Weekly Witchy Challenge - Props and Presents (Sensational Witch) 👁️‍🗨

Merry meet!

Thank you once again to all those who joined in for the 171st Weekly Witchy Challenge :eye_in_speech_bubble: :

Magickal Senses Witch Challenge

To all those who explored magickal senses this week, here is a special shout-out for you! :mega:

There were a lot of wonderful entries out there! If I accidentally missed your entry or you forgot to label your post as your challenge entry- please let me know so I can add you in!

In addition to new experiences, everyone who shared an entry also received the prize of a new forum badge:

:eye_in_speech_bubble: :relieved: Sensational Witch :wavy_dash: :sparkles:

Sensational Witch badge

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Great work, witchy challengers!

Whether it is or isn’t something you normally focus on in your practice, I hope you enjoyed the theme this week. By trying new things and exploring the entries of fellow coven members, the hope is that this challenge helped you to enrich your Craft :woman_mage:

Thank you again for participating! :tada:

(And an extra thank you to @georgia for suggesting the theme for this challenge :heart:)

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For challenge-seekers or anyone who missed this week’s challenge- no fear! Challenges run every week from Wednesday to the following Tuesday, aka: there will be another challenge coming very soon!

Please keep an eye on the main page of the forum or stop by Activities to see all challenge announcements :mega:

Blessed Be! :eye_in_speech_bubble: :sparkles:


Thanks for the new badge! It’s sensational!


Thanks for the badge. Will share the celebration with all my ghosts etc :rofl:. Congratulations everyone :partying_face:


We are all Sensational, whether we got to post in the challenge at this time or not!

Congratulations and thank you, everyone!


Totally loving the badge, thanks Bry!

Congratulations to all and I second that @georgia


My clair-senses told me we might get a badge out of this. :laughing:

Thanks for the wild ride, yet again! Congratulations everyone! :black_heart:


Yhank you for my new badge and congratulations to everyone else too! Great, thought provoking challenge. You were all SENSEational :see_no_evil:


Thank you :pray:t2::blush:


Thank you for the sensational badge!


thanks for the new sign! congratulations to all!


Congratulations to everyone for receiving your new badge! This is definitely one for my catch up challenge.


Thank you for the new badge! Congratulations to everyone who earned one as well! :tada:


Dang…I posted mine too late!


Thank you so much love my new badge


@BryWisteria thank you so much for the new badge :tada:

Congratulations to everyone who also received their badges also! :confetti_ball:

I enjoyed looking into each of the “Senses” & “Clairs” that I either knew or recently realized that I was working with or had :thinking: I know that some things were always there & others came along or were realized as I worked through, many different things since January 2021 :star_struck: Wonderful things happen when you take the built walls down even a little bit & they come down as they are ready as you continue the work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:scream_cat: My Ears were ringing Claire-audience to see what was happening in the coven spells 8! And it is magnificent to hear we all are intune with our six senses!
I applaud :clap: you all! You are my favorite inspiration! Congrats I tip my hat :tophat:
Love your Life
Love and Light
Love Love Love!


The badges are well-deserved as always- they are a pleasure to share! :heart: :blush: Whether you choose to put it on display or store it proudly on your virtual badge trophy shelf, I hope it sparks joy whenever you see it. Great job! :clap: :grinning:

(And an extra thank you to everyone who indulged with the sensational puns- you’ve all got a great sense of humor! :joy: :heart:)

Next challenge is in the oven- oh wait, no, that’s the Thanksgiving turkey! :turkey: :joy: - the challenge is being stirred up and will appear in the forum as soon as it is ready! :soon: :trophy: :wink:

Blessed be, challengers! :sparkles:


Ooh! Another one to add to the collection! Can a sense of humor be learned? It looks like my goose is cooked! Can we tickle the challenge’s tummy and get it to giggle?


That’s a very funny visual! :joy: :+1:


Congratulations to everyone who got a new badge today! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I didn’t get a chance to do this challenge, but I have an idea for the next catch-up, for sure!