward to that at our new place!

I recently did a ritual where I had both fire and lots of water in sight, and I really loved seeing them both. :blue_heart: :heart:


I’ve been using baths to help me with my practice a lot since starting. Something about the water helped me go from struggling to connect to actually being able to. They helped me quiet myself and calm down enough to even get started with meditation, for example.

I’ve also gotten into making bath salt soak mixes myself, usually focusing on deity themes, but sometimes based on other uses such as relaxation or fostering a certain mindset.

I feel like I could elaborate much more on all of the above if I had the emotional and mental energy, but I don’t, so I’ll leave that as a brief “Introduction to what Katya does these days.” :black_heart:


Brilliant idea. The picture is going to be beautiful! I’d like to see it when it’s done.

Believe it or not, your way of watching movies is a form of meditation. Good job.

When I first started meditaring, I didn’t think I could do it. I chose to look at a doily under a lamp. When I was called away from it, I blinked and saw a rose. At that moment, I realized it wasn’t as hard as I was expecting it to be.


:exploding_head: Whoa.

At this moment, I realise it’s not as hard as I thought it to be. :smile:


Glad to be of assistance. :heartpulse:
Idea: make a movie of your own based on what you want to see or be.


Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Finding Your Witchy Talents - ENTRY

I knew I was different from other kids my age and also adults my age, but I did not know what or why. After years of questions and never pursued the answers until the last situation. It was about to send me over the edge of this Universe. I could not get out of bed, or eat or sleep but, I knew after approximately 5 weeks of this, it was time to wake up, get up and grow up but what can help me to get there? Spells 8 did, here is my story …

Jumping ahead to the age of 58, I lost everything I owned (again). Being single and starting over and over and over again, I was tired but not dead. I lived in a friends one bedroom apartment downstairs for five (5) years until he talked me into moving up stairs with him. He was gay and had no trust in anyone but lucky me. He was difficult, arrogant, a bastard but my friend. I lived with him upstairs for two (2) more years, his family was my family. I went to work and when I came home, he was having a massive stroke…that was the last day I saw him. His mother pleaded with me to stay in the house. I did until one day I went to the store, came home and his youngest sister had thrown everything I owned including my resure cat into a dumpster and changed the locks. My thoughts after that happened was how do I kill her and not go to jail. I even told the police in court when they walked her out of the court room, to keep her surrounded that I was coming for her, told them to tell her to get an order of protection against me that I WAS COMING FOR HER!! That was how I ended up in Spells 8.

I went to a friend’s house who rented out rooms and have been trying to clear my head and thoughts of violence against this female. For me, time heals all (to some extent). It has been two years since that day, and I have been working on several Witchy Talents.

In the beginning I was very nervous to post anything but all the Witchy sister’s and Franisco, Bry and our Megan were wonderful and made me feel comfortable here…Thank you all! Anyway, I am all over the board trying to learn and it seems whatever the challenge is, that is what I concentrate on. Tarot Cards are my fill in time until I get more organized and grounded.

This is my first and only deck. This will be a Witchy tool I will use when I feel more knowledgeable about my craft.



I’ve often done this, too. Now that you mention it… Is it like setting intentions? Seems like that’s another thing I’ve been overthinking. :thinking: I almost can’t believe I’ve already been doing so much my whole life. I just never had the words for it. :laughing:


the secret is love in everything to succeed you are right my sister!
thank you for reading for the new week you are precious in everything!


You may have been given a different definition of setting intentions than I have, but from my experience it’s like taking it to the next step: planting those intentions in the fertile ground within and watering them like seeds so they can grow into reality.

Lately, I have to admit, I’m still preparing the soil- pulling weeds, adding the proper fertilizers from vermiculite to nitrogen rich clover, building an irrigation system so I don’t have to lug water, finding the right pest control (spiders love marigolds or four o’clocks around the perimeter, or should I add ants and peonies, or beatles and others with sumac?), allowing the soil to rest from a previous overuse of land that wasn’t meant to be treated like that, tilling in compost to help hold humidity and warm the seeds from below, and instilling patience in the farmer.

Sorry about all the gardening references, but it might be the easiest way to see what I mean. Meditation does a lot of good stuff. If you can get the version of The Secret Garden with Maggie Smith, you’ll see some of the results- along with a cool spell.


Ah, I understand! That’s good reason for me to do this more often. It would feel self-indulgent. But you’re right, it’s actually practical.

I really love them. It’s a beautiful analogy and, even though you’re working on a lot of things, you seem like a dedicated “gardener.” :black_heart:

The analogy reminds me of my great grandfather who spent his weekend in the garden. When I was staying with those great grandparents, I would sit around with him and passively learnt off him that way. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Him and I would take a break in the late afternoon and eat oranges together.

