Weight loss help

Hi. Anyone can share a spell or a manifestation for weight loss please ?


I don’t have a spell but I can recommend using some crystals like: blue apatite (my fav for weight loss), carnelian, citrine and clear topaz.
Good luck! You got this!


There is herbs and fruits that help suppress appetite as well. I’ll will look them up in a couple hours when I have a chance. Grapefruit is a great one if you’re not taking any medications it could react to.


I used weight loss spell, but you have to control your diet and regulate your life style.

Like @christina4 I will also say to do Crystal therapy. You need identify which chakra is blocked and that crystal therapy will help you remove the blockage of weight. @Princess_Tara


I haven’t tried it yet but Bex from The Witches Cookery has a video about her experiences, plus a kitchen witch recipe!


I have never thought of using a spell specifically for weight loss. What about a spell for patience or clear thinking or impulse control? I know that these aren’t issues for everyone concerning weight loss but they may be helpful towards cravings if you tweak them for the specific thing you want to avoid?

I’m working on my relationship with my weight & control because currently, I vary +/- 10 pounds based on my moods it seems. Either way, I go I am still in the healthy range so I never put much thought into it before. If I can recognize a pattern, I may be able to do an associated spell to help break the cycle.


Try a sigil. Create sigil on weight loss, find a positive affirmation on the internet about losing weight that rings to you, keep it in the positive. Do you want to eat cleaner, exercise more? This was a very good video on creating sigils, was recommended here on Spells8 by Megan :blush:

HOW TO MAKE A SIGIL || Witchy 101 - YouTube

You can activate it by meditating on it, and you can burn it too. In my experience, activation by meditation helps a lot with it combined with burning. But do whatever you feel is the strongest. Then it’s suppose to move you toward your goal. That is to lose weight. :crossed_fingers:

It’s advised to create your own sigil, the ones floating on the internet, you really don’t know what that is. Who created, and the intent. Creating your own is the safest imo.


Can you do crystal therapy on yourself to identify which chakra is blocked?


Good morning. I did find a tarot spread for weight loss that may be helpful too!

Weight Loss Tarot Spread

I don’t know if that would be of any help to you, I found it looking through Pinterest.