♂ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Divine Masculine

Awww… isn’t it always the ones we love the most that we lash out at when we’re hurting inside, holding them to impossible standards… lots of gentleness and love to you both. :pink_heart:

Ohhh, I know that one! :sweat_smile: Often I tend to write my own entry first and then read what others have done :wink: The confusion and comparison still happens, but at least that way it doesn’t affect the challenge entry anymore… :laughing:

Shiva was the first one for me who got me even to think about it… :sweat_smile: Beside the tantra connection, I felt he was easy to approach and relate to, being someone who accepts everyone (even demons who oppose him if they are nice and do their worship! :sweat_smile:) and isn’t one for conventions, being a bit of an outsider himself, preferring a quiet place to meditate in nature to being the life of the party. Also him having a half female form helped a bit there too… :smile_cat:


How would one go bout making an alter for the god Ares? I found some offerings and this will be my first time doing this and I just need some tips on how to set up and how long to leave the offerings and all that


Challenge Entry
For my challenge I decided to work with the God Ares. I have always been fascinated by him and after doing my research on him I got a better understanding of him. So for the challenge I set my alter up for Ares, I lit a red candle and dragons blood incense, but frankincense tears and garlic as my offerings to him. I did the hymn and listened/meditated to the chant devotion to him. As I was starting the smoke from the incense came straight to me and kinda rolled down my body after I finished the chant I decided to sit and talk to Ares and thank him, then my candle flame seem to have started dancing and the flame would grow when I looked at it and then kinda split into two flames just for a second and when I’d look away it would flicker like trying to get my attention. While I was meditating I felt like something had grabbed the top of my hand ever so slightly and I feel as tho Ares was letting me know he’s here and I did everything to please him. I feel stronger on the inside feel like I could take down a rhino :joy: I made sure to be as respectful as I possibly could to him and sat and talk to him like he’s one of my best friends and I feel so much better. This challenge was very interesting but also very fun!

my alter and how my candle ended up burning


Challenge Entry - The Divine Masculine :infinite_roots:

There are so many wonderful entries and responses that a week won’t be long enough to read through everything! :laughing: I kept to self-study since I am fairly new in my practice and find that I much prefer to work with the natural elements than any particular deity, but do favor Hecate, Gaia, The Crone.

It was interesting to learn about how the dynamic energy in the divine masculine plays out in the universe, and how it manifests, especially in our attitudes, thoughts, actions, personality, environment, and magick (yes, magick!). In looking back at myself and where I have come from over the years, I can see where areas in my life had become unbalanced and out of character for me, but I am also grateful for those times as well in getting me through situations that may not necessarily have gone in my favor and teaching me some hard lessons.

Something about this prayer creates a pulling for me, and quite frankly growing up, there was nothing like being outside. During some family trips, if there was a forest, glen, or field, I would disappear for hours :timer_clock: I would run through the woods and imagine being wild and free (like a great stag or other wild animal :deer: :fox_face:) - not a care in the world. This will be part of our Beltane celebration with my sisters. We celebrate Beltane with incorporating our birthdays together, my sister and I since we are one year and four days apart - this just seems natural do so. Little did I know, prior to reading, is that the divine masculine is associated with the element earth!

Our beginning ritual will be Cernunnos’ Abundance Prayer – Spells8

So I need to get out and make sure that I have enough candles :laughing:

I enjoy the candle meditations and did not realize that while studying another topic, that the simple act of lighting a candle brings Fire or the divine masculine energy allowing for manifestation and transformation. I have my greatest focus at this time and realize that without it, I am a bit unfocused.

In a bit of history, Cernunnos (Gaulish or Celtic) is compared to Mars and Mercury, and yes, the “Green Man”. Some of the history on this deity is obscure; however, there are several depictions in of the Green Man or Cernunnos architecture pre-dated many settlements in Britannia and Gaul (Modern day France). There are visual epithets and small figurines dating as far back as circa 7th-4th BC and 1st century BC - all throughout Europe! Sorry, I love history, and learned about the ancient Sumarians - and it was interesting to note that the depiction of the “Green Man” can be seen in ancient coins, churches, and several other locations, including in the Middle East :exploding_head:

Author Margaret Murray wrote a controversial piece in the 1930’s called, “the God of Witches” suggesting that a favorite Christian character was actually Cernunnos. A fun fact is that she was called " the mother of witches that never was" and for many years was the only historian with any knowledge on witchcraft - quite the influencer!

Anyway, I have so much to read and learn - and it’s like you open one door and there are four more to knock on!


I like that “as above so below” I definitely feel a connection with you that being I am a nurturing person who is empathetic as well. I think if a person has empathic they have to direct there powers so directing them to the divine is really important. This is really important I had a hard time connecting and having a alter helps and connecting to the correspondences and really understanding the diety you’re working with. Looks like you have this down! Thank you for sharing parts of yourself! It helps me too to understand myself more!

I feel the same way and hate to say it but I am a people pleaser! I would like to step away from people pleasing. I changed my whole life just to please others. I do empathize with you! I don’t want to be a pushover myself! I have a amulet it reads “Do no harm take no shit” I have to wear this to remind myself of my own happiness!

Personally I think you’re doing a great job :clap: working with diety! Honestly I have been trying to find a god that I resonate with! I may have a lot of the same issues happening! I wish I could help you but I am finding that I have the same problem! I seek balance cause I am a Libra :libra:

I have avenged my father in the past so this part really gives me goosebumps!

My goodness this hits my heart and soul! I have so many things myself that need attention and this prayer :pray:t4: is perfect for my situation too!

My father just passed and I am thinking about the afterlife and just hoping for the same. Can you share some epithets?

I just wanted to say what a lovely alter you have! What a good prayer :palms_up_together: and that you are such a wise one! I loved that you shared your art and creativity.


Wow! Beautiful. What a blessed exchange of energy you two shared. I love it.



Merry meet my friends.

I haven’t posted in ages, but I do log on, read about different things, and hop around in the forum often. I will try to pick up the posting again.

In witchcraft, I basically work with the feminine deities/goddesses. Right now I am working on getting really close with Hecate. I am enjoying the journey so much. I will post about it soon. I am also studying the Ogham.

When it comes to Santeria there are many Divine Masculine Energies. When I read this challenge right away I thought of Ogun. A few ways I work with Ogun are when I feel physically weak, energetically drained, I need help with something (or someone)… especially at work but it doesn’t have to be only a work situation, appling for new jobs. These are a few.

Santeria is a closed religion. The Orisha’s we receive in ceremony are sacred. I will ask (via shell divination) if I can post a picture of my Ogun pot. If I get the go-ahead I will.

Here Is some info on Ogun I found. It is accurate. The site I found this info on is [(Ogún - AboutSanteria)]

Ogún (Oggún) is the owner of all metals and minerals, especially iron. He’s associated with knives, machetes, nails, metal tools, firearms and other weapons, as well as mountains. Generally, he’s portrayed as a solitary blacksmith or ironmonger who lives alone in the forest. When the Orishas came to earth, Ogún was given the task of clearing the forests with his machete. The patakis (sacred stories) tell us that Ogún’s father is Obatalá, his mother is Yemaya, and his brothers are Eleguá and Ochosi. Often Changó is also mentioned as a brother or half brother. The stories say that Ogún was in love with his mother and wanted to have carnal relations with her, but Eleguá was always on the lookout and stopped him. On one occasion, Ogún escaped Eleguá’s watchful eye and forced himself on Yemaya, but he was caught in the act by Obatalá. Before Obatalá could punish him, Ogún cursed himself. He told Obatalá that he would go live in the wilderness all alone and devote himself completely to work for the rest of eternity. Only his brother Ochosi, the great hunter, saw him from time to time. Otherwise, Ogún was always alone, working day and night, miserable and unhappy, and he started to spread ofoché (magical powders) around the world to create arayé (tragedy, discord). To save the world from arayé, Ochún, the goddess of love, intervened. She sought out Ogún and seduced him with her beauty and sweetness. After his encounter with Ochún, Ogún calmed down and lost his bitterness. He was married at one time to Oyá, but she left him for Changó; some lineages say the brothers became enemies because of Oyá’s infidelity, but other lineages say the rivalry is exaggerated and the two Orichas still work together on occasion.

Ogún is the patron of all those who work with metal, mechanics, engineers, policemen, soldiers, surgeons. He knows the secrets of the natural world and can perform powerful witchcraft when the situation calls for it. He has a violent, brusque nature, but he also has a more peaceful side. He’s good at farming, raising animals and hunting. Ogún is also the owners of locks, and chains, and he’s the foundation on which everything is built. He oversees construction and labor, and is the master of the technology required for human progress and evolution in the material world. In traditional images of Ogún, he wears a close-fitting cap on his head, his chest is bare, he wears a hunter’s pouch slung across a shoulder, and around his waist he wears a belt with a long fringe of mariwó (palm fibers), which protects him from evil. Together with Eleguá and Ochosi, he protects the interior entryway of homes.


challenge entry part 2

Ok so im recovering it seems still from concussion but i wanted to now im conscious and more alert to have a look at this challenge. So i figured keep it simple esp in my busy life right now. I looked up ways to workwith each male deity in clan n later ill do same for female deities too:

Cernunnos - shamanic drumming and trancework

Lugh(skilled in war and the arts) - work on learning instruments- music

Njord- sea magic and work

Fenrir- wear dark/neutral colours to honor him, protect vulnerable, shadow work and self care - finding freedom from chains of abuse or betrayal of past to live in freedom. ( the first two i already do, but can connect to him, the last one shadow work and self care, something i think i nerd to work on. ).


Amethyst’s Weekly Witchy Challenge

Wasn’t sure what I was going to do for this one until midnight last night. LOL! I wrote a short invocation to the Horned Lord for my personal use so I filled it out a bit more. I hope y’all like it.

Invocation to the Horned Lord.

I call to the Horned Lord! He of the Hunter and Hunted.
Grace us with your presence, let not our magic be stunted.
You who are Pan and Cernunnos, Herne and Jack O’ The Green,
Come out of the forest and let yourself be seen!

Lord of the Wild Hunt, Lord of Sacrifice!
Grant us your wisdom, and honor us with your advice!
We humbly ask for your presence at this time!
Grant us your strength, as it is in its prime!

Be welcome in our Circle, we invite you to stay!
Bless and watch over us as we work magic and pray!

Blessed Be!


I’m reading everyone’s great entries :star_struck: & I’m still not coming up with a definitive way to approach this one :laughing: Too many things bouncing around my head for it :thinking:


LOL, then write all your ideas down and post them, @Susurrus. That way you can count it as an entry for the challenge!


Thank you!


I love it.


Thank you @Ancient_Queen!


@Heav3n thats awesome that you found the picture & its a great 1 too! Those are the best pictures.

@brandy20 I think you did a great job wirh Ares & your altar. Its interesting how that candle burned too. It’s been a while since I saw 1 do anything close to that when burning.

@lisa67 wow, thats a great exoration of Divine Masculinity & Ceruunos

@Cosmic_Curiosity I love when you do the explorations of the Egyptian pantheon & how close you resonate with them. :star_struck:

@Ancient_Queen I honestly don’t know much about Santeria minus the little bit about its origins. Always a pleasure to learn a little more when you are writing about it :hugs:

@Phoenix_Fire I love the information & also the simplicity of your entry. I think its great :blush:

@Amethyst always a great way with words & this is no exception :heart_eyes:

@Artemisia I think you’ll be able to put it altogether as you can but it’s also a great post about how you’re thinking around the subject too!


Thank you so much. I have been fascinated by them since i was child and never knew where it came from. Now i have more of an idea. It resonated so much when i visited Egypt and was standing in the temples. Its not a pantheon that appear to be common among oir members so i am glad you enjoy reading my posts and my hope is that others gain from them too

Blessed be


I’ve never seen a candle burn like this it was a sight :grinning:


@brandy20 if you look up candle meanings it means something. This is on my agenda to getting more into.


If you’re interested @brandy20, I found this information:

Meaning of Cascade Flow of Candle Wax Layers

If the candle wax cascades down the candle in a flow that overlaps like a step down or waterfall appearance, you can read the wax as an indicator of change. If your spell is to usher in change, this is a good sign. The changes are backed by powerful energies that topple onto each other as the force pushes forward.

Image: Getty Images from linked site

Candle Wax Dripping Meaning


Thanks for sharing @Susurrus I have had about two candles do the steps on me.