🌈 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Many Colors of Magick

I took some inspiration from an image I found online but drew my own interpretation then painted.

I’m really not great with human(like) faces hence the mask and very simple features. Far better with animals!

Oh and the blue hair is possibly my ego slipping out imagining myself as a goddess…


You are a Goddess my lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I like the simplicity of the face it really draws you to all of the colours and symbolism :heartpulse:


Iris fancy her dress and colors :art:

I am thinking of ones aura!

Just a little drawing I made!
I am happy to share with you all!
Love :heart: and Love all the colors of the rainbow :rainbow:


Thanks, I’m blushing :heart:


That is beautiful @IrisW! What a wonderful painting! It’s so vibrant!


You have such a beautiful alter, truly represents the other world, nature and the masculine. I would like to own a skull too but not sure where to get one. I have a friend who has many and won’t part with one. Anyway Whats the story behind it?
I see you are riding in style! I am so happy for you! You live life abundantly like a Goddess!
You deserve every piece of it! Love you to pieces!
Blessed Be!


Chakra crystal grids draw on both the color correspondences of the chakras and the wonderful colors of the stones- they absolutely qualify for this challenge, @Christina4! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :gem: And thanks for the helpful link to the color magick article! :pray:

I loved the pictures of the Zodiac coloring book you showed before, @Liisa! The base pictures were gorgeous, so I can only imagine how stunning they’ll be when you fill them with color! :star_struck: :art: As for the Gemini palatte, I found a chart but overall sources varied greatly about colors :sweat_smile: . I’d say the colors you listed will work fine- and maybe consider adding your sister’s favorite personal color to the drawing too! :art::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

[From Pinterest]

That’s perfect timing, @wade- a very good find! :grin: Looking forward to seeing your gorgeous mandalas :pray:

Sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling out, @MeganB- I know everyone in the community has varied opinions, but I think if you identify as LGBT+ then you should always have a place at Pride and in the community as a whole, regardless of who you are in a relationship with :handshake: :rainbow_flag: This month is for you too- let your colors shine brightly! :sparkles: Looking forward to seeing what colorful magick you’ll come up for the challenge :heart:

Congrats on sponsoring the Pride Dog Show, @IrisW- it sounds like a very fun event! :dog: :rainbow_flag: And you are rocking that rainbow dress- it’s perfect for Pride! :dress: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And that drawing!!! Oh my Goddess! :heart_eyes: The blue hair and rainbow dress- it’s all perfect. Really great job! :clap:

Feel free to pursue any colorful magick that calls to you, @Siofra! No matter what you choose, I know it will be beautiful :blush: Have fun!

Congrats on the car, @Rowan- and look at the living room! It’s looking awesome! :skull: :deer::heart:

It sounds like you have lots of wonderful challenge ideas, @sarah29! :heart_eyes: Many blessings back to you- good luck and have fun with your colorful magick! :sparkles:

Hahaha I read every post on the forum! :grin: I most definitely draw challenge ideas from comments and thoughts shared by the coven- thanks for sharing inspiration, @Kasandra! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The dragon oracle and chakra exploration sounds like wonderful topics to dig into- have fun! :hearts:

Choices, choices @Amethyst! :blush: Any spellwork involving color is perfect- or you would draw on your wonderful talent for words and craft poems or chants inspired by colors :art: Good luck and enjoy! :raised_hands:

I am loving your meditation drawing, @Jeannie1! :heart_eyes: It’s a beautiful and colorful piece made by a beautiful and colorful soul- nicely done! I think this would make a wonderful and uplifting entry to your Book of Shadows/Journal :open_book: :blush: Thanks for sharing!


Congratulations on the new car!!! It’s so nice!! And you rearranged your room beautifully!!! I love the lights under the skull!!!


I was in a hetero relationship for about 6 years.


I’m married to a very lovely man but bisexual and monogamous (mostly, long story).


I put my challenge entry into its own post: Color Magic Weekly Challenge Entry

I hope it helps at least one person & that everyone has a great day!

It’s a dreary day here today, so I’m hoping that it clears up this afternoon. :hugs:


Thank you :heart: And that color palette definitely matches me as a Scorpio :scorpius:


@MeganB… you’re a Scorpio too! Oh wow! Woo hoo! That makes me happy. I’m a Scorpio! :scorpius:


If I’m not mistaken, so is @TheTravelWitch ? We have a lot of Scorpio energy here :laughing:


Yes! She is! Scorpio energy is good energy if you ask me.


@TheTravelWitch thank you for the colour chart :heart_eyes: her favourite colour is pink so all is well :heart: so many colours for so many things I love this challenge :heart:

@Jeannie1 I love your drawing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: it’s almost exactly how I visualise people’s auras :heart:


You are so sweet, @Jeannie1 ! Thank you, and to everyone else for the kind words and compliments.
This altar is my mini downstairs one, I had a smaller one but it was just getting so cluttered. So this shelf was calling out for some attention. It did give a burst of wonderful energy to the house :grin:.
You, my friend are a goddess!
Now to figure out my entry for this challenge. :face_with_monocle:


@IrisW & @Jeannie1 those are beautiful pieces of artwork! I can’t draw anything to save my life. I can make things though or color them! I like to paint, but not freehand.

I’m very happy for you @Rowan that’s a great vehicle & your tapestries & new altar are gorgeous!


Thank you Beautiful! :heart:


You are very welcome! I hope you have a great day!

It’s raining here today… again… we had 1 day of sun so far this week. It’s been overcast and/or raining since last Friday here. I put grapefruit & lemon in my diffuser to kind of brighten up the house. I may make another simmer pot for the main house when I go out there to do the house stuffs.