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I decided to find the correspondences for Colors in Magic. I found a couple of articles on the subject & incorporated them into my entry for :rainbow: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Many Colors of Magick

Color Magic - Magical Color Correspondences

Color Magic

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Paganism and WiccaPaganism and Wicca

Color magic is a part of many magical traditions because colors have certain associations. However, bear in mind that some traditions may set their own correspondences that differ from this list.

When it comes to actually using these correspondences, be creative and think outside your normal comfort zone. You may wish to keep a variety of candles, colored paper, altar cloths and fabric, ribbons, or even ink on hand to use in different magical workings. Write spells and incantations in the appropriate color, or use the corresponding color paper. You can incorporate stones, herbs, or flowers in the color of your choosing. If you meditate or do any chaka energy work, you can even imagine yourself surrounded in light that is the color you need for your magical working. The possibilities are limited only by your own imagination.


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Associated with courage and health, sexual love and lust, red can come in handy in spellwork. Use red lipstick to kiss your lover, fill a red cloth pouch with herbs to boost your sex life, or burn a red candle before a challenging endeavor to give yourself a little extra courage. If you play sports or engage in other competitive activities, wear something red under your uniform to help give your confidence a lift. Red is also associated with war and power, so if you’re about to engage in conflict - physical or emotional - red can be a useful color to have; consider imagining yourself bathed in a bright red light before you march off into battle.

Red is also associated with the root chakra. Because of this, it’s connected to both our sense of stability, and how we relate to the physical and material worlds.

Everyday Uses: Buy red workout shoes to pump up your workout, wear a red blouse when going to an important event or red heels to a date, wear red lipstick for a confidence boost on a date, or paint your door red to welcome house guests.

Red Crystals: Garnet, red jasper


Pink Flowers

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The color pink is associated with friendship and pure, innocent love. Got a crush on someone but not quite ready to burn the fires of passion yet? Use pink roses or other flowers to send a message. Dress in pink to attract new friends. Burn a pink candle for emotional and spiritual healing magic or to nurture a new partnership.

Everyday Uses: Wear a pink shirt or dress on a first date (trust us), or wear a cute pink bra under your outfit (even if no one is seeing it but you). Get matching rose quartz friendship bracelets or necklaces with your bestie. Add a pink couch to your living room, sprinkle some Himalayan salt on your food, use pink paperclips to hold together contracts (new beginnings/friendships).

Pink Crystals: Rose quartz


Three lit orange candles

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If you’re doing a working for attraction and encouragement, use orange in your magical endeavors. Light an orange candle to bring new opportunities into your life; if you seek fun and adventure, wear something orange that really gets people’s attention. Orange is a color of creativity and self-expression, so use orange when you’re doing magical workings related to issues such as writer’s block, or if you’re an artist who feels your muse has been stifled lately.

Because orange is associated with the sacral chakra, it is related to both sexuality and emotion, specifically in our ability to establish emotional connections to other people. Eating disorders and certain addictions, such as drug abuse and alcoholism, are sometimes connected to the sacral chakra, so use orange for magic related to healing these types of problems.

Everyday Uses: Use orange ink and notebooks when working on creative projects, bring orange roses to someone you’re proud of, or drop an orange bath bomb into your bath after a stressful day to get some uplifting energies.

Orange Crystals: Tiger’s eye


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Gold is associated, as you might imagine, with financial gain, business endeavors, and solar connections. Hang gold colors around your doorway to draw money into your life, or light a gold candle for workings designed to enhance your business success. If you hope to give your career a little magical boost, wear gold jewelry or carry a piece in your pocket. Gold is also useful in matters related to the law, courtrooms, and the justice system; if you happen to be waiting for a judgment in a civil suit or a criminal case, tuck a bit of gold paper into your shoe before you go into the courtroom.


Yellow Shirt

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When it comes to persuasion and protection, yellow is a great color to use. It’s a bright sunny color that lends itself to spreading happiness - and if people around you are happy, they’re far more likely to see things your way! Because of its connection to the solar plexus chakra, yellow is also related to self-empowerment. Someone with a strong solar plexus chakra is a person who is well balanced in both their self-confidence and their levels of self-control.

Everyday Uses: Use a yellow highlighter while studying, post a pic of you wearing yellow on your dating app profile, keep lemons around the kitchen, drive a yellow car, wear a yellow jumpsuit when you need a confidence boost, yellow rain boots make any rainy day brighter, or set up some sunflowers in your house.

Yellow Crystals: Citrine, calcite


Close-Up Of Burning Candle

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As you might imagine, green is connected to financial abundance and money, but it’s strongly tied to fertility magic as well. Green is also related to the heart chakra. It’s our emotional center – our ability to love others and to receive love in return. Forgiveness, romantic love, compassion, empathy, and platonic love – all of these are centered within the heart chakra, so use green for spellwork related to these matters.

Everyday uses: Paint your nails green so everything you touch turns to money, carry a green wallet so you always have an increase in cash flow, use green gardening tools to promote growth, place a “money tree” in your house.

Green Crystals: Jade

Light Blue

Baby Boy Sleeping with Teddy Bear

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Light blue is associated with magic related to healing, patience, and understanding. Use blue fabric to sew a sachet or pillow stuffed with healing herbs, or make a baby blanket with blue flannel to bring about wellness and good health. If you’ve got a sick friend, inscribe their name upon a blue candle before you burn it. Another great idea is to gift them with a set of blue socks - ever wonder why hospital socks are almost always blue?

Blue is also the color of the throat chakra, which is our center of communication. It’s what gives us the ability to be honest and open with the people in our lives. Our ability to trust, and be trustworthy, to speak truthfully and fairly, is all rooted within the throat chakra, so use light blue if you need to get to the truth of a matter, or open up lines of communication.

Dark Blue

Candles on beach honouring Yemanja, sea goddess

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If your magical working relates to depression and emotional vulnerability, dark blue is the color to use. Dark blue, or indigo, is connected to the brow chakra, which is where many people believe our Third Eye is located. Our ability to self-realize, to develop our psychic abilities and empathic skills, is connected to the brow chakra is also tied to our ability – and our willingness – to recognize, acknowledge, and then let go of emotional baggage, so use dark blue in workings of this nature.

Everyday Uses: Hang pictures of blue things in your office to increase focus and creativity, drink from a blue mug in the morning to keep you calm, paint your room blue to promote harmony, or wear blue necklace for great communication (preferable with one of the crystals mentioned below for an extra magical boost).

Blue Crystals: Blue agate, lapis lazuli, turquoise



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Purple is the color of royalty and is associated with ambition and power. If you’re heading into a business meeting and know you could run into conflict, wear a purple tie or scarf as an accessory.

In some metaphysical traditions, purple or violet is associated with the crown chakra. This is the part of us that is centered on our connection to the Divine, to the Universe itself, and to our ability to know our place in the grand scheme of things. If you’re doing magic related to opening up your connection to the deities of your tradition or path, use purple.

Everyday Uses: Wear purple lipstick when you want your words to hold power, dye your hair when you want powerful presence, color things or write letters in purple ink.

Purple Crystals: Amethyst


Brown Door

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The color brown can be incorporated into Earth-related or animal-related workings. If you feel like you need to get reconnected with the natural world, burn a brown candle, or carry some brown soil in your pocket. Also associated with home life and stability, you can use a brown marker or paint to create a sigil on your door or threshold. Inscribe spells or charms on brown paper - sandwich-size lunch sacks are perfect for this!


Black Balloons

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Use black for magical workings related to negativity and banishment. If someone is bothering you, write their name on a piece of paper. Burn the paper around the edges using a black candle, and as you do so, let them know that you are burning away whatever feelings (animosity, lust, jealousy, whatever) they may have towards you. Burn as much of the paper as you can, until all that’s left is their name, and then bury it. Another option is to write their name on a black balloon, fill the balloon with helium, and then take it far away and release it into the sky.

When most people think of black, they tend to associate it with death. Actually, black focuses more on safety and protection than dying. In all things, black represents grounding, strength, and wards against negativity.

Everyday Uses: Wear a black jacket out to protect you, hang black curtains on your windows to ward off negative energies, welcome a black house cat to dispel demons, sleep in black sheets to block bad dreams, or wear black sunglasses to block out the haters.

Black Crystals: Black tourmaline, black obsidian


Close-Up Of Lit Candle

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White is strongly tied to purity, truth, and our connection to the divine and our higher selves. Note that in candle magic, many Pagan traditions hold that it is acceptable to use a white candle as a substitute in place of any other color. Use white for workings involving unity and peace, consecration of magical tools, blessings, and cleansing.

Everyday Uses: Use a white diffuser when doing a cleanse of your space, try out a white yoga mat for balance, buy white Lillies, light white candles, keep a clear quartz crystal on your office desk, or wear white PJs to go to bed feeling at peace.

White C rystals: Selenite, clear quartz, white howlite, moonstone


Lighthouse Moon

People have honored deities of the moon for ages. Image by Marek Sojka/EyeEm/Getty Images

Silver is associated with reflection and truth, intuition, and lunar connections. Use a silver candle if you need to do some full moon scrying, or any sort of working that has to do with developing your psychic abilities, dreaming, or astral travel. Because of its lunar associations, silver is also tied to women’s mysteries, the tides, and pregnancy.

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Any time that you are working with candles please remember to practice Candle Safety


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I have the Eye of Horus on 1 of my witchy charm bracelets. Along with Brigid’s Cross & Artemis’ bow & arrow. I wear them for protection along with the Evil Eye bracelet that I got from a good friend of mine.

I didn’t realize that you could work with Brown too! I knew about Gold & Silver, but I haven’t used them yet in any workings.


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