😊 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Magick of Happiness

The cookies sound lovely @Jewitch! So much love and caring went into them, they had to be special. Sorry about your fire alarm waking you up but I’m so glad it was a false alarm!


@Ostara @Amethyst Thank you both :blush: xxx


You’re welcome, my dear!


Pardon me if these musings are jumbled or incoherent.
Back in college, some of my favorite courses were in philosophy. Morality often was discussed. That was when I first learned the definition of utilitarianism. As a refresher, utilitarianism is a system of morality where our actions should bring as much happiness as possible to others. At first glance, this seems like the best approach. Killing, stealing, lying, and cheating would make almost everyone unhappy. However, I have learned over the years that just because something makes you happy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not harmful for you or someone else. It’s important to not spread unhappiness, but at the same time, we need to consider the consequences of our actions as we pursue happiness.
We all need our basic needs met, such as food, water, clothing, shelter, and safety met. However, for us humans, that’s not always enough. We need to feel loved, to feel like we belong somewhere, to feel like we are living our lives to the fullest, and so on. We are much more complicated than the animals and what makes a person happy differs from one to the other.
During this holiday season, there is a lot of emphasis on giving to the less fortunate. And I think that that is what brings happiness to most of us: not only ensuring that our needs are met, but that the needs of others are met. When you think about it, jobs are centered around providing a need (and want) for ourselves and others.
That about sums up my musings, for now, as I enjoyed some wine with sandalwood essential oil diffusing in the background.
EDIT: I feel like I’m much happier this Christmas because this was the first year I didn’t really know what I wanted. Anything I wanted could wait or what I did want, I learned I didn’t really need.


I changed it up from my original idea & incorporated it in the Group Ritual here:

Group Ritual Challenge Entry

I hope everyone is having a great weekend :infinite_roots: :two_men_holding_hands:


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday this weekend. I know I did and felt the love of my boys, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren excited and running all around the house. As most of you know I was sort of away with family funerals before the festival holidays, a sad time.

For my challenge of Happiness in Magic, here is my entry:

A) 1 white candle
B) 1 yellow candle or 2 red candles.
C) symbols of happiness (things that represent what makes you happy) for me it is a locket that my Dad gave my Mother; a ring of my father’s; a necklace of my Grandmother; dolphin earrings from my Sister and finally the love I feel for Justin.
D) Bell or chimes ( if you don’t have a bell or chimes, you can use a drum or rattle, or create a makeshift one by using an empty jar and some dried beans or clap your hands).

Note this Spell is intended to help you to open up and invite happiness; it is up to you to work at maintaining that openness.

(ring the bell)
I open myself to joy and the possibility of happiness

(ring the bell)
I open myself to harmony and appreciation of the world around me

(ring the bell)
I open myself to love, both given and received

(ring the bell)
I open myself to fun and a childlike celebration of the little things

(ring the bell)
I open myself to joy and I am happy

(ring the bell)
So mote it be.

Source by Deborah Blake (book - Everyday Witch)

Blessed be


That’s beautiful!


Such profound words:)


Glad you opened yourself to happiness @debra2, if anyone deserves it right now it’s you.


@Amethyst Thank you.


@christine13 Thank you.


Happiness for me is creating something new. I love learning a new craft or creating from a craft I already know.

these were fun to make.

self-love bottles

New craft I learned…resin pouring. Crystal grid plate (12 inches) didn’t realize how big it was. Lotus flower candle holder and wand hair sticks that need some bling.

This all makes me happy because it brings happiness to whomever it ends up with.

Blessed be!


You’re welcome, my friend!

Those look great! Someone is going to be very happy when they get one of your treats!


I love that! I am going to do that today.


Everything is beautiful!


@Garnet I think that turning even mundane things into an adventure is a very empowering mindset to have, Garnet! :blush: I absolutely agree- “life is what you make of it” are wise words indeed! :heart::muscle:

@Ostara I’m so glad you like the challenge theme! Self love is a wonderful focus to work towards in the new year- I think that’s a great resolution :raised_hands: And ohhh look at that gorgeous self love bottle- you included so many beautiful things :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: May your lovely spellwork help guide you towards your goal, Linda- great job and thanks for sharing!

