💚 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Natural Health & Healing

I love ur garden :potted_plant: I wanted to grow lemon balm! It looks amazing, you really have a green thumb! It looks like you put a lot of love into it ! :lemon:
I hope this counts for something for this challenge, I decided to get a tattoo and honor my diety because I don’t have to fight my battles alone I always have her by my side. She can be any face she wants to be. This weekend I went and got my first tattoo besides the names. This one is for me! I think it honors this challenge because tattoos can be healing! For me I am at the crossroads about not caring about what other people think!

It actually has plastic wrap on it if you can’t tell! So what do you think? I needed some extra power to so I added a sigil that means shapeshifter into the person I want to be! I am tired of settling for less! My tattoo artist did a great job
It has her keys and the phases of the moon so it’s been a magical weekend!