🎯 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Tactical Magick

Welcome @stacy11

Please share how you combined your craft with yoga! I would love to learn more :hugs: I am looking forward to seeing your entry!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


I was already doing yoga & the daily spells on here. I am now doing that at my mat (lighting my candle, incense, setting my intentions) & devoting my yoga practice to my intention. For the new moon & the full moon, I did my spell work as usual, just at my mat, but as some may meditate I chose to do yoga & did moon salutations. Look up the youtube channel The Yogi Witch, she has tons of routines for various moon phases/sabbats. Ive also started learning poses to help with the different chakras, such as goddess pose is for your sacral chakra.


Amaris’s Challenge Entry

The idea for this challenge started with an auto-correct typo, but the idea of tactically using magick is intriguing. I was pleasantly surprised to find a book titled “Tactical Magick” by Seth (no last name). Here are two defensive magick spells that can be used when “under attack.”

Counter-magick Sigil

In this spell, the witch uses counter-magick to repel oncoming magickal attacks. With visualization, the witch calls up a counter-magick sigil and projects it at the offensive magick. According to the counter-magick style, when the sigil comes in contact with the force, it will deflect, absorb, or reflect it.

The witch draws the sigil (in their preferred way) and memorizes it. Holding the sigil firmly in your mind, burn the parchment, visualizing the burning parchment committing the sigil to magick. The ashes can be buried, spread in the wind, etc. With a power word or hand gesture, the witch may “hurl” the sigil at its target when calling up the spell.

Spirit Nuke

For this spell, you will need the following:

  • A container that reminds you of a bomb (shoebox, tin can, plastic/cardboard cylinder, etc.).
  • Herbs, crystals, curios that, at least in your mind, cause harm or distress to magical entities. Some suggestions are lots of salt, iron filings, and garlic. Use whatever calls to you.
  • Bind rune: you will want to create your own unique bind rune, as it should hold personal relevance to you. The rune’s purpose is to hold the stored energy until you “detonate” the “bomb.”
  • An activation protocol: you can a spell protocols loaded into the device to allow “remote detonation” or breathe activation, in which you breathe the activation power into the “nuke” and make a run for it. If you are really into it, you can use real explosives like fireworks; just make sure it is not illegal/dangerous to do so.

Witches can use this “bomb” to remove all magical influences (spells or entities) from a particular area. For three days, the witch infuses a container full of magical ingredients with as much magickal energy as she can harness three times a day. Why three? Throughout human history, the number three has held special significance. It is the number of times - past/present/future, birth/life/death, and beginning/middle/end.

A bind rune is placed on the container as magickal energy fills it to keep it from dissipating too early. After that, you put the container at the closest approximation of the center in the target area. Under or around the container, a protective circle or ward sigil is drawn to prevent tampering. Using whatever activation protocol they’ve built, the witch then “detonates” the nuke. In one massive blast, the stored energy is released. Keep your distance from the “blast radius,” as it can cause severe etheric damage.


I love blending magic and yoga! I also enjoy building mobile altars by my yoga mat.
I have a number of yoga collections on YouTube for chakras.
Here are my playlists:
Root: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjLZyUeM7XgXxKNRFF63BFqRWzF45c6lh

Sacral: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjLZyUeM7XgXQ9KlRlmULgDjuGuzCymIi

Solar: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjLZyUeM7XgUCT0NF5qBnoNE6OCT-wxo7

Heart: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjLZyUeM7XgXBDryoG3omwVlAl1wx2QId

Throat: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjLZyUeM7XgV868NOLYq1vcZECN64MaPb

3rd Eye: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjLZyUeM7XgX7d8L8L57sZtPdOL7cChlC

Crown: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjLZyUeM7XgWbwYRgtaeokLYgtH2I87BM


This is amazing! Thank you for sharing!


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@Amaris_Bane Thanks for this! I printed it out, went to the link you provided & found out about the Tactical Magic platform, which I find intriguing. Awesome :sunglasses:


Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Tactical Magick - Entry

This Challenge could not have happened at a better time. I am going to use the Weekly Witchy Challenge - Tactical Magick to assist me with a lawsuit. As I was surfing the web, I found a website that will be able to help me with just that. Below is a quote from

While m​agic can’t violate the free will of judges, lawyers or witnesses to act as they see fit, it can tilt all of the other variables in your favor. By definition, a legal problem means someone else’s will is opposing yours directly, so the likelihood of a simple magic spell solving your problem is pretty low. You’ll need to bust out some big guns since you have other people—lawyers, judges, prosecutors, etc.—actively working against you.

The paragraph above made a great point by reminding us that there are professional people who are educated, have access to legal documents and are continuously working to win their case.

House of Intuition - Your Intuition Led You Here (houseofintuitionla.com)


Ok, so to my defence I have had a lot of caffeine this morning so I may just sound even more straight up cooky-dooks than normal. Which if you know me and my Jess-isms it’s just a whole pot of craziness.

Oakey dokey artichokey so I don’t think that this will come as any amount of a surprise to anyone who knows me that my magickal tactics would be that I’m gonna whip my crystals out. Welcome to this week’s spontaneous edition of "Is there a crystal for that?…” yes, yes there is.

Working with the vibes of reflective and protective energy in a magickal defence tactical move:

Personally, today I will be carrying with me Nguni Jasper and Bronzite tumbles.

Nguni Jasper is the stone of protection, repelled negativity and focused energy. It is a powerful little protective stone which helps to protect you from bad vibes and ill intentions. It is a great little buddy to repel all kinds of negative energy and it helps to ward off evil and danger of any kind - physical, emotional, spiritual, Nguni Jasper has got your back. It is great for helping you ground scattered thoughts. Imagine it as like an all-purpose protective shield that can fit in your pocket. It’s a very kind and gentle stone to its person but it packs a punch.

Bronzite is the stone of courtesy, repelled negativity and inspiration. It is basically a little ball of karma and ‘return to sender’ in pretty, shiny crystal form. It’s a great stone to repel a person’s negative energy and send it straight back at them. Imagine it kind of like “thank you very much for that ball of negative goop that you sent my way that I did not need or ask for, plus I don’t actually deserve it. So here, have it back. You’re welcome.”

(Just simile sweetly at someone sending you their negative juju and think to yourself… “b**ch please, I have Bronzite and Nguni in my pocket. You might just wanna check yourself before you wreck yourself. Good luck buttercup").

Ok so I went a - rummaging in my crystal collection for some recommendations for success and protection and I came up with these little lovelies… Ok so above we have a Rainbow Fluorite point, a Tiger’s Eye pillar, a Pyrite and Black Tourmaline rough, an Amethyst cluster, a Green Aventurine worry stone, a Citrine tumble, a Lemon Calcite and Black Obsidian palm stone. There are so many shapes and sizes in our little crystal buddies which means we can work with them in a multitude of ways.

Crystals for success:

Green Aventurine is the stone of creativity, confidence and success. It works with you to help you to succeed in all of your endeavours, no matter how big or small they may be. It encourages you to take decisive action. It helps to bring out your strong leadership qualities. It encourages you to keep on going no matter what obstacles seem to stand in your way. It is the go-to good luck crystal. It is a powerfully positive stone that just seems to attract abundance in many different ways.

Pyrtie is the stone of confidence, success and money. It gives a kick up the pants to your ambition, helping to instil in you a sense of courage, vitality, and persistence to go out and get what whatever it is that you want. It helps to support your strength and stamina. It helps you step into and embrace leadership roles. It helps to boost your self-confidence. It helps your overcome negative and self-sabotaging thoughts and fears. It helps you to overcome all that is holding you back, and to take positive actions to live the life you want.

Citrine is the stone of success and communication. It to helps to ease our anxieties around matters, it brings forth a sudden burst of positivity and promotes a clear, can-do attitude to help you get what you want in life. It’s like a little sprinkling of glitter onto the bad. It is most certainly an energy giver like a little ball of sunshine that pulls your socks up. It helps you to feel the vibe of optimism, which helps you to tap into the powers of manifestation. With this little crystal buddy on your side, anything is possible – and it totally is.

Rainbow Fluorite is the stone of focus, clarity and positivity. It has been known to help boost positive thoughts, clear the mind and increase focus. It sometimes can be known as the “genius stone” as it helps you to utilise your intuitive power to help you in the clear judgement of things. It can help lead to towards your goals, even when there seem to be major obstacles in your way. So it does help you when you are stuck with a problem to calmly face it straight on and makes it easier to intuitively find clues to the solution.

Lemon Calcite is the stone of goals, motivation and confidence. It helps to give you the ‘slap-slap’ to stop procrastinating. It helps to boost your confidence in regards to a situation, kick your motivation in the pants and gives some Red Bull to your determination. It is literally like sucking on a sour lemon lolly to wake yourself up and put some pep in your step. Honestly I love it as I crystal because I need that kick up the backside but sometimes it’s not very nice and I need to go and have a cuddle with some Rose Quartz to make me feel better after working with this sourball.

Amethyst is the stone of calm, patience and manifestation. It can help to set your mind straight. This stone clears out the mess and the junk that we all accumulate. It eases anxious thinking and over-thinking. It helps to put you in a place where you can make good choices that matter. It helps to bring a sense of calm and clarity to times of chaos and uncertainty. It helps you to feel feel comforted, grounded and soothed in an uplifting way. It is a great stone for reminding us not to fear the unknown.

Crystals for Protection:

Black Obsidian is the stone of refection, repelled negativity and emotional growth. It is the volcanic glass rock and it acts as a shield to your emotions against negative energy. It helps to pull you back up onto your feet when you feel like you have been knocked down. It really doesn’t matter if your bad juju is coming from yourself or from external forces, Obsidian will work to throw its cloak of protection over your shoulders, reinsuring that no matter what – you aren’t going to be dragged down into a void of despair. It is a companion stone that truly helps you to feel safe. (My flavour of the month atm… lately I’ve been sleeping with my Obsidian palm stone clutched in my hand and it makes me feel better).

Black Tourmaline is the stone of repelled negative energy, protection and grounding. It helps its person be free of dark feelings, turning our anxious vibrations into more positive thoughts that nurtures the soul. It can help to boost your sense of self-confidence to embrace who you are, speak your truth, and set upon your own unique path to the live your best life. (You do you boo). It works hard to keep bad energy at bay. It helps you to consistently be on your best game and to achieve all that you can. If you tend to feel like at times you can lose your head or feel like the world is falling in on you from very angle, Black Tourmaline can help to transform your potential for staying calm and collected. By cutting through anxious your thoughts, protecting you from the negative energies of others and the environment you’re in, and helping you stay grounded and connected, you can say toodle-loo to detrimental levels of stress and anxiety. When you repel negative energy and welcome positive energy, you also pave the way for good luck to flow towards you.

Just a little bit of both:

Tiger’s Eye is the stone of resilience, strength and willpower. It encourages us to embrace our inner tiger, our inner strength, our personal willpower and determination. It also encourages us to call on the powers of protection. It helps to ward of curses and keep its person safe from ill wishes. It clears negative energy and boots self-confidence. It helps to wash away any toxic energy, clear mental roadblocks. It is a wonderful stone for helping you to realise your deepest dreams and guides you to your visions becoming well and truly in within reach.

There are definitely more crystals out there for success and protection. I’ve only listed a few that I have in my own collection that I could share a picture of, I’ve referenced my collection of crystal books and and I’ve tried to give my own kind of spiel on their vibe and energy.

I have multiple little crystal altars in my room. This one in particular is my grounding and protection sphere collection including Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Clear Quartz and a little Smoky Quartz Cluster with a Selenite pillar which means they are constantly cleansed and charged (which is very handy when you are a very lazy crystal cleanser like myself who can’t be bothered taking all your crystals out under the full moon because there’s just too gosh darn many)

But wait there’s more…. If you like the sounds of one the crystals that I have mentioned above but you don’t have one, can’t find one. No worries. That’s totally cool bananas. If you have a piece of Clear Quartz you can program your Clear Quartz to take on the energy of another crystal. All you have to do is ask it to do so. You can even place a picture or piece of paper with the name of the crystal that you would like your Clear Quartz to mimic. It’s like the chameleon of the crystal world.


You are very knowledgeable thank you :blush:


Oh i so wish i had seen this when i was doing my exams. Well at least i know about it now :blush:


Weekly witchy challenge tactical magick entry- @TheMuslimWitch

For my entry this week I want to share “my best defence” which is my new sacred space door mat which acts both as a protection spell and a welcome mat:

I also have this evil eye dream catcher about my sacred room door as well:


I was excited to see what the coven would think about a tactical challenge- but I certainly didn’t expect it to be so popular! I’m happy this theme sparked something in so many people so quickly :dart::fire::blush:

@Amethyst, @Marsha, @Kasandra - You’re all brilliant and very creative! I’m sure a creative idea will hit you soon- and when it does, I can’t wait to see what you’ll do! Good luck and I hope you have funwith it! :heart::grinning:

@stacy11 Welcome, Stacy! :blush: Combining yoga with magick is a great idea, and it sounds like it has been a wonderful experience for you. Thank you for sharing! :two_hearts:

@LexiHex Agreed! Many people use yoga as a spiritual practice in addition to a healthy physical practice- it makes sense that yoga would blend very well with magick! :person_in_lotus_position: :sparkles::blush:

@Garnet There are great lessons (sometimes hard lessons, but the harder they are the more valuable they seem to be!) to be learned through the classic tales- thank you for bringing us on your lovely reflection, Garnet! :swan: :sparkles:

@August_Wandering Wishing you blessed spellwork- I hope you enjoy the tarot spell, August! :blush::heart:

@Wysteria_Norn Those sound like some wonderful protective and self-defense measures, wishing you all the best with your smoke cleansing and protective salt barrier, Wysteria! :salt::sparkles:

@MeganB I love the idea of a success sigil to aid in your fitness routine- that’s such a great way to enhance your workouts! :running_woman: :muscle: :sparkles: Wishing you and your fiance all the best- enjoy your exercise machine, may it help you both on your quest for fitness and good health! :raised_hands:

@Amaris_Bane Sometimes genius is unintentional- the tactical challenge has only been up for 24 hours and the discussion is already thriving! It was a very fun idea for a challenge, so thank you for inspiring it :blush: What a perfect book to go with the theme- I have to admit the idea of a spirit nuke is a fascinating one! Not something I’d ever considered before- it certainly opens up some creative new ways to apply magick. Thank you so much for this, Amaris! :raised_hands: :heart:

@crystal5 Thank you for sharing your yoga playlists, Crystal- it’s awesome that you have one for each of the chakras! :rainbow: :person_in_lotus_position:

@Mistress_Of_Herbs (Forgive me, just have to check that this entry is for the Tactical challenge and not the Rune challenge? If it is meant to be here, then feel free to ignore this! :pray::blush:) It sounds like your runes studies are advancing wonderfully, Christeena- may they offer you lots of guidance and assist anytime you seek their wisdom! Your runes and rune plate are gorgeous too :heart_eyes: Thank you for sharing! :heart:

@Medea Pursuing Tactical Magick sounds like a great way to help you push forward and achieve the outcome you are hoping for- I am wishing you all the best in your upcoming lawsuit, Medea! :pray::blush:

@Jessica72 I am always and forever a fan of your “Jess-isms” :laughing: :+1: :heart: And I agree- it does seem like there is a crystal for everything! In which case you and your beautiful crystals are always a great resource :gem::blush: Thank you so much for all this wonderful crystal wisdom (and also for your hilarious notes and comments- your commentary is a real gold mine :joy::two_hearts:)

@TheMuslimWitch I love that door mat- it’s perfect in the entryway to your sacred space! And bonus points that it doubles as protection spell :shield: :sparkles: It (and the Nazar eye decoration :nazar_amulet:) are awesome!


I realized that my previous entry wasnt labeled as an entry, apologies, still learning to navigate the app. Heres my weekly challenge entry.

I was already doing yoga & the daily spells on here. I am now doing that at my mat (lighting my candle, incense, setting my intentions) & devoting my yoga practice to my intention. For the new moon & the full moon, I do my spell work as usual, just at my mat, instead of meditation I chose to do yoga & did moon salutations. For the next week I will dedicate each day to a specific chakra & have a spell to balance each chakra that i will be doing at my mat. Combining a little self care & magic while also learning to trust myself, mind, body, & spirit. :woman_in_lotus_position: :om: :woman_in_lotus_position:


@Amaris_Bane – Your challenge entries never cease to amaze me :star_struck: I like the idea of the Spirit Nuke. I’m tucking that one away for myself later – just in case! :wink:

@Medea – Good luck on your lawsuit! :clap: May the scales :balance_scale: of justice be tipped in your favor.

@jessica72 – Those are beautiful stones :heart: I’ve never heard of either of them (Nguni or Bronzite) so this was new information to me! I have heard of the other ones you’ve mentioned – I even have my own rainbow fluorite :rainbow: tumbled stone that I like to carry around sometimes. Thank you for sharing all of this wonderful crystal information!

@TheMuslimWitch – I love that doormat! :door: The cauldron on that looks kinda like my logo for 'Round the Cauldron :laughing: but it’s cute!

@stacy11 – No worries, Stacy! It works just as well :blush:


This weeks, Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Tactical Magick, is going to be researched with a personal matter in mind. Here is the setting:

I am in the middle of a Lawsuit and the woman (Demon) that I am suing, removed all my worldly possesses including my rescue cat and threw everything in a dumpster when I went to the store shopping. There was no legal notice informing me to move out of the property. I had been renting for 7 years and I have been a friend of the family for 28 years…

I have found a great website, https://houseofintuitionla.com, that has information on how to use Magick Spells and other ways to tip the scale in my favor. Here is their definition and example of their thought process:

By definition, a legal problem means someone else’s will is opposing yours directly, so the likelihood of a simple magic spell solving your problem is pretty low. You’ll need to bust out some big guns since you have other people—lawyers, judges, prosecutors, etc.—actively working against you.” (houseofintuitionla,2022)

This Challenge happened at the right time. I have a court date next week. I won the first round; she was found guilty of an Illegal Lockout. So yes, time for the Big Guns!




I tried to delete this, but it would not let me. I guess I really wanted to make sure I got my Challenge started…lol


While I refrain from any door mats that say welcome, this one is adorable! My reasoning for not having a “welcome” mat/sign is that fae are tricky creatures and will use the loophole of you “welcoming” them into your home by having a mat or sign that says “welcome.” Spirits may or may not use this loophole, depending on their nature.

My mom would love your evil eye dreamcatcher!


I’m with you on that one, @Amaris_Bane you won’t find a welcome sign here!


Thank you :blush: