💚 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Natural Health & Healing

Oh my goodness this is too perfect. I was just talking about natural remedies and how I want to write down what I remember and learn more


:warning: Content warning: My post discusses weight loss.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to approach this challenge until a little bit ago when I got an email from NutritionFacts.org – I’m subscribed to their newsletter and Dr. Greger’s book How Not to Die is on my list of books to read.

Some of you already know that I’ve had to quit drinking coffee and caffeine in general. It was interacting with one of my medications in a way that was really affecting me in many ways. In an effort to find something to replace my morning coffee, I’ve switched to tea. Now, I’m not a tea person at all, I never have been, but I’m giving this a fair shot in an effort to maintain my no-coffee effort. I got several different types of tea that don’t have any drug interactions and they’re all caffeine free.

I really like Rooibos tea with a bit of honey. The flavor is rich enough that I can have it in the morning and not miss my regular coffee. I also picked up some Hibiscus tea because it looked interesting and I wanted to try it after reading about it in one of our Spells8 Tea Meditations.

In fact, I have a cup of hibiscus tea sitting with me right now as I type this up! Anyway, back to the email I got this morning. The title of the email was Fat-Blocking Benefits of Hibiscus Tea and it was a video with several studies on the effects of hibiscus tea on the human body.

Within three hours of drinking hibiscus tea, changes in hundreds of metabolites can be detected in the human bloodstream with “creative” names like hibiscic acid, or hibiscin, or hibiscitrin. Alterations in human gene expression at the three-hour mark after drinking it suggest a downregulation of cholesterol synthesis and an improvement in metabolism. But randomized controlled trials failed to consistently find cholesterol-lowering benefits. An interesting side-effect popped up, though: weight loss.

In Mexico, hibiscus tea has been traditionally used for the treatment of obesity, sparking lots of research interest. Computer modeling studies have suggested that certain hibiscus compounds might bind to the fat-digesting enzyme lipase like a lock-and-key. Test tube studies screening a variety of medicinal plants did indeed find hibiscus inhibited lipase more than most of the others, and hibiscus has been found to reduce body fat in hamsters, mice, and rats, increasing fecal fat excretion. But it wasn’t tested in people, until this study published in 2014.

A portion of the transcript from the video – Fat-Blocking Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

It turns out that hibiscus tea is amazing for not just weight reduction but also potentially high blood pressure and cholesterol. As someone that has always struggled with maintaining a healthy weight, especially after having my daughter and being less active, this was interesting to me. I try to be as active as I can, having sporadic bouts of exercise throughout the month. I eat a mostly plant-based diet full of proteins, fruits, and vegetables. But I also know through my genetics that I have a higher disposition to store excess energy as fat.

I also really enjoy the taste of hibiscus tea. I was telling my mom yesterday as I was drinking a cooled off cup of it that if you just added a bit of sugar, it might taste like Kool-aid :laughing: because without it, and cooled off, it tasted like watered-down Kool-Aid.

Since I’m enjoying hibiscus tea, I thought I’d come up with a chant to say as I make it or drink it to help the tea work effectively! :hibiscus: So this is what I came up with.

Spirit of Hibiscus, I call to you,
In this tea, please imbue
Your healing arts and wonderful flavor,
Perfect for me to drink and savor.


I’m not a master wordsmith like many of you (I’m looking at you @BryWisteria with your wonderfully crafted poems and chants at the end of every challenge…) but I think this chant does exactly what I intend!


@shadeweaver that’s pretty interesting information too about fungus!

@Nixi I have to write things down because I tend to forget things all the time :laughing:

@MeganB I have a Hibiscus tea blend that I really like too, I can’t remember what else is in it, but it does give the properties of it on the container. I knew about the possibilities of blood pressure & cholesterol. I also knew that it can help with weight loss, the blend that I have (I really wish I could remember what the other 2 ingredients were with it :thinking:) helps with an appetite too. Which is good for me having to increase my appetite to take in more calories. Now I need to remember what else is in it :laughing: I know the blend also on a magical level, is a good one for self-love :heartpulse: You’re right, it does taste good even when it has cooled down! :blush:


I’ve used it for my knee(gonna need surgery one day)but as long as I stayed consistent with my visit it helped tremendously. But she’s also done acupuncture for my emotions and soon we will be doing sessions for my C-section scar. It truly helps alot!


Ointment for burns
1 cup calendula petals
1 cup of good quality olive oil

We mix the two materials in a glass jar, and place it in a sunny window for a week.

Strain the olive oil

1/2 cup beeswax melted in bain marie or microwave

Mix the two parts, and divide it into small jars.

Let it solidify overnight, and it’s ready to use.

Collect the flower petals at noon.



This is a perfect time for this one as I am currently off work with a heavy cold/flu virus. :nauseated_face::sneezing_face::face_with_thermometer:

I know that basically i need to wait it out but in the mean time have been using a few things to ease the symptoms a bit.

I have just had a face bath where i filled a basin with boiling water and added eucalyptus and peppermint. A little tent over my head with a towel and inhale for 10mins to loosen my chest a bit.

I have also been drinking a tea made from:

2 tbsp of squeezed lemon juice🍋
1tbsp of ginger🫚
1tsp honey🍯
0.5 tsp turmeric powder

Put all in a mug🍵
Top up with boiling water💦
Stir till the honey dissolves :spoon:

:lemon:The lemon acts as a disinfectant
🫚 ginger relieves congestion
:honey_pot:the honey soothes coughs and throat pain.
The added turmeric boosts the immune system and is said to help runny nose too.

I am about to head to bed and have placed frankincense into my difuser. It also helps break up muccus in the airway and acts as an anti inflammatory in the nasal passages.

Hopefully a good nights sleep ahead.

Blessed be



@brandy20 oh my! I’ve never heard of it being used for emotions! I’m going to have to look into it around here! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Cosmic_Curiosity that sounds like a lovely tea blend for dealing with a cold & congestion. I hope yiu start to feel better soon! :people_hugging: You also reminded me that I haven’t used my diffusers in a while. So much I let go over the last couole of months. I’m working my way back though :hugs:

@AIRAM oh! That sounds like a lovely ointment & fairly easy to maybe get done too! Another something for me to try! I know Calendula is great for pain & discomfort… it’s just getting to actually making the salve or ointments. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



I am not one for taking medicines prescribed to me but I do take some. I have been looking into things that I can make of my own to help me.

I do TCM a lot, I get massages, I do acupuncture thru my chiropracter, and I love cupping and have a few friends who know how to do it if I can’t get it done by my theraputic massager. Actually these 3 things are the ones I enjoy the most. I did just tell my partner all I want for mothers day is a massage and he is on board, LOL.

I did recently search for some things to help on here, it is just finding the time to get something done.


@Heav3n oh that sounds awesome & my son swears by his chiropractor. My brother has cupping done on his upper legs.

Ooo… so many ideas for this challenge. I’m going to have a tough time narrowing this one down. :laughing:

Thinking about how much I’ve done to avoid commercial medications & come off the ones I was on… I’ll have to figure out the best way to go about this one. :thinking:


Garnet- Thank you for all your tips
Artemisa- cbd Salve
:lotion_bottle: you are so awesome Garnet gave me a recipe once, and I would love to make a salve. Good luck :+1:
Brandy- i’ve never tried acupuncture, but I have heard that it does work.
Kasandra- yes some funguses are beneficial for us, but then we also have to watch out for some fungus, right? Oregano sounds good in Italian cooking :cook: it is good for pizza that sort of thing. You can also use it for chicken or mushrooms or egg plant and it is a strong herb.
You can make an Italian seasoning 2 teaspoons of dried oregano
:herb: 2 teaspoons dried purple basil
:herb: half teaspoon of ground sage
:herb: half teaspoon dried rosemary
:herb: half teaspoon dried savory
:herb: 2 teaspoons dried grated lemon rind

Looks like a balm can be used for anxiety and depression and some herbalists. Even recommend bomb as a tonic and as sedated it’s a fever reducer and I’ve never used it so I would love to try it.
Also Crystal Healing
I love my crystals
and making your own crystal bracelets is showing up for your self and really getting to know your self and what you need.



@Susurrus I’m really happy that you’ve found things that helped you feel better! Enjoy your yard work and I hope you find some plant friends while you’re out there! :herb::blush:

@Garnet Very well said, Garnet- and I agree! I think that a lot of very valuable knowledge was unfortunately lost over the years. I wonder a lot about the vast resources in the Library of Alexandria and all the knowledge that was destroyed :cry: That being said, it’s wonderful to have what we do have passed down from our ancestors- so many wonderful natural remedies! :potted_plant: :two_hearts: Thank you so much for sharing some here- this was a great entry!

@Artemisia How exciting- wishing you all the best with your CBD salve! I hope the crafting goes well for you (along with your HOA applications- good luck!) :green_heart:

@brandy20 That’s amazing- I looked it into before and I know it takes a lot of time and dedication to get a masters in Acupuncture and TCM, congrats to her! Any wisdom she is able to share is very welcome here :pray::blush:

@Kasandra I think the health benefits of mushrooms/fungus would be a wonderful way to explore the theme- maybe I’m a little bias (I am! :laughing:) but I think there’s huge potential in the healing properties of fungus. If that is what you chose to explore, wishing you all the best and looking forward to your entry! :mushroom::sparkles:

@Shadeweaver It sounds like we have another fungi enthusiast! Your wisdom is very appreciated, Shadeweaver- thanks for sharing! :mushroom: :two_hearts:

@Nixi Yay! I’m happy the theme resonates with you, Nixi- I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experience with natural healing! Good luck and have fun :green_heart:

@MeganB I just have to say that you are really strong for exploring alternatives to coffee- it I’m happy that you’ve found some that are working well for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It is really interesting to hear about the weight loss benefits of hibiscus. I like to drink it in the summer because it is a cooling tea, and I’m a bit fan of the intense fruity flavor! It makes for a really good sun tea too, especially when iced :cup_with_straw: :hibiscus: :yum: Your chant is absolutely beautiful and perfect for your tea- I’d definitely consider you a master wordsmith and chant crafter, my friend! Thank you for sharing this lovely entry, and may you continue to enjoy your tea! :heart:

@AIRAM Hooray for calendula! This is a flower very close to my heart, and you’ve put it to such great use in this recipe. Calendula salve is great for many things and is so gentle and healing for the skin! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful recipe, Airam! :orange_heart:

@Cosmic_Curiosity Oh no- I’m so sorry to hear you’re sick! It sounds like you are doing all the right things on your journey of recovery, and what a lovely healing tea blend too. I like the addition of turmeric- it must give it an extra boost of warmth and healing power :orange_heart: Please get some good rest- I hope you feel much better again asap! :pray::candle:

@Heav3n It sounds like you have a wonderful variety of methods to help stay healthy and well, Heav3n! I’ve tried acupuncture and massages before, but I haven’t done cupping- I’ve heard it can be really helpful for circulation. I hope to try it someday! :blush: Thank you for sharing about the methods that work for you- I hope you can get that Mother’s Day massage you are hoping for :heart:

@Jeannie1 Oh! I absolutely love lemon balm- I’ve been drinking it a tea recently, and it truly is loaded with health benefits! I’ve found it most helpful for relaxing and releasing stress. It’s a “happy-inducing” tea with a delicate and pleasant taste. If you’re considering giving it a try, I recommend it! :herb::tea: :blush:


Im so needing this right now. This challenge is such perfevt timing as i need to have a serious look at improving nu health n needing some serious healing in many areas. .


Weekly Witchy Challenge Entry - Natural Health and Healing

Background: I started my professional allopathic career over 20 years ago. That education included information on Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) techniques such as meditation, herbs (especially drug-drug and drug-disease interactions), accupuncture, etc. Although I knew that these techniques could work (if not by power-of-suggestion or placebo effect then by reducing blood pressure, etc), I never tried any of it.
I respected it at a distance, preferring more standard options.
We were, however, always taught to recommend non-pharmacologic options before starting medications and I fully supported and encouraged that.

I recently started menopause and, as is typical, have been dealing with excessive anxiety and stress which has greatly impacted my life for the negative.

SOOOO, I decided to follow my training and try the non-pharmacologic approaches.
I have an intense interest in physics and believe it fits in perfectly with magick, chaos theory and alchemy. I also believe that I am not the only one who sees this connection which is why there are so many witchcraft and alchemical texts published under pseudonyms.

I dove into Reiki (pronounced Rey-ki, not ray-ki, I have since discovered!) which follows in-line with ‘universal free energy’ concepts supported by Tesla, physics and all the ancients. It teaches that Usui discovered a ubiquitous Universal Love energy that provides the adherent with the healing energy that they need when they need it, so to speak. It includes personal statements geared towards “Just for today” psychological healing techniques.
I became certified in traditional Usui and am learning Quantum Reiki (figures, right? :rofl:).

How did it go, you ask?

I do it every single day now.
I didn’t notice any difference at first.
Now…yes. I drop into an Alpha meditative state almost immediately and feel the stress reduction just as quickly. I hope to continue with Karuna Ki and the 5-20 Usui Master programs later on.

I am certain that much of the health benefits are psychosomatic.
I am equally certain that I don’t give a sh$t :wink: because, like the cumulative power of positive prayer and offerings, IT WORKS!

Caveat: I am not recommending that anyone use natural healing techniques instead of traditional allopathic medicine, and every respectable natural practitioner would say the same. Never forget that it was allopathic medicine that cured and/or suppressed diseases that natural medicine couldn’t heal for millenia.
But I am saying that when allopathic and natural are used together - allopathic for the professional treatment of the body and natural methods for the individual treatment of the mind/soul - the combination can be powerful!
That’s because, I believe, natural healing methods allow the patient to have control over themselves to a degree lost in allopathic medicine. That ‘lost’ feeling means that there is an imbalance in treatment, as I was taught decades ago, that some natural empowering methods may restore leading to a more fulfilling, or complete, treatment.

Thank you for giving me this chance to share my experience with you all.
In love and strength


It is awesome, I swear by mines as well, LOL. I hope you can find one you like.


It does help with circulation and the feeling and bruises afterward are worth it. I tried to get back in with my theraputic massager for some massaging and cupping but she is booked until August no now I have to go where they do it at my nail salon.


challenge entry pt 1
So im not sure how next few days will go n how conscious will be. Or if can buy food as only paid half a pay n still trying ti sort it out but is decided one thing can do is research some things i can do wgen thumgs get betrer n to save phone credit i downloaded on WiFi. I found these books on health and wellbeing that want to explore. How much fet through is one thing but maybe can get some ideas of useful things i can do

Hopefully ive downloaded screenshots ok. I couldnt edit cause space on phine low lol. Maybe tonight on way home from work i can srt on one. If im ok enough to but thats the plan.


Another exciting Weekly Witchy Challenge - Natural Health & Healing Entry

After hearing and knowing several people who have received that awful “you have Cancer phone call” from the doctor telling you to come in, we have to talk and then the treatments begin but halfway through them you are so sick, you quit. You start your own natural healing process. Six (6) months later, your doctor calls you and wants you to come in and talk, so you do. He wants to run some tests just to see how “things” are going. Three (3) days later, you receive a phone call telling you that you… are a Cancer survivor.

The mind, the Universe, the Gods/Goddess, Witches, Ancestorial beings, herbs, crystals, spells, the moon, Astrology and so on will help teach you how to use these “tools” to help with this journey of the healing process.

I am looking forward to doing this Challenge and learning more on the healing process naturally.

Blessed Be,


@Wysteria_Norn So many years of wisdom and knowledge- it is clear that natural health and well-being are very close to your heart, Wysteria! :heart: I love when different areas of science and/or magick fit together like puzzle pieces- there is so much to be said about interdisciplinary studies. I’ve heard about and tried (once) Reiki, but I don’t know much about traditional Usui- it sounds like it has been very helpful and made a big, positive difference in your life! I’m happy that you’ve found things that work well for you- thank you so much for sharing! :sparkles::pray:

@Heav3n I’m sorry to hear that they are booked- wow, it must be very popular in your area! That’s nice that there’s back-up place you can go to (and get your nails done at the same time, if you wish! :nail_care: :blush:). Good luck and I hope you can get your next appointment soon- enjoy!

@Phoenix_Fire The books look very interesting, but please take care of yourself and your immediate needs first, Phoenix! :pray: I hope you can get the other half of your pay asap, and also that you’re able to get some good rest while you recover from everything. Sending bigs hugs, love, and light to you :people_hugging: :heart:

@Medea I’ve never gotten the call myself (and pray that I never will- knock on wood!), but my heart goes out to those dealing with very severe forms of illness such as cancer. I feel the same- I wish that anyone going through treatment comes across whatever tools they need and has the blessing of the divine to overcome the disease :pray: Looking forward to hearing about your natural healing magick this week, Medea- good luck and enjoy your studies! :heart:


*"I am not recommending that anyone use natural healing techniques instead of traditional allopathic medicine, and every respectable natural practitioner would say the same. Never forget that it was allopathic medicine that cured and/or suppressed diseases that natural medicine couldn’t heal for millenia. (Profile - Wysteria_Norn - The Spells8 Forum)

I would like to thank you for adding this to you post entry. I did not and I should have. I am going down the positive natural healing route for this Challenge. I stated I knew several people that kept them in good healing spirits that worked for them. Unfortunately, this does not always happen with everyone, and I should have stated that. My sincere apologies.

Blessed Be,


I was disappointed when I tried it first and felt rather silly actually! But I repeated it thinking that, at worst, it’ll help me with meditating.
I’m going to assume that it’s either hit or miss, depending on when it enters your life, if that makes any sense.