🪔 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Light 'Em Up!

I definitely agree :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: so nice of you @jessica72 you really made me smile when I read your spell work. Good job.


This part speaks volume for me, your work is very detailed as well, your words in this spell is very peaceful and well assured. You did a great job @Ostara


Oh, thank you for such kind words! :two_hearts::pray::two_hearts:
I would love to see how your candle holders go. And I also use chimes.


Draconic Candle Prayer For Manifestation

1 Green Candle
1 Bay leaf
1 Cauldron
1 Marker

  1. Light a green candle on your altar and meditate on what you want to manifest.

  2. When you’re finished, write down what that is on the bayleaf.

  3. Set the bay leaf in the cauldron and light it with the green candle.

  4. As the bay leaf burns, focus on what you wrote and say the following:
    Gneicht, Draconic male facet of Hecate,
    Ruler of the Night, and Opener of Doors,
    hear my plea, for [what you wrote] to be consigned, all in due time,
    safe and benign

  5. Once the bay leaf has burned and cooled down, take the ashes and let them blow away in the wind (or blow them away yourself) releasing your wish out in to the universe.

EDIT: I did a tarot reading with just the Major Arcana afterwards to ask Gneicht about the outcome of the strike and I drew Death (in reverse), The Hanged Man, and The Star. Change is inevitable, and resistance is counterproductive, the current problems are of…someone’s making…but in the end, there will be a chance for healing, forgiveness, and success.

After some meditation, I think the first two cards are about the employers. They have been resisting change (created by the pandemic), the problems they created are not their employees’ fault. I pray that in the end, the outcome will be positive, as suggested by The Star.


Same @Siofra_Strega LOL


I had thought about doing so many things & I will get to those things in time, but for this entry, I decided that I would use my white candle :candle: to honor Brighid :triquetra: this morning when I did my devotional to bring cleansing & healing light while I spoke to Brighid with gratitude & asked for guidance.

One of the first things I did when I got home & everyone was where they needed to be, I set up my altar for Brighid. Then I got ready to do my Brighid Meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: & I felt ready for the day once I was finished.

I navigated okay for quite some time, but since I had been up since 3 AM, I was getting tired & it was time for a break. So I took a nap. When I woke up, I checked the time & got an email. So I checked it & it was from the Circuit Court regarding my mother’s estate, which as of Friday is being handled by a lawyer. However, it still triggered an anxiety response to almost panic levels just getting the email.

I needed air. On my way out the door, I asked Google Home to play Celtic Music then when I came back in I was ready to Tend Brighid’s Flame for today with it still playing. The card that was drawn seemed very fitting for the situation. Even while typing this I have been taking slow deep breaths listening to the softness of the music from the speaker beside me.


I am so very proud of myself! Here’s my first witchy thing that I have ever intentionally done! I am brand new to all of this, so I thought this challenge was a lovely way to begin! I started with candle magick 101 and decided to use a purple candle to set the intention of opening myself up to new spiritual growth and awakening. I dressed the candle with lavender oil (rubbing the oil from top to bottom to bring growth and awakening to me!) and placed it in a tiny bunny holder on what I imagine is going to turn into my altar. I chose the rabbit to remind me of new life and growth. Then I enjoyed the lovely purple candle meditation. I noticed the flame would stretch and grow slowly again and again and found myself reassured that I don’t have to know and do everything all at once… I’m free to stretch and grow as I need to. I felt so at peace, yet energized. It was delightful. How amazing to take just a few minutes and come away with exactly what I needed to hear!


That is Awesome @AileyGrey! YAY for you and for many more Witchy Things to come. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiley: :star_struck:


So I have final completed my witchy CHALLENGE for this week. After work today I came straight home with the intention of casting this beautiful candle spell.

I have been meditating on this spell for a while now. I chose to do a spiritual protection cleansing spell, cause I have been through a bit from late year :grimacing: still kinda trying to push through. I do believe this spell can help since white candles :candle: brings positive energy for a fresh start.

Since I have not done much meditation spell hence why I decided to use the white candle spell on Spells8 a link to the descriptions are below :arrow_double_down:


While meditating thinking about the positive outcome of my candle spell

  1. I rearranged a little and lit my sandlewood incense for cleansing my space.

  2. I dressed my tea light with olive :olive: oil and I also added a few drops and some cinnamon oil as well in my Chinese defuser

  3. I added 3 small pinch of salt the my glass of moon water that I had left from a few full :full_moon_with_face: moon a back

  4. I then lit my white candle while I say a little chant. I made a 4 line chant which represents the four (4) corners :earth_americas: :fire: :droplet: and :wind_face:

:candle: As I light you up and I light you right,
:candle: I light you good with all my might.
:candle: For all good things may you shine bright
:candle: As I light you up today & throughout the night

Chant Created By:
N :candle: ck W​:candle: ck

  1. As I continue to meditate on bringing positive Energies for a fresh start and a more subtle mind I allow the candle to burn its way out with all good intentions.

A quick pic of my work, I am still in the process of decorating and rearranging a bit. Still have some flowers and so on to it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I just try to make it simple and clear base on how I wanted my spell to turn out and how I felt at the moment :heart::heart::heart: I may check out Pinterest for some cool ideas​:bulb:


Blessed Be🪄

N :candle:ck W :candle:ck


I hope your coworkers going on strike stay safe :pray: I think it would nice to do a protection spell over them and even one for communication between them and the employers so your coworkers can get what they need!

It definitely counts! I hope the spell was lovely :heart: and that he will have work at home soon

I think that’s an amazing analogy with the sunset rather than sunrise :sun: It was nice to read you reminiscing on the past with your dad :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I really like your candle holder setup you have there and I don’t think the black heart means you’re becoming black hearted :laughing: I think it’s a good indication of letting things go and moving on – leaving the darkness in the past, so to speak.

Oh, yes! Many people cleanse candles, especially if they come from a store where a lot of people might have touched them! It isn’t always necessarily and definitely depends on the witch in question :candle:

Your candle setup is very pretty :heart: I love that you’ve personalized your altar setup and used what you correspond with each deity! Also, I especially love the initiative to use what you have before getting more :partying_face: but that’s the sustainable witch in me!

I have that one sitting in my TBR pile and just haven’t gotten around to it, yet! I’ll have to add it up next (after the three (?) I’m currently reading lol) Thanks for that candle magic video, too! :partying_face: Two hours is a really long time and I don’t know if I can watch it all but it looks very informative!

I hope you’re doing much better :heart: I also associate blue with calm energy!

I doubt it, though I’ve never tried. That’s very clever of you! :heart: You created a beautiful spell, too :sunflower:

I hope your head cold has gone away! I know I’m a little late to this post :laughing: but it’s been a few days and I’m crossing my fingers :crossed_fingers: that you feel better!

That is so cool! :crescent_moon: I love it!

Welcome to the party! :partying_face: :tada: I hope you enjoyed your first witchy challenge here in the Infinite Roots Coven :infinite_roots: Even though your altar is simple, it fits YOU and that’s what matters! That doily is gorgeous, by the way :heart_eyes:

It’s a beautiful setup! Everyone has these really pretty trays for their chime candles and I’m just like…melting the end of mine and putting it on a dinner plate :rofl: Thanks for sharing the video, too!

Same! Well, when I have enough candles :laughing: I need to make a trip to my local store for some local beeswax candles, I think…haven’t decided yet! I like your holder, though! It’s really interesting. It looks like a vase that’s been turned upside down? I’m probably way off :laughing:

And may they each be successful! :pray: :heart::sparkles:

I look forward to whatever you have planned!

Slow deep breaths are the way to go :wind_face: :heart:

Congratulations! How exciting! :partying_face: :tada: :heart: I’m so proud of you! (Yes, I know we just met but that’s okay!) I think the purple candle was definitely the way to go and the bunny :rabbit2: was a great addition!

I love this! :candle: It’s good to see you back in the forum :heart:

I have loved reading everyone’s entries so far! If I missed someone, I’m so sorry!


Merry Meet one and all!

Candle majik for me consists of many methods.

All candles are consecrated with anointing oils that pertain the the candle color. (matching elements). I then scribe the candle with a rune symbol that also coincides with element.

During any ritual work, there are five candles at the appropriate placement to enhance the elements when casting my circle.

From there and depending on the spell, I will light my Goddess candle and my specific spell work candle.

Shortly after casting my spell, I will then meditate on the Goddess candle flame to determine whether the spell is working. Sometimes, while gazing I get into a trance (probably from concentrating so hard on the flame) that I am able to see images. Many times they do not make immediate sense, but eventually it will become clearer - days later. I journal these images for reference and research as they are cyphers not quite known to me.

As the ritual comes to a close, I ALWAYS use my candle snuffer to extinguish the candle flame as the “chi” needs to remain and not be disbursed into chaos. I know that some will disagree as the smoke from putting out the candle is needed to send the message to the universe.

It may seem like over-kill, but this seems to work best for me as I am still quite a newbie at this whole thing and until more confidence is gained, this will be my modus operandi. :face_with_peeking_eye:



According to my nurse, it’s trying to move to my chest so I’ve got antibiotics headed my way. Yay. But I do feel better! It’s just a deep cough that’s got me.

Thanks though for being so nice. Hope everything is going better for you!


Spells8 & the forum/coven :infinite_roots: is a great place to move through what works for you at your own pace. I loved the courses, I have one set that I have on my list to work on, the most recent lessons are on Runes & I work with the Elder Futhark runic system.

I’m so happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: that you have come to this place, when I first joined, I wanted to know & do all the things. Now I work on one thing at a time or at least try to keep it to a minimum. As I learn the information, I can take a longer time in between subjects of interest. Sometimes what I am going through will sort of dictate what it is that I will work on & learn more about.

Right now I am working with Brighid :triquetra: & connecting with Her. I also have been working on my meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: & grounding techniques, & self-love :heart:/appreciation/care. I have been able to be more outside & which seems to work for bringing me back to a place of calm when I can be outside & draw on my 5 senses while either sitting on my porch or more recently, cleaning the areas where flowers :white_flower: are already or will be coming up. I have some climbing flowers to plant by my oak trees :deciduous_tree: if it is nice out again tomorrow.

I hope you were able to continue smoothly throughout your day! Celebrate :fireworks: what you have done, it’s a step forward on your continuing path :heart: :tada: :confetti_ball:

@NickWick, it’s so nice to see you in the forum! I hope things are going well for you! :smiling_face:

@MeganB it’s sort of my go-to as soon as I know something is awry. I start the breathing process & continue from there going through the list of things to try. It’s nice to have something besides my memory for things that make me feel better. :grin:


What first drew me to SPELLS8

was the daily candle magic rituals. I love a morning routine and this fits so well with my daily journaling.

I created this tiny altar. I hope the picture does it justice. I have a tiny sword (athame) and a selenite wand that I’ve used for years.

I use birthday candles in my tiny candleholder. The pentacle is also a candle holder for larger candles. I like small candles that I light from a tea light. We also have a tiny bell and a larger bell. We ring both after we extinguish the candle.

I use info from SPELLS8 for each day that I typed into my phone so I can repeat what I want to remember for each day of the week. I especially like MOONday or Monday. I also wear the color for the day that corresponds with the candle color so my vibrational frequencies are more aligned.

Here is my Monday candle ritual. We light the candle and read this each Monday as we are having our breakfast. Then I can journal and have my hot tea with a good start to my day. The altar stays on our dining table. :wink:

Notice the baby witch…. :woman_mage: Which signifies my awakening. I’m not necessarily new to all of this but as an Eclectic Wiccan I borrow from many traditions that inspire me. Kwan Yin is my favorite goddess along with Aphrodite and Pythia.

Wicca Mondays

Mondays align with the Moon energies. Intuitive and reflective. Good day to journal, meditate or charge my crystals. The Moon rules Cancer in Astrology representing one’s nurturing and emotional instinct. Cancer is the sign we associate with mothering and mood changes. The Moon is the one planet that ebbs and flows more than any other.

Kamaria = moonlight.
Luna = Monday in Spanish.

White candle:
Clears my negative energies and thinking. Attracts clarity, peace and goodwill. Brings together all the colors. Substitute a white candle if I don’t have the color I need when doing any candle magic / intention or goal setting.

(satin spar, gypsum) heart and a clear Quartz helps me reach my goals. Cleanses and clears my energy as well as other stones. Chases away negative energies.

Selene, goddess of the moon offers protection, calm, peace and spiritual development.

Monday is all about the Moon and new beginnings. Start of the week. Good for planning, and also for home-related spellwork, energy clearing, decorating, curating and yard work. Monday is a day to open paths, clear obstacles and helps me get in touch with the spiritual world.

My chant:

Mondays dawn bright and clear
Call my Angels, keep them near
Journal plans and things to do
Opening paths to all that’s true

Points to Ponder:
What is influencing me? What do I read, listen to, look up on the internet, engage in conversations about? Is it making me scared, bitter, angry, sad, disillusioned, disturbed, happy, joyful, peaceful, calm or more compassionate and kind? What am I being led to believe? Do they have a good influence on me? Do they bring more loving thoughts? Maybe I need to refine what I daily consume. Today I will be more loving, compassionate and kind.

Well that’s what we do using candle magic as a start for our day. So mote it be!


:diya_lamp: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Light ‘Em Up! **

I started feeling a little down on Saturday, so as my entry for the Light 'Em Up! Witchy Challenge, I did a “Lighten Me Up” ceremony. I, of course, used a candle, cards, crystals, and a magic potion.

I used my rose quartz wand to draw a circle. I used a Fairy Star (7 points) to call in the directions, North, South, East, West, Above, Below, and within. I anointed the candle with Juniper Berry essential oil for protection and self-awareness.

I drew a card from the Magical Journey by Valerieann Giovanni
55 - Achievement
Acknowledge your achievements.
Receive the Grace of the Divine. Embrace a new opportunity. Celebrate your successes. Dream big. It’s time for your next level.
Qualities of the number 55
Independence, personal freedom, exploration, adventure, new experiences, and new learning.

My second card is from AIR Oracle Rune Set from The Tarotstore by G.O.
A crossroads, a time period after the implementation of old goals and before setting new ones.

Then I created a potion which I applied to my wrists.
I used a 10 ml roller bottle with a quartz rollerball. I also put a dried Jasmine bloom in the bottle for added purity and balance (not in the original recipe).
I AM Magic
An Essential Oil Blend for Serious Self Love from SHAREOILS

  • 4 drops of Clary Sage - for seeing yourself more clearly
  • 4 drops of Peppermint - for clearing your mind of doubt
  • 2 drops of Ylang Ylang - for connecting the heart and mind
  • 4 drops of Siberian Fir - for breaking destructive patterns
  • 4 drops of Bergamot - for self-acceptance
  • 5 drops of Grapefruit for honoring the body
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil

Next, I recited the poem, by Earlyne C. Chaney. (See Picture Above)
Note: The word “Christ” can be changed to a deity of your choice.

I thanked my helpers and ended the ceremony.

Please note, I only use high-quality essential oils that can be used on the skin. Always read the bottle label to determine if it’s safe for topical application.


That’s so beautiful @Amber.8
I love your entry! :heart:


Thanks hun :kissing_heart: it feels so good to be back!


Hello @marsha …. I’ve not heard of a Fairy Star.
Beautiful sharing. I remember Earlene Chaney from long ago but can’t quite place her work/books.

I love your altar and candle intention ritual. :candle:


This was my first time casting a “Bad Luck Go Away” Spell and it feels amazing. It was my FIRST SPELL EVER actually. I have patiently been learning Wicca and working my way through and around this website, scattering to find books to read but in reality, I’m learning from all of you. FinallyI felt ready, everything aligned the way that I needed it to Saturday. It was meant for a Saturday and I had the energy I really needed to attempt my first spell.

I didn’t hesitate, since I just bought a BUNCH of candles Friday night at my local crystal shop, in every single color they had in stock. I loved every second of it, it’s brand new, and was my first time getting to go. I love candles, my family enjoys the scents and the calmness I say they bring so it’s been instilled into their heads NOT to touch my candles lol. BUT - It gave me the boost to join this weekly challenge and truly participate for the first time with that 100% confidence. I’ve had an insane week last week and a long streak of really bad luck, so much …… that it has been noticed by my boyfriend and he speaks out loud about it and my bad “juju” as he calls it. We joke around but it’s truly a huge burden because I cannot comprehend why I’ve had such bad luck. But I figured this would be the start. I love to meditate with candles …as I’m still new, I didn’t want to start anything I was unsure of and I just do my own thing and love to sit and meditate with a candle and my crystals. I like to use candles at night because when I meditate in the daytime, I love to go outside on my back patio. It’s the best time of my entire day when I get to sit in the sun or in front of a candle at night. BOTH equally make me feel more magickal!

So, I finally couldn’t handle anything else after some awful things I dealt with on Friday. Now, I’m working on myself, healing everyday from my problems, and trying to become a happier, positive, strong woman that I used to be and still am. This week’s challenge could not have been at a better time for me personally. I’m so excited reading through everyone else’s candle magick! I love the weekly challenges - it is keeping me going, helping me learn everything I need to, and finally found something that makes me feel closer to being myself again and having hope that this bad luck will end. I have had positive vibes all weekend because I know this has to be my mindset as well. I threw away the bad luck with the ingredients used for my spell. I no longer am giving it anymore of my time and energy!

Bad Luck Go Away Spell I used needed a green candle, salt, and cinnamon. I just made my trip to the local crystal shop and got new candles and originally had the salt and cinnamon. I had my green candle in the center of my altar and spread salt around it saying “Back Luck, I command you leave me right now.” I lit the green candle and visualized all of the bad luck I’ve had around me. Then I said, “All adversity now dissolves.” I meditated and visualized all of the bad luck and problems in my life going away. After about 5 minutes, I sprinkled cinnamon on top of the salt and said “Only good luck and positive energy flows to me now.” Then I visualized all of the good luck coming to me in a bright light imagining all of the amazing things I want to manifest into my life. I had to cancel all negative thoughts and memories and replace them with happy new beginnings and opportunities. It was a very, very calm and spiritual moment for me for one of the first times in my life. I am very excited I chose to follow this website and bring out so much in me that I’ve had inside for so long. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekly candle magick because this was by far amazing for me, personally.


I was thinking @Durga about getting a candle snuffer.
That makes sense to me about the chi/energy. I also like blowing out the candle. There is a song by Denean called Fire Prayer and she sings:

’See the gentle smoke rising,
from the Earth to the Sky,
sharing each prayer we offer,
with the ancient ones on high’

I think about my intention/prayer rising to the ‘ancient ones’. But I still like the idea of holding the chi.

Thank you Durga for sharing that idea with us. Sometimes we need to let the energy go… or perhaps keep it close. :pray: