🧑‍💻 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Technology & Modern Magick

My collection isn’t huge and a lot of my crystals are small, but I like being able to say ok I want to amplify my romantic connection or ease anxiety or whatever else I’m working toward and being able to see what I have that will work for that purpose. I got sick of looking at spells and not having any of the crystals or herbs on hand, so now I just start with what I know that I have.


Oh, this is going to be interesting~ :grin:

I have a complicated relationship with technology, that’s really where my journey into magick started. Hang on, this is going to take a while… :sweat_smile:

I remember home computers from my early childhood, the kinds that were mostly used for games. They were closest to magick I had seen, and I watched in awe as the mysterious box made strange new worlds appear on the TV screen, and unlike TV shows I could actually explore theose worlds on my own! :star_struck:

I was determined to work out how computers work. I had two older brothers who were similarly captivated, and showed me: programming, that’s where it’s at. You can write out instructions for the computer, and if you’ve written them correctly, the machine obeys. Instead of playing someone else’s game, that’s how you can make your own. The only limitations are your imagination, your programming skill, and the technical limitations that were much stricter back then but still left plenty of room to play around.

I had a lot of fun with the simplest things, like the computer asking my name, and then greeting me by that name. I could make windows appear, and fill them with various shapes endlessly appearing in psychedelic colors. I also spent so much time in the drawing program. I didn’t have the means or the knowledge to combine them, to bring my drawings into the programming environment, but I kept dreaming about it.

My school years were largely spent with computers. Hardware and software, and how they connect. Not unlike how we have a body and a mind. That started slowly to build a bridge to getting curious about our own hardware and software. Physics and metaphysics. It was still a seed, that was just starting to take root. Meanwhile I had my life plans set, I was going to study this stuff in university, and become a programmer.

And… so I did. I had an intention, the determination, the passion, and the perseverance, and I made it manifest. I had a fun job, a couple of okay jobs, then a terrible job, and that was it. Bored of computers now. :sweat_smile: Well… it was a little more complicated than that. Boring people was more like it. I couldn’t really find the magick where I was working. So I decided to take a sharp left turn and start looking it elsewhere. I had heard good things about witchcraft :wink:

So… here we are again, at the intersection of the technical and the magickal. The artificial and the organic, the straight lines and the wild grooves. Maybe I can get them to dance together, we’ll see. :blue_heart: :sparkles:


challenge entry
Ohh i love this one. While i have norebooks and physical things such as candles or cards etc crystals and the like because i travel alot on public transport and dont have a car, and also often in spaces i cant pull out pagan or witchy things i use my phone alot in my practice. Its like a travel bundle and i have a file with pagan or witch apps on my phone so i can find easy such as the spells8 app, the moon cycles app, a witch app which has wheel of year and can set dates to southern hem. Ive got more oracle, tarot and now lenomand and kipper card decks on phone than physical :joy:partly cause cheaper and easier to use on the go but i do still want to get some physical decks when can for when i do want to use a hands on deck and do rrading for others, but for now im using alot of apps fpr my practice. I also use resources from like tge spells 8 site and forum and youtube like other witch practitioners to learn from people who share their knowledge that way. Including right now really trying to get my head around rrading divinatiin including lenomand and kipper and the grand tableau as welk as smaller spreads. Im trying to learn all the tarot, oracle, lenomand, kipper, runes and ogham and while i have physical decks or resources i also do rely heavily on my phone using my 1hr and half hour trip from work once finished aby work tasks left from day to listen to a youtube video on reading techniques on different spreads or just learning the different systems. I have audio books on different topics and some on kindle and can read these on train without ppl knowing what im doing. I research topics im learning about on my phone and i also have pkay lists for pagan and witch music, music dedicated to deities i honor and ive even used for meditations abd so much more. While i do love having physical objects when having to carry all on me for lobg distances or out where i might draw negative attention havibg my phone as a pagan and witch resource has been amazing and no one needed to know what i was wayching, listening to or doing on my phone say if i was doing a reading on one of my apps. So yes technology has played a vig part in my practice and as even now as i type this veing in pain and not able to move much, or being exhausted ( yesterday even feeling like i was going to callapse seberal times) using my phone requires less movement and energy from me, though do need the phobe charged, so when im in pain or exhausted and cant move much because of this, my phone or a tablet even is really a great help to stay connected to my practice. I do want to try explore this further in ways that maybe ive not been able to get physical things or go to places physically esp with meditation to set up stuff so can do inner temple work with say ocean soubds or forest sounds on playlists or images to meditate on that relate to deities honor as getting physical statues of them is difficult and may also raise concern should family drop by unannounced as they sometimes do. But if have images on phone i could prop it up in front on where sit and maybe have candle nect to it and have some time tgat way with a deity even if its not a physical image or card. Also if went out to a place sacred to them i could do this without having to pull out a physixal statue atound other ppl could just pull up that image on phone and even if close phone but hold that image in mind it might also help connect to members of my clan. But again going out n about is more difficult these days esp with pain and exhaustion though i had pusged myself in the past to still go out, i do kinda feel ( even if i didnt know there was a legit reason for it back then) that my trying to be social and beinf pressured to go to places like church services or events, id been going in an already vulnerable state from trauma and add pain and exhaustion, sometimes i feel its my own fault that i left the house and fot out there that more trauma occured esp now i know there had been a reason for the symptoms now like physical exhaustion and pain, anxiety and depression, confusion and trouble concentrating. Things a part of the condition already even withiut past trauma… so now i feel like othwr than to get food or to go to work or visit family or one friend and her family. I dont go out anymore. Going to beach or parks or other places i used to enjoy, i fear by going to those places im putting myself in danger, even without anyone knowing im pagan or witch, i fear running into ppl who were involved or behind those traumatic events and worse they finding out i was pagan or knowing already and what they may do. Also because id be alone and relying on public transport, targeted by ppl in past purely based on that. So yeah i have to say technology is a way to safely explore my practive withoit ppl knowing when i do leave the house and is a help to bring the outside in when i can not leave the house. . Not even when need food etc. Just talking aboit it has made me realise just how much thats affected me without realising, but i am especially so grateful that technology does open up avenues and resources eben just here on spells 8 forum to connect to ppl when otherwise i wouldn’t really see anyone outside work and occational family events or meetup with one friend in person.
Sorry it was a long post. I started and just kinda got carried away talkinh about all the ways i use technology in practice n maybe a few tangents about why that was important for me. …


I completely agree. Very often they are able to show me new things! The children in my class were all given their own ipad and the things they can do with them are just extraordinary.


I have been thinking about this one since I saw the challenge posted… now I’m pretty sure that I’m overanalyzing my practice & technology… but I will figure out how to word it if not today then by the end of the weekend… I always know when I’m overthinking or overanalyzing when I start to confuse myself :rofl:

I read everyone’s entries so far & now I’m like… hmmm :thinking: how does it come into play exactly for my practice & then I’m like… yup I do that & have done that :laughing: I’m really making this more complicated for myself than it needs to be. :joy:


I was the same with this one. I was lookong for elaborate technologically advanced spellwork. I was questioning whether my thinking was too simple but then realised…no…this is how i use technology to better my practice.


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WEEKLY WITCHY CHALLENGE - Technology and Modern Magick

I couldn’t begin to chat about technology use in witchcraft/magick without referring to the SAMR model (see easy to understand picture below). For those who are familiar with the different pedagogical applications to utilizing technology IRL, I personally believe that SAMR is the easiest to understand, relate to and apply. Stick with me… I said EASY!!!

At it’s foundation, tech will either enhance or transform an activity by either replacing the task completely or providing some improvement to the basic task (called enhancement); else modify the task by redesigning brand new tasks to create something new (called transformation). This model is not a stair step and activities do not need to build upon one another.

With ebooks, frequency/sound channels, mobile apps, online tarot, online sigil making, online spell books/book of shadows/grimoires enhancing, online trainings both recorded and live, along with creating faster means to an end for daily witchcraft rituals and practices, there are also activities like archiving, documenting, sharing information across time and places (globe) to create a historical record and enable research to happen where there was scarcity before.

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), the possibilities are truly endless as to how technology will transform magick and our own individual practices - the gorgeous AI drawings that our @MeganB creates within the daily tarot card readings, are one example of late where we see a interpretative transformation by AI to visually represent very quickly what we otherwise would be imagining.

As for me, I value two forms of technology in my practice:

  1. training and research - I learn something every day online (Spells 8 training, YouTube, Biddy Tarot, and so much more) and also Google the holy living S%!T out of so many things I NEED to know each and every day; and
  2. I love to see/experience how spirits are affected/revealed by technology - cameras, audio, sound waves, smell (all senses). Such a truly magickal manifestation of something ethereal to the mundane.

Blessed be! :purple_heart:


What app are you using on your iPad for this? I have GoodNotes, I really should use it more!


The template is a free gift when you sign up for a membership level on Patreon. I believe it is $5.00 a month and there is a more included besides the template.


Oh my, Notion looks exactly what I need for my digital grimoire needs! :star_struck: And that’s a beautiful template too :relaxed: I tried a self-hosted wiki before, it had the flexibility I needed but was kind of cumbersome to use. I kinda need a smooth and beautiful user experience that’s like candy to my brain to keep using it! :sweat_smile: :lollipop:


Challenge entry- Technology and Modern Magick @TheMuslimWitch

So first off i have to say this is one of the most relevant challenges most witches tend to oversee but plays an important part to my craft and without it i wouldn’t have all of you to share with and learn from :heart:

Now to get to my entry, although i have a large range of hard copy witchy books, i also do have a large e-book range on my Ipad too that i could not find in any bookstore locally and a large majority of the books also cannot be found through bookstores online.
So i have been utilising this form of technology to further my craft.
Obviously this is the tip of the iceberg for how i use the technological world, but is one i feel i would deeply suffer to further my practice if it were not available to me. That and Spells8 :wink: :blush:
Other ways i utilise technology for my craft are:
-Downloadable pages for my Book of Shadows
-Using online witch forum
-Gaining access to witchy items all over the world and using their delivery services
-Using online guided meditations
-Checking my daily ritual
-Researching information related to my craft and spells/rituals
-And the list goes on.

With all honesty, without the technological world, i would no have been able to pursue my craft and would have lost motivation to continue further as a result to lack of information locally.
So a big clap for technology :clap: :clap: :clap:


I love this challenge @Kasandra

My challenge entry is as follows:
When I was a baby witch, I’d use my phone or laptop for a tarot card or certain color candle on an app.

Now, I use it for distance healing reiki and crystal therapy for my friends. I also receive distance reiki sessions from Baily Barbor.
If anyone is interested in free reiki sessions, just let me know and ill help you out.

So, now in closing with this challenge, I also have reached out to fellow coven members for help and that is priceless!


Challenge Entry: Technology and Modern Magick

As a baby witch in a magic hostile household, technology is a huge way I can still learn and still keep it hidden. The local library has no related books at all, but I can hop on the computer and find what I need. I’m currently working through the Holistic Witch course on this site.
Additionally the closet shop that sells supplies is about an hour away, so being able to shop online is good for anything I can’t find a substitute locally. The community here is invaluable, because as best I can determine there are no local covens.


Amethyst’s Challenge Entry.

What do I use technology for? What don’t I use it for is the better question. Especially now that we have a virtual altar to play with!

Seriously though, I may have forty to fifty or so books on my shelf that are witchcraft related but I have over 300 on my kindle. Not on Unlimited, I buy them and horde them like some digital dragon.

My altar? Sets in front of my computer screen. That’s where I’m at the majority of the day so that’s why I set my altar up there.

I read from my BOS online too, I’ve got it backed up on a memory stick so if something happens I have it still. I pull up my spell scripts on my computer and read them from there.

I also do a weekly cleanse of my environment using my computer. Awake Nation has lots of different streams of music to heal the soul and clear out negative energy from your home.

I also meditate daily using YouTube for the most part. Can’t forget about that.

I’ve even tried scrying with my computer when the screen is black, didn’t work out too well for me I kept getting a reflection from the room but I tried! LOL!

But all in all, I don’t know where I’d be without technology!


I just use the Pages app on yhe ipad.


Challenge Entry

Where do I start? As an Gen Xer, my generation has grown with technology. I remember getting a computer in middle school and my first cell phone in college, followed shortly by my first smartphone. Technology has become so ingrained in our lives that I honestly don’t know how we did things before? I can’t stand talking on the phone so text messaging is a blessing. Using Teams to connect with work colleagues across the US/World has changed how we work. At the same time, I still have an appreciation for the “old ways.” I prefer physical books to digital. I write my notes by hand, and then type them if needed.

So how does tech fit into my practice? First off, the fact that I am writing this in a virtual coven! Growing up in the Bible Belt/South, I don’t know anyone in the practice around me besides my immediate family. Being able to connect to others who share the same wonder and draw to magick has been a game changer for me. I have learned so much from others as well as about myself within this group.

Second, using kindle to have access to craft/paganism books I can’t get here. Again, Southern area so the book stores here have a very small selection, and generally only in astrology. I have noticed that here in Houston, the mindset is more open with mystical stores and a variety of topics in the bookstores. However, this is not the norm in Texas. Also, doing full-time RV living, being able to have 100s of books in a small device that is smaller than a single book has been heaven. I’m an avid reader and losing my books was the hardest for me when we downsized.

Next up is all the apps we have access to on our smartphones. I have many apps for various purposes.

  • Phases of the Moon: A lunar calendar that gives a visual of the moon’s current phase, illumination, distance from earth, age, and sign. With a click, I can see when the next full or new moon is.
  • Moonly: A lovely app again on the lunar calendar. The creator brings together wisdom from various schools and traditions of though: Vedas, Tarot, Runes, Tantra, Reiki, and Human Design. Each day provides information about the Moon Day, the Ruling Planet, astrological sign of the moon, holidays, and body hints (haircut and nutrition). Each day there are two articles to read, two meditations, and a daily affirmation. There is a Practice tab to digitally pull a daily tarot card or rune. The Wisdom section has tons of information. My favorite is the Healing section. Here you will find Mantras, meditation/music to relax or boost your energy as well as many other topics.
  • Rock Identifier: ID stones with the snap of a picture and keep a digital catalog of what I have. Comes in handy when I’m at my witchy store so I don’t buy what I already have.
  • Galaxy Tarot and Golden Tarot apps for readings on the run or looking up card information.
  • Various guides (herbs/herbalism, essential oils, stones/crystals, meditations, dream dictionary).

Lastly, I can’t talk about technology and not mention the ability to buy anything I need for my practice with the click of a few buttons. Between Etsy, Amazon, and specialty stores, anything you could think of is just a click away. In fact, I feel I get overloaded with items at times, buying things because they are offered and not because I need them.

This was an interesting challenge for me to sit and think about. My shadow prompt today was regarding unhealthy attachments. While ruminating on this topic, I realized that my smartphone has become my teddy bear or safety blanket. I get anxious when I don’t have it and I use it to fill space. I worked through why I have this attachment and have come up with a plan to reduce my dependency. I can’t turn off tech all together as that is my job. I mean, if it wasn’t for computers, smartphones, and the cloud, cybersecurity wouldn’t even be a thing.

Thank you for a great topic @Kasandra!


Rock Identifier is one of my favorite apps. I’m constantly taking pictures of stones, half of the time because I don’t know what it is and the other half to check if I’m correct when I think I know it. And being able to look through every picture I’ve taken if I forget…I really love that app (if that wasn’t obvious by the rambling haha).


I mostly prefer good old fashioned pen and paper for journaling and stuff but I have taken to typing my thoughts if that isn’t an option at the to transfer to paper later. For me writing is a magick ritual. My pen is equal to my other tools and is part of my Altar setup.
I 100% prefer physical books to me all books are magic. There is nothing like holding a book in my hands and feeling the magic that is waiting for me inside.
My husband bought me a Kindle a while back so I could read at any given time and as an attempt to help my memory. I was resistant at first but I see his reasoning and love him for the thought and effort. I use it it occasionally but it still doesn’t feel quite right, although it is currently helpful being that my book collection is gone😭 There is nothing like sitting on the floor surrounded by books feverishly flipping through them trying to find a particular spell, a tidbit that I know I read in one of my books but have no idea which one, a “what can I use for this situation”, in that moment I am surrounded by a purple whirlwind of energy and magic.
There wasn’t much that I couldn’t find in one of many books. That said, since being here I have found information that helped me to finally fully comprehend two major components, something that I wasn’t able to figure out from any of my books. Also since being here, some of my memory is starting to come back.
Initially I wasn’t sure how I felt about the forum, it almost felt wrong to trust a bunch of strangers and when I decided to come in I was just as terrified as I am about any forum, I’m still a bit shy and unsure but I feel more comfortable everytime I’m here and I wouldn’t trade this for any quantity of books. Plus y’all are the only people with experience knowledge that I can go to or really talk about anything magic.
I’ve had no choice but to do any research or digging online but even with a restored book collection I’m here here to stay


Hey all! :hugs: So here’s my entry for this digitastic challenge! :wink: :computer: :sparkles:

My Challenge Entry…

Soo, I have thought a lot about this week’s challenge that is - Technomancy! Actually, I personally am a person who would love the old & the ancient but because of this challenge I realized that just how much grateful I am for this modern technology!! :star_struck: For everything that is available today is equally worthy of respect and admiration! :innocent: So firstly I created my own Sigil using Sigilscribe - (https://Sigilscribe.me) Below, I am posting a picture of my digital sigil with the intention I wrote! :smiling_face: :pentagram:


Now…I thought I would loooove to do something unique for this one challenge! Sooo, I made a sketch of a Technomancy Witch! :woman_mage:t2: :blush: Haha well that is made by my hands but…it wouldn’t have been possible without my laptop! Now could it be?? Obviously no! That’s where I saw and copied the whole image from! :computer: :sparkling_heart: Sooo yess! Technomancy is involved here too :wink: as this digital device gave me soo much magickal inspiration to actually let the creativity flow out of my fingers! :art: Here’s a photo of the extra touch! :sparkles:

Okay sorry for this lengthy entry :sweat_smile: but here we come to the last part! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Here I thought I should go with the prompting in my BOS as usual but…a little change! It’s techno magick right?? So why not do some journalling here in the online forum!? :iphone: :pen: …So here we goo! :tada:

My thoughts… :arrow_right:

  • Well, honestly I always use my android phone while practicing any spell or performing a ritual! Soo without it my magick is not full to the brim…(as that’s where i seek guidance from! :joy:)

  • Next, almost all of my magickal practices and way of doing it is truly and purely old as well as modern. The fact is that I actually am able to do all this smoothly because of my smartphone! :sweat_smile: Soo this is a lil tricky…hmmm, I guess all areas of my magick are - “anciently advanced” :innocent:

  • Yes! Why not?! Technology is made and invented by man right? Just the same as many famous activities and clothes! If these aid to us in our day to day life then so does technology! If a few of these can be considered sacred for specific reasons then why not digital advancements? From my personal view, Technology is and can be considered sacred if used for the highest good of all! :angel:t2:

  • Well, if technology is used with caution, care and alertness, it shall never harm mother nature, which means, if we consider nature as always the source and technology a fruit; then we will ourselves never let these latest inventions harm our very own soul! :sparkles: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • Obviously…technologic magick is a part of my usual magick! It sometimes does hinder when I become too engrossed in the notifications :sweat_smile: but hey, I promise I will make this change! :heartbeat: What, that is technical, does not support my magick?

  1. Listening to music :notes: is possible by technology!
  2. Drawing/sketching :art: is possible when I download pics from pinterest for my motivation! Technomancy here! :wink:
  3. Spells8 Forum :infinite_roots: is the reason I am so magickally confident now and I got soooo many lovely friends in my life! I never had even one since 6 years. And this platform being online - digitally available is the reason we are together here. Again, dabs of digital magick! :sparkles: :desktop_computer:
  4. Reading Ebooks :open_book: is possible by digital advancements too!! That is perhaps my biggest blessing as I am a hell of a reader! :heart_eyes: (And obviously I can’t afford so many paperbacks no matter how badly I loove physical reading :pleading_face:) These ebooks are the reason why I am always floating on the top most clouds! :face_holding_back_tears: :cloud:

So, all in all…technomancy is as sacred and respectable as the old & ancient magick! That is my personal belief, not to offend anyone! :blush: :kissing_heart: That’s all…finally The End of my entry! :rofl: Thank you soo much for reading and lots of love & blessings to all! :sparkling_heart: “May everyday be filled with a little technomancy!” :hugs: :sparkles:


Challenge Entry

Ear Wax Relief | Rife Treatment | Isochronic Binaural Beats - 15 Min Sound Healing Therapy

Since I just got over an ear infection, I was curious if there were any binaural beats that could help with the ear pain. I found this video that claims the binaural beats can loosen and make ear wax fall out. I did have a pleasant tickling sensation in my ears for 15 minutes (like when you twist a Q-tip inside your ear canal, which you are NOT supposed to do, but many of us do anyway :grimacing::sweat_smile:). But as far as I know, it didn’t clean my ears (maybe I didn’t have any results because I keep my ears pretty clean).

As for discussing how technology plays a part in my Craft, the list is long. Not only do I use the Internet to connect with other pagans, I use it to watch/listen to meditation videos and music videos that correlate with the Sabbats and deities that I work with. I have both a digital BOS and a physical BOS. I tried keeping a digital Book of Mirrors, but I find it is much easier to write down my thoughts on paper. Luckily, my best friend bought me a huge journal for Yule/Christmas, so I don’t have to keep writing in my BOS. :laughing: I have an app that keeps tracks of the moon phases, though I also like to use a physical calendar for that. And finally, I have a collection of books on magick on my Kindle. All of Scott Cunningham’s books, D.J. Conway’s books on Dragon Magick, and The Little Book of Cat Magick.