@Amethyst The muppets! :star_struck: I’ve only seen it a couple of times, but that’s a classic holiday movie :christmas_tree: Thank you for sharing both a very fun song (it certainly made me smile :blush:) and your treasured family tradition, Amethyst! It’s an honor that you shared it with us :infinite_roots: :heart:

@CourtneyTann Sometimes we find the things we need, right when we need them most :blush: I’m so glad you like the challenge theme, Courtney! Wishing you all the best with your Shadow Work and coloring- good luck! :sparkling_heart:

@Jessica72 Beautiful work with your spell jar, Jessica- you really have a talent for jar magick! :sparkles: And wow, it looks so beautiful and warm all put together- as for the wax, I think it turned out beautiful! It fell very nicely on the jar. May your lovely spell jar continue to bring you joy and help you to smile :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@LadyAuld.ofChico A Christmas miracle indeed- I’m glad the sun came out for you! :sun_with_face: It sounds like you had a lovely meditation in the sunlight as well, such a wonderful way to bask in the warmth and find happiness in nature. Thank you for joining in and sharing such a lovely entry- I hope your week was bright and sparkly! :sparkles::grin:

@Jewitch Double points to you, Wade- for not only seeking your own happiness this week, but for also putting in the thought and effort to spread joy to others :hearts: You have a very kind heart! It sounds like your grandma really know how to make a good cookie (and fun fact about “cooky”- I didn’t know that! :star_struck:) and you’ve carried on her cooking talents with your awe-inspiring kitchen witchery :bowl_with_spoon: :sparkles: I’m glad the alarm wasn’t anything serious, but I think you are really strong for finding the positive in such a situation! Congrats to you and thanks so much for sharing- really great job!

@Kasandra That was a really valuable lesson- it sounds like you had a really great philosophy class, Kasandra! I think what you said about the joy of giving to others is a very powerful thing. I took a Science of Happiness class a while back that talked about a study where those who gave away a free gift were happier than those who used it for themselves (article about the happiness study here)- the results of the study align with what you’ve said. I’m glad you found happiness this Christmas in a new and freeing way! :blush::dove:

@Siofra Thanks for your lovely entry in the group ritual, Siofra! I hope you had a lovely holiday and that the happy feelings grow brighter for you as we move into 2022 :fireworks: :heart:

@Debra2 You are surrounded by so much love, Debra- I’m glad the holidays brought happiness and joy your way after the sadness you’ve been dealing with. That is such a lovely bell spell to call upon happiness- the ringing of the bell ties in so well with the season, this is a great one! :bell: Thanks for sharing and many blessings back to you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Magdelina Happiness in crafting- I love it! :heart_eyes: You have so many talents, and the beautiful things you make bring joy to all those who see them. Wishing you all the best with your resin work- it’s an exciting craft to work with! Thanks for sharing both your beauties and the delight they bring :two_hearts:


Thank you TravelWitch. I have been carrying that bottle around with me the last few days and every time I start to put myself down in my head, I take the bottle out and shake it and then I am happy again. Thanks for the Magick of Happiness challenge!


I want to include my newest video for this challenge. I made what I called Sunshine in a Bottle!


The Happiness Recipe

I was so inspired by everyone’s cooking recipes that I’d try combination of ingredients for happiness. :wink:

heap of joy
heartful of love
dollop of playfulness
handful of service
sniff of memory
hint of wonder
smig of laughter and/or tears, to taste

  • to be served immediately
  • paired well with anything and anyone

Crystals, Glass & Fossils, oh my

Glass starfish, Jasper- Bumblebee, Ammonite, Serpentine, Chrysoprase, Orthoceras, Malachite- velvet, Amethyst point, Spar- orange, Coral- red (?), Fluorite- green, Apophyllite- one with Stilbite , Jasper-spiderweb skull, Quartz-dyed orange crackle, Soapstone-red heart (?), Dumortierite quartz- -blue heart.

I totally winged it with my crystal choices for this challenge’s recipe and was guided by Marie Kondo’s voice whispering in my ear asking, “Does this spark Joy?” Placement of the crystals was also completely free-form. I adored the freedom and ease of this process and will soak in it for a day or so before I activate this kitchen table grid.

Wishing you all Happiness and Health :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Janis :triskele:


Thank you all for sharing your beautiful energy. :heart_decoration:

@christina4 sounds like a warm and loving family visit with your sister and nephew.

Thanks for the giggles @Garnet :grin:

I can so relate to that end of year feeling @katnabis and I’m glad you found some joy from your new tarot deck! Meow…

@mary25, I adore everything about your witch ball and appreciate the list of ingredients and their attributes. :crystal_ball:

That’s sounds so heart-warming and fulfilling to feel your ancestors with you. Good for you to continue the tradition,@Athena ! I’ve been thinking a lot about legacy after pulling the ten of pentacles for guidance on this challenge.

Yummy, simply yummy @Ostara

@Amethyst, ta for the Christmas Carole share. :musical_note:

Love to hear about your synchronicity of founding this site, @CourtneyTann .

I think I’ll have a rest now before I continue reading the rest of the shares. So happy to have more Magick of Happiness to look forward to. :infinite_roots:

Janis :triskele: