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Weekly Witchy Challenge Entry for Amethyst.

I don’t know if I don’t practice enough or what, because I have a difficult time holding onto an image in my brain. I can do it for a little while, and then poof, I get distracted and my focus goes the way of the dodo birds.

Maybe I have undiagnosed ADHD. Maybe I have too many squirrels in the attic, who knows? But it’s something I’ve always struggled with.

I do find ways around it. If I’m doing a spell for money, I imagine what I’m going to use that money for. If I’m doing one for healing I’m imagining the would being gone and the feeling of not having to go to the doctor anymore.

Still, I took a shot at about three visualizations this week, and the best one by far for me was @SilverBear’s Guided Visualization Protection Spell. It seemed to work best for me and I’m going to work at it for a few weeks and see if I can continue doing it.


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@Amethyst Im so sorry, but i just spit my tea. “Too many squirrels in the attic” bahahahaha. Welcome to ADD/ADHD :laughing: I know that feeling so well!!
@MeganB had a good suggeation above, counting backward from 100 and visualizing. I tried it today and made it to 88 before my squirrels lost interest and went looking for more interesting nuts. Practice makes perfect?


No no – practice makes progress :heart:


That’s what it feels like sometimes! LOL! I do that focusing meditation on numbers and usually either get distracted or fall asleep in the twenties. LOL!


Truth has been spoken here today- progress, not perfection :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Visualization is a skill that takes time to master and can be a pretty challenging topic- but then that’s what makes this a challenge! :wink: :trophy: A huge round of applause to everyone who jumped in so far to imagine and explore the curious world of visualizations in their practice- it has been a pleasure reading your entries! :pray: :heart:

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he best visualization analysis !
An excellent video!


Thanks for sharing!!!


As part 2 of my challenge entry, I found a Best Possible Self Visualization worksheet
BestPossibleSelfVisualization.pdf (46.1 KB) that I filled out and have been working on this past week.


Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE -Visualization- ENTRY

As a very young child, maybe 6-7 years old, I would visualize door handles turning and trying to make pencils come to me. When other kids were playing outside, I was inside playing with the outjie Board or looking at my mom’s book under her bed (BOS). As I was growing up, I have always visualized everything that other people were saying. That sometimes drove me crazy because if the conversation was gruesome or just “bad”, I would see it in my head. This Challenge will teach me how to use this “skill” for Witchcraft, Spells, Rituals and so on. Below is a definition of Visualization used in witchcraft from the website, www.maddiviner.com:

“Visualization is a tool or technique used in witchcraft to help focus on your intent. It is using your imagination, senses and mind to create images or words within your head to aid in your witchcraft. It is heavily used in energy work to help you feel the flow of energy by also imagining it bright and colorful in your head.” (Eliza Marie, 2016)


“Experimentation is key, and you’ll find something that works for you, but one common method of using visualization in spellwork would be visualize the goal of the spell manifesting in an efficacious manner. For example, if I were visualizing as part of a spell to help a friend’s wedding go smoothly with no mishaps or delays, I would visualize exactly that happening.” (Eliza Marie, 2016)

I found a very interesting article from Forbes, it explains ways to use Visualization with Witchcraft. Here are some steps to help you visualize and accurately manifest the life you want: (Bhali Gill, Jun 22, 2017)

Step 1: Know what you want

In order to visualize and manifest the kind of life you want, it’s very important to have a clear idea of what you want and why. This can be achieved by understanding what you value and what brings you the most joy in life. Have you ever had that moment when you were doing something and felt joyful doing it? If yes, then that is a good sign of something you might want to have in your life.

Ask yourself: If I had nothing holding me back, what would I want to see in my life?

Step 2 : Describe your vision in detail

This is one of the most important steps. When you want to manifest the life you want, you have to create a clear vision of what it should look like. You can write this down in detail or you could create a vision board. This will help you to create a clear and full picture of what your life would look like.

Step 3: Start visualizing and create the emotions

Once you are ready, you can take a moment to start envisioning the actual outcome. Start to imagine the sights, the sounds, the smells and even the taste of achieving what you want. As you go along, don’t forget to feel the emotions you would feel, as if this “life” was your reality now.

Step 4: Take daily actions

There’s a saying that “Rome was not built in a day.” Similarly, the life you want to create won’t happen in one day but will eventuate in a series of days and actions of working towards your goal. Don’t get too caught up with how far you are, instead focus on the present and set yourself daily or weekly actions to get to where you want

Step 5: Have grit and persevere

When creating the life, you want there, you will be faced with challenges. In fact, one important tip when you are doing your visualizations is to imagine yourself facing these challenges and most importantly overcoming them.

From our one and only Francisco (Spells 8, Francisco, Sep 2020):
Franciso used the Witch Exercises for Beginners: Energy Work from The Spiral Dance, September 22, 1999, for a Weekly Witchy Challenge.

3. Visualization
Visualization is the ability to see, hear, feel, touch, and taste with the inner senses. Our physical eyes do not see; they transmit impulses to the brain. It is the brain that sees, and it can see inner images as clearly as those in the outside world. In dreams, all five senses are vivid. With practice, most people can develop the ability to use the inner senses vividly while awake. Some people naturally see images; others may hear or feel impressions. A few people find it difficult or impossible to visualize, but most find the facility will improve with exercise.

Use this exercise to get started:

  1. Look at an object.
  2. Close your eyes and try to see it in your mind.
  3. Open your eyes and look at the object again. Notice what details you were missing.
  4. Close your eyes and visualize it again with the maximum amount of detail possible.
  5. Once you feel like you can move beyond seeing and feeling a simple, everyday object, try to visualize that object in relation to space in the room.


Eliza Marie, Visualization in Witchcraft: The Basics, June 24, 2016

Bhali Gill, Jun 22, 2017

The Spiral Dance by StarHawk, September 22, 1999

Spells 8, Francisco, Sep 2020


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I was reading The Crooked Path: An Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft by Kelden for the Spells8 Book Club XXX and came across a quote that made me think of this Weekly Witchy Challenge, so I figured I’d share it here!

Like some people, I typically have a hard time visualizing things in the typical sense of the word: I have a hard time seeing things in my mind’s eye. Kelden eloquently pointed out that visualization isn’t just seeing things, but rather “having a full tactile experience with something mentally.”

“The process of visualization occurs when a specific thought or idea is turned into a clear mental image. For example, you may think of an apple and then proceed to see the fruit within your mind’s eye. In addition to seeing an image, you may also touch, hear, smell, and taste it. As such, you may also feel the visualized apple as you hold it, hear yourself bite into its surface, smell its aroma, and taste its flavor. Hence, visualization is a way of not only seeing but also having a full tactile experience with something visually.” (Kelden, The Crooked Path, page 35)

Hopefully this reminder will serve to encourage me and anyone else who has difficulty seeing things during visualizations – maybe we’ll be able to experience the other senses in our future visualization endeavors! :slight_smile:


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