Weekly Witchy Challenge - Let a Witch Unwind! || Garnet's Entry

Weekly Witchy Challenge - Let a Witch Unwind! challenge entry
This challenge was difficult for me, since I rarely have the ability to relax.
Seriously. But…
I love the sounds of nature, like the wind ruffling through the leaves of trees.
The smells of autumn and Burning leaves.
Flowers in the spring. Queen Anne’s lace, black eyed Susan’s, Roses…
I love a good shot of vanilla vodka once in a great while.
Cuddling kittens and puppies, well, OK, babies too.
Windsong cologne by Prince Matchabelli. Sigh…
Incense can have many emotional responses for me.

  • CHINA RAIN & baby oil – Fresh, Delicate, Clears my mind & relieves stress.
  • CINNAMON – is energizing
  • DRAGON’S BLOOD – enhances my mind & I love the smell.
  • EUCALYPTIS - Makes my head hurt.
  • FRANKINCENSE – soothing, lessens anxiety and my depression
  • Lavender - calms and soothes me
  • MUSK – makes me happy
  • VANILLA – makes me less sad

I like to Meditate, but due to my short attention span, soothing, but hard.
Chakra, an occasional aligning helps to balance.
I did a bath bag a while ago, called it Rich’s Bath. It is a combination of crushed rose petals and lavender 2Tb. each with 2 Tb Epsom salts tied in a mesh bag. throw in tub or tie to shower head if showering and just relax. He loves it, so do I.
When I do my devotionals, there’s something soothing in the ritual of it, lighting an incense match → then with the match lights a candle.
set the match aside to burn out
I then say my (prayers) devotions. I always say that I’m alright, I’ll get by, but there are so many others in need. A prayer for others always makes me feel better. I end with Sincere thanks for all that I have and all that I am. It may sound silly but I thank Goddess for being 'Goddess" and send her blessings.
That’s it, nothing fun or exciting today.
Many Blessings to you all
Blessed be

Weekly Witchy Challenge - Let A Witch Unwind


I love :heart: the smell too of Autumn Too summer :sunny: time makes me allergetic at times and I get the sniffles! Although I love nature! I love the smell of flowers :hibiscus: and they are lovely for the alter! Here I can’t have my statues up but I can have mother nature!

“light a incense or a candle” sounds relaxing .
:open_book: a devotional not to long. It’s good to keep it simple love it. So inspired. I need to get back to rituals and attend the :fire: flame and light a candle . Day two finally I can.
Good to hear from you, I love reading your poetry you always speak from your heart and love hearing your truth!


@Jeannie1 What a beautiful gift from Mother Nature.
Can I ask what it is?
Greatest blessings and love


Well said Garnet……especially about the Windsong cologne :heart:


I’m proud of you for taking on the challenge despite the difficulty, Garnet- I think those of us who have a hard time relaxing (for a lack of time, distracted thoughts, or whatever the reason may be) actually need it the most! :heart:

It sounds like you are very creative about weaving relaxation techniques throughout your practice- from meditation to soothing baths, in your prayers and when you work with your Goddess :blush:

Beautiful work, @Garnet- thank you so much for sharing your lovely relaxation magick! I hope you are able to find more peaceful moments to treat yourself to some wholesome relaxation. You deserve it, my friend! :relaxed: :sparkles: