What does Divine Masculine mean?

Hi all! Happy Friday! So I recently had some energy work done on my neck because I have this chronic tightness in my right side neck and shoulders. The practitioner said it may be helpful if I get in touch with my Divine Masculine to help release the blockage. Anyone know if that means a particular Deity or something else. I only have Goddesses on my altar…Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Each person’s belief system is their own. I worship the Divine but since the Divine is impossible to describe without using anthropomorphic terms I use the Divine Masculine (The Lord) and the Divine Feminine (The Lady) as my deities. I, too, only have The Lady on my altar but I still pray to, and try to connect with, The Lord. (But not the Christian or Jewish Lord - the concept of the Wiccan Lord.)

Original Jewish beliefs had Yahweh and Asherah. Asherah later became known as Wisdom in Jewish belief. Wisdom, in the Christian Old Testament and in the Jewish Tanakh, is anthropomorphised as female. I like to bring this up because most people seem to be somewhat familiar with Christian and Jewish beliefs. I believe Kabbalah also sees Creation as the Divine Feminine (similar to Mother Nature or pagan ideas of Earth as mother) to contrast the revealed God but both are just revealed natures of a Divine that cannot be described. I am still learning other Middle Eastern religions and ancient pagan cultures but I hope that helps.

Edited in: (But not the Christian or Jewish Lord - the concept of the Wiccan Lord.)


Hi Nadia,

Just like Benjamin stated above, each person has their own interpretation so perhaps you should consult with the same practitioner on what they recommend.

Having said that, Phillys Curott has an amazing book called Witch Crafting where she explores the Divine Masculine and gives some good ideas for working it out:

Ways to work with the Divine Masculine

"The Divine Masculine can be a force of creative genius, of personal strength, courage, and determination. There are numerous traditions, both spiritual and psychological such as the Taoists and the Jungians, that recognize that there is a feminine aspect within men, and a masculine one within women. One of the greatest journeys of my life has been to stop seeking the God in others, particularly men, and to instead cultivate His gifts in myself."

Personal ritual is one of the most powerful ways of accomplishing this. And just as casting a circle is itself an invocation of the Goddess, in a very real sense, creating a ritual within that circle can invoke the God. As you invoke Him, you will discover one of His greatest gifts — His powers of rebirth.

Each day for the next week, standing before a mirror, arms crossed over your chest (this is called the God position), look into your own eyes and recite the following spell:

“Great God who dwells within and all around me,
God of the shining Sun and the fertile forest,
God of the stars above and the seed of new life within,
God from whom inspiration comes,
Empower me.”

As you finish, close your eyes and let the feeling of His presence come to you, from within, and without. Open your eyes, and see the light of the God shining forth from you. When you are done, lower your arms, and give thanks.

:deciduous_tree: Going outside and into Nature is a sure way to experience the God. Just as the Moon teaches women about the inherent divine wisdom of their bodies, the Green Man teaches men about the holy rhythm of theirs.

Ask the Green Man to be with you, and to show Himself to you. If you have a pentacle, you might place it upon the Earth and stand or sit upon it. Cross your arms over your chest, clear your mind, and when you are ready, invoke the God of the Earth (in my tradition, this is called Drawing Up the God). You might say:

“Green Man, power of the forest,
power of the grain, power of all things that grow,
Green Man who feeds us,
feed my spirit, teach me how to grow.”


Wow thanks! This helps tremendously!


You’re very welcome!!