Weird Dreams

So I have these dreams…it’s me and i’m standing right at the ocean edge. There is a voice but it’s like off in the distance and i can’t hear it but i feel like i need to find it. I have no idea what it means and i have it really often. At this point any input would be super nice. I figured since you guys helped me with the whole no time alone thing you could try and help with this. Thanks in advance.


I have such strange dreams too, would love to know how to interpret them! So sorry I can help you, but I’m sure someone here will have some info for you.


I hope you can find your answers as well…blessed be


Thank you, I hope you find your answers too!


Greetings @rachel31! :blush:

I really love the world of dreams and Dream Magick, but digging in to break down and interpret dreams (even my own!) is something I’ve come to be very cautious about. This is due to the limits of reading magickal symbolism (and avoiding “reading burn-out”) as well as my own personal beliefs about dream meanings.

In short, I’m in the school of thought that not everything you encounter in a dream (nor random things found in daily life) automatically carries magickal symbolism.

That being said, if you are having the same dream over and over again- that may be a sign that there is a deeper message involved. Repetition can often be a pointer that there is something you need to get from this dream, and that the dream will continue to repeat until you get the message or it is no longer relevant.

The message here seems pretty clear to me- someone (a higher power, your inner child, a spirit, a deity, etc- the identity is currently unknown) is calling out to you. You feel a strong push to contact them.

If you feel safe doing so, I would say your next step forward could be to try contacting them in order to get answers. Do you use any forms of Divination? If so, I would recommend going with a good method for message communication, such as Tarot or Oujia/Spirit Boards, as opposed to a method more geared towards yes/no answers, such as Pendulums :pendulum:

Meditation is another great way to reach out and get in contact with higher powers :person_in_lotus_position:

Wishing you all the best, Rachel! I hope you are able to dive deeper into the dream and figure out who is calling you and what message they have for you :pray: Blessed be! :sparkles:


It sounds like you might be trying to receive a message through your dreams. Have you tried meditating and going back to this place or entering a trance?

Oh, if you do any sort of divination, there’s a new tarot spread up on the Spells8 blog that deals with dream interpretation and receiving messages :tarot_card:


Thank you for your advice. I cant say i’m sure i want to try contacting but if the dream keeps on i most certainly will.


You’re very welcome, Rachel- I’m happy if I could help! :heart: That sounds like a good plan- only reach out if you feel safe and comfortable doing so. Hopefully, any message there is will reveal itself to you one way or another!

Good luck and blessed be :sparkles:


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