:wand_tarot: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Wonderful Wands

Aww thank you so much thats put a smile on my face for sure :slight_smile: my next project is a moon wand made from a willow branch just need to find a willow tree lol may take me some time but I’ll give it a go.

Have a blessed Thursday too )0(


Ohh @kirsty4 pleeease do post it on the forum in a fresh topic, whenever it’s done as i really am dying to see it, love! :face_holding_back_tears: Specially because i absolutely heart the willow trees, god. I don’t know why but there is something so free, elegant and alluring about them. :heart_eyes: :deciduous_tree: And you’re gonna make a moon wand from a willow tree branch…
I am at loss of words, this is beyond beautiful.
:crescent_moon: :magic_wand: :yellow_heart:
May you have a magical moon wand crafting with blessings of the moon herself, Kirsty! :sparkling_heart:


Weekly Challenge Entry

Cleansing and Charging a New Wand

You will need:

  • Cauldron or pot
  • Saltwater made with sea salt
  • Incense
  • Quartz crystal
  • Wand to be cleansed
  • Flowers, rose quartz or other gemstones

Make a circle around your cauldron with the flowers and stones. Add a crystal to the cauldron or pot.

It should take about an hour to cool. Light the incense and place the wand into the now cooled water. Say the following, “May Apollo’s light be released!” Remove the wand from the water and stir the water three times clockwise.

Allow the wand to dry on your windowsill.

The Book of Shadows: White, Red and Black Magic Spells

by Brittany Nightshade (Author)


Challenge Entry

This is an interesting challenge for me – it’s definitely more of a “theoretical” challenge than a “practical” challenge (for lack of better words) because I don’t personally use a specific wand in my practice.

This is where the theoretical side comes in: I don’t use a wand in the sense of what most people imagine when they think of wands, but I do use various implements to direct energies.

In my personal opinion/unverified personal gnosis, a wand isn’t necessarily a specific item, as Francisco stated:

To me, a wand is anything that is used as a tool to direct energy. That being said, I use various items as wands based on my working: spoons and spatulas (and even pots and pans!) for my kitchen witchery, my pocket knife when working with green witchery, etc.

Most of the time, I use my hands, fingers, pocket knife, or athame as stand-ins for traditional wands to direct my energy and intentions.

As an extension of thinking about my personal interpretation of what a wand is/does, I also took time to reflect on why I don’t personally feel drawn to wands as most people view them. This was a very tough question for me to answer because, for me, wands are just one of those things that just never really resonated with me and I don’t have any particular reason. It’s just like how I have never been drawn to collect coffee tables the way my dad does: it just doesn’t spark a particular interest or inspiration in me.

The only plausible explanation for my lack of draw to wands that I could think of is that I personally tend to associate wands with high/ceremonial magick, which, although I don’t judge people who follow that path, I have absolutely zero interest in. I’m the kind of person who actively seeks to avoid the dogma of religion – of anything, really – so to me, anything that reminds me of established dogma instantly causes me to lose interest. I think it may be this aversion to dogma that leads me not to be too interested in the form of wands as they’re traditionally viewed.

On the flip side, my resistance to dogma encourages my open-mindedness because I also believe that resistance to dogma is a dogma in and of itself. I am planning on experimenting with the use of “traditional” wands moving forward, but I want to do so when I organically come across a wand that I feel drawn to.


@kirsty4 Your wand is a work of art, Kirsty! :magic_wand:

@Ostara This is an awesome spell to cleanse and charge up a new wand- thank you so much for sharing it! I like the idea of using flowers to help welcome in the wand, it seems very magickal :bouquet: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Kasandra Sounds like it’s time to put it to good use! Have fun with your casting, Kasandra :wand_tarot: :grinning:

@tracyS Perhaps there are some more chaotic ways to use a wand in your practice? If anyone can find and master some chaotic wand wielding, it would be you! :heart: :blush: Good luck, Tracy!

@Solasta_Amore Awwww I’m so happy you like the little rhyme, Solasta! Your praise means a lot, since I know what a talented poet you are :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And ohhhh I’m so excited to see what you choose to do! Good luck and I hope you have fun with it :magic_wand: :gem: :two_hearts:

@Jeannie1 Your wands are amazing, Jeannie! :heart_eyes: So many beautiful ones. I remember you making some of those wands- they look as beautiful as ever! Thank you for sharing them :pray: :heart:

@Artemisia All of your wands are gorgeous, Artemisia- perhaps they are like tarot decks when it comes to using them? I have some decks that I like purely for aesthetic purposes, they are pretty but don’t read very well (at least for me). I hope your beautiful new wand “clicks” for you- it sure is a beauty! The color makes me think it is blessed by Artemis’ light :full_moon_with_face: :sparkles:

@EvaCVM Hair sticks as wands is a genius idea- and what a beautiful one you’ve ordered! I hope it arrived swiftly and safely to you, Eva. Decorating it sounds like it is going to be fun! May it serve you well! :wand_tarot: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Amethyst It’ll be like reuniting with an old friend! Good luck with the big switch-a-roo, Amethyst! :raised_hands: :grinning:

@Jewitch Magickal theory is always welcome- I love a good deep dive into a topic! It sparks new ways of thinking and adds depth to the theme :grinning: :+1: It sounds like you have some very creative ideas about tools for directing energy! A spatula or cooking spoon is a lovely wand for a Kitchen Witch, perfect for stirring intention into the food being prepared :spoon: :sparkles: It’s interesting what you’ve said about wands and their association to ceremonial magick- I hadn’t thought of it like that, but a wand is definitely a piece in the large picture of high ritual work. As someone who also doesn’t have a strong preference to using wands, perhaps this was part of it for me too. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts- this was a great entry! :raised_hands: :blush:


Thanks, love! I have a nice wooden box for it so it should be safe.


Thank you Bry I am so pleased with how it turned out esp it being my first ever wand creation


Your welcome Bry! I couldn’t sleep last night so I stayed up reading and saw that. I thought it was perfect for the challenge. I’m sure everyone is tired of seeing my wands. Lol! :magic_wand:



Between chaos and fire God Loki, this may be me at the end of this challenge. :rofl:


You’re so funny Tracy! :rofl:


Love this… “Think we need another feather professor”!


~Challenge Entry~

I just posted my wand picture on the last challenge but I’m posting again :joy: I would have saved it for this week!

Here’s my first wand!


It’s a handmade wand I found from an amazingly talented artist on Etsy. (MidSunCreations - Etsy) it’s a wood dowel base with polymer clay for the design. And it has a rose quartz crystal attached at the bottom. I consecrated it with the full moon water I made last month and charged it on my alter under the Blue Moon last week :sparkles:

It is so beautiful but I don’t feel very connected to it. I’m really wanting to make my own after seeing all of these! That will be my next craft and I want to use this to cleanse and charge it!

Thank you Ostara! I’m so excited! :sparkles:

Blessed be :crescent_moon:


This is so funny. :joy:


Oh, you are so sweet, thank you! I had some tiger eye beads that fit perfectly on the copper wire. I’m happy with how it eventually turned out. I had used some polymer clay bits here and there but they didn’t hold.

What is the green stone in the first one? It’s gorgeous! And love the silver wire wrap on the curvy wand! Beautiful!


I tried using clay but didn’t turn out right for this one!
So thank you maybe I will try the Palmer



Your welcome berranda. Your wand is beautiful!


:crystal_ball::magic_wand:So pretty my dear! :sparkles::star::star2:
Where did you get ?


It’s from Etsy! I tagged the shop in my post! She has so many different ones too! :sparkles::two_hearts:


Weekly Challenge Entry - Wonderful Wands

I decided to try and make another wand. I made my first one for the Sacred Trees and Wood Challenge. I got as far as whittling, sanding, and staining the branch by the end of the challenge. I finished it a few weeks afterward. I don’t think I’ve ever used it. I know at some point I had polymer clay additions but they cracked off pretty easily and away into hiding the wand went.

I feel silly, to be honest, using large tools, so I decided to try a smaller one and see how that fit with my practice. I decided to use a skewer as a base and then roamed my craft supplies to see what I could find. The silver metallic polymer clay was an easy choice. Then I looked for stones that had a “lunar” quality. And yes, @TheTravelWitch_Bry you did guess right that I was making a wand specifically with Artemis in mind :laughing:

I found some small cat’s eye cabochons in silver and purple and complimented them with flashy moonstone faceted beads. The cabs, I knew how to mount in the clay using a bezel of clay, but the beads… I wasn’t sure since they were tiny. I test-placed a few of them and was just going to try to make a moon design, when the next thing I knew, I was creating spirals around the wand using moonstone. I think I got lucky with the right thickness of the clay in that the beads were embedded without doing anything extra to hold them in place. I even put a moonstone in the tip!

This is where I was at the end of the day yesterday.

I knew I wanted to add a light black wash to bring out the details and top it with a dragonfly purple sparkle glaze. You know how they say “The enemy of good is perfect”?
I decided to add one more layer of a satin glaze but something went wrong and it cracked and was semi-opaque. :cry: I did my best to use water and soft cloth to polish and remove as much as I could to try to salvage the wand.

Then hesitantly I added one layer of the purple sparkle glaze and called it good right then and there. It’s not perfect, but none of my handmade items are. I love the weight of it and it has an interesting but not uncomfortable feel with the faceted stones embedded in it.

The top glaze adds such a delicate shifting purple-blue sparkle to it that perfectly fits the blue flashes in the moonstone.

And just to give you a comparison of before and after a light color wash and glazing

(Before adding additional color :arrow_up:)
(After :arrow_down: )

Now to cleanse, charge, consecrate, and dedicate my new wand! :magic_wand:

As always, I’m happiest when I creating or making :smiling_face:
:crescent_moon::bow_and_arrow: :herb: :deer:


Challenge entry!

Hekate and Lilith provided invaluable insights and guidance during the creation of this remarkable, lifelong companion. Although I haven’t used it extensively so far, I will endeavour to work with it more as time goes on.

Crafted from oak, I love the remarkable qualities my wand possesses. Oak stands out for its capacity to channel and transmit multiple energies simultaneously, as well as its enduring strength. Many of the oldest wands still in existence are fashioned from oak.

At the tip, a smoky quartz crystal graces the wand. Smoky quartz serves as a versatile metaphysical stone, meeting my needs and beyond. It not only boasts formidable healing properties but also excels as a manifestation tool. With it, I can precisely direct my intentions, ward off negative energies, and magnify my innate qualities like no other. This all-encompassing stone bolsters me in my diverse endeavours.

Copper wire adorns the wand, further enhancing its capabilities. The combination of oak, smoky quartz, and copper forms a potent synergy, facilitating journeys between realms, connecting with spiritual guides and ancestors, and enveloping me in an impenetrable protective shield during my work.

The wand bears three small stones. A garnet, known for its seductive properties, empowers my will in various realms, ensuring swift results for my intentions. A tiger’s eye supports both healing and the acquisition of healing wisdom. Meanwhile, a black gold obsidian stone symbolises power.

Adorning the wand are three runic symbols. One symbolises the precise direction of energy and force, another represents success and wealth, and the third embodies vision, revelation, enlightenment, and knowledge. Additionally, a sacred spiral signifies travel and, once again, protection.

Charms in the form of the moon and owl pay homage to Hekate and Lilith, serving as guides, sources of strength, and focal points for my intentions.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, I aspire to employ this wand increasingly in my pursuits of healing and teaching. Hekate and Lilith have guided the creation of this wonderful piece, through which its intricate symbolism reflects my inquisitive nature and my guides’ desire for me to harness it for greater understanding and insight.