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Picked up a couple more books that will take me a lifetime to go through and more to understand. :wunjo:

But the one correspondence I do understand is
Spells8 = Joy, camaraderie, belonging, learning, empathy and many more

My Love to all and may we all continue to learn.



Challenge Entry - Magickal Correspondences

At the suggestion of the always wonderful @Ostara , I got a copy of LLewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences.

I can’t believe I didn’t know this book existed and I’ve spent hours already looking through it—such a great resource.

Searching through this book and other resources I looked up the correspondences for Artemis.

  1. Deity Type: Moon Goddess, Hunting Goddess, Virgin Goddess, Goddess of Wilderness, and Protector of Young Women and Children.

  2. Elemental Correspondences:

  • Water: Because of her connection to the moon, which influences the tides.
  • Earth: Due to her association with wildlife, nature, and forests.
  1. Color Correspondences:
  • Silver: In connection to the moon.
  • White: Representing purity and her virgin aspects.
  • Green: A nod to her domain over forests and wilderness.
  • Blue: Resonating with her moon goddess energy.
  1. Animal Correspondences:
  • Deer: Especially associated with Artemis, representing gentleness and her protective qualities.
  • Dogs: Some myths describe her hunting with a pack of dogs.
  • Bear: In some stories, young girls dedicated to Artemis would act as “little bears” in rituals.
  • Boar: The Calydonian Boar is a famous tale related to Artemis, symbolizing her wrath and connection to the wild.
  • As well as: Bar, Cat, Cattle, Goat, Hare, Horse, Lion and Wolf.
  1. Plant and Tree Correspondences:
  • Cypress: A sacred tree to both Artemis and her twin Apollo.
  • Mugwort: Often associated with moon deities and divination.
  • Amaranth: Connected to her eternal and virgin aspects.
  • Willow: Another tree associated with moon energy.
  • As well as: Cedar, Cherry, Chestnut, Fir, Hazel, Horse Chestnut, Laurel, Myrtle, Oak, Palm, Pine, Walnut, Willow, and Wormwood
  1. Crystal and Gem Correspondences:
  • Moonstone: Represents the energy of the moon.
  • Silver: As a metal, it corresponds with lunar energy.
  • Amethyst: For protection during travels, something a huntress like Artemis would value.
  1. Incense and Aroma Correspondences:
  • Mugwort: Enhances psychic abilities and connects with lunar energies.
  • Camphor: Associated with chastity and purity.
  • Myrrh: For its grounding and earthy qualities.
  1. Symbols and Tools:
  • Bow and Arrow: Representing her prowess in hunting and her swift justice.
  • Crescent Moon: Symbolizing her connection to the moon.
  • Torch: Sometimes used as a representation of guiding light.
  1. Sabbat:
  • Lammas or Lughnasadh: As a harvest festival, it’s a time when the power of the sun starts waning, and the moon’s power grows, making it resonant with Artemis’s lunar energies.
  • Interestingly Beltane and Ostara are listed as well but from what I’ve found she’s not traditionally linked to any of the sabbats but the qualities and symbolism can be woven into any of them
  1. Magickal Intentions:
  • Protection: Especially for women and children.
  • Independence and Self-reliance: As a virgin goddess, she represents autonomy.
  • Hunting and Tracking: Physical and metaphorical, such as hunting for the truth or seeking one’s path.
  • Connecting with Nature and Wild Energies.
  • as well as: war/battle, change, danger, death, fertility,freedom,healing, inspiration, lover, moon magic, calm moods, strength, transformation, witches/witchcraft.

:deer: :herb: :bow_and_arrow: :crescent_moon:




#Weekly Witchy Challenge - Magickal Correspondences - Challenge Entry:

This was fun seeing that many of us have the same Correspondence book! :heart_eyes: I love mine and use it for looking up a lot of things - especially with us coming upon the dark months and Samhain!
For fun - right from the book, page 400:

October 31 - Samhain / Samhuinn / Hallowmas
Synopsis in brief:
Lunar Time: New Moon
Seasonal: Autumn
Colors: Black / Orange
Few corresponding Trees/Herbs/Misc plants: Apples (pie! and good for bobbing!); Willow, Witch Hazel (great antiseptic), Yew; Angelica, Catnip (makes a good tea), Garlic, Mugwort (another fantastic tea!), Sage; Allspice, Mullien, Patchouli
Gemstones: Carnelian, Onyx (good for healing old emotional wounds), Obsidian (protection, shielding, grounding!)
Magickal: Fairies!
Goddesses/Gods (briefly): Hecate! Ishtar, Kali, Rhiannon; the Dogda, Loki, Hades, Odin
Animals: Bat, Boar, Cat, Cattle, Dog
Issues / Intentions & Powers: Crossroads, darkness, death (of the god), divination, honor (ancestors), introspection, the otherworld and underworld, release, visions, wisdom (of the Crone)

This wonderful nugget of a book carries a section of “Issues, Intentions & Powers” so if you are looking to correspond increasing influence and/or power for spells and intentions - this section can provide insight for the best corresponding times, colors, herbs, metals, et al - For instance, since one of the biggest celebrations is coming (Samhain) and this would be a good time for working on releasing and/or letting go of anything or anyone. I will be looking to Hecate during this time for letting go of what did not serve me this year, and direction for crossroads in my path in the near future.

This challenge was fun!


Lisa love the pumpkin :jack_o_lantern: its so magickal! I love your creativity a d passion for the craft!
As for me, I wanted to protect my home.
Also I wanted to get some cleaning done. I used Moon water :sweat_drops: Did you see the face in the pic? Up above when I took the pic I can see a face above the candle :candle:
I love Moon Water is a great way to enchant the home and Ward it from evil :house:

We have the Cauldron

The witches Hat that raises power!

I had really great time protecting my home with my moon water and I feel protected and safe!
Jeannie I had really great time protecting my home with my moon water and I feel protected and safe.

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I added my challenge entry here: https://forum.spells8.com/t/my-daily-correspondences-challenge-entry/43160

Blessed Be,


Wonderful find



I use correspondence from lots of sources. They have rather large section in my BoS. I use ones form the Spells8 correspondence section, I found variety on

They have tree ones, herbs, trees, animals and I don’t remember what else.

I’m also working on a collection of correspondence of tidbits from anywhere and everywhere. One that I remember from who knows where. Shredded orange peel in your facial cream, lotion, homemade toner… I’m going to try adding it to my oily skin scrub.
I actually found something similar on https://www.magicalomaha.com

They add Citrine and make it into an anointing oil stating energy, happiness, love, manifestation, luck, and divination as the spiritual properties.

Their recipe:
Adding two tablespoons of dried orange peel and some citrine to a skin care oil to be be used as an anointing oil to uplift and bring a bright, abundant energy.

I personally have used fresh orange peel on a humid day on my way to some function by rubbing the inside of the peel on my face and it worked beautifully. I’ve also sort of squish or bend the peel and used the oil on the dull spots before leaving the house. I have 2 pages of orange properties and uses.

I have several lemon, basil and mint ones and a few others as well. And crystals to of course, both spell and meditation uses and ailment specific placement.

I’m going to be working on a Tarot one as well. Title possibly Out and About Tarot Correspondence

It’s basically going to be a basic, to the point of you will, correspondence of the root meaning of the cards. The idea is when you find yourself in X situation, visualize X card and feel it’s energy to help you through or understand the situation you find yourself in and ideally meditate on the card’s image, time permitting.

That idea may be more memory of something from before than the idea dropping into my head, so feel free to tell me if I’m copying someone else’s work.

I’m finding it a little difficult to separate correspondence and recipes with with some but it, like me, is a work in progress.


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I see the face! A little creepy :flushed:


I agree that’s why I did a protection spell!


I really enjoyed that part of the correspondence book as well! I just used it to look up Hekate. :key:


Ohh, that’s really cool! :astonished: Thank you for sharing the link!

I can’t respond to each person individually, but please know that I have read everyone’s entries! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :herb: :crystal_ball: There are so many amazing entries - great job everyone!


So happy you love it as much as I do! It’s my witches bible. Lol!


When I first got into learning about Runes, I had Blum’s book. I was scared Mom would have me punished for having something like this, so I took doll house shingles and made a set of my own to carry with me. Then I took a mini book and wrote out the meanings, but instead of using Blum’s definitions, I used Bible quotes, hoping that if I were caught, someone might say they were ok just because the Bible was referenced. Then if something upset me, I’d go to the restroom for privacy and draw a rune to help me understand my experiences or get advice on what to do next. It was a good introduction to this form of symbolism and got me used to using staves.


Thank you :blush: so much for this website I’ve been checking it out and I love this website! Go Nixi we love you so much.


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