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Thank you. Such a beautiful entry :heart_eyes: :heart:


Thanks for all that wrote about interpreting signs & messages. I also learned of some new ways to interpret signs & messages. You have awakened some of my senses, now i will be more on the lookout . Yes !!!
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I will not have time to set up my pendulum to investigate further but that is my next step.


Challenge entry

I’m yet again late to the challenge. Been thinking about this challenge the whole week. And just to quickly summerise, I’ve noticed every single day the following number sequence 11:11. I see 111 and 222 everywhere all the time. I’m not good with numerology but I get this warm feeling inside of me. I quick searched and got the explanation that 1111 is an alert from the angelic energies that you are supported by forces you cannot see. That’s very comforting. And 222 is associated with balance, collaboration, love, and harmony. “Trust that everything is working out exactly as it’s supposed to, with Divine blessings for everyone involved,” and “Let go and have faith”.

I’ve also seen dead birds laying around, which could be seen as a bad omen. The death of a bird can represent grief, hopelessness, and failure . It may signify the end of something significant in our lives, leaving us feeling discontented and lost.

On the other hand, the death of a bird can also symbolise change and transformation.
It can show you that an end to turmoil or pain is coming. A dead bird doesn’t necessarily portend physical death, but metaphorical death. Perhaps you’re going through the heartache of a break-up. Perhaps you are struggling to find a job. This dead bird marks the end to your search and struggle. A new beginning is just around the corner.

I heard that “things do tend to come in 3’s.”
Two is a coincidence, three is a sign. If it’s more than a coincidence: The first one is subconsciously noted; the second one grabs your attention; the third one is a clear message. I like to think the Goddess doesn’t want to keep us guessing by playing coincidence tricks.

With that said, I’ve noticed a lot of signs and I always try to look up what the meanings and messages are behind these. I try to be mindful, observant and take note of signs.


**challenge entry **
I had a map of my inner temple joueney moving around different places. It wss ages ago id done it hut i decided to give it a go for the challenfe this week. Each location had a number based on a tarot major arcana 0 ro 21 abd i layef out tge cards in the layout of my map wutg one deck with each major arcans card and irs message and with another drew cards in the same layout to see what messages came out in each place of the map combining the cards abs locations to add meaning to the messages. I can repeat thid process as nuch as like or ecen focus on one location. Possibilitirs endless


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Ooh i really like this thanks for sharing. I think that i will try this!!!


Thanks, love! I’m only seeing fleeting images. Yesterday I saw a wave. Still not sure what that’s supposed to mean though. LOL!


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