🫙 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Spell Jars & Witch Bottles

Thank you hun! :kissing_heart:


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Those are gorgeous bottles! :heart_eyes:

Side note… I may have a wee bottle/jar problem :laughing:


Oooo i LOVE spell jars… I cant wait for this one…


Because the jar spell was just for the holiday season.


@Solasta_Amore and All:

If you plan on burying your bottle maybe consider using a toliet paper insert or papertowel insert. Just fold the ends in and its perfectly biodegradable! :recycle: The folds can be like half moon shaped too :wink:

There was a post about it with @silverbear in the forum. Silverbear also has many spell jar recipes and you can find her in our forum, on youtube and instagram I think.

Like silverbear and @Artemisia I have a love of jars and containers like wood boxes, cardboard boxes, even some plastic but I only use recycled plastic items for my craft.

Hooray for the spell jar challenge! Sooo much fun to feed our obsessions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Challenge Entry

These are some spell jars I made for myself and family. I really enjoyed making them and felt connected to each jar as I was making them. I felt so much peace making each jar it was a really great first experience!

These are some of the crystal/herb candles I make and sale! Each one with a different intention. I’ve gotten very positive feedback from these candles. One customer said they carry their positive energy candle everywhere with them. I love making these and helping others!


I am so excited - my mugwort arrives tomorrow and I already have my cypress essential oil!!! Can’t wait to make my spell jar for Artemis! :herb: :full_moon: :deer:


Trigger Warning :warning: Please read with mindfulness of yourself & others, post discusses pregnancy/infant loss. Be mindful of replies & read with caution :warning:

@TheTravelWitch_Bry, this challenge looks like fun, and I’m hoping I have the strength to participate this week :blush:. Thank you for creating these neat challenges every week and getting inspiration from our awesome coven.:hugs:

I’ve been going through some stuff lately and haven’t been able to interact with everyone like I had been due to feeling so sick and drained.

Most likely TMI but today was probably the worst day, compared to my prior ones. I was in the ER for most of today, due to a miscarriage that I’m now trying to bounce back from.

On a positive (bc all you can do is move forward and look to love and light) it bring me a warm feeling to see that many of theses challenges have been in line - synchronizing with what I’ve been reading or mentally wanting to do.

My main reason for posting tonight is not to come off as complaining or looking for sympathy but just to say thank you and show my gratitude towards this wonderful community. During the past month or so it’s been a humbling feeling to know that I’m part of a coven that has such wonderful and beautiful people inside and out, that seem to truly care for one another.

Hope everyone is doing well, and had a wonderful day filled with love and an abundance and of joy. Lol, I may be feel sick - weak but I hope everyone is doing well, and living there best witchy and non witchy lives.

Warmest wishes to our lovely coven :two_hearts:.


@Solasta_Amore Much love to you too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Aurora_Hestia So glad to hear you are feeling a bit better- may you be back to 100% asap! :pray::heart:

@Amaris_Bane A buck 25 is a steal for bottles as pretty as those- nice find! :sunglasses: :+1:

@Assyla555 It really is “The Dollar 25 Store” now- they ought to change their name officially! :laughing: :+1:

@Artemisia I wouldn’t call it a “problem”, I’d call it one impressive collection- any witch would be jealous of your store of fun jars and bottles, Artemisia! :heart_eyes: Good luck and have fun with your spell jar for Artemis! :full_moon_with_face:

@yolande1 Hooray! Good luck and hope you have fun with it, Yolande! :heart:

@Sarafeena_Sage Thank you for the helpful eco-friendly tip and also for sharing the post- you’re right! @Silverbear is a pro with spell jars and bottles- she is, after all, the official “Queen of Witch Bottles”! :wink::two_hearts: :jar:

@brandy20 Your bottles are really beautiful, and they’re all the more gorgeous when you know they were made with love to give as gifts. Your family is truly very blessed to have you, Brandy! :grinning:

@Francessca Huge hugs and so much love to you, Francessca- I am so sorry to hear that things have been tough for you :people_hugging: :heart: I think you are amazingly strong for overcoming the miscarriage and moving forward with such a positive and gracious attitude. And despite all you’ve been through lately, you still have such warmth and brightness- you are a very strong soul indeed! :star: I am really honored if you enjoy the challenges, and I hope that you continue to find joy and happiness around you. You deserve all the good things and then some- sending so much love and light your way, Francessca! :candle::pray::two_hearts:


:thinking:. Now, witch (:wink:) one resonates…I finally caught a weekly challenge and am going to try one spell jar that is calling to me… although the jar will be small, my cup of intention will be a gallon jar!


I was able to obtain Mugwort at my local super mercado. Do you have a Mexican market near you?


Challenge Entry

In the 90s I made a few bottles that I loved dearly… we used large, shaped glass bottles with a cork (my favorite was a heart), filled them with dried flowers and then baby or mineral oil. You then cork it tightly. You could easily drop candle wax over the cork as well.


Image by likesilkto from Pixabay

Here are detailed instructions for making one, exactly how I made mine:


I remember how magical this felt, even though I was Mormon at the time. I added the flowers carefully, picking them according to what filled me with love and joy. I remember being drawn to daisies, roses and baby’s breath. I often took that bottle off of the shelf and looked at it. Over the years it almost felt like a friend that was watching over me, as silly as that might sound.

Bowls instead of jars

I actually make spell ‘bowls’ now, where I fill a crystal dish with things that match my intentions for our home, starting with salt. I’ll often add things like basil or cinnamon or cloves, for things like peace and love. I’ll stir the bowl a bit with my fingers from time to time to kick up the magick again. Once the bowl feels ‘stale’, I empty it.

A fairy / inner child bottle

This challenge brought to mind a bottle I had someone put together for me a few years ago on Etsy. I requested one that would inspire self love and my inner child, who loved fairies and believed in magic. She sent it to me, it is filled with all kind of flowers… like dandelion petals, small rose buds and lavender, as well as bits of rose quartz, seashells, acorn caps and all kinds of cute natural items. Every time I look at it, I rotate the jar to see all of the treasures and I am reminded of that little girl that believed that anything was possible.

This challenge inspired me to move that bottle to my shrine / altar space. I actually forgot I had it. So I am grateful to be reminded.

Coming back to add two more that I forgot I had… these are simple and fun to do.

This glitter one was made with a bit of glue added to water, with watercolor drops added for color, then of course glitter. I shake it up when I want to feel that inner child come out. I’ll also set it in the sun after shaking it, and watch it cast rainbows.

This one was a simple jar I got from Michael’s, and I filled it with dried yarrow that I collected. It has a rubber stopper so it preserves the scent. I would open it and give it a good whiff for energy, and a connection to nature in deep winter!

Once the smell is gone I will put these outside and collect new ones… with the plant’s permission, of course.


Your post had so much inspiration for me, but this really spoke to my heart :heart: I feel like this is the spell jar I need to create for myself because I lose sight of myself so much and my inner child needs all the help it can get.

Thank you for the inspiration for this challenge :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Aw, you’re so very welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I hadn’t even thought of looking there!!! We do have a large international supermarket that I’ve been to a few times. I do need spices for chai anyway. I’ll have to take a trip next week and see what I can find. Great suggestion, thank you!


I found mugwort, wormwood, mullein, eucalyptus leaves, whole star anise, and rose. Theres a whole bunch more that I need to look up because I’ve never heard of them.


Honestly, it seems so silly that I never went there to check for herbs for my practice! :laughing: I’ve been there to recreate a dish I had in Beijing and another time to hunt down some coffee candies that I had in Hong Kong and some real Tiger Balm (the stuff they produce in the US is pretty weak). Yep, I now have a goal of checking out all the herbs there next week, maybe even on Monday!


I love these they are so beautiful!!


Thank you @brandy20 :heart: I’m glad you enjoyed them!