♀ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Divine Feminine

Challenge Entry

Crystal is the calmest dragon that I have ever worked with. She is as calm as a still pond on a sunny day and I had to concentrate to feel her energy. I asked her for a more obvious sign of her presence and after several minutes, I felt a “nudge” or a “poke” on my right arm. I wrote a spell for a creativity with her. As always, feel free to add it to your BOS or alternate it in any way to suit your needs!

Draconic Spell for Creativity

You will need:

  • Cauldron
  • Fresh water
  • Twelve cleansing crystals such as clear quartz or selenite (twelve for the full moons in a year)
  • Three crystals for creativity such carnelian, citrine, or tiger’s eye (three for the triple goddess)
  1. Full a cauldron with fresh water.

  2. Form a circle of clear quartz or selenite (or any cleansing crystal) around the cauldron.

  3. For this ritual, we will be working with Crystal, supporter of the Indigo and Crystal children. She encourages us to let go, to daydream, to “think outside the box” and let the inspiration flow through us. You can call on her whenever you are feeling a creative block. Invoke her by saying:
    Crystal, dragon of many colors—
    red, green, yellow, and blue,
    I humbly call to you
    You are my inspiration, the source of my creation,
    Please join me in peace and harmony

  4. Take the crystals for creativity in your hands and washing the with the water in cauldron.

  5. Say:
    I wash away all blockages to my creativity,
    I ebb and flow like the river,
    I dance in perfect rhythm,
    let inspiration and activity flow through me, so mote it be

  6. Dry the crystals and carry them with you whenever you are working on a creative project.