🛠 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Troubleshooting Spellwork

No, I don’t think so. I honestly don’t feel any threats or harm. I do know that for years many “unexplainable things” have happened. Also, Miracles… that changed lives.
I also know the difference between what’s real and what is not, for the most part. I don’t believe everything I see, I don’t believe everything I hear.
I have had my personal bouts with Demons as well. I can only speak for myself as what I say is as true as I know it and this is what has happened to me I have seen it with my own eyes I have felt it with my own soul.
Thank you for your enlightening encouragement. It means a lot to me.
Blessed Be in all you do…


Challenge Entry

I did a love spell last February to find the right person (i.e., at work, in line at the grocery store, at a restaurant etc.) The spell didn’t work at all and it was easy for me to troubleshoot why; I didn’t actually want to find the right person. During the spell, I was fighting against sending the energy out into the universe. “It’ll be good for you. Don’t worry. You’ll have someone to do things with,” part of me said.
“No, it’ll be good for the people who want me to get married, move out of my apartment, stop adopting cats and have some kids,” the other part of me said.
Well, the latter part stopped the spell from manifesting.


Weekly Challenge Entry-Troubleshooting Spellwork
I found a book on Kindle Unlimited by Julie Wilder called Why Didn’t My Spell Work?: How to Troubleshoot Any Magical Spell and Set Your Witchcraft Practice up for Success.

External Reasons Your Spell Didn’t Work
• You Performed The Spell In The Wrong Location.
• Your Magical Tools Were Holding Conflicting Energy.
• Your Altar Wasn’t Set Up Right.
• You Wore The Wrong Clothes.
• You Didn’t Take Enough Action After Your Spell
• You Didn’t Word Your Spell Correctly
• You Told Someone About Your Spell And They Reacted Negatively.
• You Didn’t Plan for Success
Internal Reasons Your Spell Didn’t Work
• You Didn’t Ground Yourself First.
• You Weren’t Feeling Your Best On The Day You Cast Your Spell.
• You Got Upset When Someone Else Got What You Desire.
• You Didn’t Ask For Enough (Or You Asked For Too Much).
• Your Magical Intention Was Too Specific.
• Your Magical Intention Was Not Specific Enough.
• You Made Excuses For Why You Can’t Manifest Your Spell.
• You’re Scared.
• You Were Too Attached To The Outcome.
• You are Stuck In An Unhelpful Energetic Pattern.
• You Didn’t Wait Long Enough.
• You Didn’t Actually Want It.




  1. Don’t be in such a hurry, and be patient with yourself. [Rome wasn’t built in a day.]
    Great idea :bulb: your right I had to come to realize magic :magic_wand: isn’t going to happen overnight either! I love myself a lot better when I take my time and I like it when people are patient with me!


  1. Don’t get ahead of yourself, follow your lessons. Many times I asked that people visit the forum. This is one of your best resources to get advice and answers.

I love your advice and honesty, I really have a passion to learn and be creative but I have a lot on my plate and it’s hard to do or focus. I like to stay focused and motivated on spells 8 infinite :infinity: roots because I really like the practice of making magic :magic_wand: and really I have had a great experience here and I hope to continue to grow and ask more questions!


  1. Follow your spell to the letter.

Yes write :writing_hand: as much as possible always include the candle your sacred flame :fire: and trust the process! For me I get lazy and there’s no easy fix! It takes work to figure what works and doesn’t! For example my friend grows and had different strands of seeds and had to write :writing_hand: everything down so she could repeat :repeat: everything she did to the :key: key :closed_lock_with_key: thanks garnet very helpful thank you :blush:

Yes I will follow my heart happy Thanksgiving :turkey:


This is such a good book! Kelly-Ann Maddox is an amazing person and witch. I’m glad to see others picking up this book :blush: I’ve never read Light Magic for Dark Times though. I hope you’ll leave a book review for this book in our book club :books:

I think in most situations there’s always something you can do to substitute :blush: I mean, not everyone has access to every single thing that a different person might have. Substitutions are bound to be necessary eventually. I think the substitutions you made, the improvising you did, are perfectly fit for your situation. You did what you need to do :blush: good job!

I think this is a good idea :blush: Remember, these challenges are made to be open-ended and open for interpretation. For example, I took this challenge in the direction of improvising spells when things go wrong or when I don’t have everything I need. I think that works just as well!

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

This is such an interesting thing you mentioned because I find not many people have the capability to look back at what they actually wanted when they cast a spell. Good on you for having that level of self-awareness!

I’ve never heard of this book before. I’ll have to add it to my list of books to read! Thank you for the suggestion :blush:


It’s a good book. She goes into detail on how to change your energy level on the different things. I love Kindle Unlimited! Lol!


Weekly Witchy Challenge Troubleshooting!
I remember I did a spell it was not to long ago. I wrote in my book of Mirrors and used a spell spells 8 provided to sell a property! My issue is that I have.
1Book Of Mirrors and I need a new one!!
3Book of Shawdows
Tarot journal :notebook:
Sigil Journal
2 Dream Journal
3 Tarot Journals
Crystal Personal notes :spiral_notepad:
Crystal book of Mirrors :mirror:
Pendulum Dowsing book of Mirrors
One Book of Shawdow’s just for Heckate
One book of Shawdows just for Heckate
You get the point I have been blessed with many journals and binders! So point be I did a great job doing the spell cause my mothers estates were not selling! Know it’s finally moving somewhat and a bunch of family members are waiting for some legal paperwork to process and that takes 30 days ! Anyway I wrote in my journal and I thought I would find it very easily! Am I the only one :point_up: I try to be organized too! But I need another Big Book of Mirrors! Point being I would like to Label :label: all my book in big letters or somewhere! Do you have any suggestions? I should just get a label machine huh? Some of them are labeled but not all of them! Sometimes if I can’t find a book of Mirrors for a certain reason I’ll pick up a journal and still stick to my plan and use a spiral notebook so I have like 5 out here. I find imperfections in my details ! I just remembered we’re it’s at! Omg :scream: by this time it’s like I just spent a half hour on looking for something! Anyway spell turned out good :blush:
I need to pull out a justice card seriously! I can’t wait for my mothers wishes to be honored! I think I did a good spell really! Just when I need to find a paper there’s so many to go through! Point given my lesson is to be organized and liable if your that analytical like me! Lol


I was the same way with all my different journals. I was confusing myself. A few months ago I bought a 600 page BOS and I put everything in it.


What a great idea for a challenge!
I decided to play a game of spell roulette. I ended up with a justice spell jar. Here’s a quick run-down.

Items Needed:
-written intention/sigil in orange ink/pencil, etc
-red jasper for fairness, promotes justice
-garnet and hematite both ensure justice is served, helps you to not lose your power and helps you feel confident and strong.
-rose quartz aids reconciliation, empathy and the forgiveness of others.
-marigold/calendula bring justice
-chammomile brings justice
-jasmine for love and peace
-feather as an offering to goddess Maat.

Add ingredients besides the feather. Light the orange candle to ensure feather stays on top of jar lid. Then place the candle above the feather to burn. Light it for 7 days or until it burns completely.

As the candle burns say aloud or to yourself:
Goddess Maat,
Cast your eye upon the world and bring order to this chaos. Weigh our hearts andpass judgement upon those who do evil. Reveal the truth and bring justice. May it be. :pray:

You may meditate upon the flame of the candle and acknowledge all of the pain and fear that you feel and release it into the universe.

Heres my end result


@jessica72 thanks for sharing those excerpts! They were really helpful.

@Medea how is it going with your entity? Have you researched the history of where you live to see if you can find out if it is a ghost that lives there before? Recently, I have had two times where I have seen someone looking at me in my minds eye while doing a meditation- humanoid but not human. This is usually where I run away like Brave Sir Robin but I don’t want to anymore. But I also don’t want to invite bad stuff in. What else do you do to investigate what is going on with an entity in your life?

@catherine11 I love your creativity! Great idea about the safe ‘burning’ candles. I have always been taught intention is what matters most. I read somewhere about Mondays being a great day to do a moon spell if you can’t wait for the phase, in another book, it again described the intention of the moon phase being important. Good luck with your spell!

@Phoenix_Fire I think that is a great entry. Not finding things or having spread out resources can be limiting and can cause backfires in being able to have more depth and breadth in our spellwork.

@Wysteria_Norn I am curious, have you tried to communicate with this entity?

@Garnet great advice. I’m not sure I would want to light a cotton ball on fire though. Lol. The whole concept of being mindful of the responsibility and the consequences has kept me from doing many things to the point where I am not doing much at all.
That is where this challenge is also brilliant as it can give great ideas on how to correct that which we did not intend or did not foresee as a consequence.
Also, the people in this coven keep me coming back to this path. I know it is right for me but I have been blocked from moving forward for a long time and here I keep getting motivation to keep chipping away at that block.

@Kasandra been there done that- setting out the intention to find someone and it not happening because, differently, I didn’t think I deserved that happiness. Marriage and kids can be great but so can being on our own. I so enjoyed my single hood. I was the on the path of a not married life when the universe stepped in and threw my husband at me a few times. I haven’t always been grateful for that tbh but it has probably given me my best opportunity for growth in a stubbornly supportive environment. May the universe step in and support you fully in what is your best life for you. (I am sure you are already supported, I just wanted to add to that with a blessing as well)

@Ostara what are your thoughts on what this author has written? I have not cast enough spells to have a set opinion but I find myself balking at things like ‘I wore the wrong clothes’. Do you have experience where you find some of the things she has written might be true?

@Jeannie1 i am so glad your spell worked out! Have you tried keeping things online to make it easier to search. I am not a fan of online but it is a way to find things easier. I tend to be similar with so many different journals and distracted before completing what I set out to do. But you find a way and get it done! Yay!

@christina4 what a beautiful alter space! What will you do with the jar after the spell is done working? Do you take the ingredients back out?


Thank you so much for asking. It is hard sometimes to answer questions when your intuition is involved. As a rule, I do investigate the houses history. The best info. comes from the person that lived there. One day I went into the basement of the house I was renting and found a little bear in a box. I brought it up stairs and put it on my bed. Later that night, I was getting ready for bed, and I noticed the bear had moved :thinking: I really wasn’t sure, but over a week the kept moving to different spots. OK now I know it is not me. I told my girlfriend about it, and she said don’t leave I will be right there. When she got there, she asked for a piece of paper and a pen. At the time, I did not know what she was doing. She seemed to be in a trance of meditated state. Then she asked, “what is your name and how old are you?” The pen started to move, at first, I thought she was making it move. Then on the paper it said LAURA I am 8. “Are you play with the bear on the bead” “Yes, my bear” The writing was messy and not to clear but my girlfriend made it out and that is what “LAURA” said. In the same room I had a rocking chair that on occasion I saw it moving by itself. One night my husband and I were in one of our usually heated arguments when the chair started to rock. He looked and me and said. “WTF”. I told him it was Laura. I explained and he said for her to make it stop. I told him she doesn’t like you…
I could go on and on. Yes, I do research. This particular incident happened a long time ago and there were no house numbers but, in that area, there was a house fire and a little girl died.
I have had many different events like that happen my whole life. I never babysat because I was too afraid to be alone. If I was in a car, or a room, anywhere I would smell blood. I would ask anyone I was with, if they smelled it too and they would look at me like I was crazy.

I am sorry for the length of this reply. I did leave a lot out. Again, thank you my Sister Witch for your feedback. Blessed Be,


I found the book helpful and interesting @Phoenix_Rose. I actually have a special dress that I wear during rituals and spell work about 90 percent of the time. It’s long and black with a beaded collar. It looks like something a Goddess would wear. My husband knows that when I come out of the bathroom wearing that dress then I’m up to something magickal. Lol!


Thanks for asking as I’ve been asked this before so this gives me a chance to provide a thorough response.
No. Not once. :joy:
I’m not sure if that is because I’ve grown up with it and take it for granted mixed with a strong part of me that wants to believe it’s just my imagination. However, the last part is hard to maintain when I’ve captured potential evidence, like a recent EVP recording in the house that even my parrot responded to.
There were many violent and abusive events that took place here for over a decade starting in the mid 70’s. Oddly enough that same time frame saw many recorded paranormal events such as the Amityville Horror (a few miles away), famous events in the UK, etc.
However, I’ve always had the feeling that this entity, if it indeed exists, is here to protect me…somehow as a witness to my experiences and to protect me from the worst of them.
But it is absolutely attached to this house and extremely protective of those who live here, especially if they are trying to do good things. Maybe just being grateful for that is enough…for now.

**As a caveat - I completely believe paranormal events and entities exist, but not as others do. I believe they are either natural electromagnetic events and/or Dark Matter beings.


Challenge Entry

While I haven’t had a spell not work, I have had ones that either didn’t work the way I intended or not to the magnitude I expected. When I am working on a new spell (or adapting one I found elsewhere), I record it in my composition notebook for “Trial Spells.” Here, I write down all the necessary information:

  • Date, time of day, day of week
  • Phase of the moon
  • My feelings/ emotions before starting
  • Ingredients used
  • Words/ chants used
  • I note anything that happens during the casting (such as visions, sounds, the way the flame behaviors)
  • Finally, I note how I felt afterward.

This allows me to return to the spell and make any changes as appropriate. The spell might work with a better moon phase or a different colored candle. I can use my notes to troubleshoot my spells or to improve them.


Thank you for trusting us with this.
My natural instinct would be to assume the chair was rocking because the house is settling in such a way that only things like rocking chairs or uneven doors feel it. The bear might be explained if there’s someone else living with you.
The smells can be explained by health issues such as migraines with or without auras, sinus infections, retinal or other ophthalmic issues…but all of these following one person is a low probability of events.
You may want to consider, if you haven’t already since you seem to be very savvy with all this, keeping a journal of occurrences. Then, take the bear for example. Take note of where the bear is placed, what’s missing, etc. This might make it easier to figure out if there are astrological events that affect these occurrences or even, as you stated, emotional or hormonal fluctuations. Poltergeists, for example, are known to attach during pre-pubescence or during hormonal changes, like pregnancy.


Weekly Witchy Challenge Entry

Prior to performing a spell, I ascertain my intention.
When I began this journey, I set up my altar and practice, wherever I may be, so that nothing I do should work or produce a result unless it was ‘for good’ and that ‘no harm should come to the innocent.’
Then I decide whether it requires a ritual, external elements such as a full or new moon, a full or partial ritual, and whether sacrifices or gifts are needed.
The background listed above makes troubleshooting that much easier.
If issues occur, I determine whether the issue is superficial or essential.
Depending on the type of spell or ritual spell performed, the fundamental component is the intention. All magick is based on, for me, the Circle of Three - the intention, the method used to carry out that intention (Burning, drinking, eating…), and the ingredients used in that method (candles, herbs, food, crystals, etc).

  • Matches or other ‘combustion’ issues: Intention needs to be clarified or altered. Clarify and continue using safety precautions.
  • Herbs/incense won’t burn/dissolve: This goes to the spell itself. Clarify this with regards to what herb is being used and for what reason. For example, the angelica or rosemary jumps away from the flame or simply won’t catch. Either there is no issue with ‘returning a negativity’ or more power is needed to overcome that which already exists.
  • Papered spell or intention won’t burn/dissolve: This goes to both the spell and the target. Clarify the intention, the target, and the ingredients.
  • External issues arise during ritual/spellcrafting: If your intention is correct, then realize that there may be interference. Consider whether to continue based, again I can’t repeat this enough, the ‘trueness’ of your intention.

When matches go out during a ritual, ascertain when it occurred during the ritual or spellcasting. If ‘harmless’, then simply ignore or even incorporate it into the spell or ritual. For example, if during a spellcasting, five matches burn rather than one. Claim that as ‘the change or catalyst for change’ needed for your intention.

The result for me has been astounding!
However, guarding my intentions as true has been the most vital thing.


Organization is the key to success for me. If I am not organized, then it seems my life is not either. For example, people that know me, know I am OCD clean. A friend stopped over and he went into my kitchen, when he came out, he said OK something is going on with you and I am moving in until WE figure this out. I asked him what he was talking about, he said your kitchen is full of dishes and there is not one clean countertop space. :roll_eyes: he was right. I was not in a good place in my head.
Maybe you could get one of those binders that has 5 different colored tabs. One binder for your BOS and have your spells separated into 5 different categories…after the book is full. That way when it is done you can do book 2 and won’t have to try and stick a new spell in the first book as you will still have the same categories in the second book. Just a thought.
Blessed Be,


I put this out there because this is what has happened to me, scientifically or not. I always look at issues or events in the way you do but I know what has happened and when others don’t, I usually do not discuss any further with them. I thought this was a place to discuss this. I have enjoyed Spells 8 and appreciate your feed.


This is my first time communicating with you all, Ive become quite introverted lately so Im trying to overcome this. I love this challenge because it actually made me think about how many times I have done this and 9 times out of 10, Ive felt better with the fixes I have had to make and the spell has worked better. It usually works out the way its supposed to :purple_heart:


@Medea Please don’t apologize for the length of your reply. Thank you for sharing your experiences. So fascinating. I hope one day to be able to experience a paranormal event- I just want it to me with someone more experienced than me.
I have had some mild experiences but nothing where I felt it was obvious. Once, on a tour through an old jail that was known for its horrific treatment of prisoners, I had an experience. I was the last in line of the tour. Everyone was looking into this cell. Everyone opening the door and closing it. The person in front of me closed it gently, I was watching, like every person before and when me and the muscular guy in front of me tried to open it it was jammed tight. He heaved. I heaved. The amount of anger in the air was palpable. And it was not from me or the guy. I didn’t know what to do so I just kept moving on the tour.
*edited for typos…I may have missed some.