What are the drawbacks to leaving your moon water out too long and the sun rises before you move it?

Is there a negative effect of sunlight shining on the water?


The most important thing is your intention! Whether the Sun touches it or not :sunny: that only matters if you believe it matters. You can simply collect your water when you wake up, regardless of the time or if the sun hit it.

The reason it’s worded like that in the Moon Water Recipe is to discourage a beginner from just leaving the water there and then forgetting about it until a week later when they find it… :clock1030:

Any blessing ritual requires to be mindful throughout, in this case throughout the night.


Like @Francisco said, it’s your intention that’s important. I actually made moon water last night and forgot to set am alarm. But I removed it from the light as soon as possible. It still has the full moons energy and your intention.


This is the first time I was grateful for Daylight Savings Time… I woke early and retrieved the bottles before the sun was up. Otherwise I would be asking the same question. I am so glad this topic came up… it is just really good information.


Thank you for asking this question. I was wondering about this last night. When I was leaving my friend’s house I heard her ask her granddaughter to bring in their crystals and water before the sun came up and that she was putting them on the porch where it would take longer for the sun to touch them.