🔍 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Peering into Past Lives

I have always had a fascination about the past’ the renaissance was first ‘ then Stone Age … man …. the Architecture of the past made me think I wanted to be an Architect’ lol’ when I was 1st grade’
Seriously’ who wants to build a lipstick SkyScraper
…. Well me ‘ haha : the fashion of the past runs through my mind to become a mashup of modern and historical , simultaneous … but what got me was that feeling ; a connection :
: cuz if you could go back in time ‘ what time?
Which was what a coworker asked me … and the first thing I said was 0 ‘
And it kinda hit me like ‘ wow ‘ that was fast ‘ but why ? He was really surprised and kept asking me why ‘ haha … and I said I would love to know what the world would be like or was like before the establishment of religion or what we think of it .
The connection to what the world was is what runs through me and it wants to become so much more than the fashion we take from it .


Soul family is the term I use


When the sky was cloudy, or whenever I visited any place made by Brits, I had a vision that I am in a big castle and watching someone riding on horse in the courtyard. Suddenly the sky goes cloudy and when the heavy thunderstorm scared me, then that man covered me in his arms, BUT BUT BUT…this is just a dream. This was not real. :joy:

So, when I started magic life, I asked my tarot Dragon Deck about my past life. I did this spread because meditation puzzled to describe these 3 lives separately:

I got these answers, don’t what’s right or what’s wrong:

  1. At my last birth: My boyfriend was British Barrister. Not more than this I can remember clearly.

  2. Birth before my last birth: I was wife of an English Count (not any count Dracula. He was a nice man).

  3. Before this: I was a seer.

Tarot Spread Reference: Connect to a Past Life Tarot Spread — Emerald Lotus Divination


Disclaimer: I mean no offense to anyone while talking about religions and beliefs.

Interesting topic. I firmly do believe in reincarnation.

I did the reincarnation machine and got some interesting answers, lol. According to that, I’ve lived 20+ past lives, a good number of them royalty and skilled craftspersons, a lost and drifting soul, and an assortment of animals, bugs and plants, the lowliest being a peaceful blade of grass. Just to see what would happen, I fabricated new birthdates and even closed and opened a new browsers and each time I used my real birthdate I got the same answers. That means, yes you guessed it … everyone with my birthdate were squashed into them same beings! :crazy_face:


My view on reincarnation … How it truly works obviously no one is certain. One thing I do know … with all the different religions there are, they cannot be all correct in their beliefs of the afterlife, therefore none are.

I also know, pertaining to Christianity (the major religion I’m most familiar with) that I do not want to sit on a puffy white cloud (what I envisioned while young), or be in a personal holodeck surrounded by people I’ve known in life. That’s unrealistic because the people I may envision and their ages may not coincide with my own version. For example, my happy place in heaven might be at my current age and being with my father doing what I enjoy doing, yet his happy place could be at age 5 with no responsibilities whatsoever and in full health liking nothing I like to do. So that would imply we each get a personal holodeck to repeatedly relive things. So we’re not really with each other at all in that heavenly sense. I also think any promise of virgins or other worldly rewards in the afterlife, or a shortened time in purgatory (also fabricated) for deeds done on Earth, are purely fictional and created only for the purpose of affecting people’s actions here on Earth.

I believe somehow our souls leave our current bodies at a time near death and we transition to an astral being. At some point we are given the opportunity to take a new conscious form or have it dictated to us. There are so many stories I’ve read about and have personally talked with reputable relatives and friends, some having different religions, about things that are clearly supernatural. This is the reason I’ve become Wiccan. It gives me the ability to believe a more probable afterlife instead something we’ve been taught in school or church, some of which I find ludicrous and definitely man-made.

I haven’t done any regressions, mirrors, tarot, etc to try to discover a past life. I’ve never spent much time thinking about past lives although I believe it happens. My reason is why? Why dwell on discovering a past life if it will not make a tangible difference in your current life?


Peering into Past Lives-Weekly Witchy Challenge

(This subject fascinates me)

-I have always believed in the power of the soul to journey back to earth to learn key spiritual lessons lifetime after lifetime. The Universe is constantly in a cycle of death to rebirth with many people going on to live many lives as well as past lives.
-Some people claim to know or can feel/sense their past life identity in their present life, having memories of events, people, and places associated with who they use to be (so of course my curiosity kicked in).
-Looking into this subject I have come to realize this can be overwhelming and a little confusing especially if we don’t already have a strong spiritual belief and truth of our own.
-I have found that many religions, philosophies, and groups believe in different variations of reincarnation. Some believe that we can reincarnate to any animal and some don’t believe that at all (I don’t believe the human soul is supposed to reincarnate to an animal & vise versa, I’ll explain why at the end of this). Others believe that we will stop reincarnating once we have learned important spiritual lessons and some believe it’s a never-ending loop. Then some don’t believe in past life or reincarnation at all (the non-belief is a whole different subject of its own).

-Most of us will probably not learn the exact person we were but we can manage to understand the kind of person we were. I have found that this can be done in different ways with many different methods. (again, it can be overwhelming)
-I think it’s a good thing that there are different beliefs, methods, and different ways of achieving the understanding of ourselves because remember, what works for me may not work for you and vise versa. For me, the FREEDOM to choose what to believe, seek, know, and how I do it is extremely important and essential for my existence. I am grateful and I make a point to show gratitude every single day of this life.

But why should we peer into our past lives in the first place? It’s the past, right? … I believe that I should be more worried about my future life, but If I can see what I have done and experienced before this incarnation, I can use the knowledge of these experiences to make better choices in this life. At the same time, I know how important it is to not allow my past life memories to interfere negatively with my current life.

“We need to study past lives for insights that will lead us to the now and how we are in our present life now. We need to learn from our past mistakes and failures to be a better version of ourselves today in this life”. -Gostica

“We may have lived in separate times and had many faces for the lessons that we may need to finally learn” -is a quote that grabbed me to write down but I didn’t write down who and having trouble recalling who said it! :thinking: :upside_down_face: :grinning:

-According to The Psychic Gurus, Meditating on our past lives can be a deeply healing experience. They stated that knowing more about a previous life can give us perspective on current life, helping us better understand our purpose. Lessons from past lives can be applied to our existence in this life and the mistakes made in the past can be corrected in the present. (Wow! what a wonderful thing it is to be able to correct mistakes we made in past lives) According to psychicgurus.org, our spirits have lived thousands of lives “old souls” with countless stories to tell. (if only we could remember them) And there are many ways to tap into our subconscious memories and relive our past lives once more. They say taking time to explore our past life is a journey well worth it.

-Reincarnation is interpreted in so many different ways. Amongst all of the different interpretations, I have realized the two most common factors in all of what I have read about so far:

  1. While our physical bodies eventually die, our soul/spirit does not. Our soul/spirit is born again into a new physical body.
  2. Karmic law, what we do, how we do it, and how we are/act in the present life will for sure affect us in the next life. How it affects us is up to us as individual human beings and what we do. Everyone agrees with those two things and I think it’s a great place to start.

-According to the Aetherius Society: we all have past lives and there is no such thing as a “new soul”. All of us have been reincarnating for millions of years and in their truth, there is no “death” only that of the physical body. Remembering past lives is filled with potential for emotional distress and confusion. Sometimes even the spiritual advanced have spontaneous memories of past lives and they say there is a considerable body of evidence of reincarnation according to the testimonies of the people including children.
-As we advance on our spiritual paths we will develop psychic abilities and our intuition. Even if we are not seeking to do so and how quickly this happens depends on us as the individual on the path chosen and how much effort is put in (powers that are developed) Ultimately through all our lifetimes we will have a wide range of psychic abilities and one of these will be the ability to know ones own past lives and the past lives of others.
-It is said that unless under some unusual initial conditions no one would ever tell you about your past life and if they do tell you then they are probably most likely wrong.
-The knowledge of our previous incarnations is a deeply personal inner matter which will be revealed to our inner knowledge at the right time… It’s explained that we should not reveal our knowledge of our own past lives to others. This is supposed to be personal to you and you alone. Secrecy over past lives, if strictly adhered to, also ensures that certain errors aren’t made. Even a skilled psychic can make an error about your past life or even their own, causing you to have a wrong point of view of your own past identity, or theirs. I am told that past life regression if it works, should be avoided, at best it is subject to error, and it is in any case, completely unnecessary.
-The bottom line is what matters is life now. Who we were in a past life means nothing in comparison to what we are doing in this life. If we live this life right dedicated in service to others, we need not worry about our past lives because they are the past, and we need to worry about our next life, our right action in this life guarantees our future spiritual evolution.
-Whether we are right or wrong about past lives, we are misguided if we allow our previous lives to overshadow our current ones.
-After a lot of meditation and prayer, I conclude that I do not believe human souls are supposed to reincarnate to animals and vise versa. This is because if life is about learning karmic lessons, we are not going to learn the lessons we failed as a human in this life by being reborn as a dog or a cat. (lol) (but really)

  • gostica.com = provides a 6 step guide to remember past lives
    It’s explained that “The memories of our past lives are under lock and key for our protection. We do draw upon them, most often unconsciously, to make correlations and comparisons as we progress along through life. And these past lives are influencing us without us trying to recall them.”
    They also say, “We are the total of everything we have always been” (makes sense to me)

  • psychicgurus.org shares information to help delve further into our own past lives and five things to examine.

-Much love and many Blessings


That’s a great view of things Moon. I had to reread several portions of what you wrote to better comprehend it. I especially love the way you point out all the many many lessons we can learn if reborn as a dog or cat :slight_smile:


My experience for this week’s challenge:

I did a combination of a ritual found in the forum (posted by @christine4 ), and a past life guided meditation.

First I cast a circle and then did the past life guided meditation (Jason Stephenson Past Lives Guided Meditation on YouTube). During the meditation I feel that I saw things, not from a third person perspective, but as myself in that moment. It was very rough to make out but being my first time trying this I gave myself the space to not even “see” anything. But to my pleasant surprise, it looked/felt as if I was in a busy city or community center. I could not make out any distinguishing characteristics of where I was or anything that gave me clues to a timeframe. The background was all a muted brown. But from what I heard it sounded “busy”; lots of noises, similar to what you’d hear outside where people are going about their day. I also saw a lot of shadowy people on the dark brown contrast. I couldn’t make out faces or features but I saw them walk by and past me. I asked in my mind “where am I?” a few times. I felt/saw one of the shadowy figures come up to me, possibly to answer. I feel like they did, based on their body language, but I didn’t hear anything. It wasn’t a scary or fearful experience. I just think I need to continue to practice.

I then did the Glimpse into Past Life spell with a candle and mirror. I repeated a chant a few times then looked into the mirror. It wasn’t long until my own face seemed to fade but had a hard time making out what or who I saw. I closed my eyes and saw what I think was a very purple or violet smoke that maybe outlined someone? I tried to remain focused on it, but lost it after about a minute. I repeated the chant and looked into the mirror again. This time after my face sort of faded, I saw a very dark male. I said out loud that it was safe for him to appear and that I would like to meet him. I closed my eyes. In the mirror I felt as if the male figure was a young adult or older but when I closed my eyes, he was a child. In my mind I again said it was ok and he was safe. I smiled at him and he smiled back. He raised his hand out and I took it. We didn’t speak, he took me to a small river or canal and pointed. In my mind I said I wasn’t going in there. I don’t know if he was asking me to or intending to mean something else. After a few moments I said in my mind that I was happy to meet him and I hoped to see him again soon.

As soon as I opened my eyes I wrote down everything I could remember from both experiences in my journal. A thought also crossed my mind - next time I will have a drink or food for whoever shows up. Something just told me that they may appreciate it.

All in all, it was a very good intro and exploration for me! This month I’m hoping to continue to focus my practice on past lives as well as ancestors. I really enjoyed this challenge!


I tried the generator websites and though it was interesting but got bored at reading about so many different people.

I did do some of the meditation( I was interrupted but an hour is a long time to have to myself :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) and I saw an Asian guy that made me feel so calm and happy. He wore a farmers hat. It was just a fleeting image. That’s the only thing I can remember.

I want to set time aside to try again. I felt like I was hypnotized 😵‍💫 it was great! I’d also like to try the mirror one as well.


I visited the Path Life Finder and these were my results.


You were a female in your previous birth. You were born somewhere in Turkey. Even though you were soft, you had a critical mind.


Stealing was your profession in your past life. You got a team behind you who involved in this profession. Gradually you earned a lot of money. You were not loyal to your spouse. You had illegal contacts with several members of opposite sex.


The sins committed by you in your past life will have their own effects on your present birth. There may be disappointments in love or your married life will not be smooth. You will face troubles in financial matters. There will be problems in your job or business.

When I read that I was born in Turkey, I immediately thought of the image of the ocean. I looked up pictures of the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea and the Mediterranean looks closer to the image that I saw.

My Turkish self was….very different from my modern American self, if this is accurate.

It says I was a professional thief. Well, one of my earliest memories (I think I was 4 or 5) was my stealing a bottle of cherry lip balm from Walmart. I don’t know what came over me. I just picked it up and put it in my pocket. I’ve never stolen anything since then. It’s weird, but to this day, I still feel really guilty about it, even though I was young and didn’t know any better.

It also says I was married, but unfaithful. Is this why I have no desire to get married in this life?

I don’t know. :woman_shrugging:

The idea that you will punished in your next life for misdeeds in your current life has never sat well with me. You’re not the same person that you were and you can’t even remember what you did, so why should you be punished for it?

I want to do some research on Turkey, but part of me is afraid my brain will use the research to fill in the gaps and create false memories.

If I saw things, had knowledge, that didn’t come from my research, I’d say it’s possible they were from a past life.


My goodness Mark, you proposed some very well thought out theories, all which you presented in a respectful and intelligent way. Bravo!
Although, the holodeck theory? EEK! How scary, trapped forever in a time loop. Very Twilight Zone.

I don’t debate religion, it’s self-defeating. I believe, before we’re born we are, as you say, given the choice of what/who you want to be and what you would like to accomplish. I call it my book of life.

So, you’re borne and try to achieve these goals (although you achieve it with out a script, per se’ ) I think I chose to learn patience, tolerance and endurance. Those aren’t easy lessons to learn but I keep striving.

I believe the Buddhist religion [and a lovely religion it is] is a little stronger than my beliefs. I came into this life, human and a female, this time, other lives I’ve been a man.

If you’ve been born human, you will always be human. I really can’t think that the universe would judge us, as in: “Bad person, next life —slug!.” You don’t get demoted. So many just over complicate things seeking a judgement that isn’t theirs to render.

I’ve meant no disrespect to anyone,
nor their belief system by this short
response. Blessed be,"


It’s possible that you choose lives. It’s also possible that there are different levels of consciousness and reality.

For example, when you die, you might just go to whichever paradise you believed in, if any. And that paradise itself is not the highest dimension, as a divinity might be able to transcend even further depending on its beliefs.

The reason I think this way is because of where we are going with Artificial Intelligence.

If I was to program a Virtual World fill with AI NPC’s (non-layer characters) and I generated this world with rules and laws, such as physics, reproduction, growth and so forth. It would be a matter of time before these AI would spread, grow and eventually and naturally begin to wonder - ‘where do I come from?’.

As a program, there is only so much we can script into the lore of the AI. Some memories and some history for them to start off with which they pass on from generation to generation for a while, but beyond that, it would be up to them.

We could script the world so that whatever belief system that particular AI has, is the gods they will meet at death. If they believe in reincarnation, their script will be re-used in the system. If they do not, they will be deleted and that memory freed up for more use in this virtual world.

This also brings me to this belief. For the AI to ever know or understand its ‘creator’ gods, would be completely impossible. They are stuck in that virtual world we created and in those dimensions. They will never be able to contemplate ‘God’. Which would be us as the creator.

Although, the one way they could… is if we pulled their AI ‘from’ that virtual world and transferred its memory into a physical robot in this dimension, turned it on and watched it wonder who the heck it is and where the heck it is… watching us, and we showing it, its virtual world where it came from.

Ponder :wink:



Very thought provoking, I like it!


The link said I was all men. Interesting.


I did the links that were included in this post and they were interesting, though I don’ t know how accurate they are. The first one gave me a huge list of people I could probably have been in a past life. It said I have lived 20 human lives which is just exhausting :laughing:

The second one said that I was a man in a previous life, born in Belgium. I was apparently mad at my eldest son and gave all my riches to my youngest son, leaving my eldest to “die in anguish.”. It said that my sins from my past life will make me have family issues and my children (I only have one child) will not care for me in my old age.

The last one was interesting, though, the lessons from a past life. It said my lesson I need to learn is to connect to my divinity.

Your answers to this test indicate that your most important past life lesson is learning how to connect to your divinity. You might be feeling depressed, aimless, resentful towards “life/God,” or lost at the moment as a result of your present or past life experiences. However, once you learn to connect to your inner divinity, you will feel grounded in the present moment, and spiritually aligned with existence.

Here are some tips:

  • Explore spiritual thought, from ancient philosophies to modern ideas.
  • Immerse yourself in the natural world.
  • Explore your shadow self and the way it impacts your life with someone you trust.
  • Ask yourself these 6 vital questions.
  • Read into the lives and experiences of various spiritual teachers you respect.
  • Learn to separate who “you” are from what you experience. This is known as “witnessing” or “observing” what you think and feel and can be done constantly throughout the day or through formal practices like meditation.
  • Wear violet/white (the vibration of these colors are associated with the crown chakra).
  • Drink plenty of purifying water and eat clean, unprocessed, natural foods.

I’ll have to think on this :thinking:


I was 4 or 5 really old guys and I said…Nawww


I’ve posted my entry in a sacred space, as it mentions personal details.

Loved reading all of these :sparkles:


I personally have trouble with the concept of “past lives”. I’ve waffled over this since last summer. I want the concept of The Egg to be true and I’ve even shared a video with that theme on Spells8 before.

I’ve had past life meetings that said that I was soul family with other people. Sometimes I even believe I have a twin flame in my life right now.

But I can’t escape entropy. Even if energy (This is only true in a isolated system.) cannot be destroyed, only changed, it will achieve maximum entropy at some point. It’s theorized that even protons will break down in 1.67×10^34 years. How can we exist in this universe if nothing can exist?

I know that doesn’t negate past lives but it does negate an eternal future of lives. We also can imagine there’s a limit to an eternal past of lives. Neither of these possible truths mean anything to a person who believes they only have 20 or so past lives. In that case, the questions I have are “why?” and “how?”.

Why would we want to have past lives? Why would we have them in the first place? How does this work when there are nearly 8 billion people on earth? Has every one of them had a past life? That seems stretches my imagination to a breaking point. If there are past lives then are we our own ancestors? How would a site on the internet know anything about our past lives? For that matter, how would anyone know anything about our past lives? We can’t even trust our eyes, our ears, or even our memory in this current life so how can we trust that someone knows something that happened in a previous life?

These are questions I cannot answer. I do know that one life is more than enough for me. And for me personally I would rather that there is some kind of eternity outside of this universe or with some kind of deity. I wouldn’t want to do this more than once.

All of that said, I have this amazing person in my life that I feel like I have known all of my life. Each day I fall in love with her more, whether it’s through her writing, her way of thinking, a way of caring, or the little things about how she lives her life. She is the only reason I would believe in a past life and she is the only person that makes me want another life.

So I’ll continue to waffle over this question. I will continue to learn from each of you. And I’ve enjoyed this week’s challenge.


I did a past life regression many years go and I was a southern widow during the civil war, I was walking on a veranda…then it was gone.
another I was in ancient Egypt and a physician that one also was very fleeting but I remember sand and people, mostly dressed in white, milling around me/him.
Hope that counts’


Merry meet everyone!
Its been a bit since I was last on the site.

Wanted to share my experience with reincarnation:

I have been a fly, trout, seagull, rabbit, spider (more on this one later) mushroom, grass and yappy dog(LOL).

I have been human 20 times before with the most amazing person; Hildegard of Bingen.

Now to put this into context, I’ll begin with the spider.

there are loads of spiders from Black Widows, Brown Recluse and the lowly house spider. I refuse to kill these things, Not out of fear but of respect and awe. Have you ever seen the webs as they catch the morning dew in spring and fall? These are works of art that took forever to create!!! The added bonus, I have none of the other pests around such as cockroaches, pill bugs, silverfish etc, So when I learned I was a spider I quite literally burst out laughing so hard that I had to re-insert myself into the meditative state to get back to the task at hand.

Being of Germanic decent (I carry a Green Card to prove it) it was shocking to find that this person, Hildegard, was there. She was a medium, musician, mathematician; philosopher; Benedictine Abbess, an most extraordinary a mystic. Her music has been her most prolific offering to the world, but upon learning of how deeply she believed in the mystic arts it blew my mind.

It all seemed to make sense afterwards as to how I am so enthralled with music (I don’t sing well at all but feel it emotionally and the vibrations make me alive) Her works in what is now medicine seem to have spilled over for someone like me who never took to it even though my mother (RIP) insisted that is where I needed to be. Unfortunately, I felt every loss and ailment which was not a good thing emotionally or physically for me.

The mystic part involved her love of the Earth and combining this with her philosophic ideals, the wonders and glory of the “sun, moon, stars and green things on Earth” flourished under her guidance. She revered the Cosmos and all things created. While many have named her a Saint, she was a woman who was able to visualize the vastness of the world and a reason for everything.

I am eager to continue exploring her doctrines and find how they can be incorporated into the current world and my beliefs with Pantheism and the Goddess.

I am so excited!!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


@Kasandra I completely agree with this statement, though I am new to the past lives idea/theory, the statement about paying for the “sins” of your past with your future lives did not sit well with me either.
Blessed Be,