But the point being, I’ve seen the results of such cultivation. The beautiful sunflowers and (mostly) white carnations he would grow stood out the most to me. The former was like the vibrance of life, standing tall. :sunflower: And the latter was the solemn end, as we would take bundles of them to the cemetary to honour ancestors. :blossom:


Ahh, but what you describe is only the tip of the iceburg, me dear. Fruit, vegetables and flowers keep us thriving, but there are mental, emotional, and Spiritual benefits as well, healing in many areas, possible social connections, deeper understanding, growth, and Magick!

When I was young, Mom wanted to teach me where our food came from. I learned to connect more deeply than expected and was able to hear houseplants crying for water. Did you know that trees’ leaves turn over when they are thirsty? Such a connection helps in herbal spells because you’re not just working with the plant’s natural abilities (ie garlic is an antibiotic), or the mental and emotional correspondences, but on a Soul level as well.


Seems like I have a long journey ahead. :blush:


Challenge entry

Initially I was attracted to magick in search of the one spell that would make me healthy. :sweat_smile: I figured if I could learn just a few spells or potions I could “poof” be rid of all the toxins I’ve accumulated over the years, find a cure for diabetes and become a Virile and young 20 year old :rofl:

That and the pagan path has always interested me.

After having joined this wonderful coven, never missing a day since I joined in March of this year, done all but 1 challenge since then, and done every course in probably the first month, I have absolutely NO idea of what I’m doing. Just following the forum is nearly a full time job. Along with reading 20 books or so and researching everything I can get my hands on. I find myself leaning towards the crooked path with Green and Elemental tendencies. Meditation has always been my escape and teacher. The Akashic Library is always open, no card needed. All things and knowledge is there for any willing to look for it…

Jars and pouches I have done. Mostly protection. My Elemental jars for my altar. I created a talisman of a Wren for my new car which I named Wren for protection and for our coexistence for many years to come. I am intrigued by the “Trigger” spell @MeganB posted recently and want to “load” a few spells on my staff with triggers.

But I find that just adding magick to the mundane things I do in my life throughout the days is what I do most to becoming a witch. To recognize the beauty in the everyday things, the flowers and plants, the Love i see on the forum, the changing of the seasons, the gratitude I feel for all that I am and all that I have, to Father Sun in the morning and Mother Earth for providing all that I need. That is the magick in my life. The magick I wish to build on and expand in my life and my practice.



Congratulations @Ostara and the candles are lovely

@Medea I’m so sorry you went through all of that

@Cosmic_Curiosity thank you so much, the oils are Patchouli, Orange and Tea Tree


Thank you for your kind words. You are also going through a rough time also. I am very intuitive and it’s like I can honestly feel your pain and sadness.
I am making Moon water tonight and I will throw some positive energy your way!



@Medea feel for you sorry you went through that. It reminds me of when I was homeless and these girls offered to help me and take me to my job interview and they took off with everything I owned in that car left me in the middle of nowhere in the winter with no coat. I understand your anger. Sending lots of love thanks for sharing.

@Phoenix_Fire love your artwork beautiful :heart_eyes_cat:


Aren’t we all?!?! Would that there were one. Instead we have to suffice with learning to deal with the health issues in a different way, finding strength with each other, managing symptoms, finding we are not alone, and expressing our paths as part of our life story.


You are such a wonderful person and I appreciate you so much :heart:



This one is super hard for me for 2 reasons. I never have a good thing to say about myself. I could be reminded of something I can do and I’ll list off all the ways I do it wrong or whatever.

Reason 2
I’m a TBI survivor many times over and I hang very few full memories that go back more than a few years

I love crystals but that info is gone. I didn’t remember if that was the March or June concussion. I have loved rocks of any kind since I was little. I have a memory of a Here you go, quick instruction type crystal healing. I have a flash of what looks like a full crystal healing on my dog. A flash of magnet therapy on my cat.

I know Tarot was in my skill set. I have a flash of identifying cards by intuition and holding my hand over them. I don’t remember how I learned that.

I don’t remember but I think I did healing work. I seemed to know that I could and while giving a massage I projected energy and heat onto the person’s back.

I am very good at research, it just sometimes may not be the best use of my thinking and concentration.

I’ve been crafting a little and it seems familiar. I just finished a back for an upcycled shelf for Little Cuteness and I am in the planning stage of 2 Yule crafts.

The shelf back. It’s still drying. It has 3 sections increasing sparkles from bottom to top. I used glow paint for a moon and stars and his name is at the top in silver sparkly sticker letters. I will be painting a rainbow l on the middle section once it’s attached

I seem to be taking to Green Magic and general apothecary types and made some pretty cool inks.

I have sat down with a pen and poetry spilled out onto page. That may be deity related but I have a flash of what seems the same.
I’m looking forward to learning other things to be good at, as long as I don’t hit my head again :laughing: :woman_shrugging:t2: