Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

Howdy! I’m Rowen T. and I’m new and SOOO excited to start discovering more about myself and our religion! Thank you so much for having me! Love- R.T


Hi @Rowen! Welcome!!

I’m happy that you’re excited about learning more!

If you haven’t already, I recommend you to visit our Online Courses page and watch the videos there. If you have questions, you can ask us anything on the Forum!

Blessed be! :sparkles:

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Thank you, I’m working on one right now! :smiley:

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Im Zane , thats what i called myself usually but close friends would call me Zan or Ijan

Well not to say that im new to witchstuff
I can originally sense some disturbance in the air if there is a spirit closing in

I live in Malaysia by the way , would love to get advices from my fellow brother n sisterz (+60143229487) do chat me on whatsapp, glad to know more friends

I dont know if i have the abilities or not but one of my well fren tells me that i exude a lot of energy that attracts spirit (bad and good ones)

I also have a spirit guide whom i barely know (according to my fren)

I did some invocation back few months calling on Goddess Hecate and Lord Cernunnos
(These two in my sense are my major Patron Deity) however i myself dont know if they actually are

So a bit of confused novice mage (or maybe not at all) here

Merry meet everyone :slight_smile:


Hi Zane! Welcome!! I’m glad to have you in the forum! :pray:

If you sense that Goddess Hecate and Lord Cernunnos are your Patron deities, tonight is a great opportunity to do another invocation to call on them, as there is a Full Moon for the next couple of days :full_moon: In fact, a Super Moon!

Merry Meet!

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Merry Meet Everyone,

I am Joshua Meunier and I live in Brunswick, GA. I have studied Wicca on and off for years and I have joined here to get to the root of knowing about my beliefs. In addition to Wicca, I also practice portions of Buddhism, Druidism, and Shintoism which makes me an Eclectic Witch. In addition to learning, I want to make some new friends whether we are learning together or not helping each other out.

In college, I and a colleague I had just met tried to start a Pagan organization called the Pagan Student Society; however, we did not have very many students who would attend the meetings and we disbanded due to the schools minimum requirements for the organization. The attendance was likely due to student having friends in other organizations such as the Baptist Collegiate Ministries among the 6 others that were on campus. I myself lost friends and the minister because they found out I was the Vice President. This truly showed me who my real friends were and how some people would react.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my intro and rant. I look forward to gaining more knowledge and getting more friends here.

Blessed Be!


Welcome, Joshua!! :pray:

That’s a very interesting experience. It’s nice that at least they let you start a student group of pagans!

I look forward to learning more about Buddhism and Druidism! If you have any topics that you would like to share with the forum, please do it here: Wisdom Sharing


Hello Brothers and sisters ,
My name is Patrice V and I am a Solitary. I’ve been practicing for only approx 3 years. However, the first book I bought was in 2013, but I put it down. I think BECAUSE I was raised Catholic, 12 years Catholic School, and I honestly thought it would be hard to retrain my brain the way the nuns beat it into me! However, continued to read Tarot. After much contemplation, I thought I’d give it a go, and that’s why I decided to be solitary, because in my eyes YOUR magic is your magic, and I believe it’s whatever works for you. Crystals and tarot are my strong suits. I’m going to have to leave group soon anyway, I don’t have a computer,so I couldn’t do homework. Very bummed about to this. But willing to learn what I can. ALWAYS. Thank you Francisco and group, I’m lucky to be here while I am.


Welcome @patrice! Thanks for sharing your story! :slight_smile:

I totally agree! Magic is different for everyone and each has to create their own path, sometimes in solitary, sometimes with others!

It’s too bad you don’t have a computer, but I’m sure even with just a smartphone :iphone: you should be able to watch all videos and lessons.

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The free trial is 30 days correct

The free trial is 15 days. If you need a discount coupon visit this page :ticket:

You can apply a coupon on your account page (click here) or send me a message!

Hi everyone, my name is Russell. I live in Ireland and I’ve been practising for a few months, so still very new, but I love it and want to learn more. Looking forward to meeting new people…

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Welcome @russell! :tada:

Feel free to use the forum to ask questions or share tales from Ireland! I promise you won’t hear our fake Irish accents! :laughing: