Weekly Witchy Challenge - Props and Presents (Catch-Up!) ⏲

Thanks again to everyone who joined in for the 45th Weekly Witchy Challenge :timer_clock: !

To everyone who opened up a past challenge to put their magickal talents to the test in a variety of ways - here is a hard-earned special shout-out for you! :mega:

In addition to their new experiences, everyone who participated has received a shiny new title (or two!) :trophy:

Your title for this challenge depends on which challenge(s) you completed!

A notification in your inbox will let you know which title(s) you have received. Great job! :+1:

You worked hard for your fancy new title- wear it with honor! :star2:

To set your new title:

  1. Look at the top right-hand corner of the site and click on your avatar/picture
  2. When the drop-down menu opens, click on the person (:mens:)
  3. Then, click on the next gear symbol (:gear:) /“Preferences”"
  4. Scroll down the page until you see “Title”. In the small drop-down box, select the title of your choosing
  5. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page

There are many possible titles you can earn through interacting on the forums. Your chosen title will appear next to your username , and a full list of your earned titles is on your profile in the section “Badges” .

Enjoy- this is a trophy of your accomplishments! :trophy:

Great job to everyone who caught up on challenges this week! I hope you had fun and were able to collect a badge or title you had been missing.

If you didn’t get all the ones you wanted- no fear! There will be another chance to jump into old challenges and collect new titles in the future :grin::trophy:

Once again- congrats to all, and thanks for participating! :hugs:

For challenge-seekers or anyone who missed this week’s challenge- no fear! There will be another challenge coming very soon . Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums for an announcement :speaking_head:

Blessed be! :timer_clock: :heart:


Thank you so much Travel Which for giving us the opportunity to catch up with all the badges we weren’t able to get!
I love :heart: When we can reminisce on all the love and light!
Blessed in abundance!
Let the Light shine!


We did it @Siofra we have our knot magic badge!!! :parrot:
Thank you @TheTravelWitch you’re the bestest :two_hearts:


Thank you @TheTravelWitch! I’m so excited @christina4! We rocked that challenge! :parrot:

I’m excited about the next challenge too. I just acquired more room in my space, so I’m excited to get it cleansed today when my daughter goes to school. It’s really the most comfortable place for me to be in the house.


Ok that’s cool. Oh, I’ll be shipping out your package today or tomorrow ok love :two_hearts:


Oh yay! Thank you so much!

I hope you have a great week ahead & had a great Monday! We got to have a fire yesterday afternoon then just hung out in the living room watching movies last night. The house looks amazing with all of crafting stuff downstairs. I can’t wait to get the rest of the walls up in that room.


That’s gotta be exciting :wink:


I would post a picture but right now there is just stuff in what looks like a corner of an unfinished skeleton of a room. Lol :rofl:


Yay!!! It was so exciting earning these! Thank you @TheTravelWitch for your dedication and inspiration!


Yay! Two is better than one! But it’s a bit hard to choose which of the two I should wear and for how long, until I get next week. :laughing:


Well done everyone on catching up on badges :heart::heart:
I had a lovely surprise when I looked at the challenge for this week and seen I could go back and earn a previous badge :heart: and thank you for my new badge I shall wear it with pride :grin:


You are all very welcome- congrats again, and thanks for joining in the challenge(s) this week! :partying_face: :heart:

I know the feeling -choosing which badge to wear is a whole other challenge, @Kasandra! :laughing: Luckily, no matter which one you choose to wear as a title, all of your badges are proudly on display on your profile page- so you can see them all any time you’d like! :trophy: :sparkles:

I’m so glad you liked the catch-up theme, @Liisa! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The original goal was to have a way for new members to be able to earn badges from old challenges, but it’s also a bit of a ‘safety net’ for everyone. Life does like get busy at times, so there’s no stress for badge-collectors about missing a challenge along the way! :blush::+1:

Blessed be! :heart:


Well i think its a fantastic idea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heartpulse: Blessed Be :heartpulse:


This post is for a closed challenge- but no fear! Visit Activities to join in on current challenges and other fun happenings.