📛 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Magickal Names


Edana (little fire)
As a child I’ve always been in awe of fire. I love the way it looks, the way it smells when you extinguish the flame, the way it sounds crackling and the way it seems to dance. The flame would sorta hypnotize me. If I was ever in a down mood I could stare at the flame and feel at peace. If I was angry I could use it to burn a piece of paper, or start a fire in the fire pit and just let the sound of it crackle, the flames dance and it would just relax me. When I stare at the flame long enough I feel as if I am the flame like I’m dancing with the fire. So when I saw this challenge I knew I wanted something associated with fire. I went and started looking and found Edana on tumblr.com. When I saw this name and its meaning it really stood out to me. 1. Because it’s associated with fire 2. It means Little fire. I find that fitting since I’m just starting out on my Wiccan journey, I’m still new still a “little” witch. So I find this name perfect for the time being, maybe it will change maybe it won’t. But for now I found my witch name and I love it! This challenge was a perfect way to go soul searching and I love that I was able to take a trip down memory lane! Thank you!!


@CelestiaMoon thank you, it really fits… I’m not by any means evil though… maybe a tad mischievous when I was younger :rofl:

@TheTravelWitch_Bry if I go by the infographic you shared, I’d be Mystic Spell :thinking: kind of fitting too! But, I’m really attached to my current one :grin:


giggles Some of these names seem a little bit, you know, after dark :laughing:

You Got:
Riz à l’impératrice

You are a good witch. You are a good person. Your primary concern with regards to magic is taking care of others, feeding them, clothing them, comforting them. Your name symbolizes that mission. You will see that all received their just desserts. Your magic is healing magic, not attacking, evil magic. Magic isn’t in the effect, it’s in the use, and your intention is to use it for good.

I like this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Not feeling the name, though I do like the Empress Major Arcana card quite a bit :smile:

This one asked me some deliciously deranged questions, and told me that my name should be Dark Sorceress Valkyrie Harkness. I kinda like that~ :grin: :black_heart:

Maybe I could be Captain Jack Harkness’s long lost sister… hmmm, that may explain some, tendencies :laughing:

I would be Sinister Amethyst :smiling_imp: :gem:
There’s already one @Amethyst here and she’s a sweetheart, of course I would be the bad one :grin: :two_hearts:

I could refresh this all night, maybe I could find a perfect one… :sweat_smile:

That was fun, thank you dear @MeganB! :hugs: :sparkles: With all the dark sounding names I’m feeling like Raven Queen from Ever After High, maybe I was destined for evil but I’ll just take the aesthetic please and stay my sugar sweet self :blush: :black_heart:


I know :heart: It would be hard to see you as any kind of evil. The “evil witch” stereotype just seems to keep popping up everywhere, just take a look at my test results! :sweat_smile:


So I got this one from one of the links from @MeganB :laughing:

Challenge Entry Part 3


Challenge Entry Part 2


Saphira also meaning sapphire! Ive thought about this some but never really knew what it would be but i played around with I love sapphire’s their deep blue like oceans and my great grandmothers Cherokee name is blue sky and her nam given by the family that raised her is Azora!


So my magick name, Nimue Selene, is special to me for 2 reasons.

Nimue is one of the Lady of the Lake in Avalon. As a teen my friend introduced me to the Mists of Avalon but Marion Zimmer Bradley. It is one all time favourite books. I have read it at least three times (as it is a 800+ page book). Lady Morgajne, Vivienne were my favourite characters. But I also read the books about before that time in the book. Lady Nimue was one that I liked a lot. So I chose that name. I also feel drawn to water— being a Pisces, it just seemed to fit.

Selene is the moon goddess and the one I follow. I love the phases and love the story and strength of her. I def work better at night so again just fit.

