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This is my BOS and two more books that have helped me through my practice so far. The Complete Book of Witchcraft is by Raymond Buckland and has all kinds of information in it plus it’s a workbook. It has photographs and illustrations, rituals, beliefs, history, and lore, as well as instruction in spellwork, divination, herbalism, healing, channeling, dreamwork, sabbats, esbats, covens, and solitary practice. Wicca a guide to solitary practice by Scott Cunningham is a book that I liked it came in three sections 1. Theory 2. Practice 3. The Standing Stones Book of Shadows. I thought it was a great read to start off my practice. My BOS is print out from spells 8 I haven’t done anything crazy with it yet I just put them all in a binder but plan on having a really nice one day. I thinks it’s a great start since I started it only in December of last year.


I’ve loved reading & seeing everyone’s entries with their Sacred Books :hugs: I also love that everyone is so unique in what they have, organize, & use! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Challenge Entry

When I first started out & subsequently joined Spells8… I actually had 5 binders with pages from the site & other sites either classes or things I found or used. However, since then… I’ve consolidated as my practice & life have evolved since that time.

Currently I have kind of a catch all with spells I’ve written, things I’ve made, devotionals/rituals/prayers/correspondences/notes…

I also have a book that is specific to the Morrigan… recipes, prayers, rituals, correspondence… anything sort of related & worth noting or that I practice

  • I have always loved Cherry Blossom :cherry_blossom: types of flowers so it made me happy when I found it… not necessarily that they are related to her as the Ravens :raven: are :smiling_face:

I have a book of the same nature for Brigid:

Then my current Book of Mirrors… I use it for processing all the things throughout the day. Sometimes with prompts & sometimes a kind of Free Writing :writing_hand: It’s actually 1 of many that I’ve had since starting out. I tend to write a lot. I did sort of get away from it during the last few months with some… Tower moments that seemed to have very short reprieves between them. I’m just now getting any kind of actual sense of organization as a few things sort of came to a stand still within my practice.

Then I have my Tarot Journal. Which prior to my courses, I had used one but it was kind of preset, I like that I can do this one based on my style of reading. It’s getting close to being at the end, so I have another one put away for when it’s finished.

Otherwise, I have many books that I have read, re-read, & going to read. As I have learned & done some deep dives… I have consolidated my physical books. I do have a few on Kindle, but I’m very much a physical book :books: person. Something about turning the pages & using bookmarks. It’s a thing for me :rofl:


@brandy20 They look like great books, like a school book of witchcraft. You can learn so much. Fabulous :sparkling_heart:
@Susurrus Gorgeous books, so pretty. I like that you’ve dedicated a book to the Morrigan. :sparkling_heart:


Thank you, one day I was writing in the 1st book & realized that among my brain wanderings were things for each of the deities I regularly work with & it would just be easier if I had a book for each of them to sort of organize things related to them easier than flipping through the pages of notes & whatever for my practi ce.

The Morrigan as I gain a deeper understanding & connection with her has really become very helpful to me & referenced. As well as the readings & things that I have done, I can keep notes in there as well as different recipes or practices, journeying notes, experiences or patterns :thinking: maybe not the proper word for that, but mundane vs she wants my attention for whatever reason.

Brighid has the same types of things in Her book & their relationship with each other has become clearer as I have continued my learning :hugs: So it’s easier to determine if it’s this one or that one or at times… both of them.

Now the 1st is still kind of as I think of things or find things… so not necessarily organized, but… one thing at a time right now :laughing:


My brain would obsess. It would not be pretty. LOL. After a while, I’d get so discouraged I’d stop and I don’t want that to happen, so I collect pretty pictures on my computer and be satisfied.

When I moved, I decluttered all of them, so yeah, I don’t want to buy totes just to hang books on the wall. Thanks for the idea though!


Challenge Entry - Your Sacred Book*
While I wasn’t able to finish my book in 5 days, I was able to make significant progress on it.

I had been working on making myself a small sketchbook that would be covered in suede and a watercolor journal in a floral fabric when this challenge came about and I realized this was the perfect time to make my very own commonplace book. It isn’t easy to find journals in B5, a size I prefer, with more than 200 pages. I got lucky years back and found one at Walmart but they no longer make it. A perfect chance to make my own!

I chose the paper, cover lining pages, and ribbons and I had the perfect thin black leather for the cover.

First a peek at my first two in-progress books. I’m ready to create the covers for both and attach them.

I don’t know why Im unable to put captions below each photo but…

(Top to bottom: Inside of Sketch journal, Sketch journal with suede for the cover, Watercolor journal with floral cover fabric, the inside of the watercolor journal, the two journals with the front and back pages added, and finally the two journals with their spine papers attached)

Comparison of the sizes of the 3 journals.

On to my commonplace book, which is where my spells, recipes, thoughts, tarot readings, and pretty much everything else goes!

(Top to bottom: The loose pages folded and ready to be bound, In the process of binding, and the pages next to the purple cover pages, black leather cover material, and the bookmark ribbons.)

So very thankful for this challenge to spur me into action and very excited to have my own handmade journals! It’s been fun learning to book bind.:magic_wand: :closed_book:

(Sorry for the messy formatting. I was having huge problems with it putting emogies in the wrong place and not letting me type underneath the photos.)


I’m just quickly posting right now so I don’t miss the deadline :laughing:

Here’s a screenshot of my current Grimoire folders. There are many different things in each folder, but it’s all organized to help me quickly find what I need. This is also a shared Grimoire with a family member, so that’s fun!

One day, it will be printed or written out on pretty paper. I want to do some sort of scrapbook-type thing, but I don’t have time for that yet.


These journals look beautiful :heart_eyes_cat:


@Artemisia This is great. They look wonderful :sparkling_heart:
@MeganB You’re so organized :sparkling_heart:. Amazing


@kira-marie thank you :blush:

@tracyS the harder I try to be any sort of organized… in slides @MeganB & I’m like… HOW??? :rofl:


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

I feel like a very lucky witch to be able to see and appreciate so many beautiful Books! From digital to printed, handmade to journaled, decorated to minimalistic and so much more- they are all full of the unique magick and character of the person who tends to them. The Sacred Books of the Coven are truly a delight to see! Thank you so much to everyone who shared about their special Books this week :books: :heart:

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Thanks again for joining in the challenge! :partying_face:

Blessed be! :notebook_with_decorative_cover: :sparkles:


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@brandy20 Buckland and Cunningham are an excellent place to start! Definitely 2 of my favorites if not my top 2 favorites. Each approach is just about as far apart as it gets and very similar at the same time. Just don’t get too caught up in Don’t, Have to and Won’t work if. You don’t have to stand over a fire fashioning your own Athame unless YOU think that’s the only way it will be of use.
Happy reading. Soak up the magic that is reading (particularly those 2) reading them for the first time


@tracyS - @Susurrus – I have to be organized or else I would lose my head :sweat_smile:


I’m pretty sure thats why I’m currently having a less than easy time getting it together… lack of organization. I have to find it again. :weary:

I’ll get there! One thing at a time… now to figure out which 1 thing will be first :rofl:


Thank you so much. I definitely will stay in touch unfortunately I didn’t make this week’s challenge they were upsetting to me I’m a little upset that I can’t seem to have time to myself to do this so I’m about to make some changes and hopefully I’ll get into this week’s challenge.
Blessed Be


I have always said the key to success is organization I am definitely struggling myself trying to find time for this for some reason. Seems to be a hurdle I need to get over, fast.
Blessed Be


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