🌐 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Liminal Magick

Ive decided yep goibg to listen to the audio book on liminal spaces and also continue to build and explore my inner temple for this challenge. Ive already been working on tge transitional stage entering into the inner temple and depending what i need to how far in i go and bringing colours into the building and elements and differeny spaces like ocean, waterfalls, caves, forests and moubtains. And in the temple can have materuals and resources for spells and magic etc.


Ok so I have decided to get in nice and early even though we have some extra time for this challenge. I am going to work with the liminal space of the New Moon in Virgo for this month (the time between darkness and emerging light- as one cycle ends, another begins) to do some meditation work to connect to fairy energy and the fairy realm. The inspiration for this idea came from the book that I originally picked up and put back down again. ‘Fairy Magic: A Handbook of Enchanting Spells, Charms and Rituals’ by Aurora Kane. I’ve shared some photos of the pages that kind of nudged my thought process.


I love liminal spaces too… dark hours of the night, forests, airports, empty movie theaters, the state between sleep and waking, the ritual space, vehicles in motion, meditation and hypnosis… makes me feel right at home, really! It really makes me wonder about my soul’s origins, maybe it’s just that I get to touch the infinite, maybe there’s something different, fascinating nonetheless!

There’s this book that’s been sitting in my Kindle library for a while now, “To Fly By Night” by Veronica Cummer. I have been kinda intimidated by it before, as I’ve been intimidated by astral travel and shamanic journeying too. The thought of coming face to face with beings of lower frequencies has just been way too much for me, and I still want to be careful about that. But I think I’m ready to take a look at the book now and see if it gives me some inspiration for this challenge.


This was the first liminal space that occurred to me, too!


@jessica72 okay wow that is a beautiful book.

Liminal space / time is really great for connecting with other realms!


@Amethyst That’s perfect! :star2: And it actually makes me think- when we read, our bodies are in one place but our minds are somewhere else entirely- jumping through worlds, time, and even between the minds of characters. That sounds like a liminal experience to me! :grinning: :books: Enjoy your reading, Amethyst! :heart:

@Kasandra Nice find with the feathers! :feather: I am sure they will serve you well- wishing you all the best with your Letting Go Ritual. Sometimes the mind is ready to let go long before the heart is- it just shows that you have a strong and loving heart :heart:

@Jem1 Hooray! Wishing you all the best, Jem- have fun! :partying_face:

@Phoenix_Fire I hope your enjoy both the audio book and your work with building your inner temple- what a fun project to work on! :blush: I am sure you will develop a really beautiful and wonderfully unique temple all your own- have fun with the process! :raised_hands:

@jessica72 Channeling the new moon energy to connect with the fairy realm- that is some very exciting stuff! :star_struck: :fairy: That book is a work of art- I am loving the little pictures! Look at that happy fat little bird! :hatching_chick: And the mushroom house!!! :mushroom: You’ve got yourself a treasure there, Jessica- I hope it helps to inspire your liminal work for the new moon :new_moon_with_face: Good luck and blessed be!

@CelestiaMoon It sounds like you are right at home with liminality :blush: That book sounds really interesting- I’ve heard lots about astral travel, but I can’t say I know much about shamanic journey! Even if you don’t put the tactics from the book into immediate action, it sounds like it may be a worthwhile and fascinating read. Good luck and enjoy, Celestia! :books::heart:


Good Morning :sunrise_over_mountains: to all!

This is my first Weekly Witchy Challenge. When I read what the challenge was, I almost panicked… I have never heard of Luminal Spaces, then I looked up the definition (before I read the details in the post) and the first two (2) ideas that came to mind was:

 1. The episode on Charmed where you could not stand 
      in the doorway or the poor, cute little fairy was 
      going to be captured.

 2. Hecate 

I was quite happy, when I read the instructions, and saw my two immediate thoughts were also used in the post as examples.

Good luck to and Blessed Be,


It’s one of the times I can find order in the chaos. I am drawn more to the New Moon than the full & the phases just before & after the New or Dark Moon. For the last nine months, maybe more it’s been a time of rest while I go through some kind of significant change that has lots of lessons that need to be learned & sometimes relearned :laughing: but I have come back stronger each time & I am rolling with life events so much better than I was a time ago.


I can’t wait for you to finish your challenge this book looks awesome that’s another one on the list of books to buy. Enjoy, and have fun with this. Hope to talk to you soon,


@Melora_Fae @Medea honestly it was one of those books where I bought it just becasue I have others in the series by the same author. Then I put it on the witchy shelf to add to the collection and then didn’t look at it again. As you do. Well I do. A lot. Lol.

Anywho before leaving for work the other morning I had a quick rummage through the witchy resources picked up the fairy book thought hmmm then put it back again.

Did a little more reading on liminal spcaes and read about that was the best time/space to communicate with the fae and I thought well there you go. I have my answer. Had another lookie loo in the book, properly this time and found the guided meditations. Upon actually looking into ot properly it really is a nifty little book.

If you’re interested in that one Aurora Kane has a few more that I have bought in the past just like it…

‘Goddess Magic’, ‘Moon Magic’, and ‘Herbal Magic’

Kind of just made me realise how much information is available to me in my own little collection as long as I can be bothered to open the pages and give the book a chance.


I just realized this has an extended deadline! Phew! Not going to lie… this is a difficult challenge for me to wrap my brain around - just the concept alone of Liminality let alone figuring out some way to practice liminal magick.

I think I’ll ruminate about this over the weekend and hopefully figure out where to go.


Reading through this thread, my mind kept flashing to Samhain/Halloween. This is all wonderful info and ideas.


Ahhh the liminal spaces. A concept that, believe it or not, is scientific as well as magical. The in-between exists as bonds between molecules or elements. It is the null value that lies dead center between -1 and +1, positively charged and negatively charged particles, between the Yin and Yang, the up and down.

This is the home of Schroedinger’s Boxed Cat!

How appropriate then, for a bunch of witches to tackle this subject! lol

The Egyptians believed in The Chaos, our material realm, and the Afterlife. For these ancients then, I believe, the liminal space might simply be our own existence.

Is it then that Dark Energy (The scientific energy not Black Magic energy) exists in the 'In-Between" and there is where our faeries, ghosts, angels and demons reside?
Or is it that WE are the 'Other" existing within a liminal space and that theirs is the “real” existence?

Thanks for this thought-provoking challenge!


@Artemisia think of things like right before sunrise or right after sunset. Working with the fae or earth spirits during those times. Usually I have more, but my brain said, “No more thinking for you.” Right in the middle. But those are good starting points.

The New Moon, Void of Course are a couple of others.


I had to read twice to wrap my head around it because I have never heard of this word liminal spaces. But I do believe I know it. I have seen things on the astral plane since I was very young. And I have had messages which were very profound and had many layers.

I also remember the book The mists of Avalon which I loved. And the part that I liked the most was the time Morgan spent in the fairy realm. Time is different there, colors are it s like every sense is more developed. And it s like that for me like all the senses are heightened

To experience it I have to feel deeply. It is somehow connected to strong emotions , or deep feeling I have been very emotional the last few days. Yesterday I started a game with my daughter. She is living in another city has a busy life, and so do I so we don’t see each other very often anymore. I asked her to start a music list with me together. We list a song on turn on this list. It s a fun way to be together on a distance

I drowned myself in music that day. And together with the emotions I began to see things. Things like an octopus above my head, an eight pointed star under my feet.
I could see metal sharp things coming into my aura, but I could also banish it and clean it and wrap myself in white light. And it feels very real. Everything has meaning, but I don’t always understand it immediately. It is a puzzle

It helps me to not be a prisoner of my emotions but to shift and find wisdom in them.


List with my daughter

Maybe some of you like to hear the music on this list


Hello and welcome to the forum :infinite_roots: @kelly30

I’m Marsha, an eclectic witch from Colorado. I’m so glad you joined us and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


Welcome @kelly30 welcome to the forum!

Samhain is such a great time of year & as of right now I have no idea what I’m doing, I kind of go on a day to day. Each is full of their own surprises lately :laughing:

I hope you enjoy the challenge, you could maybe come up with an entry based on Samhain too. The veil is thinnest then so you could do something with that for the challenge over the next week & a half or so. :hugs:


I so can relate to you I had to look it up read it reread it find it and still got to think about it there’s a lot of information and courses and reading in this stuff I am so happy to be here I needed something to occupy my brain and stimulate it so this is what I’ll be spending my Sunday doing good luck to you I enjoy speaking to you throughout Blessed Be,


@BryWisteria i guess im a bit confused on this one. With Hekate i see her all the time, and a crossroads isnt needed.

I guess im just not sure how to proceed with this. Astral projection? Ive done it once by mistake. If anyone can assist me with this challenge i would greatly appreciate it.

Bry enjoy your time away.