:wand_tarot: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Wonderful Wands

Oh, you are so sweet, thank you! I had some tiger eye beads that fit perfectly on the copper wire. I’m happy with how it eventually turned out. I had used some polymer clay bits here and there but they didn’t hold.

What is the green stone in the first one? It’s gorgeous! And love the silver wire wrap on the curvy wand! Beautiful!


I tried using clay but didn’t turn out right for this one!
So thank you maybe I will try the Palmer



Your welcome berranda. Your wand is beautiful!


:crystal_ball::magic_wand:So pretty my dear! :sparkles::star::star2:
Where did you get ?


It’s from Etsy! I tagged the shop in my post! She has so many different ones too! :sparkles::two_hearts:


Weekly Challenge Entry - Wonderful Wands

I decided to try and make another wand. I made my first one for the Sacred Trees and Wood Challenge. I got as far as whittling, sanding, and staining the branch by the end of the challenge. I finished it a few weeks afterward. I don’t think I’ve ever used it. I know at some point I had polymer clay additions but they cracked off pretty easily and away into hiding the wand went.

I feel silly, to be honest, using large tools, so I decided to try a smaller one and see how that fit with my practice. I decided to use a skewer as a base and then roamed my craft supplies to see what I could find. The silver metallic polymer clay was an easy choice. Then I looked for stones that had a “lunar” quality. And yes, @BryWisteria you did guess right that I was making a wand specifically with Artemis in mind :laughing:

I found some small cat’s eye cabochons in silver and purple and complimented them with flashy moonstone faceted beads. The cabs, I knew how to mount in the clay using a bezel of clay, but the beads… I wasn’t sure since they were tiny. I test-placed a few of them and was just going to try to make a moon design, when the next thing I knew, I was creating spirals around the wand using moonstone. I think I got lucky with the right thickness of the clay in that the beads were embedded without doing anything extra to hold them in place. I even put a moonstone in the tip!

This is where I was at the end of the day yesterday.

I knew I wanted to add a light black wash to bring out the details and top it with a dragonfly purple sparkle glaze. You know how they say “The enemy of good is perfect”?
I decided to add one more layer of a satin glaze but something went wrong and it cracked and was semi-opaque. :cry: I did my best to use water and soft cloth to polish and remove as much as I could to try to salvage the wand.

Then hesitantly I added one layer of the purple sparkle glaze and called it good right then and there. It’s not perfect, but none of my handmade items are. I love the weight of it and it has an interesting but not uncomfortable feel with the faceted stones embedded in it.

The top glaze adds such a delicate shifting purple-blue sparkle to it that perfectly fits the blue flashes in the moonstone.

And just to give you a comparison of before and after a light color wash and glazing

(Before adding additional color :arrow_up:)
(After :arrow_down: )

Now to cleanse, charge, consecrate, and dedicate my new wand! :magic_wand:

As always, I’m happiest when I creating or making :smiling_face:
:crescent_moon::bow_and_arrow: :herb: :deer:


Challenge entry!

Hekate and Lilith provided invaluable insights and guidance during the creation of this remarkable, lifelong companion. Although I haven’t used it extensively so far, I will endeavour to work with it more as time goes on.

Crafted from oak, I love the remarkable qualities my wand possesses. Oak stands out for its capacity to channel and transmit multiple energies simultaneously, as well as its enduring strength. Many of the oldest wands still in existence are fashioned from oak.

At the tip, a smoky quartz crystal graces the wand. Smoky quartz serves as a versatile metaphysical stone, meeting my needs and beyond. It not only boasts formidable healing properties but also excels as a manifestation tool. With it, I can precisely direct my intentions, ward off negative energies, and magnify my innate qualities like no other. This all-encompassing stone bolsters me in my diverse endeavours.

Copper wire adorns the wand, further enhancing its capabilities. The combination of oak, smoky quartz, and copper forms a potent synergy, facilitating journeys between realms, connecting with spiritual guides and ancestors, and enveloping me in an impenetrable protective shield during my work.

The wand bears three small stones. A garnet, known for its seductive properties, empowers my will in various realms, ensuring swift results for my intentions. A tiger’s eye supports both healing and the acquisition of healing wisdom. Meanwhile, a black gold obsidian stone symbolises power.

Adorning the wand are three runic symbols. One symbolises the precise direction of energy and force, another represents success and wealth, and the third embodies vision, revelation, enlightenment, and knowledge. Additionally, a sacred spiral signifies travel and, once again, protection.

Charms in the form of the moon and owl pay homage to Hekate and Lilith, serving as guides, sources of strength, and focal points for my intentions.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, I aspire to employ this wand increasingly in my pursuits of healing and teaching. Hekate and Lilith have guided the creation of this wonderful piece, through which its intricate symbolism reflects my inquisitive nature and my guides’ desire for me to harness it for greater understanding and insight.


Challenge Entry-Wonderful Wands
So I’ve been going more the athame route, repurposing an old kitchen knife no one will miss. But today I went out on a much-needed walk to clear my head, and I was walking past some woods, and there was a fair amount of dead fall twigs, and I figured why not for this challenge. So one dogwood twig later and saying thank you to the tree, I have the start of a wand. I intend to take some colored floss to create a more comfortable handle, but as of now it’s still very much a stick.


Wow! That entire process must have been a roller-coaster of emotions. The finished result looks luminous. :snowflake:


My challenge-entry is, again, pretty basic. I had been using a slender maple branch that just kind of fell into my path. I may branch out (hahaha) and attempt to add crystals and some other meaningful pieces. I stopped using it because it just didn’t feel right. Perhaps working on it with intent will change that. Note: Please excuse my scuffed up craft table!!

I have been just using my dominant hand for directing energy. I am intrigued by the idea of an athame, but have not explored them just yet.

NO JUDGEMENT, but when I was in NYC, this wand NEEDED to come home with me. Yes, it is from the Harry Potter universe, but I walked away and went back the next day to buy it because I couldn’t stop thinking about that wand! I don’t think I will actually use it for magickal purposes, but never say never! I am super-inspired by all of the gorgey hand-made wands coven members have shared. Maybe I will give it a try? :snowflake:


Do u make your own wands?


:slight_smile: quote=“Ostara, post:28, topic:41525”]
I’m sure everyone is tired of seeing my wands. Lol!


Ugh… @BryWisteria you almost always seem to nudge me into something I’ve been planning on or something intense I’ve been putting off.

Confession time: I’ve been back a little over a year and still don’t have a finished wand. I’ve stayed away from anything that I feel a wand is a must and used my Athame for everything else.

I might have not have the brain power to do anything for this but I’ll give it a go. I have things in the works that are abandoned projects for now so I’ll see how it goes


Weekly wand challenge

Ones kinda quirky and the other plain. I have intentions on decorating the plain one, but I think ill leave the other as is. I found both of them on the river shore close to where I live.


Not yet! But that is the plan now :sparkles:


I’m just going to second Artemisia- absolutely never! :laughing: The more wands, the better! I don’t think a witchy and magickal forum could ever get enough about wands haha. Share away- we love it! :heart: :raised_hands: :magic_wand:

I laughed at this- omg, Tracy, you are hilarious :joy:

Hahaha it was beautiful then and it’s beautiful now- thank you for sharing your lovely wand, Berranda! :magic_wand: :blush: It’s all consecrated, charged, and ready to go- if you decide to craft another wand, then I hope they get along wonderfully! :heart:

It looks gorgeous to me, Jeannie! :heart_eyes:

Yesss I knew it :laughing: :+1: And goodness this is amazing- you really poured your heart and soul into all of those intricate details! Even if things didn’t go exactly as planned with the glaze, I think it turned out perfect- the perfection is in the uniqueness, after all, that’s what makes handmade things so special! It is a work of art and a beautiful display of your devotion to Artemis. Thank you for bringing us along on your wand-crafting journey, it was an honor to see how you brought this beauty to life! :pray: :heart: :blush:

That is one mighty tool, and so beautifully crafted! Your creativity really shines in the design- I love all of the meaning behind each of the features and additions. This is a really gorgeous wand and one that I’m sure will help you on your quest of learning and knowledge! May it serve you well now and forever more :wand_tarot: :two_hearts: :blush:

Hooray! It sounds like the right piece of wood found its way to you when the time was right- that’s awesome, Catherine! Wishing you all the best as you bring your wand to life- have fun and good luck with the crafting process! :wand_tarot: :sparkles:

Bonus points for wood puns :joy::+1: Your branch is already lovely and I’m sure it will continue to grow in beauty as you add more decorations and flair to it! And I love your HP wand- is that the Hermione-style one? It’s really beautiful! May both of your beautiful wands serve you well! :grinning: :heart:

Just me being an enabler again :wink: :handshake: Although right now your priority really ought to be taking care of yourself, my friend- if you don’t feel like you have the brain power this week it is absolutely understandable! There’s always a Catch-Up on the horizon, so no need to push yourself. Sending hugs, Nixi! :hugs: :two_hearts:

I think they were meant to find their way to you, Carol- these are lovely wands! I imagine the river wood carries some of the energy of the flowing water with them- they sound like they would be great for casting with the Water Element in particular. Wishing you all the best with your decorating- have fun with it! :sparkles:



So here’s my wand

I used to subscribe to Witch Casket each month, and this wand came with the other goodies. I have no idea what wood it is, perhaps one of you lovely witches know. :person_shrugging:

So what do I do with it. Well to be honest I don’t have a clue. As I’m not really one for casting circles, it’s not much use at that. I did find a quote about how a chaos witch would use an athame, so I applied this principle to wands.
A chaos witch decides that a wand will work for his/her current undertaking, and embraces that fact for the duration of that undertaking with complete conviction.
So that would translate in practice that whatever I’m doing, with the energy, in that moment, I would grab the wand and just go for it. :person_shrugging:
But my use for the wand would change depending what I’m doing at the time as it also said about chaos witches
There are standard purposes for wands, but the chaos witch would repurpose the wand for whatever is needed in that moment, and this will change, possibly with each use

So there it is. Maybe I’ll give it a try, maybe I’ll make one, on a day when I feel I’ll need it. But it’s pretty, I like it, so it’s in my box of magical stuff waiting for a day to blow up my spell. :heartpulse::joy:


Challenge Entry

I took my wand out last night. I can’t sense any negative energy coming off it, but it hasn’t been used for awhile, so I cleansed its stagnant energy with some sage and it’s on my altar right now next to a piece of selenite in preparation for tonight’s. It’s a very simple wand, but I can feel that it was made a lot of love and care. :smiling_face:

I never read the scroll that came with it. It’s called The Magick of Manifestation by Merlin of Manitou. A lot of the information is stuff I already know, but it’s never a bad idea to refresh your memory.

They printed some spells that you could try with your wand. One of them is A Magick Potion Spell. To cast this spell, chose a beverage. While holding your wand in dominant hand, visualize a flow of energy from within the earth traveling from the ground to your wand. Move the wand around the cup clockwise and say, “Divine water, divine light”.

I plan to use this spell in preparation for my tea meditations. For the last several months, I’ve been using my besom to cleanse my sacred space during the new moon, but I think I’ll switch things up a bit with my wand. I have in mind to dance and wave my wand around to fill my sacred space with fresh, positive energy. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Challenge Entry

My wand is pretty simple and elegant… :magic_wand:

It’s from a pair of chopsticks! :smile_cat:
So lacquered wood, I have no idea what kind of wood though, but it works for me :sparkles:
Its sister I carry around in my purse, as a travel wand :blush:

For the challenge I made a little enhancement to it, accentuating the tip with silver nail polish :white_heart:

I’m quite happy with the change :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
If I find a ribbon of silk, I might wrap it around the handle :smiling_face:

Now a question… if you modify an altar tool, do you cleanse and consecrate it again? In this case “yes” feels like a good answer for me :sparkling_heart:


I love this challenge! We have beautiful witches with beautiful wands. :heart_eyes: