📚 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - History of Magick

WhiteFox :fox_face:
I really didn’t know that


He really did a lot didn’t he.
Thanks so much for sharing!
Blessed be!


I enjoyed the video Drawing Down the Moon! She had a gift didn’t she!


@IrisW ~ Wow, your pictures made me feel as if I were there! Especially the one of The Wishing Steps! It looks so familiar to me! Maybe I was there in another life. :green_heart:


Merry meet!

I have provided a link to my weey challenge here https://forum.spells8.com/t/history-of-magick-my-weekly-challenge/14733


If you’re talking about the one in Cornwall I’ve been there. Fascinating place :blush:


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Thank you to everyone for peering into the past to explore witchy history this week! :broom: :sparkles:

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Thanks for sharing the video about ancient magick, @pedros10! It’s going on the to-watch list, looks awesome! :star_struck:

@WhiteFox- while I don’t think any of the Coven Member Shops sell tarot decks (and I could be wrong!), I know @SacredBee has a beautiful deck they made, and you could consider supporting fellow witches through Tarot Kickstarter campaigns. There are also some lovely Tarot deck reviews posted in the Recommendations Category- take a peek! Good luck with your search :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What an exciting place to discover on your trip, @IrisW! :heart_eyes: The pictures are stunning- look at all that beautiful lush greenery :national_park: :two_hearts: I had to admit that while walking blind up and down the wish steps I think the only wish I’d be thinking of is “please don’t fall” :laughing: Thanks for sharing and hope you had a lovely trip- safe travels! :heart:

Is that the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in England, @WhiteFox? A very fun place to research! And yes, lucky Iris has been there (I’m jealous! :laughing: :+1: ) Glad you enjoyed it- and thanks for sharing! :revolving_hearts:

Thanks again for your lovely exploration of the history of charms, amulets, and talismans in the other thread, @NickWick- great job! :sparkles:


@WhiteFox Hello! I have been searching and digging trying to learn and understand American Indian people’s beliefs and their ways. I have found very limited credible information and found that most documentation kept by the native peoples most likely burned with their villages. I am interested in any info that may be out there that I may not be aware of?? -much love


Thanks for the info! I’ll take a look for sure!

And yep, the museum in England. I really wanna go there too, haha


I really appreciate you interest in our culture! :heartpulse: I’m also investigating about it since it’s not easy for us either to know about our ancestors. There are many indigenous communities in Latin America, I’m starting to dig into those first, however, it seems that all of them had shamans, temples to our old gods, and rituals to worship nature.

You can start checking the Muiscas and Tayronas, those are some of our biggest communities that were formed way before the colonization.

Any other info I get I’ll send it your way. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


I can’t say I know too much about Indigenous and Native practices in the Americas myself, but it looks like @WhiteFox has some great advice about Indigenous Latin American communities and @MeganB (whom I believe has Native American ancestry) posted the following in the Native American Witchcraft discussion:

It sounds like it may be hard to find information- but if you search respectfully, perhaps you’ll be able to connect with those within those practices! Wishing you all the best in your studies :open_book: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I didn’t know Megan knows about Native American culture. That’s so nice! I’ll check out her post, thank you for sharing!

And yes, my ancestors shared everything through oral practices; stories, songs, rituals, etc. But there are still a lot of communities here, it’s an invitation to come and visit them :slight_smile: They are so connected with the universe, their beliefs, their culture, that they can read you and feel your energy. I’m sure they’ll share their wisdom if you have a good heart.


I don’t know too much about Native American culture :sweat_smile: I know I have some Indigenous ancestry but being raised outside the culture means I have a limited understanding, unfortunately.


Even for me, that my Indigenous ancestry is about 50% haha. Our culture (western, capitalism, and such) is very disconnected from them. I’m close to them but in our schools, they never teach us about natives, we never get to know their culture or anything, unless you go there individually to do so.


The native American’s not only lost their land and culture but were forbidden their own language. Talk about racial discrimination.
The Australian natives had their children stolen and trained as servants for those nice white people. Look it up, I believe it was called the "Lost Generation.


That’s is unfortunately correct. We have so many stories here on how the Christianity among with the Spanish took away everything from us, raped our women, took our children to “civilize” them, and slaved our men.

What’s surprising is that this is still happening, there is no respect for our ancestors even in our own land, but that’s something that some of us are fighting for, for them, for us, for our everyone. We need our culture back, our spirituality back. I think that’s one of the reasons why we as Latin Americans are apparently so lost, suffering as continent.

I don’t want to sound rude, and I apologize if I sound that way, but every time I think about it something hurts deep inside :frowning:


Thanks @TheTravelWitch_Bry

Indeed The Vedas is a nice source of powerful magic. It actually based on “Aryan Religion”. When Alexzander won part of India and arrested King Puru, then he asked Pruru “Tell me that what should I do with you now? Kill you or leave you?” Then Puru replied, “A king is the war prisoner of another king. So, you should do something that king would do in this situation with another king.” Alexzander leave Pruru and left India, but some of his friends, members of his army stayed in India. King Puru gave them equal rights as Indian citizens. They started spreading the “The Vedas” and it is the very heart of India.


Here, Here! My friend.


America is well noted for tearing down its history (beautiful old building, entire towns have been demolished) to build a new mall.


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