♂ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Divine Masculine

Okay actually I will not be posting an entry for this challenge as I am busy a lot right now, (crafting for Beltane! :smiling_face: :heart_on_fire:) but I have to stop and say something to @CelestiaMoon. As Bry said earlier, I need to tell you that you are a masterpiece by the God and Goddess, my love. I don’t know what to say much because I have honestly not met a trans person ever before but…meeting you, was like, “I am meeting a soul so full of light!” Celestia, you are a beautiful, beautiful creation dear. I know, that there is not a 0.01 percent difference in any type of human. I seriously feel so much respect and love for you my friend, I just can not express. May you be forever and ever Blessed with Goddess’s love and Divine protection.
Love you soooooo much!
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I’ve read all admissions and I’ve got to say that everyone has done an exemplary job. So much research thought and diversified opinions just make me so proud of each and every one of you.
Thank you for allowing me to adjust my thoughts by reading yours.

Did anyone else find, when investigating this subject how much of the Asian India flavor came out? Maybe I should look into them.
Blessed be

(Oh, and [AIRAM] Zeus needs to wear some pants. One slip of his blanket and Whew, old man junk!) Sorry… my bad :space_invader:


I’m so struggling with this one :sweat_smile:


@Solasta_Amore Awww you’re making me cry happy tears my love :sob: :pink_heart: You are an extremely bright and loving soul as well, and having you in my life is a blessing. May the loving protection of the Goddess and God extend over you too :hugs: :sparkling_heart:



I would describe my self as a nurturing, supportive and empathetic person which links me more to the divine feminine. However I would also say that in the past, I have felt a great sense of vulnerability and of being passive, a push over almost. This lead me to realise that perhaps there was an imbalance between my feminine and masculine energies. Therefore, the Divine Masculine has become an important part in my daily practice.

Of my three main deities, 2 are masculine. Ausir (Osiris) and Heru (Horus) form my triad along with Auset (Isis). They both feature in my BoS along with their epiphets and correspondences:

Each is represented on my altar by the images that I place on the altar each morning. The candles are also lit while I’m at home each day to represent Heru bringing light as the sun and moon are his eyes and to light the way for Ausir from the underworld that he rules over…

Each morning, I offer them a short prayer (I also do this for Auset, my feminine deity). These are not set in stone but normally manifest as something like this…

Mighty Heru, God of the skies
He whose eyes are the sun and moon
Great Protector and Strong of Valour
I send you my gratitude and my love
Might Heru, I ask that,as this new day begins,
You share with me with your strength and determination
Like you showed when you avenged your father
Help me to solve my problems and build the courage to overcome the obstacles that stand in my way.
Keep your watchful eye on me as I go about my day, moving from place to place Great Heru.
Your presence is felt, welcomed and adored
I send you my gratitude and my love
Praise to you might Heru
Dua Heru

If offering a prayer to Ausir, I use his epithets and ask him to watch over my loved ones who have passed from this world into his, and assist with their continued protection and happiness so that we may meet again. I also ask that he share his wisdom to build prosperity and abundance like he did his people when he taught them to farm the land and reep its benefits.

In the evenings I thank the deities for being part of my day and ask them to be part of my day when the sun rises once more before extinguishing the candles.

When I want to work specifically with one of the deities. I have made “mini” altars in the form of a scrapbook with images of relevant objects and associated animals. There is also a small jar hanging with appropriate oil as an offering. I open this up and use when I want to work on something specific:

Heru: leadership, strength,protection, mental clarity, problem solving, assisting family
Ausir: guide and assist passed loved ones, bring peace, restore order, new beginnings, transitions, abundance, prosperity, fertility and even gardening/planting

Alternatively, I will use this when I want to meditate upon the deity. I also have more formal verses written in my BoS for specific connections to my deities.

These influences of the divine masculine have helped me become a more confident, focused and assertive person. I feel I have more clarity about who I am and what I am supposed to do in situations. My inner strength has grown and I am.able to stand my ground and establish my boundaries much more than I was ever able to previously.

Blessed be



I’ve been there, you will survive and respect the masculine again.


Thank you dear Garnet, I’m already getting there in my own pace :people_hugging: :pink_heart:

I guess it all comes down to forgiveness and letting go of fear, giving another chance where it’s safe to do so. Tantra has been pretty great for that too. :blush:


:heart: Oh, I absolutely agree! It wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy :wink: but truly I like to be prodded out of my comfort zone to learn about and work with different aspects of Magick.

I was going back and forth between the Horned God and the Green Man as both align well with Beltane and Artemis, but I think I’m leaning more towards Green Man for this challenge. I have a few ideas and it will depend on how draining my weekend is as to what I chose to do. I really want to create something (big surprise there! :laughing: ) and have been kind of on a roll this week putting time into different crafty things. :green_heart:

Fingers crossed that tomorrow doesn’t wipe me out emotionally and energy-wise. I have a long run in the morning, have to say goodbye to a longtime Tiger friend at work in the afternoon, and then spend time with my SO after he arrives home in the evening from a week-long stay with ailing parents… so… it will be a challenging all around.

I’m trying to take each thing as it comes and focus on what I can control to get through the day.

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I found my picture of my deer looking at me and me looking at it. I wanted to share.


Me too. I planned to research The Horned God but my brain won’t let me :woman_facepalming:t2: and I’ve having trouble coming up with a plan b :weary: :laughing:


@Nixi @MeganB You could maybe start by looking at the energies that the divine masculine brings and evaluate whether you are balanced or imbalanced with the divine feminine. I did an evaluation of myself a while back and looked at both the feminine and masculine energies, establishing what i had most of and what I lacked. I found that i had an imbalance so stadted to incorporate things to try and bring more masculine energy e.g. get out in the garden, exercising, meditation, competitive activities etc.


Oh my Alan, I have to stop and say that I absolutely adore and love your magickal creativity!! No matter which challenge entry it is, your entries are so full of colours and magic! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :sparkles: Well done my friend, I think this was really beautiful and inspiring! :hugs: :innocent: :sparkling_heart:


You know that I love you right? You are a blessing too my love…
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That’s a great idea, and probably a very helpful one thank you. Balance is never a bad idea :laughing: I will definitely do that and hopefully I’ll be able to finish it in time for the challenge.

How 'bout it @MeganB ready to find
something else about ourselves that needs fixing? :woman_facepalming:t2: :rofl:


This is sooooooo sweet! :face_holding_back_tears: :deer: :heart: I loove this picture! @Heav3n :kissing_heart: :hugs:


Thank you so much for your kind words. I do love the challenges and hope that sharing my entries will help others too.

Unfortuntaly I missed last weeks due to a hectic work schedule so I wanted to make up for it this week.

Blessed be


You’re most welcome hon, and don’t worry about that! I have missed nearly 4 challenges if I am counting right…oh! I so didn’t want to! But I couldn’t help it. Time issues, health issues and of course my own emotional issues. :roll_eyes: :smiling_face: So I have now realized that our coven members are so loving that they will support in no matter what condition. I really appreciate this and am thankful to you all so much. I am also planning on rejoining the weekly witchy challenges from the next one! :wink: :innocent: :sparkles:


@Cosmic_Curiosity @Nixi – It’s funny because I’ve been trying to think of something to do for this challenge since it started. I have a weird…I don’t know how to describe it. I haven’t worked with male deities, I know a bit about a few but nothing more than surface level information. I get kind of weirded out by gendered things in spiritual spaces – and nothing against those that don’t mind, of course! – it’s just hard for me to put them together. I’m going to do a bit of reflection on this, I think, and maybe see where that takes me.


take your time, my love. My poor Rich paid for a lot of crimes he never committed.


I’ve enjoyed everyone’s entries so far :star_struck: & the more I see how others have approached it, the more my brain is having a hard time figuring out how to for myself… Ah the life of an overthinker with ADD… :rofl:

I also have only regularly worked with Goddesses… & only a handful of times with Gods usually related to a sabbat or something with the Goddesses of the same pantheon… so trying to think out of my comfort zone too which I think is complicating this for me even more :face_with_monocle: :thinking: :sweat_smile: