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Tell us what brought you to Magic, Spellcasting, or Witchery in general. What are you favorite aspects of the Craft and what are the skills you can share with others.

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My name is Francisco, I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and my Craft is totally mixed. I inherited my witchiness from my mom who initiated me in a Brazilian spiritist group when I was very young. As an adult, I moved to the US to live with my wife, and had to adjust to the Northern Hemisphere, which led me to learn about the Wheel of the Year and embrace Wicca. I started this website as a combination of my current learning path and my previous experiences.

Blessed be! :smiley:


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My name is Julie and I live in North Carolina. I am 44 and have thought of myself as a witch since I was a teenager. It wasn’t until recently that I have sat down and started to get serious and study and practice. I am an eclectic witch with interests in the moon, spirit guides and all things nature. I am still learning and looking to make some friends and absorb all I can.

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Hi Julie! Welcome to the Forum! :tada:

Use these pages to learn, and share anything you want about the Craft!

For example: What is your favorite text/book that has helped you through your journey and why?

Personally, I would recommend Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler which outlines tons of the pagan and witchcraft groups and traditions today.


My name is Anastasia Livingstone have been a with over 20 years I live in scotland uk and practice on my own I love music art purple animals have a cat name shamrock and is married


Greetings Anastasia! :wave: Welcome to the forum!

Purple animals are great! I love this bird, although it’s really violet (Violet-backed Starling is the name)


If you need to test the forum (posting links, images, emojis, and more) you can visit this post to get familiar with how everything works:


Cheers! :smile:

I am new here too! day two! Lol! still figuring everything out.


Hi my name is Rania after Urania goddess of astronomy, I’m a 20 yr old girl from Iraq and have been a witch ever since I was little, my mom’s side of the family are all women of witchcraft, I started identifying as a witch when i learned that that’s what I’ve been doing at 18 years old, I am still a baby witch and looking forward to broadening my practice


@jessa Welcome to the Forum, Jessa! :tada:

Tell us where you are from, and how you became interested in the Craft!

@rania Welcome to the forum Rania! That’s a great name! What do you like the most about astronomy? Do you have any favorite constellations or stars? :star2:

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Hello, I’m Kristi! I’m new to all of this. I started at a healing store. Bought white sage and palo also got a few Crystals. Got me a wonderful book named the Mastery of Love. I got my very first set of Oracle cards that I was very connected and in tune with but now I no longer have them. Anyways, I went today and bought 3 candles and protection chalk. When I go into the store I allow my intuition to pull me to what my needs may be. I ended up with white, black and green candles. I have been researching ever since I have gotten home. I’m more so of the light. I pray instead of cast spells and I hope I’m still welcome here. I’m super new to this and would love guidance. I may be replying instead of introducing myself lol. I couldn’t find where to start. Thank you and much love.

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Welcome, Kristi!

I think it’s wonderful that you can connect with candle lights! A black and a white one burning together… :candle: sounds like a lovely balance!

And you’ll have a great opportunity to add the green candle tomorrow for a vigorous and fruitful start of the new year! :sparkler:

If you need ideas for the Green Candle, check out this post:
https://spells8.com/green-candle-meditation/ :green_heart:

Also, check your email inbox! You’ll be recieving a series of emails that guide you through everything in this site. Let me know if you need help with anything!

Blessed be! :pray:

hey everybody my name is Margarita and im new!

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Hi Margarita! Welcome to the Forum! :sparkles:

How long have you been practicing? How did you discover your witchcraft and/or your current path?

Share with us anything you want!
Blessed be! :pray:

Merry meet…
Hi all, my name is tyron
I am 15 years old and i live in Johannesburg, south africa. I have always had a calling to anything and everything spiritual but last year may i decided to just take a shot and start figuring it out. I started watching thewitchofwonderlust on youtube, and my knowledge grew. I love going on nature walks and park runs and i also love reading and tea… lots of tea. I am an eclectic and solitary pagan but i dabble in other religions and practices such as hoodoo, shamanism, taoism and Buddhism.

Blessed be


Merry Meet, Tyron!

I can totally identify with you as an Eclectic and Solitary practitioner! I think that’s why we’re all here…! Also I love the Witch of Wonderlust, I think she’s great :+1:

If you love tea, try these guided tea rituals and tell me how you feel! :tea: Blessings!

Hi there! I am Tina and I am 42 years old and from the US & as funny as it sounds…still struggling to find my way… I find it funny because at such an age I would think I would know who I am right? But I don’t…I am not sure about the path I am to follow or my purpose here on earth beyond my children but this I do know… I grew up as a Lutheran and got confirmed at age 13 only to find myself get kicked out of the church I belonged to because in tenth grade I didn’t donate 10% of my yearly gross as a waitress & as a kid. I think it was that moment I felt shunned from the one place I was supposed to feel as if I belonged as well as safe but it was that moment I had my true belief shattered… so I thought! It was just part of the bigger picture so to speak because I ALWAYS felt the connection between me and the Universe… Earth… the Water… the Air… the crystals and gems… so at 42 years old I need decide where I am to take my studies and figure out just where I belong. Sorry if this is a bit long winded but then again it is me and I guess for that I am not sorry. :joy:


Hi Tina! Welcome! :clap: :clap:

Personally I think spirituality can become more important as we age. I think it has to do with finding new sources of fulfillment and joy when our careers and family no longer dictate how we spend our time.

I see you’re interested in connecting with the Elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit). Have you watched this video about the 5 Elements of Wicca?

Feel free to use the Q&A section of the Forum, and everything else, to ask or share anything you want!

Blessings! :sparkles:

Hello Everyone!
My name is Sheriah! I am new! I also have a app on Band for women its called Strong Belief. If anyone wants to join… I am 40 years old from the Georgia. I was born with my gift, I have practice for years. This is still all new to me, because I recently just gave in to be all in, if that makes sense. For years I have ran and didn’t understand my purpose or position. I questioned why I could read a person and not have a clue or who they are, but knew what they needed to hear. I want to be of guidance to someone while someone can also be a guidance to me.



Hi Tina…
That is totally understandable. Have you ever asked yourself what is it you want to do, or feel you need to do? Have you done a full cleanse and ask for guidance and insight of your true path. Can you send me a pic of your palms. My email is mystikalwonders20@yahoo.com