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@Garnet thank you so much for this info on Willow Trees. This is so helpful. We love going to the park to watch the ducks and birds. And there are beautiful willow trees that resonate with me so strongly. It’s comforting sitting in their shade. This is fabulous information. :clap: :grin:


Hi @Amber.8! @Garnet shared some wonderful information, thank you so much!

I follow a Celtic influenced path & trees are very important in my practice. My tree is an Oak that is in my backyard. I sit under it & meditate & it helps for grounding.

I am going to add some information regarding Celtic Tree meanings, should that be of interest to you along your path:

Saille Willow

The Saille Willow initiates in the fourth lunation of the year. This tree represents the feminine :female_sign: principle & is associated with the celebration of Imbolc & Candlemas. This is a period of the quickening of the creative principle & the element of fire :fire: We celebrate the magic that sparks the seed deep within the earth :earth_africa: to begin to grow. The teaching of this is about enriching our community, cooperating with others, & learning to share power & resources with others. Willow teaches us to embrace our emotions & express them. She encourages peace & harmony with others & with the natural world. She supports our dream life. Many wonderful plans & ideas :bulb: come to us in this way.

  • The ogham for this tree is Saille & the letter S.

General Information :triskele:

Northern Hemisphere Dates - January 24 - February 20
Southern Hemisphere Dates - July 24 - August 20
Totems - Bee :honeybee: & Dove :dove:
Deities - Brighid :fire: :triquetra: (the Maiden aspect of the Goddess)
Letter - S
Class - Peasant
4th Lunation Celebration - Imbolc/Candlemas North :compass: (February 1/2) South :compass: (August 1/2)

  • Source
    • Celtic Tree Oracle - Sharlyn Hidalgo

Thank you Siofra. This is very helpful also. I’m going to check out that Oracle Deck. Thank you. :grin:

We have a Sweetgum Tree in our backyard. I love it so much. I need lots of grounding.


Ostara, I love your chant. It says everything I would want to say. Thank you for sharing your candle ritual. May you receive all good things that you desire. :hugs::candle:


Thank you @BryWisteria . I loved every bit of the process too. Keep the great challenges coming. Also just wanted to say i admire your persistence and responses to everyone. You are one amazing person :blush: :heartpulse:


I was simply impressed is all- I think four rituals is amazing dedication! :clap::blush: I can tell you put a lot of thought and care into your spellwork, Torista, and it looks like you mindfully planned out how to do the spellwork in multiple “chunks” to reserve your energy and separate the needs of each member of your household. That is really amazing, and I think you did a fantastic job :heart::raised_hands:

That’s a very clever use for the spell candles post-ritual! I am sure the amulets will make lovely reminders of the spellwork :blush:

May I ask if you plan to coat them with something to help them keep their shape? Or just keep the carved amulets somewhere cool? I know candle wax can get finicky when warm (like if kept in a pocket or close to the skin) :candle:

You’re right, Siofra- there were quite a few folks for whom this was their first challenge, or even their very first spell! :sparkles::blush: It is so exciting (and such an honor!) to see- congrats again everyone! :partying_face: :heart:

Awwww you are very kind, Khadija- thank you so much! :heart::blush: The challenges are my pleasure- I get so excited each week putting them together and thinking about what everyone will do for their entries :grinning: :+1: But no matter what I imagine, I’m always blown away impressed by how creative and talented everyone is in their actual entries- yourself certainly included! :star2: Thanks again! :two_hearts:


I haven’t done anything with them at the moment. But I’m planning an carving replicas of them out of casting wax which is using in lost casting.

I haven’t decided if I want to cast them in aluminum or brass though.


That’s amazing, Torista- the metal work especially sounds very fancy and cool! :star_struck: Good luck, and please feel free to share updates as you continue to work on them- looking forward to hearing how they develop! :sparkles::blush:


Thank you @Amber.8. At first I was going to say let my debts fly away, but then I remembered I am in tornado alley, so the word fly might not be to smart. Lol!


Hi Megan,

I follow Dr. Robert S. Pappas
on Facebook. He has a short list of recommended RETAIL EO companies.

The companies are in ALPHABETICAL ORDER, this is not a ranking order.


Barefut (https://barefut.com) Excellent company run by people who are committed to quality. This Utah based company is a great alternative to those in Utah wanting to support Utah businesses but looking to get away from buying from multi-level marketing companies. They have a very reasonable affiliate program that allows their customers an opportunity to make money on referrals while at the same time being able to offer reasonable, competitive prices on quality oils. I do the analysis reports for Barefut and so I know their suppliers. They don’t sell on Amazon which is always a plus in my book!

Desrosiers International (https://www.desrosiersinternational.com) I have detailed knowledge of the company, the distillers they are buying from and their customer service because I also do consulting, formulation and analysis for them. Very small company run by a single mom of an autistic child but she really goes the extra mile for her customers and so I give them a shout out frequently. I’ve done some great blends for this company which are vastly improved versions of some of the blends that I did for very large companies who you all know. This company won’t have the cheapest price on every oil, but you can bank on the quality and the personal care that goes into every order. I have a lot of respect for this little company because they refuse to feed the beast and sell on Amazon even though they are the type of company who could really use Amazon to increase their sales and make shipping easier for them.

Edens Garden (https://www.edensgarden.com): Great company run by a fantastic couple who have several adopted children and are personal friends of mine. I’ve created several amazing blends for this company and their prices are very competitive for the quality that you get. I do analysis reports on their oils so I know all the suppliers they buy from. They have an Amazon shop but you can save a considerable amount of money by shopping directly on their website and cutting out the money they have to pay Amazon.

EOA (https://essentialoilanalysis.com): Great small company run by PHD nurse who cares about quality. I do the analysis for this company and have formulated several blends for them. I know the suppliers they deal with and so I know they sell the real deal.

Plant Therapy (https://www.planttherapy.com): Great company that knows what they are doing and sells quality oils. I don’t do their analysis but they care about proper quality control and have competent third party testing in place. One of the few legitimate essential oil companies selling on Amazon but you can get better prices buying directly from their website.

Revive EO (https://www.revive-eo.com): Well run and expanding company selling quality oils at great prices. I do analysis reports for them so I know who they deal with. They have an Amazon shop but you can save money by buying from their website directly. Whether you deal directly with them or on Amazon you’ll likely be satisfied with the products and service you get.

Every store on his list has Juniper oil, I hope you find one you like. If you don’t, let me know and I’ll send you a sample. :hugs:

I make a living on commissions with doTERRA, so of course, I use their Juniper Berry oil. With that being said, I have purchased oils from some of the companies on Dr. P’s list.


Thank you and always look forward to your ideas and creativity :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush:


Oh thank you, Marsha! I’ll have a look at that list :blush:


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