⭐ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Star Magick

OH! I like the idea of @SilverBear having Wiki! She does such wonderful work on her videos and information.

I did a spell from her today for Empaths. I made a pouch for myself & for my daughter. I put it in her nightstand and I will carry mine around with me.


My Entry - Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Oh man…I’d be famous! hehe! :relaxed: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am interested in Astrology … I have decided to join in so this will be my first Weekly Witchy Challenge - Star Magick.

Here’s my chart:


I loved the dedication and the work put into it. Thank you. So interesting. :slight_smile: I will comment more there so I don’t get this off track.


I’m glad you’ve found a new passion in astrology, @Siofra_Strega- it really is a fascinating aspect of both our practices and our lives! :scorpius: :two_hearts:

Congrats on the successful Capricorn meditation, @AliceInWonderdab ! It sounds like you had a beautiful experience- it will definitely make a great addition to your journal :open_book: Well done! :blush:

Thanks for sharing your natal chart, @Kasandra- so much excitement to be explored there! :star_struck: It looks like you were able to learn a lot about yourself and dig deep into your personal astrology. Great job! :heart_decoration:

The group rituals and challenges probably line up so often because they share the same well of inspiration :joy::brain: It always make me happy to hear you enjoy them, @praecog29! :heart: Sending ever more positive energy your way- may your lovely blue Goldstone help you find your inner balance :large_blue_circle: :balance_scale:

Thanks again for your wonderful entry about the Lunar Nodes, @Abs53- great job! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Congrats on your first challenge, @marsha! :clap: Astrology really is a wonderful aspect- it looks like you were able to explore a lot with your personal chart! :blush: Well done! :two_hearts:


Your not alone a bit lost too😂


I light a blue candle to represent the sky and a yellow for the stars. I did the star energy meditation and I’m planning on using the guided meditation for sleep tonight.
My morning and night rituals are sacred to me, so this meditation will fit in perfectly with my nightly ritual. The Star Energy mediation I already did was very well played out.
I’ll let everyone know how it goes.
Oh my Affirmation was that no matter what I’ll shine bright like a star :joy: thought I was gonna say diamond in Rhiannas song. Sorry :joy:
And I placed star stickers around the affirmation


I’m thinking I’ll dive a little deeper into my natal chart tonight, Look into the houses and nodes.


Sing it girl!!! :musical_note:Shine bright like a :gem::musical_note:


Here is my entry for the week: Spell to the North Star.


For the last few days my hubby and I have been using the https://www.starmagichealing.com/ meditation on youtube for instant manifestation. Here is the link to the meditation. it is really powerful. I am not sure if it fits the challenge but…I am going to post anyway.

Merkabah Manifestation part 2.

He also has part 1 on youtube as well

Enjoy the meditations. It’s almost time for mine. )0(


This is my entry for this weeks challenge:

I’m trying to learn how to interpret my natal chart.
And I found this to be pretty interesting:
"Lilith Black Moon Lilith represents our darker, deeper natures that may be repressed or buried.
Lilith in Scorpio
She may have felt uncomfortable regarding the natural need for intimacy, attachment, and
depth contact. She can feel wrong expressing jealousy or possessiveness and attachment.
However, learning to accept that these are natural, very human feelings can go along way
toward her self-acceptance. It can also put an end to extreme behaviors or tantrums in these
7 Square between Lilith - Lunar Node
She instinctively knows that connecting with her deeper or darker nature in empowering
ways will help her grow, evolve, and advance. Jealousy is seen as human and helpful for
illuminating her deeper desires.


For this challenge I did my natal chart, a lot seems to be on point.

I also downloaded this app


I could not find Libra :libra: but was able to find Virgo :virgo:
Today I did a spiritual cleanse and did my devotionals and looked at the stars tonight! astro.cafeastrology.com-Natal Chart Report.pdf (265.2 KB)


A beautiful meditation, @Christina4- I love the components you chose! Blue and yellow candles and the star stickers (as well as the tune of the song :laughing: :musical_note: :+1: ) are all wonderful. I hope you had a very blessed meditation! :star2:

Once again, beautifully done @Amethyst! :blush::star:

The group name “Star Magic Healing” sounds like it fits perfectly with this challenge, @Magdelina! :raised_hands: It really does sound like a powerful meditation- drawing on the starlight and seeing yourself as your own personal star :star: Thanks for sharing and I hope you continue to enjoy your daily meditations :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Beautiful, @Rowan! It looks like you were able to dive deep into your natal chart and explore our own identity within the stars- loving that Scorpio energy :scorpius: :grin: Great job!

Nice, @Jeannie1- that looks like a fun app! Congrats on your spiritual cleanse and devototionals as well- they are wonderful to do in the light of the stars :milky_way: :two_hearts:


For this challenge (inspired by so many of you jumping into your own exciting astrological charts! :star_struck: ) I also wanted to explore a bit deeper into my astrological ties.

I’ve always felt very connected and resonated strongly with my Sun Sign - Scorpio :scorpius::sun_with_face:. Nearly every time I read a horoscope based on this sign, I find myself reading things that make me say “ah yes, that’s definitely me!” :grin:

—> (Sun Sign Calculator here)

My Moon Sign - Taurus :taurus: :full_moon: is the opposite- I never really connected with this part of myself. I’ve come to accept that this may mean that my character is still developing, or perhaps I just don’t know myself as deeply as I need to. Time will tell! :laughing:

—> (Moon Sign Calculator here)

For this challenge, I wasn’t feeling as brave as those of you who explored your full natal chart (that’s a huge mountain of information I’m just not ready to unpack right now! :sweat_smile:) but I figured it was high time to find my Ascendent/Rising Sign

[From CafeAstrology]

I used the Ascendant/Rising Calculator on CafeAstrology and found out… I’m a Gemini Ascendant! :gemini:

[From Exemplore]

I found some interesting information on Exemplore about Gemini Rising- and I have to say, I feel this one suits me as much as my sun sign! :gemini: :wind_face:

I always felt like I was missing some air and intellectual qualities in my stars- I’m glad I was able to find where that fits into my life :grin:

While I feel comfortable with the basic zodiac signs (sun and moon), the many other aspects of astrology are exciting new territory for me. It’s always fun to dig a bit deeper and explore more of what the stars have to tell us! :star2:


Friendly reminder time!

:grey_exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :grey_exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your star magick experience by the deadline: Tomorrow: March 9th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Blessed be! :star2: :heart:


Yes!! Gemini rising!! I see that in you so much @TheTravelWitch_Bry :sparkles:

I’m Scorpio rising :heart: Which I think resonates with me slightly more than my Sun sign which is Virgo. My moon is Gemini. I’m very emotionally Gemini :joy:


I love the recent Scorpio energies with @Rowan & @Abs53 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I have also always been the same way about my sun sign @TheTravelWitch_Bry … it just fits me. Now I am really trying to learn about how my moon (Virgo) and ascendant (Capricorn) fit me. It helps to learn more about the signs though, then I wind up going off onto tangents to read about my kid’s signs & then it all gets confused. I have to remember to stay on topic in my head!


Hooray! Cheers to the shared Scorpio and Gemini energy @Abs53 :raised_hands: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m sure things will eventually become clear for those of us who feel strongly connected to some parts of our personal astrology but less connected with other aspects. Enjoy your search as you explore your stars, @Siofra_Strega! I’m cheering you on :partying_face: