Wizardry of Words Weekly Challenge Entry

Good evening. I have spent the last few days reorganizing things in my witchy space. After my crystals being placed in new homes & all of my witchy herbs are labeled with what they are & their correspondences. I moved onto my BOS & BOM. I now have 5 binders with certain sections. Today I put Crystals & Herbs in one binder & then I put Deities & Divination in another one to make some room throughout. I also went through it & put some things that I had printed out in there & get them where they need to be. Incense, Recipes, Potions, Spells, Rituals are all in one binder too. I do have a binder that is more like daily things & worksheets or blank pages. I use that for things I come across each day that need to go into one of the other four.

I also started a new BOM recently. It has parchment paper & a ribbon to use as a bookmark. It has the lined pages too. The other four that I did throughout last year & this year I have put away. One of my favorite things is starting a new BOM. I also have pens dedicated for the BOM & BOS.

I also found my magickal name this week. It is now “Siofra”. It’s Irish/Gaelic:

“The modern Irish girl’s name, Siofra, means an elvish or changeling child, deriving from Síobhra(í) meaning fairy(/fairies). The Aos sí, siabhra (commonly anglicised as “sheevra”), may be prone to evil and mischief. However, the Ulster folk song ‘The Gartan Mother’s Lullaby’ also uses “sheevra” simply to mean “spirit” or “fairy”.”

Changeling Ireland/ Siofra Name for the stories/lore behind Changelings & their relationship with fairies in Ireland. Also the meaning of the modern name Siofra.

I resonate with this for a couple of reasons from when I was younger & role-playing to my journey over the last five years through the discovery of a congenital condition with no cure & my life path over the last year or so. My Book of Mirrors has been readily available for it all & over that time I have a wealth of knowledge, resources, a coven, family, & friends that have been with me. :heart: :hugs:

That’s my crafting area & table with my BOS/Grimoire :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My most recent Book of Mirrors :books:

:writing_hand: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Wizardry of Words

I put each of the cards I have in business card pages in my crystal section. I have about 5 pages filled with them. The copies or extras I have in a pouch.


I now have to wipe my monitor because I drooled on it over your beautiful cash. But thanks. :drooling_face:


I LOVE the crystal cards! Where did you get them from?


Everything is so nicely organized!


@Missa when I buy crystals or stones from New Moon Beginnings or Cape Cod Crystals they give them to me or sometimes they come in my witchy box from Tamed Wild. I’ve collected quite a few. i have extras of some of them just put in a pouch in a drawer.

Thank you @walter, I was trying for some sort of organization of what I have.

@Garnet you’re welcome, I’m glad that you like it.


Funny story: Years ago, I ordered a crystal ball, 40mm Huge, right? The crystal never forgave me for laughing at it, I swear. I sat in a quiet room and focused on my tiny crystal for a long time-and- nothing. I tried every which way but but standing on my head and she remained just a rock. I’m either crystal blind, or It just it stayed mad. Finally, I put with my other crystals on my then, altar. I haven’t Tried again with her. She’s been through enough, let the old girl rest. LMAO :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wow! You’ve done quite a lot! I really like how you’ve divided up your journals and made them all special. Especially the cards! Very cool! And if I haven’t said it before, I love the new name!


@Amethyst thank you very much. I am very happy with my new name & thank you for your kind words about my BOS/Grimoire/BOM… I have to have them separated because of all the information I have in them about the different sections.


As others have already mentioned, I love the organization. I agree, with as much information as you have collected, it’s necessary or one would lose track of all of it.

I see more Yoda’s. :sweat_smile: Maybe a theme?

Siofra is a wonderful, magical name. The history and symbolism are marvelous. Thank you for sharing why you changed your name on Spells8. :slight_smile:


Omg! Thank you! This is an awesome idea :slight_smile: And I love your BOM the design on it is beautiful :slight_smile: So much work put into all this and it shows <3


Thank you so much everyone! I really appreciate it.


“The siabhra may be prone to evil and mischief”. - Changeling Ireland/ Siofra Name

We have been warned!! :laughing:

Just kidding! Congrats on your new magickal name @Siofra_Strega!! :tada:


I understand, too much information makes it difficult to look through. You’re doing a great job separating it out and fixing it up!


I would say more mischief than evil. I don’t think I have it in me to be evil. :rofl: thank you @Francisco

It gets too overwhelming when it’s everywhere @Amethyst. I like having them where I know each topic is. Easier for me to retrieve the information.


Okay, can we practice astral traveling with coordinates to my house?!
Your organization skills, GIRL!!!


Right? I will have to travel to you before I go on our vacation next year. If they aren’t organized I will get frustrated. I have so much to do with each one it’s ridiculous. :rofl:


Really love this!! CONGRATS on finding your magikal name this week.


Thank you @NickWick! I am really excited. I thanked Brigid when I found it. :heart:


I am in awe, @Siofra_Strega! :heart: So much to say about this- first of all, congrats on your new magickal name!!! That is so exciting you found a name that connects and represents you well- wear it with pride :blush:

Your organization skills are truly stunning- such lovely pages and colors and info! Ahh! I’m with @Garnet on this one- super jealous! :laughing: You have a truly gorgeous Book. And the cover of the brown journal- wow, it’s so lovely! :open_book:

Thank you so much for sharing your talents- you always do an amazing job with the challenges, but for this week’s entry you really went above and beyond showing your skills! Fantastic job :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you so much @TheTravelWitch_Bry. I did a lot of work last week reorganizing things & it felt really good. I don’t know if you saw my other post about my witchy space being redone? It has pictures of what I did in my room for my witchy herbs & crystals.

I really do connect with the name, just so much about it & I keep researching it & Brigid & my Irish ancestry. I decided today that there is a lot I want to learn for my craft but right now my focus is going to be Brigid & Astrology. Otherwise, I will burn out & get overwhelmed with the amount of information. This is why I have it so organized so I can find what I need. I’m happy to share my progress.