♂ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Divine Masculine

@Heav3n @Susurrus thank y’all!! I never knew this!


Thanks, @Heav3n! Glad you liked it!

Aww, thank you, my dear! Glad you liked it!


Well, I didn’t know how else to approach this challenge so I took a few only quiz things to see how my masculine and feminine energies balance, if at all. And well, I got conflicting results :joy: because of course I did!

Two quizzes said I lead with masculine energy while one other said I lead with feminine energy. So I mean… maybe I have more masculine energy than I thought? I’ll have to explore it a bit more but I don’t have the brain space to do that right now lol

Here are the links to the quizzes I took if anyone else wants to do them!


What your leading Energy? I got feminine on this one.
The Masculine and Feminine Energy Quiz I got feminine.
What is your leading energy? I got masculine.

@MeganB was it on the last one you got feminine?


I got feminine on all three :blush: :pink_heart:

I remember I once did a similar test that had something like 1000 questions and a scale from -600 (masculine) to 600 (feminine), I got something like 560 :sweat_smile:

I found this really interesting, from the results of the first test

When most people are stressed or tired, they put on the mask of the opposite energy. Most women, for example, who are feminine at their core, will put on a masculine mask. It is a protection mechanism.

There are three triggers that will cause a feminine energy to adopt a masculine mask: feeling unsafe, feeling unseen or not feeling understood.

I can definitely relate to that, when I’m happy and relaxed and can freely be myself, I flourish and I flow in my feminine energy, but if I’m feeling any of the above, I tend to shift into a compulsive “fix it” mindset, trying to control, analyze and plan my way out of it. Sometimes it works for the problem at hand, which makes it worse really :sweat_smile: I work myself into more of the same, and find myself feeling increasingly off-center, until something brings me out of it.

When it’s a conscious shift and not reactive masking, I do enjoy working single mindedly on things, analyzing and problem solving. I can feel myself shifting to a different energy and feel comfortable there too. I can be grounded and centered, which is the difference to the masking reaction. I was a software engineer by trade after all and I’m still going to try if that’s a thing for me. Then I can hopefully lead a nice double life – Shiva by day, calmly working on complex data structures, Shakti by night, facilitating ecstatic tantric rituals :wink: :yin_yang:


@CelestiaMoon that also resinated with me as well when I was taking the quiz.


Very interesting information, especially since I’ve been really drawn to candles lately and because I just remembered seeing my Grandmother’s candles doing that frequently


I so wish that I could have done more with this challenge but my function level is practically 0 and this seems like barely an entry

I have felt a connection with The Horned God probably since reading that under Pope Gregory (III?) while out spreading Catholicism and upon coming across a small island they became aware of worship of The Horned God and that is when the Christian Devil was first depicted as having horns.

I planned on incorporating The Horned God tonight, everything was planned and ready and then today happened

I researched both Divine Masculine and Feminine looking to see what qualities I am lacking. I am very much lacking in both and I’m not sure which one more so. Not really surprising since I came out of my horror story of a marriage with basically no personality. I think more research on the same path might be a good idea.


I hope you find something to get connected, when my dad passed I inherited some antlers! I wanted to hang them up. But not sure where!
I was thinking to have balance to hang it up with my alter but there to big so I am going to do that.
once I made a headdress to feed a better connection. I have not finished my project here is my project!
To each there own but thought I would Share.



thanks for helping with the Tony Robins test pretty quick and I learned about myself so thanks :pray:t4: namaste


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It’s time for a friendly reminder:

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If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline:

Tuesday, May 2 at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

A standing round of applause to the entries so far! :clap: I know there are many here in the coven who work primarily with the Divine Feminine, so I empathize that switching things up to explore the Divine Masculine is a challenge- but everyone has done so wonderfully so far! Your entries are truly inspirational to read :heart:

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to explore the theme in their own way, whether it’s a key part of your practice or something new! Great work! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :male_sign: :sparkles:


Challenge Entry-The Divine Masculine

This was actually very difficult for me and found myself conflicted about almost everything about it. These days “masculinity” is almost demonized.

The Divine Masculine is portrayed in most history as a war like, controlling, immature energy. A driving unbridled.energy, given free reign for far to long. Separating male and female and lately removing both from “family” Separation and competition creates strife and alienation. The inability to work together and realization that the true power lies within the female bringing about fear and need of control of the female energy instead of the co-operation and responsible power in support of her.

The need for the Divine Masculine is great, as it is the balancing force (not the overwhelming power) to the Divine Feminine. Not a controlling power, but a supportive energy.Offering His knowledge and protection so the Goddess may travel without fear and do so in safety. To act responsively and help provide for all. To move aside and share leadership with Love and respect for each other. The way the Sun, our Great Father, shares His energy with the Great Mother to create Life for us all.

Sometimes great power is needed to clear the way for the new. Can this not happen without the destruction of the old? Create a better way and let others move/evolve to that way after proof of its working. That would be progress without war and strife. The Divine Masculine needs to evolve in this direction, but who am I to dictate to the Divine? I’m just a Baby Witch thinking I know more than and talked to some snake that had me eat from the tree of knowledge… :sweat_smile:

May all of you have a wonderful and blessed May Day/Beltane

Love and Light


Yes, yes it was!

Ohh, I’ve never heard this :astonished: I’m gonna have to go look for that!

A beautiful piece of writing @Amethyst, as always :pray: :sparkles:

Oh, you and me both! :laughing: I’m a compulsive “fixer” even for others. It’s a problem :joy:

You’re very welcome, Jeannie! :heart: :pray:


Challenge Entry

I’ll admit at first I thought I knew what I was going to do & then I was reading the different entries & approaches, so my wheels started turning & then I got lost in all the things & rabbit holes. Some that clicked, others did not. I honestly have only ever worked with Goddesses regularly & more honored Gods within my belief systems pantheon. At first I had an Ah Ha! idea :bulb: but then that kind of worked but didn’t.

I did do the 3 quizzes listed by @MeganB… & was a bit surprised when 1 said my energy was feminine & the other 2 said masculine. But those didn’t feel right or click with me either. So on a quest I went!

What I found that I could I guess make it understandable in my head easier… because I am very prone to overthinking then confusing myself & rabbit holes adding to that was in easy for me to understand terms Divine Masculine would be comparable to the “The Father” type of energy or “The Emperor” in tarot, while Divine Feminine would be comparable to “The Mother” or The Empress" in tarot. Okay, so that made sense with their associations in the Major Arcana for me.

I also like the Loner Wolf site, mostly for things to do with being an Empath & working with those types of things to manage it a bit better, so I did a search on Divine Masculine. This is what I found that seemed to explain it a little easier for me…

Divine Masculine energy is something we all possess, no matter what gender (or lack thereof) we are. Also, known as yang, shiva, or solar energy, the Divine Masculine is ruled by the elements of the sun (fire :fire_element:) and sky (air :air_element:).

As the sacred counterpart of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine is an active force that is responsible for order, structure, passion, willpower, and courage.

Why Has the Divine Masculine Been Ignored?

… The unfortunate reality is that up until this point in history, we have mostly been presented with the shadow side of the masculine.

… If you’ve experienced some kind of life-changing crisis, an awakening, or a thirst for more depth and meaning, you can thank your inner Divine Masculine! We have seen how bloodthirsty, arrogant, domineering, and destructive masculine energy can be. Therefore, most of us have lost our interest, and dare I say respect, in this fundamental aspect of existence.

The Divine Masculine is an active force, one that is given to seeking truth, freedom, and self-sovereignty. Unlike the Divine Feminine which is a more passive and receptive force, the Divine Masculine energy has a will to power – it loves action, and it will do everything it can to find spiritual guidance and its true life path!

To feel empowered on our spiritual journeys, we need to hone, harness, and celebrate our inner Divine Masculine, because it is he who is the fire :fire: within us that burns for Self-realization, Oneness, and Liberation.
What is Divine Masculine Energy & 9 Ways to Awaken: Loner Wolf

I paraphrased most of it, but those were the parts that sort of stuck out to me. Not necessarily that I am having some kind of a spiritual awakening, but ways to balance out the energies within myself. I can definitely identify with the Feminine. As I thought about Gods in the pantheon (Celtic :triskele:: Tuatha de Danaan) that I do work with, in some contexts, the Goddess Danu is revered as the Mother Goddess & the Dagda as the Father… which completely makes sense considering the relationship He has with the 2 Goddesses that I work with on a regular basis as well as with Danu.

As for 9 ways to awaken this energy within yourself ideas from the article are to:

  • Examine your wounds surrounding the Masculine
  • Take self-responsibility
  • Contact your inner Father
  • Deconstruct your conditioning
  • Find a masculine teacher/guide/figure that you admire
  • Connect with your inner warrior: (Your inner Warrior isn’t interested in dominating, killing others, or “fighting for peace.” Your inner Warrior supports and protects you. He takes no bs. He will defend your rights peacefully but assertively. He will cut through the lies and see with clarity. He values truth, courage, & inner strength.)
  • Be assertive & stick up for yourself
  • Stand in a confident way
  • Stop being passive, start being active
  • (Bonus) Work with nature
    click here for more on the 9 ways to work with Divine Masculine energy within yourself. Same as the link above also.

Basically, the Divine Masculine & the Divine Feminine are with all of humankind. When they are balanced they work with each other to balance out yourself. I honestly can’t say that all of the situations apply to me, but the attributes aren’t something that normally necessarily works completely with my 2 Goddesses, although 1 is I would say a combination of working with the 2 within yourself more than the other & the other also has some attributes of the energy also by these metrics but far stronger Feminine.

If nothing else, I have something to think about along with I guess research or learn about how I approach it going forward. What will work for me where I am on my path & understanding, beliefs, & practices with Irish Celtic Paganism?


@Susurrus I loved reading your entry. I have to say that i have found this challenge to be such an interesting one. It has really clicked with me, although I can’t quite say why it has. Perhaps because i regularly work with 2 male deities. Many of us have been removed from our comfort zone and its been inspiring to see how everyone has approached it.

I completely agree with this. I think it has been viewed almost as a negative/something to be avoided and as a result has perhaps been almost repressed due to long time periods of social conditioning, where aspects such as agression and dominance have been highlighted as key (and not overly desirable) aspects of the divine masculine. Interestingly I decided to do a little research with family. I sent them a quiz i made up and asked them to complete it. The vast majority of responses showed feminine energy as the dominant one among male and female family members. Perhaps it is when people are faced with these qualities, even when written down, they want to avoid them and not consider them as part of who they really are. It is almost as though there are traits that people do not want to admit to having as it is not what society has come to expect from them. It is fascinating and poses the question, how do you overcome it?

In fact, divine masculine energy is a necessary part of all of us. It is HOW we channel these energies and use them to our advantage; lead dont dominate, be assertive not aggressive, support not control. It reminds me of the strength tarot card. Its almost like taking masculine traits and giving them a sprinkle of feminine energy to take the sting out. Thats why the balance between the two is so important.

Blessed be



It is really fascinating, and something that also came to me while I was doing the quizzes… how much bias do we have there and if there would be a way to work around it with the way the questions are presented. I could easily tell (in each of the quizzes) which answers contribute to which outcome, and it’s like I could feel my shadow stirring. It’s hard to say how honest exactly I was with my answers.

There was something deep inside me that lit up and resonated when I read these parts… I’m definitely a seeker at heart! :sparkling_heart: And when I do set my sights on something, I can be a force of nature… :smiling_face: :star2:


Thanks, love! I’m glad you liked it!


@Heav3n I got the same as you did.

What your leading Energy? I got feminine on this one.
The Masculine and Feminine Energy Quiz I got feminine.
What is your leading energy? I got masculine.


Challenge Entry: The Divine Masculine + Beltane

Today I combined my Beltane celebration with my challenge entry this week. I started off working with the materials I’d gathered on my run on Saturday

and spent a bit of time watching a Youtube video on how to weave a sturdy clover crown. Turns out 60 clovers were not enough :laughing: but I didn’t feel like going out to get more and risk getting distracted so I added ribbon to the ends to make it work! I wanted something more substantial than the little chains I made as a kid to keep this one.

I’m pretty happy with it and might make another one next week for the heck of it.

Then I shifted creative gears and decided to make a couple of Green Man’s (Men?) sculptures :laughing: for my altar.

I picked Green Man for this challenge because I’d always been curious to learn more about him and he seems a good fit for my practice. From my research, I learned that The Green Man represents the vitality, growth, and abundance of the natural world. He is often associated with the springtime and the rebirth of the earth after the winter season. The Green Man is a symbol of the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of honoring and respecting the natural world.

My first piece is a bit less creative because I already had a mold for a Green Man that I’d purchased 15 years ago (who knew!?). I used white clay to mold it then painted and glazed it.

Then I decided to push my creative luck and make another one using a mold of a face from a sun wall hanging, used collected ivy leaves from my Saturday run, and cut them out of the clay. I usually hit a point with more complicated projects where I get tired, careless, and frustrated so I slowed down, took my time, and focused.

I think he’s a perfect addition to my altar. I’m so pleased with how he turned out. I decided to keep things simple and just cut some fresh roses from my garden as an offering to him.

Really enjoyed my creative day and this challenge! As always I appreciate being pushed out of my comfort zone to learn and try new things to expand my practice! :rose: :herb: :green_heart:


Just noticed these quizzes. I suppose it’s not a real surprise to me that my leading energy in all three quizzes is Masculine. I could tell as I was answering the questions what my results would be and honestly, it makes sense. The older I get, the more I acknowledge who I am and what my strengths and weaknesses are so I can learn to adapt and manage challenges as they arise in life.

Thank you for sharing them! Always love taking quizzes.