I like the additional part using Lady at the beginning just for the kind of it. Seems silly but it’s it’s the truth


My entry- Magickal names:My magickal names: @TheMuslimWitch

My magickal name as many of you have seen as ‘The Muslim Witch’ was chosen early on (unintentionally as my name) in my witch path as i felt it corresponded well with me myself and expressed me well. I was a little hesitant at first as i wasn’t sure how others may react to me as i thought “will this cause tension between me and other members or will they avoid me because of it”, but in the end i decided that since i am a person who always likes to express my true self and the truth online or regardless, i decided if that is the consequence of my choice then so be it, as all i am doing is being honest.
There was a time and sometimes still is, that i think about other names such as something with Leo or fire in it as i really like my element and my sign too, but if i want to be blunt (haha that’s my maiden surname name) and unique which was what i was going for, my name is perfect for me :blush:


Sounds awesome and honestly a little sexy :wink:


If i were to go with my adopted heritage of my husband, witch is Jadoo… Honestly i do no think i would use it not because i have anything against it, but in my husband’s culture i think the word witch and also witches in general are seen as a bad thing. I at least try to make it positive thing in my house calling my sacred space my Jadoo room which i can still see the pause when my husband does, or the comment “don’t call it that”, but he has gotten used to it at least or at least lives with it as he knows its important to me.
Would love to hear from other members what witch is in their language… As for my heritage of Spanish, Native American, Irish, Scottish and English i think it would be a real challenge to come up with a creative name with witch being translated. Maybe i can try :blush:


oooo I like it. Beautiful, love that others call you fae as well :blush:


Oh this is so cool Well according to the first one with the last letter of both my first and last name my name would be Cursed Fascination which is interesting, and the first letter one my name would be Sinister Eerie lol i mean i don’t feel i am sinister and frightening or strange lol :blush:


Thank you, that was my intention~ :blush:

In mine it would be “noita”. I feel comfortable calling myself that with people who get it. Which I’m happy to say is more and more people. There isn’t really that strong of an “evil” connection with the word here, more like “an old hag” or something like that :sweat_smile: But with more and more our kinds of witches, the meaning has started to shift :sparkles:


Challenge Entry - witch name

Its funny how this challenge came up as I have been thinking about a name for a while now.
A little bit of background…
The name given to me at birth is Yolande… I really dont like that name because everything that is associated with that name is pain and hurt… I grew up in an abusive household… (Unfortunately like so many others)
Then one day my uncle came to visit and he told me that they should have called me Sandy as my skin was rough and sandy… (Due to my step mother who despised me and never gave me any creams etc)That name stuck with me and to this day everyone calls me Sandy… But I have always felt I am someone else…
A little while ago when I was searching to find out who I am, I had a lucid dream that went like this…
I remember standing on the outskirts of a forest (a favorite place for me)with two other people. We were busy planning a spell. The one man said to me Selene then you can do this… Everything jumped out at me and I remember saying thats who I am… Thats my name… And I woke up…
So now that this challenge has come up I feel it is a sign… And time for me to use the name Selene in my magical workings… I have been doing a lot of research into the Goddess Cerridwen who I feel is calling me. I am going to be making contact really soon and Selene is the name I am going to introduce myself as…


Yes @Cosmic_Curiosity! Yours is a fascinating user name!! I already loved it since the beginning! And I loove how you expressed your love for this Universe! Lovely entry… :star_struck: :sparkles:


@brandy20 I read your entry and trust me I too am fascinated by the beauty of fire! :heart_eyes: (Not as much as you are tho!) And the magickal name you chose, Edana that means little fire…is just soooo mesmerizing!! I really am seeing you in the light of this witchy name! :star_struck: I looved your entry dear! Blessed be! :sparkles:


@MeganB wooowwww! These names you got are just Enchanting! :sparkles: Even the ones where you got like the Rotten Dahlia and the other first shady one! Haha! You know I feel that you are quite the opposite dearo! (But I guess darkness is equally enchanting! :innocent: ) :kissing_heart: Also, I adore these websites and quizzes I am gonna post my results too! Just hold on as I see everyone else’s entries too :smiling_face:


@Siofra_Strega Oh My gosh! Now that I know the meaning of the magickal name you chose for yourself…I guess I am Love Struck!! This is soooo suuuper cuuuuute! Siofra means a fairy or elvish!!! And Strega a Witch!! I mean…wow! I simply adooooore your name! It is one of the most lovable ones I have ever heard!! :heart_eyes: :sparkling_heart:


Ohh beautiful!! @priscilla your chosen name Saphira is reminding me of glittering blue sapphires and a vast blue ocean! Just like you said! :hugs: Also most welcome here and always feel free to post as much as you wish to!! Love & Light to you dear :sparkling_heart: