📜 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Of Goals and Intent

Thank you so much! I’m hoping to write some today.


My New Year’s Day was wonderful and very relaxing. I felt so good today like things are falling into place the way they should and everything is going in the right direction. I had such a great day today.


Journaling really has helped me. I write about whatever comes to mind and if there’s nothing I write that and then something always pops up for me to write about. It makes things that are happening less heavy and I have figured out the answers to some things by writing them out and then they start to make sense. It’s been a great release for me.

You’re candle ritual sounds lovely and well thought out. Great job & I hope the new year is starting off really well for you too.


I had an interesting experience this New Year’s Eve that helped find some worthy goals to set for this beginning year, and not just for myself but for my father too.

There’s a very old tradition of molybdomancy that’s been associated with divining how the following year is going to look. The method as it’s usually practiced here is melting a horseshoe shaped piece of tin on a stove and casting the molten tin into a bucket of cold water. The resulting object is first examined as it is, and then it’s time to look at it in front of candlelight and interpret the shadows it casts.

That’s not what we did this year though, partially because the kind of (leaded) tin we’ve used is no longer available, it not being very healthy to breathe lead vapors and all that. Probably a good call :grin:

Instead I did my very first tarot reading with another person! I used my Crystal Visions deck which I feel very attuned to. At midnight in candlelight I shuffled the cards and spread them out on the table face down. When I was satisfied with the spread I told my method: focus on the question you want to ask the cards and slowly move your relaxed left hand over the cards, palm down, feeling the energy, and when you feel your ring finger being drawn towards a card, pick it up and lay it down in front of you face up. We did a very general one card drawing for each, and it also felt right for both to draw another one with a more specific question.

I’m going to respect his privacy, but I can tell my reading. First I got a knight of swords, which to me told where I’m struggling in my life. I tend to get frustrated very easily, and my defenses are constantly up, like a knight who’s always keeping their sword out ready for enemies that are nowhere to be seen. Maybe because of this I can seem forceful and overbearing at times.

That very much conflicts with the kind of person I want to be, so I asked the cards how can I do better. Ace of Swords, reversed. How I interpreted it was: It’s not something I can just do overnight. But what I can do is to learn to let go, lay down my sword, observe without judgement. To allow things to run their natural course and be more mindful when to act and how, instead of trying to maintain constant control.

I’m going to do just that. Also I noticed that I’m still getting Swords a lot. I remember @MeganB telling me that it’s a sign I’m spending a lot of time in my head and I can definitely see that. Bringing more balance there is another good goal for this year.

A fun thing that happened to my father I can tell though: he asked if he can draw another card, “just for fun”, “to see if they support the ones I got” etc. and I told him that it doesn’t really work that way. He kept asking and I said sure, go ahead, let’s see what happens. He drew a card, burst out in laughter and showed it to me. It was the cover card that very much looks like the kind of card that comes with board games, containing the rules to the game! :joy:


Hey Brianna,

I did the Cold Moon Spell yesterday. I had a really nice experience lighting the two candles of the spell. This year I have done too much banishing spells, but definitely was my moment for this. I had no silver candle on my altar, so I had a white candle for the Goddess. I also placed the Empress card and a glass of water. The energy of God and Goddess was intense, so I saw an aura form from the two candles. It was like a :star2: supernova emerging from the gold and white candle.


On NYE I gathered my little family (Mum and Sister) and we made 2021 intentions/affirmation jars! (Inspired by the fabulous @SilverBear)
This is the first time I did something properly witchy with my family and after a brief moment of ‘…whaaaaat???’ They totally embraced it! Everything was cleansed with palo santo, we lit a white candle for cleansing, purifying and new beginnings and wrote our personal positive intentions for the year in present-tense form which we could read to ourselves in a year’s time as positive affirmations.
I brought out my big box of herbs and shared some of their properties, we all added a few to our jars to boost our intentions (lots of sniffing, giggling and fun)
I poured my crystals out on the table and asked them to choose a couple before I shared their healing properties. Amazing choices- both Mum and Sister’s crystals matched their wishes and needs perfectly!
We sealed our jars, ate some Birthday cake (I aged :joy_cat:) and drank some champagne, sharing some good wishes for eachother for the coming year before snuffing out the white candle.

I poured a little of the wax on top and carved 2021 :blush:


Yay for first time rituals with family and loved ones! :blush:
When they get deeply and sincerely into it and all the gnawing doubts are released it can really be a transformative experience for everyone involved! :sparkling_heart:


I absolutely love all your good intentions!! You and your family look like a sweet bunch! Looks like we are going to have an amazing new year! Its a good start I would say and love how you shared your jar full of herbs with the stamp 2021! You are a firework!
Always and forever
blessed be


First of all, may everyone have a great new year -wish you all the best for 2021 and hope this year comes forward with a positive change for humanity, full of love, compassion , prosperity, abundance, but most importantly health. May we say good-riddance to Covid-19 once and for all on this promising 2021…

My ritual was very simple, i did a bay leaf intention that @Silverbear, generously shared on the forum. (Thank you!) Since i had to work I left my tools and crystals outside for the :full_moon: moon to energized. When I got home, I quickly performed the ritual/spell. I lit quite a few bay leaves. Meditated over my intentions- waited them to cool and blew them into the cold, windy night. I also made some moon-water. Most of my ritual was about being grateful. I organized and cleaned my Altar. I have to say I spent some time meditating, a little each day. I’ve also been having some really lucid dreams. My tarot cards have been right on with everything that’s going on in my life. Overall, was a calm NYE, which i really enjoyed. Nice to reflect on my goals for the year. Was nice to throw out and donate old stuff and clean my apartment. This year I was on a very tight budget. Therefore, i had to be thrifty and crafty on presents. I bought a couple of nice frames- printed photos for friends, as well as printed my own Christmas cards. Blessed and consecrated their gifts. Felt great to be able to infuse cleansing magic into their gifts. ( Never did this before) Tells me how much I’ve grown in the craft! (Thank you Spells8!)

The best of 2021 for all!
Blessed be.


I’m so glad you had a nice New Year’s and that your journalling is helping you find peace and sanctuary, @Krissie117! I also love journalling and agree it is a wonderful release :open_book::relaxed:

Thank you for sharing about molybdomancy, @Krista_moon- it sounds fascinating! :star_struck: I always love learning about new forms of divination- although it sounds like you made the safe choice to divine differently this year :+1: It sounds like your cards had some helpful and humorous advice for you- nicely done! :flower_playing_cards:

Beautiful, @laura6! I’m so happy to hear the Cold Moon Spell went well for you and you enjoyed a lovely connection with the God and Goddess :blush: Perhaps this is a good sign for things to come in the new year! :candle::star2:

It sounds like you had a great time welcoming in 2021 with your family, @Limeberry - how fun that you all made spell jars together! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that all of your wishes come true in the new year :birthday::two_hearts:

Thank you for the warm wishes, @walter- the same to you! :sparkling_heart: Your bay leaf intention ritual sounds lovely and I am sure it feels good to enjoy the newly cleansed space! The pictures are lovely- look at that stunning moon :full_moon::sparkles: Congrats on your growth in 2020, may 2021 bring even more growth and many more blessings for you- love and light! :candle:


A friendly reminder:

:grey_exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :grey_exclamation:

Thank you to everyone who has joined in and shared their 2021 intentions and manifestations!

For anyone who has not yet contributed but would like to, please share your magickal goals for the new year by TOMORROW: Tuesday, January 5th at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Happy New Year and Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart:


Hey @laura6 :hugs:I haven’t seen you in a while. Hope you’re having a good new year :sparkles::gem::sparkles:


On December 31st, my family (hubby, daughters and I) made our intentions and put them in pinecones. Sealed with white candle wax, at midnight we went outside and burned them to release our intentions into the universe. It was a beautiful evening with the moon’s light shining directly above us.


Happy New Year Christina :star2: Over the last month I was focused on my mom’s recovery. She is now finally at home an cured from the Covid. Sooner I’ll be posting more spells recipes.


@TheTravelWitch, thank you!


Glad to hear she’s on the mend!! May she continue to recover!!


That’s beautiful! Great intention!


I am late to the party, but I was a little distracted. It is a tradition to try to improve on last year by setting new intentions. Since last year saw me more sedentary I needed to add time to move into my day. And from my recent weight gain obviously my daily chores weren’t keeping me moving enough.

  1. begin the day with Yoga Sun Salutation. (It can be long or short depending on how long you hold each pose) Definitely doable in most situations.
  2. choose to organize one area a day… a drawer a shelf, a closet. Whatever I chose I will not spend more than one hour working on it.
  3. do something creative. This has been a struggle of late, and I know my own mind… it is happier when I have a little fun with creativity. Again, limit my time to one hour a day.

In this way I am treating myself to 3 hours of something productive, fun and giving myself some self care without sacrificing too much time from Dad’s needs.

So far this week I have been able to start on this plan… not quite Daily with all three on the list but more than I had been doing, so progress. Begin with the end in mind…It takes time to develop new habits … 100 days they say. With most changes it is going to take time to implement and work up to a routine, but it is a goal and I am determined.


@berta, that is a great plan/routine. I need to actually get back on a routine . Now with my studies is all I’ve been doing. Have to get back to the gym on a good routine. Have not been in the last two weeks. My wiccan practice has been pretty good! Told myself I need to spend time at the altar at least 3 times per week. Ideally, meditate a few minutes everyday, and more if I’m doing spell work. I find so much comfort when I’m at my altar performing a spell or ritual. It’s my foundation that will keep, all my other goals in line for 2021



I get that! When I first moved home Dad and I had a routine of going to workout at the PT center three times a week. Since Dad stopped going to PT I have been going to YOGA once a week, but it has been difficult with Covid19 to even do that. So now I am on my own to find something to do at home without much equipment and I found an online resource to help.
I had 5 active spells I was doing over New Years. I feel a little burnt out and am letting those efforts mature. I have a lot of spells I need to schedule in January but always a little nightly meditation and gratitude time. :slight_smile: